Anti Copyright Troll Fund

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  1. Hello.
  2. See you suffering from copyright.
  3. I have an idea.
  4. At first  wanna say that I won't be liable for implementing it.
  5. The idea is to make special fund to sue сopyright trolls (if there is not copyright infringement and the claim can be satisfied).
  6. 1 Trolled man asks the Fund for help.
  7. 2 The fund makes expertise wheither the fund has enough money to make the claim to be satisfied in the worst case (I think that the case, when the corporation sells all the actives and used all the money on litigation will be good heuristic).
  8. 3 Then the Fund hire a lawyer and makes counterclaim/claim to protect the rights FTGJ.
  9. The claim must contain a requirement for compensation for moral damages.
  10. 4 When the the claim is satisfied, all the money are returning into the fund (remember that the legal costs must be compensated to the winner and the government by the loser). That's why in the next litigation the Fund will be able to beat more rich opponent.
  12. But there is some weak spot in a plan - one of tham is that the money can be stolen by the bank, man , ... etc in many various legal or illegal ways.
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