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  1. I want Panini's cunny with whipped cream
  3. >”Mr. Anonymous you can’t be want to see apprentice...nude?!”
  5. >Anon nods his head from across the counter
  7. >”Mr Anonymous I have been extremely tolerant of your eccentricities in the past because you are a valued customer but surely you can see why that is completely out of the—!”
  9. >Anon dumps a large bag of money onto the counter causing Endives eyes to bulge
  11. >”Question....PANINI!”
  13. >Panini pops her head around the corner from the kitchen “yes Ms. Endive?”
  15. > Endive, while shoving Anons money down the front of her dress turns to a dress Panini “you heard the man, get nude!”
  17. >Panini is visibly shocked and quietly replies “n..nude ms.Endive? But—“
  19. >Endive rolls her eyes and cuts Panini off “but nothing you silly girl!” She turns to Anon and smiles “the customer is always right”
  21. >”um..yes right away ms.Endive..” Said Panini as she nervously moved back into the kitchen
  23. >Endive turns to look at Anon, still smiling as she finishes shoving money down the front of her dress “please take a seat Mr. Anonymous, your order will be ready shortly”
  25. >Anon nods and takes a seat in a plush chair beside the counter as Endive enters the kitchen to check on his order, he can hear a muffled conversation from the kitchen
  27. >Anon focuses on on the muffled voices and can make out what sounds almost like an argument
  29. >”Ms Endive I really have to?” Asks Panini in a mix of nervousness and fear, anon can practically feel Endives eyes roll from his seat in the foyer “yes my dear you REALLY do, Mr. Anonymous has payed for his dish, very VERY well might I add and what is the first rule of being a chef Panini dear?” Asks Endive “....always wash your hands?” replies Panini.
  31. >Anon actually lets out a chuckle at that, mostly at the look he can only imagine must be plastered on Endives face.
  33. >”no Panini....the OTHER first rule; the customer is always right, now, get. NUDE.” The finality in the statement was enough to make the air heavy and a sigh is heard from Panini “...yes Ms. Endive..“
  35. >Anon smiles.
  36. >roughly ten minutes had passed since Anon had taken his seat in the foyer, knowing what was coming to him made the minutes feel like hours.
  38. >suddenly Endive enters the foyer and closes the kitchen door behind her, a wide smile on her face
  40. >”Well mr Anonymous, I thank you for your patience your dish proved to be...err, troublesome, but as with all things I have once again outdone myself” she said, still smiling after a moment of nothing happening however her smile falls “ Ahem, I have ONCE AGAIN OUTDONE MYSELF” she repeats, again nothing happens, Endive turns toward the kitchen door, a deep frown plastered on her face “PANINI THAT WAS THE SIGNAL, GET OUT HERE THIS INSTANT!” she suddenly booms in a voice that actually causes Anon to jump
  42. >”...y..yes ms Endive” Panini nervously responds, barely audible through the kitchen door.
  44. >The door slowly creaks open and Anon leans forward in his chair, eyes completely and utterly focused on the widening gap of the door
  46. >There, in the now fully opened door stood Panini, cheeks red and eyes turned downward, clutching an apron to her body.
  48. >Anons mouth hangs open, he could tell by her exposed shoulders and the smooth pink fur that revealed itself along her sides that she was wearing nothing, save that apron
  50. >”Panini, do be a dear and remove the lid from mr Anonymous’ order won’t you?” Endive “asked”, Panini’s eyes turn upward to glance between Endive and Anon as her mouth opens and closes in rapid succession, searching for the right words
  52. >”I’m sorry numnums” she whispers to herself as she drops the apron, revealing her tight young body.
  54. >”don’t forget Panini, the garnish, while just for show is an extremely important part of any dish.” Endive smugly states, looking sideways at Anon and smirking.
  56. >Panini seemed confused by Endives words, then her eyes widened in realization as she turned her head to look squarely at Anon, her cheeks burned even brighter as she spoke “O...oh um...right” she then clasped her hands behind her back and heaved her chest outward, the effort of the act making her lack of a proper bosom nearly unnoticeable “O..order up m-mr Anonymous” she said.
  58. >Anon sat starstruck at the sight before him, as he drank in every detail of Panini’s naked form before him, from her ever so slightly shaking legs up to the way her diminutive chest softly bounced as she breathed deep trying to calm herself and up to the small tears of embarrassment in the corners of her wide, down turned eyes
  60. > As Anon stood and walked over to where his “dish” stood he circled around behind to further inspect his prize as he did he noticed it, the final straw that broke his already barely contained libido
  62. >There, from behind Panini, as he looked down just past the two mounds of her pink buttocks he noticed her fur was damp with arousal, the revelation that she was seemingly turned on at being presented to him as little more than a payed for serving of eye candy caused the last bit of his reasoning to break
  64. >Anon quickly kneels down and reaches one hand around Panini’s front and gives her hardening nipple a soft tweak while his other hand wedges two fingers within the valley of her thighs, the last thing Anon registered before Endives surprisingly strong hands pries him away was; firstly the boiling heat between Panini’s legs and secondly the small “oh my gosh!” Panini squeaked out as his fingers made contact
  66. >”no no no mr Anonymous, you payed to look NOT to touch, that being said I do believe that concludes our business here today, good day mr Anonymous” Endive said with a smile.
  68. >wide eyed and rock hard Anon quickly reaches for his wallet, unfortunately it was empty “FUCK” he thought to himself
  70. >he quickly looks up from his wallet to see Endive making her way through the kitchen door “Come along Panini dear we’ve work to do, do come again mr Anonymous.” She falls over her shoulder
  72. >Anon’s eyes quickly dart down to Panini who’s head is slightly turned toward the kitchen door, it almost looks like she’s frowning “Coming ms Endive” She then looks over to Anon as she reaches down to clutch the apron to her chest “Bye mr Anonymous, please come again~” she says with a wink as she hurriedly makes her way to the kitchen leaving Anon alone in the foyer, “wait...did she just..” he thinks to himself as he turns and reluctantly exits the building
  74. ——-2 days later——-
  76. >Anon arrives at Endive’s to pick up his lunch order, sexy stuff aside he does enjoy the food you know.
  78. >As he arrives the sounds of things crashing and a shrill scream can be heard suddenly “ I’M NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND!!” Is heard followed by some running full speed through the door as Anon enters the building he can hear a feminine sigh “...I have GOT to find a new obsession..ugh, Endive is gonna be so mad ” Panini says as she picks up the shattered pieces of what used to be one of Endives ceramic cherubs
  80. >She notices Anon as he enters and she forms a smile, her face going slightly red “heeey mr Anonymous”
  82. > “Heey mr. Anonymous~” Panini said, her face going slightly red, her eyes becoming half lidded as she looked up at Anon in the door way
  84. >Anon is almost taken aback by the tone of her greeting and even more so by the look on her face ”Oh, Hey Panini, something uh, happen?” he says, gesturing toward the mess in the foyer.
  86. > Her smile falters for a moment, being replaced by an irritated frown “more like someONE happened, ugh! ms Endive is gonna be so mad!” she says, her eyebrows knitted together in frustration, picking up a piece of shattered ceramic and adding it to the growing pile she held in her arms
  88. > Anon recognized the pieces for what they used to be; one of Endives “lovely” ceramic cherubs, this one in particular he recognized as the one that sat on the counter there in the foyer, not good, Endive was definitely gonna notice it’s absence “So...going off the lack of yelling I’m assuming Endive isn’t here?” Anon asks as Panini tosses the heap of ceramic pieces into the trash bin behind the counter
  90. >Upon hearing Anon’s words her head whips around to look at him, eyes wide, a bright red blush across her pink cheeks “ s-she had to head into t-town, to the market to pick s-something up for your order” she said, nervousness creeping back into her voice.
  92. >’aw, poor thing, where’s all that confidence go’ Anon thought to himself as he looked down to the poor blushing girl before him ‘well, may as well have some fun with this’ , he leaned across the counter, leaning his head on one hand and looking Panini in the eyes “So~ what you’re saying’s just you” he said, nodding towards Panini “and me~” he finished and smiled
  94. > if Panini’s face was warm before it was on fire now as Anon looked at her, his eyes half lidded, a smile on his lips “well...w-we-“ her sentence is suddenly cut short by the sound of the entrance door opening
  96. >”Well w-we-“ her sentence is cut short by the sound of the door opening, Anon sets the arm he was resting his head on onto the counter and turns slightly to see Endive entering the building ‘Aw, funs over for now I guess’ he thinks to himself as he shoots a quick glance sideways at Panini he laughs internally at the look on the poor girls face
  98. > Panini is still standing there behind the counter, her face still a burning red, eyes still wide but now with an almost invisible frown on her lips “W-wel *ahem*” she coughs slightly, regaining her bearing “Welcome home ms Endive, do you need help bringing anything in?” she asks, always one to try and be helpful.
  100. >Anon stands up straight, ending his comfortable lean on the counter as Endive enters the building and registers Panini’s question “Why yes actually, be a dear and go grab the grapples and the bag of tomatoes” she says in reply
  102. >Panini takes one last look at Anon, her blush deepening before rushing out from behind the counter and out the front door to retrieve the groceries leaving Anon and Endive in the foyer, “Good day mr Anonymous, I’m terribly sorry about your order, I ran out of tomatoes while preparing the sauce” Endive says in greeting and pseudo apology “Hey don’t even worry about it, I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait” Anon offers in response as Endive makes her way past him heading toward the kitchen
  104. >As Endive makes it just past the counter she stops dead in her tracks Anon follows her gaze and knows exactly what she’s looking at ‘uh oh’ he thinks to himself, at that moment Panini re enters the building holding a large bag of grapples and a slightly smaller bag of tomatoes “Panini..” Endive starts as Panini takes in the scene before her, her eyes going wide and pupils shrinking “what happened to my cherub?”
  106. >”Well m-ms Endive-“ Panini begins to try and offer an explanation but is swiftly cut off by Endive “Oh don’t tell me, you let that rotund oaf Mung Daal calls an apprentice in here again hmm?!” Endive sneers, Anon looks down toward Panini who’s face is red from embarrassment, her gaze turned downward, squirming under the weight of Endives anger “um, well..I” Panini again tries to explain the situation
  108. >”Why you dally with that purple ingrate is beyond me! Honestly Panini, is nothing sacred?!” Endive growls, again cutting her apprentice off “I-I’m sorry ms Endive” Panini squeaks out, sounding absolutely depressed, her lip quivering ‘uuuugh, I cant watch this, fuck it here goes nothing’ Anon thinks to himself before opening his mouth “Actually..” as the word left Anon’s mouth both Panini and Endive turned to face him “That’s on me ms Endive, sorry about that, my shoe was untied and I tripped and accidentally knocked your cherub off the counter” he turned to look at Panini and smiled, her mouth hanging open in shock, Anon then turned back to Endive “Panini was just trying to be polite and cover for me””, I really am terribly sorry about that” Endive looked skeptically from Panini to Anon “...Yes well, perhaps I SLIGHTLY over reacted, thank you for your honesty mr Anonymous, nice to know there are still SOME gentlemen left, Panini you shouldn’t try to cover for people like that, it will only come back to bite you dear” Endive says matter of factly “um..I..yes ms Endive” Panini says looking absolutely shell shocked ‘well, I’m still alive so, that’s a plus’ thinks Anon “and don’t fret mr Anonymous, all is forgiven, I shall simply wrap the price of my....formerly...lovely cherub, into your bill today” Endive says with a smile on her face as she continues toward the kitchen
  110. >” I shall simply wrap the price of my....formerly, lovely cherub into your bill today” Endive says with a smile on her face as she continues toward the kitchen
  112. >”Of course ms Endive” Anon replies as he turns to find a blushing Panini, still holding the bags of produce staring right at him, to his surprise she made no attempt to look away upon being noticed, instead her eyes stay locked onto Anon’s and her blush grows darker she opens her mouth as to ask a question, but as has become all to familiar today, she’s cut off by Endives voice, calling from the kitchen “Panini! bring those tomatoes dear! There is still work to be done!” Causing Panini to jump and break her focus from Anon, turning instead toward the kitchen and offering a “yes ms Endive!” In response, however before she leaves she looks once more to Anon, who offers her a wink in reply to her unasked question, this small gesture seems to be the answer she was looking for as she smiles, her eyes becoming half lidded as she clutches the two bags to her chest and begins her walk toward the kitchen, in an almost trance like state.
  114. >’too cute’ Anon laughs to himself as he sits down in an all to familiar chair in the foyer and begins looking at the cover of magazine setting on the end table, next to said chair ‘seriously? marble columns monthly...why woul-‘ his thoughts are interrupted by a small thud followed by a feminine “oops” as he looks up he sees; first that a tomatoe seems to have fallen to the floor from its bag, secondly that Panini has set the bags on the counter, and last but certainly not least, that said pink girl has now, instead of squatting or bending slightly to reacquire her fallen produce is now bending clean over at her waist and reaching down to grab it.
  116. >Anon can’t help but turn his eyes towards her round behind her green dress just barely covering it
  118. >As he drinks in the sight before him staring in appreciation Panini, freezes as she feels his eyes on her, she turns her head to the side from her bent over position to see meet Anon’s gaze, her face again lighting up, but this time, something was different, Anon could feel it, Panini adopting a smirk bends down further than before, her dress coming up that extra life affirming inch, revealing the bottoms a white pair of panties Anon can make out some kind of design there in the middle, a heart if he had to guess
  120. >Anon is almost shocked by the bold move, but just as quickly as the gift was given, it is taken away as Panini picks up the fallen tomatoe, looking back at Anon, red faced and giving him a wink of her own “your order should be ready soon Anonymous~” she says, huskily, scooping up the bags she had sat down and entering the kitchen to assist Endive
  122. >”Well, that was unexpected” Anon says to himself, smiling and settling back into his seat, he idly begins flipping through the pages of a magazine while he awaits his order
  124. >after about 15 minutes the sound of the kitchen door opening draws Anon’s attention away from his (admittedly dull) magazine, exiting the kitchen and taking her place behind the front counter is Panini “So sorry for the wait mr Anonymous~” she says, her voice husky as she says his name
  126. >Anon stands and walks to the counter, leaning again as earlier, with his head resting on one hand “hey, it’s fine” he says, before adopting a flirtier tone of voice and continuing “some things are worth the wait” he finishes tup on hearing this Panini also leans over the counter from her stool top seat, resting her face in both hands, elbows planted on the counter, looking directly into Anon’s eyes, or trying to at least, it seems as though each look reddens her complexion another shade
  128. > “Ms Endive says your dish is gonna take a little while, she wanted me to tell you that-“ Anon can tell something’s amiss, from the way Panini’s eyes dart to the side as she speaks, as if to insure that they are alone “- t-to leave your a-address with us here a-and th-that it will be delivered right to your-“ Panini subtly licks her bottom lip before finishing her sentence “House, no extra fee, of course” she smiles, her eyes still shifting to the side every here and there
  130. >’well, wether I get food or not, this ought to be good’ Anon’s mentally decides and smiles “Sounds fine to me, got a pen and paper back there?” He asks
  132. >“I-I-I mean yes! Of course, pen and paper!” Panini quickly squeaks out as she frantically digs through a drawer for said items, finding them after a few moments and handing them to Anon, as Anon begins to write his address on the sheet of paper he glances up at the small pink girl, who quickly diverts her own gaze, doing her best to seem especially innocent
  134. >As he finishes writing his address, he slides the paper across the counter to Panini who quickly snatched it up, bringing it before her eyes and smiling widely, she looks back up to Anon, face as red as ever “We’ll have it to you ASAP, apprentices honor Ano- Mr Anonymous!” She says
  136. >’Ohoho!, first names now huh? alright then’ Anon thinks to himself, “I’m looking forward to it Panini” he says offering the young girl a smile, he could see her body become rigid as her name left his lips, ‘ohmygoshohnygishohmygosh!’ Panini’s thoughts echo a mile a minute “I-I better go help ms Endive!” she says as she hops off her stool and heads toward the kitchen in a rush as Anon watches her depart, she suddenly stops right before the kitchen door and turns to look at him, eyes half lidded, “See you soon Anon~” she says as she opens the door and disappears. Anon just smiles to himself and exits the building, heading home to prepare for whatever is coming his way.
  138. >”Ah, Good you’re back, be a dear and grab the egg beater Panini.” Endive says as Panini enters the kitchen, Panini however so focused on the piece of paper in her hand she doesn’t hear a word being said to her ‘you can do this Panini! You got this!’ She thinks to herself
  140. >”...Panini....PANINI!” Endives voice, growing hot with irritation breaks her from her internal dialogue “Huh, what?” Panini absent mindedly says “Wake up you silly girl, I asked for the egg beater, but nevermind that, did you tell mr Anonymous that his order was nearly ready?” Endive inquires, her voice tinged with irritation the question causes Panini to stand straight up, her eyes shifting to the side she knew she had to think fast “u-um actually ms Endive...he said he had some! To take care of and asked if we could drop his order off in a while!” ‘Nailed it!’ She thought to herself
  142. >Endive let out a groan “uuuuugh, that man I swear...I JUST got back from the market and he wants this order delivered, after he broke my cherub no less I me-“ “I’LL DO IT!” Panini quickly volunteered, causing Endive to raise an eyebrow “I mean...I can do it ms Endive, I don’t mind at all.” Panini corrected smiling widely at her mentor “...are you sure Panini? Your shift is over in an hour-“ Endive begins to question but is cut off “I don’t mind one bit ms Endive! How can I be a great chef like you if I’m afraid of a little extra work, right?” counters Panini
  144. > Endive smiles brightly at the praise from her apprentice “my my you are dedicated aren’t you dear, very well, you may deliver mr Anonymous’ order, I trust he left an address?” “Got it right here ma’am!” Panini exclaims, raising the piece of paper in the air, a wide smile on her lips and a slight redness on her cheeks
  146. —-1 hour later——
  147. >As Panini began her walk from Endive’s, serving dish (and bill) in hand she couldn’t help but smile to herself as she went over the events of the day in her head from the broken cherub to that feeling she got when Anon said her name, she blushed as the last memory played across her mind, her expression becoming more a smirk than a smile ‘hope you’re hungry Anon~’ she thought to herself.
  149. > Anon, was sitting in his living room, having decided to pass the time waiting for whatever was coming his way by finally finishing his copy of “ol Schmeller”, he sets the now finished book down blinking a few times before laughing to himself “man...that kid is an asshole.” Suddenly the sound of the door bell pulls his attention from his leisure as he rises from the couch and walks to the door, looking through the peephole, remembering the words of his mother “Always check before you open the door Anon,otherwise weirdos might sneak in” ‘thanks mom’ he thinks Anon thinks fondly as he peers through to the other side, seeing a pair of large pink ears he smiles and unlocks the door, opening it up to greet his guest.
  151. >As the large door before Panini swings open to reveal Anon, a welcoming smile on his face Panini feels her heart beat speed up, of the thousand things she thought of to say on the walk there, none came to mind as she looked up to Anon’s face, only “H-hey Anooon~” came from her mouth ‘get it together girl!’ She thinks to herself, regaining a modicum of her bearing as Anon chuckles internally at the girls stupor and opens his mouth to greet her “Well hey Panini, Endive send you with the delivery? Come on in” he says as he stands aside allowing Panini to enter as she crosses the threshold of Anon’s front door she grins ‘jackpot’ she thinks to herself.
  153. >’jackpot’ Panini thought to herself as she crossed the threshold of Anon’s front door, her eyes half lidded and a grin plastered on her face as she followed Anon through his home
  155. >Anon soared a backwards glance at Panini, taking note of the almost hungry expression on the girls face he smirked ‘now what are you up to’ he wondered to himself as they entered his dining room, he gestures to the table “here we are” Anon says and Panini sets the serving dish down on to Anon’s table and turns to look at Anon, “Anything else~” she playfully accentuates “I can do for you... A-anon~?” She says, doing her best to keep her confidence at its zenith. Anon’s brows raise slightly at that, he had known the pink girl would flirt but didn’t expect it to be so outright ‘Well this ought to be fun’ Anon decides and smiles at the girl before him “Hungry?” He says before pulling a chair out for her “HUNGRY?!- I mean...u-I’m sure” Panini says as she takes a seat almost sounding exasperated her face red, her eyes shifting from side to side “think Panini, THINK” she says to herself trying to etch our a new strategy “gimme just a sec and I’ll go grab some plates and why not”. Anon says as he turns to leave the room “That’s it!” Panini says aloud causing Anon to turn and give her a puzzled look “I-I mean I’ll get the tableware’ve done soooooo much for me already~” she says, her confidence (or libido) returning to its peak. “Well...ok if you’re sure Panini, the kitchen is right through there.” He says pointing to an entryway on the far end of the room “GOTITBERIGHTBACK!” the girl booms and in what seems like a blur of motion disappears through the doorway
  157. > “Ok, you want to play hard to get Anon? I can work with that~” Panini says to herself as she looks around the kitchen, trying to formulate finding it somewhat difficult to think clearly with a now all too familiar heat flowing in her veins as she begins to grow frustrated an idea forms “yeeeeah, that’ll do~” she says under her breath, grinning.
  159. >Anon is sitting at his table awaiting the return of his pink houseguest , smiling to himself, thinking about his day, this whole day had been entertaining well, ‘aside from the bill for that cherub’ but you gotta take the good with the bad he decided when a feminine voice breaks him from his reflections “Hey Anooon?” Panini’s voice said from the kitchen “Can you come here for a second?”
  161. >Anon wondered for a moment what she could need, but found himself more curious as to what the girl was up to, he stood from his seat and walked in to the kitchen the sight he beheld as he crossed the threshold made his eyes widen and his heart race, there bending down, digging through a bottom drawer was Panini, her dress higher than before, looking back and up at him, her eyes half lidded “I c-cant seem to find the silverware, mind helping me out~? She slyly says as she returns to looking through the drawer
  163. >every part of Anon’s brain told him to march over to his obviously amorous guest and introduce her to his countertops but he controlled himself ‘can’t...let her win this...easily.’ He decided and took a deep breath, trying to stifle the fire burning in his blood as he began to walk toward Panini
  165. >Panini’s heart beat so hard that she could feel it in her chest, her breathing becoming heavy as Anon approached she felt the heat in her core grow exponentially and she allowed herself a smug grin ‘fiiiiinally~!!’ She thought to herself
  167. >’Fiiiiinally!!~’ Panini thought to herself, biting her lip in anticipation of her long awaited prize, but as she felt Anon finally, after what to her was hours but was truly only agonizing seconds, her hopes were dashed. “Well yeah you can’t find the silverware down there, it’s in the top drawer, silly” he said playfully as he reached to the top drawer; removing two forks, before opening the cupboard and grabbing two plates.
  169. >by this time Panini had righted her posture, recovering from her tantalizingly exaggerated bend, her eyes wide, her pupils shrunk to pin pricks “WHAT!” She boomed with all the thunder her feminine voice would allow. Anon who had already made his way to the door, simply turned his head to her and offered a wink.
  171. > AsAnon sat the plate and silverware down on the table and was preparing to divvy up the meal he heard the sound of unusually heavy footfalls closing in on his current location, turning his head toward the sound he sees Panini; face red eyes narrowed and fists clenched “Yoooouu...” she says slowly and Anon can’t stop himself from smiling as innocently as he could muster “What about me Panini?” he inquires at this moment her frustration turns to anger “WHY WONT YOU TOUCH ME” and Anon offers one last smile before approaching the angry shaking girl, lifting her off her feet and into a bridal carry before whispering “All you had to do was ask~”
  173. >”All you had to do was ask~” seven words, seven simple words that caused Panini’s already rapidly beating heart to pound at her chest, her breath hitched as Anon lifted her in his arms, her smaller form easily being lifted by the man’s strong arms, the realization of the difference between their physiology only making the heat on her cheeks and between her legs grow exponentially hotter.
  175. >Her wide eyes settled into a familiar half lidded gaze in a moment, as if of their own accord her arms reached up and wrapped themselves around anons neck as she brought her lips crashing in to his, after a moment in what felt like more instinct than a conscious decision her tongue prodded at the barrier of anons lips, as Anon looked at the face of the girl in his arms, at the glimmer in her eyes, even through her hazy expression he realized that at this point even he wasn’t sure which one of them wanted no, NEEDED this more and his lips parted, allowing the girls tongue to explore as his own embraced and intertwined with it
  177. >Anon spun with the girl in his arms so as to face his dining table and broke the kiss, looking again at Panini and seeing that despite the still very present look of hunger there was also a hint of confusion, Anon simply smiled as he sat her on the edge of his table before using his free arm to sweep the dinnerware and even the meal, from the table, as realization of what was happening hit Panini she simply smiled a sly, knowing grin and layed back, pulling her dress to her waist and biting her lip in anticipation as she looked up to Anon
  179. >As Anon looked down to the girl on his table, the girl boldly presenting herself and all but begging for him to quell the fire burning in her core he allowed himself a smile, a hungry smile as he bent down to her, reconnecting their lips in another desperate kiss, this time there was zero hesitation from either party as their tongues freely embraced and struggled for dominance.
  181. >Panini’s arms reached up, clutching Anon’s back, desperately trying to fill the aching desire for closeness, she was sick of space between them she wanted, NEEDED there to be nothing between them, the instincts currently dominating her actions had their priorities set “CLOSER. MORE!” they screamed in her head and Anon was all to happy to oblige, his own instincts singing a very similar song, supporting himself with his left arm he slowly brings his right hand to Paninis cheek, adding more passion to the already scorching kiss, slowly he trails his hand down from its spot on her cheek..
  183. >down to her chest, lightly groping the girl as it continues its trek downward, with every inch his hand travels Panini can feel herself boiling, her thundering heart feeling like a jackhammer in her chest, as Anon trails downward from her midriff and pushes under the hem of her panties, she spreads her legs allowing him access to anything and everything, as his hand nears the top of her boiling sex she can feel herself ready to explode as she lets out a moan into Anon’s mouth through their kiss, as Anons hand reaches just below its mark and dips into the scorching heat, dragging his middle finger up to just barely brush the pink girls overexcited button “OHMYGOSH!!” She yelps in a voice wracked with a previously only imagined pleasure and clinging to Anon with even more determination than before
  185. >”M-more! I-I-I need more!!” Panini cries out as Anon gives the girls already sensitive, electrified button one more soft rub as his fingers dip down to the the pink girl’s opening, as his middle finger finally meets its mark and sinks in to meet the girls blazing core his head lowers to the girls neck, kissing it softly as she continues to pant and beg for his ministrations to continue her breath now hot in his ear and once again, Anon is more than happy to oblige as he sinks his middle finger tantalizingly slowly into the diminutive girls vice like depths, of the heat externally was scorching then the blaze within could only be described as nuclear
  187. >the moment Anon’s entered her Panini felt something, she had already felt as if a coil were being wound in her very essence but this...this was more than a coil, she felt as if all her pleasure and need had formed a knot within her core and with every small pump of his digit Anon pulled on the strings and all she could do was cling to him and lewdly sing his praises until finally, with one last pump of his finger and one last kiss on her neck, it was as if the strings of intertwined Lust and need were seized and pulled to the point of snapping and it was then that Anons palm pressed down, just barely touching her overstimulated clitoris that the strings snapped~
  189. >Panini’s eyes snapped open widely, her mouth opened as if to scream, but no sound could escape her, her claws extending and digging into Anon’s back as a wave unlike anything she had ever felt, unlike anything she’d ever DREAMED of feeling, washed over her
  191. >As the flood of pleasure washed over the girl and Anon removed his finger, a waked finally managed to escape her mouth, which up until this moment had been opened in a silent scream of ecstasy, it was so quiet that Anon could barely make it out “more” Anon smiled down hungrily at Panini, who stared back at him with a ravenous half lidded gaze, as she pushed Anon from his position over her, as he looks down at the pink girl , laying on the table, her dress pulled up, her panties soaked through, she reaches down, sliding her soaking panties off, before reaching her left hand down to her still electrified sex and spreading herself for Anon
  193. >”Anon~ “ she begins “Give me more....pleeeeease~?” She says, desire heavy in every word Anon, not being one to disappoint, begins to unzip his pants, finally allowing his pulsating erection free from its denim prison, as Panini lays eyes on Anon’s throbbing manhood she can feel the fire in her blood burn hotter and her girlhood quiver in beautiful anticipation “yessss” she all but hisses and Anon once again, closes the gap between them, lining himself up with her dripping entrance.
  195. >The moment Anon began to sink his throbbing manhood into Panini’s scorching passage the girls eyes widened, her mouth opening in a silent scream, her back arched and her claws dug into the wood of Anon’s dining table as her mind reeled trying to comprehend the cocktail of sensations shooting through her like jolts of lightning, ecstasy, desire, happiness, even a slight fear that the sensations would overload her, but most of all she felt a feeling of completion unlike anything she had experienced or thought she could experience, as Anon slid inch by tantalizing inch into her dripping, needing sex she felt as if a puzzle piece that she didn’t even know was missing was suddenly put in to place, it was perfect, it was absolute and she knew that she absolutely craved more.
  197. >As Anon began to thrust, scraping himself along the walls of her vice like girlhood, he noted a change in her demeanor, subtle at first but as her silent scream and wide eyes gave way to eyes screwed shut in pleasure and a mouth opened and singing his praises, moans of want and need echoing in his head, the girl before him was all but drooling and seemed to melt with each slow thrust as the feeling of this formerly unattainable completion washed over her
  199. >”Oh!...Ano-Anon! Y-ohmygosh! You’re so d-deep! More!! Please more!” The pink girl cried ‘time to step it up’ Anon thought to himself as withdrew all but the tip of his pulsating spear from it’s blazing sheath, he reached down to the girls hips and in one strong pull; pulled her small form towards him impaling her fully on his hard length, her already impossibly tight passage clenched around him as if to hold him prisoner, a sentence Anon didn’t mind one bit as he looked down at Panini
  201. > the girl threw her head back and screamed in ecstasy as for the second time that day the knot of pleasure and need was pulled taut and snapped, waves of pleasure washed over her yet again as she felt Anons manhood thrown against her sensitive walls, her heart thundered, her body covered in a thin sheen of sweat, her breath was ragged but she managed to speak as she looked up at Anon, locking their gazes “More...” she took a deep breath and continued “Harder...NOW!” she said in a tone denoting both a desperate sense of need and absolute conviction. Anon; as has become the way of things, complied.
  203. > Releasing the girls hips and opting instead to grasp her thighs and hugging them to his chest before once again slamming the whole of his manhood into her overexcited depths and then again and again and AGAIN, Panini’s head was thrown back, her eyes half lidded and staring through a haze of pleasure her mouth spoke words guided by instinct and not consciousness “Anon! Anon! Keep...going! She cried
  205. >Anon continued his task, he couldn’t stop if he wanted to, his own instincts nearly ruling out his own conscious mind, then came the words that set him over the edge of “nearly” and into the state of instinctual control from the Panini “Anon! Comeoncomeoncomeon!! fffffffFUCK ME HARDER!!” the sudden vulgarity from the pink girl driving off any presumed control he thought he still had of himself as he thrusts ever harder, his table shook with the force of his assault on the younger girls bastion the room echoed with the sound of lewd slaps and lewder screams as the girl’s body once again gave way to the flood of ecstasy, Anon hit his limit as her girlhood clenched and her essence flowed forth, regaining his mind just in time to unsheathe himself from the girl and slide his member between her clenched thighs
  207. >Panini looked downward, peering through a haze of pleasure at the pulsating, throbbing thing nestled between her thighs, she offered Anon only a smile dripping with desire before she clamped her thighs even tighter around him.
  208. >Panini watched as his own essence erupted forth with such force that the first torrent landed squarely on Panini’s left cheek, the second soiling the her dress and the final salvo pooling near the girls naval, she looked down at Anon yet again she with an expression of absolute approval as the man released her thighs and stood back and began putting himself away
  210. >Anon didn’t hear the girl get up, didn’t see her close the distance between them and certainly wasn’t expecting her to reach out and rip the pants from his legs “mmmm you aren’t done yet Anon~”
  212. —2 hours later——
  214. —Epilogue—-
  216. >Anon lays on the destroyed remains of what once was his dining room table, said table failing to survive the erotic onslaught carried out atop it Anon turns his head and watches as Panini picks her dress up from a corner of the room, wiping her face and chest clean with a damp rag from the kitchen “That was AMAZING Anon!” She began “but I should prooooobably be getting back now, ms Endive is probably worried sick!” She says as she slips her dress on “OH! I forgot to get the money for your order earlier!” She exclaims before her eyes became half lidded and she continued “but in my defense...I was distracted~” she giggles
  218. >Anon still recovering merely points to his pants laying in the kitchen doorway Panini smiles and walks to said pants, fishing his wallet from the back pocket and collecting the price of the meal and the...”lovely” cherub out before slipping Anon’s wallet back on to his pants pocket before turning to Anon with a sly smile “and don’t you worry about tipping your delivery girl, mr Anonymous~“ she says before kissing him on the cheek and walking into the living room
  220. >A moment passes and Panini’s head pops around the corner looking back at Anon one more time and fixing Anon with lust filled eyes “Byyyyye NumNums~” she says “See you tomorrow~” she finishes before winking at Anon and then turning to make her way to the front door
  222. >As Anon hears the door shut behind her, he looks around him, taking in the wreckage of his dining room before smiling and taking a deep breath “holy fuck”
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