Constructing the Cat Shrine

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  3. Satisfied with your efforts to secure the heavily armored bandit, you wander towards the center of the cave. A spring wells up from the ground there, and the three waterfalls which feed into this canyon fill the air with an obscuring mist. It gives the cave a very ethereal quality, you can definitely see why this location would've been chosen as the site of religious importance however long ago.
  5. Sitting down on the moss-covered stone next to the mouth of the spring you close your eyes and carefully clear your mind of all thought. You allow yourself to act on instinct, channeling your vys according to some sort of unseen hand. Rock peels off the walls of the cave and slowly but surely assembles itself into a series of three grand arches surrounded by their smaller counterparts. Supports flow between them like veins through flesh, holding up the thin strips of stone which now surround the mouth of the spring.
  7. The spring itself is encapsulated within a stone cocoon, a squat slit in the base allowing water to burble forth unimpeded. On top of this stone dome is a small indentation where offerings could be placed, and the sun streaming through the holes in the top of the cave cast interesting patterns across its surface. You imagine the structure would serve quite well as a sundial, come to think of it.
  9. Your eyes peel open as the last fragments of stone meld themselves together into a seamless whole. Unfortunately you don't get an opportunity to admire your handiwork. Pain blossoms along the back of your head, alien knowledge forced to meld with your thoughts. Your vision swims, flecks of color drifting through your field of view, but eventually the pain subsides. It seems the cat was eager to honor your deal.
  11. At first you're not really sure what you've gained out of all this, nothing seems different initially. Pushing yourself slowly to your feet, you begin running through the catalog of runes you know. You realize only as you're peeling off your helmet that you've come out five runes ahead of your last count. You think Vys is new, as is Destroy. Remote and Mark open up an immense number of possibilities. Finally Touch should prove useful as a trigger rune.
  13. Unfortunately you've no time to experiment with your newly gained knowledge, you've a prisoner to experiment on. Thus you reach into your cloak and extract the pouch of powdered herbs you purchased from Ghada, months ago...
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