Dec 20th, 2013
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  2. >you are Anonymous
  3. >you are walking home from the shop, just after dusk
  4. >you didn't go out for anything too special
  5. >running out of batteries, and your own flashlight being in dubious quality, you decided to just go buy a new flashlight
  6. >you are now the proud owner of a Maglite LED flashlight
  7. >christ, this thing is huge
  8. >four inches wide, and twelve inches long, the light is comparatively large to your tiny chain-flashlight
  9. >there's probably a dick joke in there somewhere
  11. >as you chuckle at your monumentous wit, there's a small rustling of leaves to your left
  12. >it's too dark to get a good look at it
  13. >well, it'd be a shame to let a good flashlight waste away
  14. >you whip out your flashlight and shine it towards the offending sound
  15. >there's a bush
  16. >inside the bush is...
  17. "Virgo?"
  19. >the white mothpony just stares back
  20. >...
  21. "Er, can I help you?"
  22. >Virgo is fucking weird sometimes
  23. >just yesterday, he was telling you about his love for lights
  24. >sure, they can be pretty, but seriously
  25. >even for a mothpony, this guy right here...
  26. >"...No, I can handle it on my own."
  27. >he continues to stare at you with his dark, endless eyes
  28. "Oh, alright then!"
  30. >you don't care what he meant by that
  31. >being alone with him kinda creeps you out
  32. >your pace quickens slightly
  33. >...'kinda' might be an understatement
  34. >as you reach home, you quickly get the keys out and unlock the door
  35. >you race inside, slamming the door and deadbolting it
  36. >good GOD that guy is creepy
  37. >but you have no need to be worried now; everything is fine
  38. >you head upstairs to bed, still rather shaken
  39. >you dress for bed
  40. >it's gonna be a long night
  42. ---------------------------------------------------
  43. >You wake up
  44. >it's midnight, according to your clock
  45. >*knock* *knock*
  46. >goddamnit
  47. >*knockknockknock*
  48. >you get up to answer, resisting the urge to shout profanities at the asshole who thought this was a good idea
  49. "I'm coming, I'm coming, don't break the door down..."
  50. >you remove the deadbolt and peer out into the darkness
  51. "Hel-"
  53. >you're knocked over by a huge fuzzy mass hitting you in the chest
  54. >dazed, the weight is lifted suddenly, and you hear the door shut and locked up
  55. >you can make out a blurry form of a white pony with it's wings flared
  56. >Virgo
  57. "What is the mea-"
  58. >Virgo shoves a hoof into your mouth
  59. >"Shh. It'll all be over soon."
  61. >Fuck
  62. >he's gonna kill you
  63. >well, at least he isn't gonna rape you
  64. >seriously though
  65. >fuck this town
  67. >Virgo drags you upstairs, careful not to smash your head on the stairs too hard
  68. >you would fight back, but you just don't have the energy for it, nor the strength
  69. >as you reach your room, he heaves you onto the bed
  70. >"You've got to be the heaviest thing I've ever carried."
  71. >this is really helping your self-esteem
  73. >"Now, where is that lubricant..."
  74. >the hell kind of question is tha-
  75. >oh
  76. >OH
  77. >Fuck everything
  79. "God damn it Virgo, get out of my house!"
  81. >"No."
  83. >it was worth a shot
  84. >he pulls out of his chest-fluff a bottle of lube
  85. >you don't even question it
  86. >"I hope you love lights as much as I do, Anon...," Virgo says softly
  87. "And what is THAT supposed to mean?"
  89. >he reaches over to your nightstand an holds up the flashlight you got earlier
  90. >...why did it have to be so big?
  91. >you consider jumping out the window and breaking your neck
  92. >that would be better than to be anally violated with your own torch
  93. >why can't everything just be normal for one day around here?
  94. >he removes your boxers and flips you over
  95. >"Alright, relax."
  96. >you feel cold metal against your rectum
  97. >you tense
  98. >"I said..."
  99. >ohshit
  100. >"Re.."
  101. >Virgo gets a tighter grip on the light
  102. >"...LAX!"
  103. >he rams it up your asshole, pain surging throughout your body
  104. >this has not been one of your better nights
  106. >fucking hell
  107. >it's almost all the way up there
  108. >the pain is nigh unbearable
  109. >at least he used lube
  110. >"Now, I want you to say, 'I want your big cock in my ass!,' got it?"
  111. >whut
  112. "How about I DON'T say that?"
  114. >Virgo responds by pulling the torch out a bit, and ramming it back in again
  116. "...Aahhh..ah..ow..."
  118. >"Say it!"
  120. "I...I want your big cock in my ass!"
  121. >welp, there goes your man card
  122. >"That's better..."
  123. >he pulls the horrible illumination device all the way out
  124. >your penis throbs a bit
  125. >huh, that's funny
  126. >when did all this bloodflow to your crotch start
  128. >Virgo flutters up on top of you, his massive black and yellow-tipped shlong hanging out, throbbing
  129. >you save him the effort of speaking and get to sucking
  130. >you take his head in your mouth, gently using your tongue to massage the underside of the tip
  131. >"H-heh...tha-Aht's a good boy..."
  132. >his composure is slipping a bit
  133. >you take more of him in, fighting your nonexistant gag reflex
  134. >all those times helping Spike cook really paid off
  135. >it's all the way into your mouth
  136. >Virgo's pulsing stamen is wrapped in the warm embrace of your throat
  137. >you pull your head back and forth
  138. >Virgo looks like he's about to cum
  139. >heh, what a terrible rapist
  140. >can't even go five minutes without ejaculating
  141. >maybe he'll quit if he blows it early
  142. >you pull his erect cock out of your mouth, and start massaging it with your hands
  143. >"Nnng...Ah!...Mmmh..."
  144. >so much for that calm, controlled demeanor
  145. >you prepare to end this
  146. >"Gha..Ah..Mmph!"
  147. >you work your hands faster
  148. >he's so close
  150. >"HHNG-"
  151. >yup, that did it
  152. >"A-Ah...AH...," is all Virgo can say as he sprays his hot fluids all over your face
  154. >he flops down beside you in euphoria
  155. >he smiles a happy, half-lidded kind of grin
  156. >...he looks kind of cute when he does that
  157. >"T-thanks, Anon..."
  158. >he drifts off to slumberland
  159. >d'awww
  160. >for someone that just technically raped you a couple minutes ago, he's very...
  161. >...nice.
  162. >maybe he was just grumpy he couldn't find a mate?
  163. >either way, though...
  164. >you still enjoyed it
  165. >and to think, just minutes ago you found him disturbing as hell
  166. >...Only in Equestria will you find a rapist you actually like
  168. ------------------------------------------------
  170. "...why did you use the flashlight?"
  171. >"Because I knew I would cum within a couple seconds."
  172. "Couldn't you have just brought a dildo or something?"
  173. >"But then it wouldn't have been as absurd!"
  174. >Humorous
  175. >Your kind of guy
  176. >you can see this 'relationship' lasting a long while...
  178. [END]
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