Streiken Schreck v0.2.1

Sep 3rd, 2013
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  1. Streiken Schreck - Strike Terror
  2. 愛繕 (Love's Salvation)
  4. Those left with nothing, none a means to resist
  5. The children who show themselves, falling to the ground
  6. Casting aside their sanctity, persevering against the gallows
  7. Without as much a sound, ascertaining the path ahead
  9. The first fire, the iron earthquake
  10. The piercing steel, spine of the winds
  11. Understanding our place; -We belong here-
  12. We turn our backs, as white and black
  14. Let loose your hair, Nema below the skies
  15. We belong here, dwellers standing in the wind,
  16. Those, at last, leaving for the blue skies, settlers for the eaves before
  17. Descend, for now, and fade into the forests.
  19. Those yearning for their return, on an eventual day
  20. The children who raise their eyes, looking at the sky
  21. We did not forget; -We belong here-
  22. Those of the fallen, remaining in memory
  24. Raise your hand, Nema, and hold up the day
  25. We belong here, dwellers under the daylight
  26. Those destined for the skies, having earned their freedom
  27. Earn your lives, and look to the skies
  29. Turn your back, Nema, and look forward
  30. We belong here, living on as Viscum
  31. Those in desolation, requiring their remembrance
  32. Take to the skies, of white and black.
  34. --Nema, we affirm all of that which was once opposite.
  35. --Herrlich.
  36. ____
  38. Nema = Hebrew for thread. Also name of author of www.horusmaat.com
  39. Viscum = Mistletoe/parasitic plant. Glorification on my part.
  41. (I can't into songs. Especially ones like this.)
  43. If you didn't already tell, 0:00-0:12 of this: http://youtu.be/-th14gcQUmY
  44. Considering the history practitioners of witchcraft had with the European world.
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