Lunar Legacy ( Part 1)

May 23rd, 2019
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  1. He is different. This boy” Luna thought to herself as she sat across her desk from this new student.
  2. > He’s a transfer student from the inner city school across town that deemed him ‘a diamond in the rough’.
  3. > Essentially, he’s too good to be wasted there. What with their NO after school programs and metal detectors.
  4. > Honestly what a hell hole that place is. Where the no hopes are sent to be unseen.
  5. > “But not this one apparently.” Luna pondered, eyeing him.
  6. > “Mr. Omous” She began.
  7. > Oh miss, Just Anon is fine. He interrupted while giving a slight chuckle.
  8. > “At least he’s polite”. She thought “Well Anon, you’re file says that you earned stellar grades. However, it’s also shows numerous stints in Juvenile Hall. Care to explain how you accomplished your immaculate academic record despite your criminal record?”
  9. > Luna immediately noticed how harsh and blunt that may have come out. If the sudden stiffness of Anon’s shoulders was any indication.
  10. > He sat up a little straighter, as if to challenge her.
  11. > “Well Ms.Luna if my file explains what you know then it must show what I’ve been through.”
  12. > “ It does, but I want to hear it from you. To get a better idea of the young man in my office. And what we may have to deal with.”
  13. > It’s silent in the room for what feels like and eternity as Luna and Anon stare each other down.
  14. > Although she will never admit it she does feel slightly, slightly mind you, intimidated by the glare she currently finds herself under.
  15. > Anon stood as tall as she did despite being a junior.
  16. > Not to mention his ratty clothes and mild musk gave of an air of masculinity than she wasn’t used to.
  17. > But what the thing that really brought home his intimidation factor was his glare.
  18. > It was sharp. Focused. Like a predators.
  19. > It wasn’t until Anon had sighed in resignation that Luna realized that she had crossed her legs.
  20. > “Alright, What do you wanna know?” He groaned.
  21. Why don’t we start from the beginning”
  22. > Luna always prides herself on being able to pick apart students and this time will be no different.
  23. > “Ms.Luna with all do respect I’m not gonna spill my guts to someone I just met.” Anon chided, rising to his feet.
  24. > “ Besides, that’s what I have a therapist for.” And with that last remark Anon headed for the door
  25. > But before Luna could reprimand his stand off attitude the door swings open to reveal her older sister.
  26. > What happened next could be expected from an inner city youth but not from a suburbanite.
  27. > Quick as a flash Anon jumps back, slamming into the chair and desk behind him and nearly knocking Luna to the floor.
  28. > He himself falls to the floor while reaching for his waistline.
  29. > His fingers encircle the the handle of a switchblade an was just about to pull it when.
  30. > “ Oh my goodness I’m sorry i startled you! Are you alright?” Celestia half shouted.
  31. > Before Anon can even regain his composure Celestia is on him, helping him his feet.
  32. > Nearly half yanking his arm that reached for his weapon out of it socket.
  33. > It was all Anon could do as he lightly pushes Celestia away while supporting himself on the desk behind him.
  34. > “Miss I’m fine. Just a little jittery is all.”
  35. Anon sputtered out.
  36. > He straightened his coat, subtly making sure to hide the the waistline of his dirty blue jeans.
  37. > “Jesus lady you’re strong” Came a voice from doorway.
  38. > Everyone’s head whips around to see a tall dark man standing in the doorway.
  39. > He stood with his hips cocked and adjusted his cap to lower just above his eye level as he eyed Celestia.
  40. > Luna who by now composed herself responded “ Sir, this school is private property. If you have no business here I suggest you vacate the grounds before we have to call the police”.
  41. > The mysterious man chuckles menacingly.
  42. “Luna wait this man is” Celestia begins but is cut of by the man.
  43. > “I have every right to be here little lady. I am officer Sombra. And I’m.” He pauses before striding over and wrapping a arm around Anon’s waist.
  44. > “Am this little ball of of dirts Probation Officer. Sombra finished while giving Anon a squeeze.
  45. > “Mr. Sombra it’s highly inappropriate to call a student that!” Celestia says while she separates Sombra from Anon.
  46. > Sombra chuckles, giggling his duty belt while taking a step back.
  47. > “Miss I can assure you that he doesn’t mind. Right Anon?
  48. > It’s as if the room just got 20 degrees colder as Anon sinks into himself.
  49. > “Yes sir.”
  50. > The grin on Sombra’s face can only be described as malevolent
  51. > “ Umm nevertheless , you won’t admonish him so on school grounds.” Celestia retorts.
  52. > “ Very well then, I’ll admonish him down at the station because he’s under arrest.” Sombra said, pulling his cuffs from his belt.
  53. > Celestia and Luna move to stand between Sombra and Anon.
  54. >But Sombra nearly barrels pass them and with fluid motion, spins Anon and bends him over Luna’s desk as he begins cuffing him.
  55. > Anon, whether to is credit or not offers no resistance and simply goes limp.
  56. > “ This is outrageous! What is he being arrested for?!” Celestia screams.
  57. > “ Weapons possession, and having a weapon on school grounds. Honestly Anon. I thought you would’ve learned by now.” Sombra chastise while mushing Anon’s face into the mahogany desk. Eliciting a groan from the poor man.
  58. > “ That preposterous! What weapon?!” Luna joins in. All but tearing Sombra off Anon herself.
  59. > Sombra reaches into the waistline of Anon’s jeans and yanks the switchblade from the hidden pocket.
  60. > This made Anon flinch and jerk violently, but Sombra’s grip holds fast.
  61. > “ Now resisting arrest. Anon Anon Anon. Do you LIKE spending time with me that much?”
  62. > Anon shudders in Sombra grip making him groan
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