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Nov 11th, 2013
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  1. HN,
  3. I recently got fired at my old job over reasons I'd rather not get into on a public forum. If you would like to know, tell me how to contact you and I will.
  5. I have been going over my options in the last week and while I have some applications running and an interview on tuesday, I am not on the ball as much as I would like to be.
  7. I often hear that in front-end development, you have two types of developers: those who do front-end and design, and those who do front-end and are more technically minded. I am definitely of the second type.
  9. I have been thinking of revamping my personal website in the hopes of drawing attention when sending it to agencies, but I simply don't think I have the necessary 'design' skills. Anything I attempt, I start to dislike pretty quickly.
  11. My old job also sucked every bit of inspiration and motivation out of me. I am slightly more motivated than I used to be, say, a month ago, but I'm still far from being as motivated as I once was.
  13. I get the feeling I need to 'create' something and grab the attention of the agencies where I want to apply, but at the moment I cannot do it. My Github profile isn't that great either since I'm terrible at finishing personal projects. The only thing on my resume are the few projects I did at my old job.
  15. I have always send out these 'mini-websites' when applying for a front-end job, showing my skills. I never had problem finding my first job (applied twice, got two offers). I still might have some of those websites lying around, however I don't think they show my current skill level. Then again, I don't see a way to update them to reflect this. I want to create something but I'm not inspired or motivated.
  17. Perhaps it's still too early to be thinking about new jobs since I got fired less than a week ago?
  19. What could/should I do to get my motivation and inspiration back? Is this a good way to apply for a job? I assume agencies like something creative better than a boring cover letter.
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