Irrbryn's very bad, horrible, terrible, no good day

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  1. Tragic Backstory;
  2. Irrbryn was supposed to be an assassin, her family had been infusing draconic blood to make their house stronger.
  3. Basically trying to make amazing assassins, using black dragon blood.
  4. and she basically decides...that the politics, the murder, the lying, and the fear she'd been trained to instill in others, it was too much. She's not sure how to be good, but she's tried of being bad. So, she searched the underdark for an escape, and when she saw daylight...she was in barovia.
  6. Knives and stuff to use to make her feel bad;
  7. Irrbryn's final test was to see if she would follow orders. Her family early on set it up so she’d have a friend to train with. Her test of course, was to kill her friend. Two things though; they...didn’t get along much, they weren’t great friends. And Irrbryn, despite this...couldn’t do it.
  8. And that’s why she fled
  9. Her friend, meanwhile, took it as an insult. That maybe she wasn’t ‘threatening’ enough to be worth killing. That she wasn’t dangerous enough.
  10. So, one is finding a new path into the light, and the other wanders deeper still into the dark.
  12. Irrbryn is fighting against her nature at every turn. She wants to learn to be kind, to be good, to be all the things she was never meant to be. But there is a pull, a very strong pull that comes with having dragon blood running through her. She wants to sneak, to remain unseen, to inspire fear. She wants to make be an apex predator. And she can't be both. And the draconic aspects are only going to get stronger, and stronger as time goes.
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