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Updated iPhone basic ricing guide/tweak recommendations

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  1. <<Updated iPhone basic ricing guide/tweak recommendations>>
  2. 5th March 2015
  4. Jailbreak your iPhone, find an icon pack you like and install some tweaks. Some recommendations are given below.
  6. Basic tweaks:
  7. >Winterboard
  8. >Springtomize 3
  9. >LockHTML3 (Or GroovyLock)
  10. >iBlank
  12. Recommended other tweaks:
  13. >Alkaline
  14. >CCLoader
  15. >Bolt
  16. >Badge Customizer
  17. >Cydget
  18. >Uniformity
  19. >Zeppelin
  21. Also recommended:
  22. >Activator
  23. This is a tweak that will let you set some gestures/button commands. (e.g. Triple Press, Double Press, Long Press, At Lockscreen, At Homescreen, Blacklist, Three Finger Pinch, etc.)
  25. Disclaimer: I don't actually have an iPhone and this is just an edit of a post an Anon made on iPhone ricing basics. If anyone could make a proper iPhone guide to replace this that would be appreciated.
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