11/26 Exchange of Oaths

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  1.  "Well--"
  3. He'd compose himself with the clearing of his throat before continuing. The smile at his lips grows, with pearly whites flashing. Again nodding to Task.
  5. "I do appreciate your words, Sir Task. I am much too humble and inexperienced to consider myself a seasoned knight, but do pride myself in the ways passed on in my Brienne family - energy and sword."
  7. A question of his own comes to the man, "And you yourself?"
  9. Something asked as his eyes begin to wander about. The park is brimming with life and conversation as always. Faces both unfamiliar and familiar for him to see. One being the approaching Nerin, whom he is surprised to see.
  11. "Ah! Good evening, Nerin."
  12. (Arrian cos Brienne)
  13. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16.  Task would smily genially as he snickered at Evangeline's inability to understand humor. It was an amusing facet to imagine from a maid, and one that the bald constable appreciated for livening up the situation. The young lord had fine members of his house's staff clearly, a no nonsense house cleaner was likely to eviscerate dust bunnies as much as they'd maim intruders. The thought brought a slightly wider, if still exhausted smile to the watchman's face.
  18. Yet, listening intently to the young lord's words, the constable would tilt his head in curiosity as he mulled over the information he brought forth; both the idea of secrets being passed down in one's noble house as a prospect that explained much of the variety that was spread out throughout the higher classes of the city as far as magic, as well as illuminating to the guardsmen a form of sorcery that he frankly had never heard of.
  20. Energy? What was that?
  22. "If you don't mind me inquiring Lord Brienne, something you mentioned has caught my attention. As a lord, mastery of fencing makes quite clear sense to me, it is a common noble pursuit for those able to afford arms and armor. But....what is energy? Do you mean to imply that you have a high constitution and stamina, and don't tire easily? I am a bit confused."
  24. Task's eyes would flick to Nerin with a squint at the mention of trouble potentially reaching the lady knight, clacking his teeth together as he puffed away at his corncob pipe.
  26. "Nothing will happen to Dame Iessia on my watch, but your offer is...kind."
  27. (Task)
  28. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  30.  "Energy..."
  32. The hand of the noble extends, with his fingers outstretching and palm facing upwards. Mana flows from his body - swelling rapidly above his outheld hand. It deepens in color and thickens in density quickly, within the blink of an eye.
  34. "The purest form and use of mana. A showing of your overall will."
  36. The blue magical essence suddenly flares and begins to envelope the entirety of his body. Within a few seconds he is engulfed in the blue mass. The magic around him feeling quite powerful and seeming to be well controlled by the young noble.
  38. "A magic passed on by the Brienne family since the ages."
  41. (Arrian cos Brienne)
  42. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  45. Energy magic? This.. actually immediately reminded him of Zus and Wano, of all people, knowing that it's their 'signature' magic so to say. But to hear that it had such noble roots as well? It's most odd. The world is small, and it appears that magic passes over people regardless of their origin and reason.
  47. How curious.
  49. "That looks impressive, Lord Arrian."
  51. A side commentary, of course, but he'd let Task speak on the rest. This one is his.
  52. (Nerin)
  53. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  54.  Audree Iessia says, "... A. A crossbow. I do not think that is very much my style..."
  57. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  59. "Energy...the purest form of illustration of one's will..."
  61. Task's brown eyes would widen as the young lord described the school of sorcery, flicking between Arrian's visage and the gathering condensation of mana that accumulated within the knight's palm. Magic defined by determined will and not scholastic tutoring, unrefined and raw in its determined application?
  63. The bald constable had not once in his life ever felt so at home with a concept regarding spellcraft.
  65. Task's eyes would only widen further as he watched Arrian flare out with an aura of dense, fiery mana, a shroud of pulsating might that simply shouted without subtlety or unnecessary decorum the force of its accumulated strength. It was bold, bright, and above all with clarity a distinct representation of the sheer power that resided within one who mastered such a school.
  67. Without even thinking, the constable would bow his head and fall to one knee before the lord, eyes shut as he placated himself before the high born knight without any shame or pride. Humility came natural to one born of Sudsbury, and Task knew that he needed to become stronger if he was ever to protect the people he desired to. Those he cared about.
  69. "My apologies if this sounds assumptive of me Lord Brienne, you are welcome to deny my request. But this magic you display...this energy, it resonates with me. I desire to be a symbol of justice within this city, someone strong enough to protect all citizens from the insurgence of crime. And yet, my only ability amongst the great cacaophony of sorcerous disciplines is my own two fists."
  71. The bald constable would take a deep breathe, retaining his bowed posture as he continued to placate before Lord Brienne.
  73. "On my honor as a constable, I would ask that you help instruct me in this form of magic. I will do anything you require of me, regardless of the difficulty or cost. The people of this city are worth any sacrifice."
  74. (Task)
  75. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  77.  Evangeline Minerva says, "Ah, more people wishing to work with your House, Lord Arrian."
  78.  Evangeline Minerva asks, "Shall I go deal with the paperwork?"
  80.  "Thank you, Nerin."
  82. Their compliment is met with a smile, vaguely obscured by the blue waving about him. His eyes show a certain pride and resolve with the magic present. A gaze falling to the kneeling Task, with the former mentioned being replaced for a moment with surprise.
  84. "You wish to learn how to use your mana as I do?"
  86. His eyebrows slowly furrow as he gives a hard look to the man. One that isn't scornful. Instead one that gives serious consideration to their request. The magic flares some in an excessive decorum for all to see.
  88. "This is a magic my House holds dear. For someone to look to learn it's secrets, they would be expected to uphold our values - to be loyal to the House and Kingdom, courageous in the face of adversity, and upright in all actions."
  90. A hand is offered to the man, who's honest dedication to serving the Kingdom is as bright as day itself.
  92. "If you wish to swear an oath to uphold these values as a servant to House Brienne, I would be willing to teach you, Sir Task."
  93. (Arrian cos Brienne)
  94. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  98.  Loyal to a house and to the kingdom? Courageous? He could handle something like that for sure, especially if it meant that he could possibly learn something like this. He moved forward, then made his way into the other line.
  100. Not being seen was something he had grown accustomed to. He was from the slums after all. He just had to make himself seen.
  102. "I'd like to learn how to use my mana that way as well. I'm Alexander..."
  104. He pondered his next words for a moment, then decided to leave it at that momentarily before posing a question. "How can I swear an oath as well?"
  105. (Alexander)
  106. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  107.  "It is the first magic I've ever considered learning, my lord. Unless punching counts."
  109. Task would remain kneeling before the young lord with dutiful placation, mulling over his words for a time as he contemplated them deeply in-between ambient puffs of his corn cob pipe. Minty smoke would rise from his bowed visage upon the ground as he considered deeply the weight of making such a choice.
  111. Would there be a conflict of interests as a member of the constabulary? The answer would be a clear yes in most cases, the decadence of nobility would no doubt cause any average compact of such a nature to immediately violate the sanctity of his lawful bearing. And yet, the espoused values of house Brienne resonated within Task, they were in truth civic and dutiful sentiments he already possessed as a loyal member of the guard.
  113. It wouldn't be uncommon of a man of Sudsbury to have multiple jobs, and perhaps in aiding the young lord in his efforts, a member of nobility would be kept upon the straight and narrow through the sheer radiation of justice that emanated about his day to day discourse.
  115. "If it were any other nobility, I would have to refuse my lord. I would fear that a conflict of interests between my aspirations of law and order and my duties to the house I'd serve would inevitably corrupt my ambition. But the values you espouse of House Brienne are admirable, one's I share as a dutiful member of the city watch who already protects his kingdom, does his best to maintain constant vigilance and courage in the face of danger, and strives to be the pinnacle of morality as best as I can manage."
  117. Task would take a deep breath, remaining upon his knee with a serious visage and a firm nod as he rose his head to match the lord's eyes with his own brown, dutifully determined pair.
  119. "If you in turn swear to never order me to commit an unlawful action that goes against the health, law, and order of the city, then I will swear an oath to be your man for king and country."
  120. (Task)
  121. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  125.  "Well then..."
  127. He'd fall into silence for a moment as he looks between the two. Admiring the resolution of the Constable, and judging the intentions of Alexander from their gaze. A gesture is made for them too to kneel.
  129. "I, Arrian Brienne, swear never to issue an unrighteous order to you nor the other of the House in my lifetime. Upon my life and the integrity of the Brienne household do I swear such."
  131. And then? The shroud of blue around him fades into nothingness. Outstretching his hand to the two, he presents to them a golden signet of House Brienne. The crevices of the engraving glow a faint blue in response to his will.
  133. "In return, I ask you two to swear as asked and afterwards place a kiss on the Ring of Brienne. Then will your allegiance to my House be official."
  134. (Arrian cos Brienne)
  137. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  138.  Task would nod firmly as he heard the young lord swear his oath of righteousness, the bald constable appearing to take a fair degree of relief in the willingness of a noble to make such a statement merely for the benefit of the watchman's honor. In truth, he hadn't fully expected his request to be fulfilled, and was perfectly prepared to have sadly had to decline the terms of service to prevent his duties as a constable from being infringed upon due to dishonor.
  140. "I, Task, swear to follow your orders for king and country, to serve as your sword and shield in times of trouble and peace, to protect that which is yours and to uphold the values and honor of House Brienne to the fullest of my abilities. I swear this upon my life, for the good of house Brienne and all its descendants."
  142. The bald constable would rise, planting a dry lipped kiss upon the signet ring without the slightest bit of shame. For an honorable lord, it was no mark of demerit to Task's esteem; the young Brienne seemed to share the sense of civic duty that Task possessed with certainty.
  143. (Task)
  144. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  146.  A nod followed, then he moved to one knee.
  148. "I swear be loyal to the house and to the Kingdom. I swear to be courageous in the face of adversity, and to be upright in all actions."
  150. It seemed he'd forgotten the next step... Though he planned on following the example of the adult next to him. He was still young after all, so being forgetful was common.
  152. He waited for the constable to rise, then he did the same thing, planting a kiss onto the ring... Though he kissed a spot that hopefully the other guy's lips didn't touch. His teenage mindset was immature, and he didn't want to get second hand kissing from another guy.
  154. Alexander was weird that way.
  155. (Alexander)
  156. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  158.  Audree has lingered quiet for a while. Out of respect, of course.
  159. (Audree Iessia)
  160. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  162.  "Congratulations--"
  164. The glow of the ring fades and his hand motions for them to rise. Smiling to the two of them, a gaze full of apparent expectation shows. Task and Alexander were now, officially, at the service of the Briennes.
  166. "I expect both of you to make good on the oath sworn from here on. Should either of you ever go against it, your punishment will be at my hand. Though I have faith you two will not fail me, House, or the Kingdom itself."
  168. He then looks over the shoulders of the two, towards the north-east.
  170. "Would you two like to follow me to the Brienne home now? You two will be allowed to stay in the servant quarters there. It is spacious enough to accommodate many."
  171. (Arrian cos Brienne)
  172. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  176. "My word is my bond, Lord Brienne. Both to the people of the city that I protect and serve, and to my own honor as a member of the constabulary. I will not dishonor your trust by doing anything less than that which I have sworn."
  178. Task would rise to stand once more, idly cracking his back as he grinned with renewed resolve to protect the city to the best of his abilities. He would serve the city and House Brienne in with equal duty, and aspire to be the finest aspirant of justice he can be through mastering whatever proficiencies would be required.
  180. No good task was ever easy.
  182. "If it is your desire, Lord Brienne, I am happy to follow you and learn of the whereabouts of your household. It would be poor form of me to swear an oath to a household whose house is foreign to me."
  184. The bald constable would turn his glance to Audree with a light frown. He'd grown quite comfortable in standing beside her in mutual exhaustion, and though his duties now took him elsewhere for the moment, he was somewhat loathe to leave his present place. The knight was clearly growing on him.
  186. "I will see you later, yes Dame Iessia? I am sorry we did not manage to discuss much this evening, so many people to chat with and so little time. We'll have our reading lessons somewhere a bit less crowded, perhaps in front of the statue of Fraggledorf outside the Constabulary Headquarters."
  187. (Task)
  188. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  191.  A passing glance, betwixt Sir Task and the one to her front.
  193. "We'll catch up, I do promise you sir. Enjoy your day."
  195. Her attention turns forward, and she nods slowly the way of this one somewhat familiar, and again lowers her voice.
  196. (Audree Iessia)
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