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  1. Game 1
  2. Explore: shes bad
  3. Explore: literally has nothing until she has 3 items
  4. Explore: and evne then
  5. Explore: it doesnt help her
  6. Explore: me 2
  7. Explore: it does work
  8. Explore: but he usually spell shields
  9. Explore: u needed to flash
  10. Explore: to
  11. Explore: me
  12. Explore: i pinged
  13. Explore: so many times ugh
  14. Explore: we were talking
  15. Explore: o,
  16. Explore: im fucking oom
  17. Explore: ?
  18. Explore: what did i do wrong
  19. Explore: im sick of all of u guys
  20. Explore: ????!?!?!?
  21. Explore: fucking hell
  22. Explore: leona shut the fuck up
  23. Explore: BRAUM
  24. Explore: IS SITTING ON ME
  25. Explore: he blocked all my aa
  26. Explore: LOL
  27. Explore: u think ur some hot shit
  28. Explore: noc top
  29. Explore: lol
  30. Explore: team doesnt admit to mistakes
  31. Explore: ill flash for u
  32. Explore: engages
  33. Explore: flames
  34. Explore: doesnt engage
  35. Explore: flames
  36. Explore: afks
  37. Explore: loves it
  38. Explore: ill do as u say then
  39. Explore: guys are so bipolar
  40. Explore: leona imagine what'd you say
  41. Explore: if noc was top instead of bot
  42. Explore: and we killed them
  43. Explore: you wouldn't be saying what did you expect
  44. Explore: whatd u expect
  45. Explore: u said our mids bad
  46. Explore: dont expect much
  47. Explore: shes 1v1'in therir top hold up
  48. Explore: u wanted it no
  49. Explore: our skill?
  50. Explore: you're so bad u cant see our ksill
  51. Explore: xd
  52. Explore: i wish my teammates criticized me on how bad i am without telling me how to play better
  53. Explore: oh wait
  54. Explore: right
  55. Explore: christ
  56. Explore: ill pass
  57. Explore: LUL NIDALEE IS GOLD 2
  58. Explore: HAHAHA
  59. Explore: XD
  60. Explore: na jg
  61. Explore: xd
  62. Explore: hey btw
  63. Explore: our mids p3
  64. Explore: and hes garbage
  65. Explore: so now look at urself
  66. Explore: ur fucking worse than this kid
  67. Explore: LUL
  68. Explore: X
  69. Explore: fucking
  70. Explore: D
  72. Explore: ya and u compliment jungle
  73. Explore: says the man who wanted to suck a dick
  74. Explore: ?
  75. Explore: u dont play around that lol
  76. Explore: no matter how good ua re
  77. Explore: nope
  78. Explore: plat 3 actually
  79. Explore: actually thats
  80. Explore: exactly what i did
  81. Explore: that cost us
  82. Explore: 
  83. Explore: its not like we arent being carried by rengar
  84. Explore: same
  85. Explore: nid u did the same thing
  86. Explore: thats the whole point
  87. Explore: we never said we were good
  88. Explore: we're just saying ur worse
  89. Explore: xd
  90. Explore: ok
  91. Explore: HOLY
  92. Explore: reported
  94. Explore: REPORT REPORT
  95. Explore: I WAS HIDDING
  96. Explore: quote quote
  97. Explore: just reoprt her
  98. Explore: jesus
  99. Explore: some loser teen sitting at home
  100. Explore: thinking hes some hot shit
  101. Explore: LOL ur 12
  102. Explore: racist teammates
  103. Explore: gg
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