AOTW #21 - Winter Poem

Nov 19th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. A slight breeze would wake me
  2. Oh my goodness, could it be?
  3. I have been filled with anticipation for this day
  4. I slide out of bed and towards the window I begin to sway
  6. My pupils full of dilatation
  7. And my heart full of realization
  8. I go to let out a delightful yell
  9. When all of a sudden, I hear that bell
  11. Could that be?
  12. I look further down and my eyes can't believe
  13. It's the town's Christmas tree!
  14. My whole face lights up with glee
  16. I run down the stairs
  17. Accidently knocking over some chairs
  18. Family is confused on what is occurring
  19. I scream out and tell them what's recurring
  21. "It's Christmas! Everyone cheer!"
  22. They look out the window and it becomes clear
  23. My father stands, "My boy, It's only the 1st!"
  24. My embarrassment would start to burst
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