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Fallout: Beyond Equestria 211: ...To Roam (Part 13)

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  1. [2017-01-25 13:22:16] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Previously...
  2. [2017-01-25 13:22:45] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Citrine Glow continues, "To get into Roam, you will have to fly over the Anulus Mortis.  That shouldn't be a problem if you just fly high and fast enough.  But don't forget about the plant plague there and the monsters it animates."
  3. [2017-01-25 13:22:59] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"Likewise," Citrine says, "Be aware that Dragon Lord Ember has been able to confirm rumors that something has been drawing the shadow-things to the Anulus Mortis.  She believes many shadow-beings have taken up residence inside the dead creatures animated by the plants."
  4. [2017-01-25 13:23:08] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Bookwright says, "All of those words you just said make me extremely glad that we're going to be flying over this place instead of trying to trek through it."
  5. [2017-01-25 13:23:11] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  6. [2017-01-25 13:23:28] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Captain Wameli (via her son) says, "Since you want to deal with the changelings in the most non-combative way you can, I think your best bet is to get to the Imperial Broadcast Station, which is adjacent to Caesar's Palace.  That's where they make their 'Daily Love' broadcasts.  So that is the best way to speak to the citizens of Roam en-masse."
  7. [2017-01-25 13:24:01] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  8. [2017-01-25 13:24:03] <Mare-Do-Well> 3I think," Mwana translates, "You have two objectives once you get to Roam.  The first is the catacombs.  That's where they throw all their prisoners.  That will be where you rescue your ghoul friend, as well as the diplomats from the N.C.R. and their changeling queen."
  9. [2017-01-25 13:24:08] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  10. [2017-01-25 13:24:49] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Noble_Heart shakes her head. "If we wish to win this battle, and We do, we must not just expose the truth but make our intentions be clear. As We told Golden Buckle: We must ever endeavour to be the better people. To show the Zebras that we are not savages, monsters or aggressors. Nor do we wish a conflict or battle here..."
  11. [2017-01-25 13:25:14] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"...We come in peace, for their sake as well as ours." Noble_Heart looked to Golden Dream. "We would like you to go with Bookwright and Mitzi to rescue Miss Ditzy Doo from the catacombs."
  12. [2017-01-25 13:25:30] <Mare-Do-Well> 3She holds out a foreleg with the clearly-refurbished PipBuck upon it. "Take this with you as well. It was given to Us by the keepers of the catacombs as part of Our deal for freedom. It contains proof that you are Our friend, and that We have dealt with the Cult of LIV, as Our bargain entailed."
  13. [2017-01-25 13:25:40] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Bookwright sucks his teeth. "I still can't believe we actually did that. Feels like a weird dream."
  14. [2017-01-25 13:25:42] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  15. [2017-01-25 13:26:19] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Two Hundred and Eleven: ...To Roam (Part 13) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PPtEHWDca8&list=PL6lMYzCrh4VGBe86gFxsx3pNx06v5W78e
  16. [2017-01-25 13:30:11] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Stormy autumn skies rumble with thunder as the /Shadowbolt/ glides over the zebra continent.  Far behind is the jungle canopy.  Beneath them have rolled plains that have shifted to steppes.  There is a mountain ridge in the southern distance, beyond which are the vast zebra deserts.
  17. [2017-01-25 13:31:04] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Rain has begun to pour as the first lights of Roam, the sprawling city on the steppe plateau, first become visible in the waning light.
  18. [2017-01-25 13:31:57] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Below, much brighter balls of light are visible.  The lights of seraphs converging on the Anulus Mortis as they hunt their shadows.
  19. [2017-01-25 13:32:03] <Mare-Do-Well> 3--- Session Begins ---
  20. [2017-01-25 13:36:58] * Get_Lost is having a hard time sleeping these days. she's been talking in her sleep for a few days now, mumbling about a donkey burglar
  21. [2017-01-25 13:37:34] * Get_Lost also, lately she shecks her inventory a lot more often than usual and became a little paranoid about her stuff
  22. [2017-01-25 13:43:39] * Bookwright is delighted with his "new" camera. He snaps a few pictures in panorama.
  23. [2017-01-25 13:47:48] * Noble_Heart stands at the head of the ship, looking outwards at the approaching city. If the rain or wind bothered her, she certainly wasn't showing it.
  24. [2017-01-25 13:48:07] * Shatara busys himself trying to see if he can get that net gun working.
  25. [2017-01-25 13:52:54] <Mare-Do-Well> 3As the city slowly draws closer, Noble_Heart can feel them nearing the Anulus Mortis.  It is like a deep, faint reverberation.  A nearly subconscious clawing of nails on a chalkboard.
  26. [2017-01-25 13:54:45] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The others don't feel it.  Not yet, at least.  For their bodies are not in harmony with radiation like that of an alicorn.  But Mitzi can sense something dreadful.  Like a poisonous scent she cannot quite smell.
  27. [2017-01-25 13:54:47] * Noble_Heart shudders slightly, ruffling her wings. "Prepare yourselves. We enter the Anulus Mortis soon." She called out to the others on the deck.
  28. [2017-01-25 13:55:47] * Mitzi wrinkles her sensative nose and frowns, trying g to find the source. "wut eez dat?"
  29. [2017-01-25 13:57:04] * Get_Lost painted bookie's power armor white with red borders and mitzi's shield yellow with a black "beware the dog" sign in the middle
  30. [2017-01-25 13:58:09] * Get_Lost *beware of dog
  31. [2017-01-25 13:58:57] * Bookwright feels self conscious about his conspicuousness now, but he's tamping that feeling down. Power armor is a bit of a strange feeling.
  32. [2017-01-25 14:00:33] * Mitzi looks at the sight and tilts her head
  33. [2017-01-25 14:00:41] <Mitzi> * sign
  34. [2017-01-25 14:01:46] * Bookwright doesn't feel nearly as conspicuous as Shatara though.
  35. [2017-01-25 14:02:04] * Shatara discusses the finer points of applying disguise-b-gone to the net cartridges with a convenient alchezebra.
  36. [2017-01-25 14:02:10] * Bookwright glances over at Shatara's eye-searing power armor and grins inside his helmet.
  37. [2017-01-25 14:02:45] * Shatara keeps his power armor under a tasteful cloak when it's not time to fabulous.
  38. [2017-01-25 14:05:04] * Get_Lost looks down. it's hard to see how she reacts. no eye, you know
  39. [2017-01-25 14:17:13] * Noble_Heart shuddles at the looming feeling of the Anulus Mortis. She wasn't exactly subtle either, wearing crystalline full plate sized for an alicorn, and she certainly wasn't good at sneaking. Which might make the plan here problematic.
  40. [2017-01-25 14:20:31] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Far below and ahead, an explosive flare of light signals a seraph consummating it's recapture of its shadow.
  41. [2017-01-25 14:21:08] * Get_Lost "well, from up here I must admit that it IS amazing"
  42. [2017-01-25 14:21:26] * Get_Lost "maybe it could be used as a power source?"
  43. [2017-01-25 14:21:31] * Bookwright shivers at the meaning of that strobe of light. "All insanely dangerous things look spectacular from a distance."
  44. [2017-01-25 14:21:53] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The rain grows heavier, but even through it, the black zone of the Anulus Mortis forms a void in the darkness.
  45. [2017-01-25 14:24:24] <Mare-Do-Well> 3A single flying bird, cancerous and veined with pustulous black, crosses paths with the unnoticeable ship.
  46. [2017-01-25 14:27:46] * Noble_Heart keeps her distance from the bird. Hopeful it would carry on along its way without noticing them. This place was bad news, in many, many ways.
  47. [2017-01-25 14:29:39] * Get_Lost "yeah, but if ponies didn't do insanely dangerous stuff, they wouldn't have arrived where they are... oh... yeah..." sighs "right..."
  48. [2017-01-25 14:30:07] * Get_Lost "still, we wouldn't be here either if we didn't blow up megaspell on our muzzles, so it all gets even in the end?"
  49. [2017-01-25 14:31:00] <Mare-Do-Well> 3It cannot see the ponies and others through its one good and normal-sized eye as flies past.  It lets out a cry, possibly of pain, to no ear in particular.
  50. [2017-01-25 14:32:35] * Bookwright "I don't think I follow your logic. Anyways—" he breaks off when the bird shrieks.
  51. [2017-01-25 14:33:11] * TenMihara keeps her cannon at the ready in case any of these flying plant zombie things got too close.
  52. [2017-01-25 14:33:15] <TenMihara> * Mitzi
  53. [2017-01-25 14:33:36] * Bookwright shakes his head to clear it and continues. "Anyways, I just want to get to Roam without trouble. Which means no stops for possible experiments in Horrible Monster Power Sources."
  54. [2017-01-25 14:57:29] <Mare-Do-Well> 3As the /Shadowbolt/ flies over the Anulus Mortis, that clawing feeling intensifies in Noble_Heart.  Mitzi too can feel it now, like an odor of death seeping into everything.
  55. [2017-01-25 14:58:19] * Mitzi frowns and looks around for something to plug her nose. "Eet smells like rotten... everyting. Eet smells wrong und awful."
  56. [2017-01-25 14:58:23] * Get_Lost asks to nopony in particular "so what? who goes where? who is on radio team and who joins rescue team?"
  57. [2017-01-25 14:58:33] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The ship is flying high enough and fast enough that no one is in serious danger.  But within seconds, everyone feels their hearts thudding in their chests, like they have just run a marathon.
  58. [2017-01-25 14:59:23] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Only Get_Lost seems unaffected.
  59. [2017-01-25 15:00:48] * Get_Lost doesn't even know that the phoenix implant is saving her life once again, just looks down and whistles some happy tune
  60. [2017-01-25 15:02:39] * Noble_Heart huffs for breath. The last time she crossed this it was quick, and very high up. Also she didn't remember most of the crossing due to the effects of the Tabula Rasa side-effects.
  61. [2017-01-25 15:02:48] * Get_Lost "i fought the roam and... roam won!" it's a catchy tune
  62. [2017-01-25 15:03:29] * Get_Lost also, from what canterlot looks like, it's also true
  63. [2017-01-25 15:05:43] * Bookwright groans. "That was a horrible feeling."
  64. [2017-01-25 15:06:16] * Noble_Heart huffs in pain. "You can understand, then, why We oppose such terrible things being done again."
  65. [2017-01-25 15:06:50] * Mitzi grunts and gets down on all fours. She lets out an uncharacteristically pitful whimper at the unfamilar and frightening sensation
  66. [2017-01-25 15:12:19] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Ahead, in the dark of a stormy evening, the City of Roam rises upwards from the plateau.  The megaspell that struck this place did no harm to the infrastructure, leaving the buildings, aquaducts and other structures to weather the passing of time.  They are old and crumbling, but the city lacks the devastation of places like Fillydelphia or Manehattan.
  67. [2017-01-25 15:12:30] * Golden_Dream was in her little area doing a little painting of her power armor. She couldn't do anything about the lenses, but she did decide to coat the armor in a new layer of paint. Something that would blend in, a nice slate grey. Still scary, so with the scariest thing she can remember on it.
  68. [2017-01-25 15:13:35] <Mare-Do-Well> 3There are clusters of lights throughout the city.  The population now is only a small fraction of Roam at its height.  But it is still greater than any of the settlements in Equestria.  Only New Canterlot can try to compare.
  69. [2017-01-25 15:13:53] * Golden_Dream smiles as she puts the head of a lighthouse on her set. There. It's done, perfect, all she had to do now was FALL ON THE FLOOR FEELING LIKE ABSOLUTE CRAP OH SHIT WHAT'S GOING ON WHY AM I SWEATING SO MUCH I CAN'T BREATHE IT HURTS TO BREATHE
  70. [2017-01-25 15:15:46] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Several dozen airships are moored to the tallest intact buildings.  Most are clearly military, and several are quite formidable -- heavily armed and armored.  But Roam has nothing like the Leviathan here.
  71. [2017-01-25 15:16:24] * Get_Lost keeps mumbling her silly song "robbing zebras with a... six gun... i fought roamans and the roam won"
  72. [2017-01-25 15:21:18] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The /Shadowbolt/ passes fully from the Anulus Mortis and the effects fade swiftly.
  73. [2017-01-25 15:23:01] * Noble_Heart breathes a sigh of relief, looking up at the various buildings. "We have arrived. The Imperial City. Roam."
  74. [2017-01-25 15:31:34] * Golden_Dream lets out a weakened "Ffffuuuuuck!" She starts getting back to her hooves. "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT." She yelled out.
  75. [2017-01-25 15:32:00] * Noble_Heart looks back as Golden Dream calls out. "We have arrived!" She calls back.
  76. [2017-01-25 15:32:35] * Bookwright "That was us flying over the heart attack megaspell zone Goldie. Since we went fast, none of us died or was injured."
  77. [2017-01-25 15:35:14] * Get_Lost "what was whatnow?" is a bit confused
  78. [2017-01-25 15:39:37] * Get_Lost "retires to her room and starts changing herself to put on something a little more fitting for the incoming fight"
  79. [2017-01-25 15:41:25] * Get_Lost comes back with a stable technician's jumpsuit and wearing a doctor's coat above it. has saddlebags with the iconic three butterflies on then and filled with medical supplies "ready when you are, guys"
  80. [2017-01-25 15:42:29] * Bookwright has his camera ready. Because tourist!
  81. [2017-01-25 15:43:21] * Shatara packs and readies his anti-bugpone netlauncher, anti-bugpone dart rifle, and gives someone else the anti-bugpone grenades.
  82. [2017-01-25 15:44:29] * Get_Lost "you know that probably we won't make it out alive, yes?"
  83. [2017-01-25 15:46:36] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Behind and below, another brilliant flash illuminates the meeting of seraph and shadow.
  84. [2017-01-25 15:49:38] * Noble_Heart looks to Get_Lost, "We do not intend to die here. But if that is what happens, it will be for a worthy cause."
  85. [2017-01-25 15:50:06] * Golden_Dream loads the Brush Gun with some .45-70 flat-headed 'torpedoes', as her father would've called them. "Well, it won't be for lack 'a tryin'." She notes.
  86. [2017-01-25 15:50:07] * Get_Lost nods "so... the squads?"
  87. [2017-01-25 15:50:33] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Directly beneath, roads converge before traveling through a triumphant archway and beginning a snaking ascent up the plateau.  The archway, once a glorious and free-standing marble structure, is now cracked and vandalized by old combat scars.  Military barricades and watchtowers adorn it.  A single moving light suggests one of the watchtowers is occupied.
  88. [2017-01-25 15:51:57] * Get_Lost "while you decide, i'll be at the radio trying to triangulate the place from where they're broadcasting"
  89. [2017-01-25 15:53:33] * Golden_Dream pants a bit more, still feeling quite faint from the effort. Right. Right, up and into the armor. She got some pointers on the way out for this power armor useage, but she was really, /really/ hoping that Shatara would be kind enough to give her some more.
  90. [2017-01-25 16:03:18] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The first buildings of Roam are beginning to pass below. Insulae and horrea that were accessible from the mane road.  All of these are dark, and even from far above they feel vacant and abandoned.
  91. [2017-01-25 16:06:57] * Shatara would be happy to help, but mostly figured his out by trial and error.
  92. [2017-01-25 16:08:36] * Golden_Dream straps Daring Do's Pith Helm on top of her power armor. Hell if she's not going to war /not/ wearing this thing. She'll bolt it on if she has to.
  93. [2017-01-25 16:09:42] * Get_Lost "parlay, be a dear and attach to bookie's armor. he will need the extra hoof"
  94. [2017-01-25 16:11:22] * Bookwright silently wishes he had a sneaking widget, just in ca—"Woah. Get, has anypony ever told you that your designs are dangerously awesome?"
  95. [2017-01-25 16:12:37] * Get_Lost "you're wolcome! with that attached you should have some extra recon capabilities, and the plot database"
  96. [2017-01-25 16:12:46] * Golden_Dream gives Shatara the most of her shells. She's gonna be using a long barreled brush gun from here on in. She straps on some plasma mines to her side, then steps inside. Given the EFS she's used to, the power armor is actually surprisingly rather nonintrusive. Huh.
  97. [2017-01-25 16:15:04] <Mare-Do-Well> 3A flash of lightning illuminates Roam in sharp white stone and deep valleys of shadow.  The city's few skyscrapers rise from the maze of buildings below.  Aquaducts spread from the far side like bent and broken wings.  Below, obelisks alongside the road serve as support for automated turrets.  One in five still move slowly, panning the highway.
  98. [2017-01-25 16:15:19] * Noble_Heart stood on the main deck, keeping an eye on the city below. "The PipBuck We gave to you should have the location of the catacombs marked in it. That will give you a place to start. The keepers of the catacombs seem to oppose the Caesar, but have little power to do anything to actually stop them. The catacombs themselves are not truly dangerous in their own right. But they
  99. [2017-01-25 16:15:19] * Noble_Heart are filled with the power of Spirits of Silence. Magic will be poor there, if it is functional at all."
  100. [2017-01-25 16:17:45] * Get_Lost keeps working at the radio
  101. [2017-01-25 16:19:55] * Bookwright is grim. "And I won't be able to teleport us out either, right? This is going to be difficult."
  102. [2017-01-25 16:20:16] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Get_Lost and the PipBucks are all appraised of a new signal: The Station of Love.
  103. [2017-01-25 16:20:55] * Get_Lost "aaaand we have a winner!" immediately starts tracking the source to pinpoint it
  104. [2017-01-25 16:21:26] <Mare-Do-Well> 3(Or more specifically: "Loco Amoris".)
  105. [2017-01-25 16:22:05] * Mitzi notes. "Uh shud go down tu da caves den. Uh'd be gud fur navigateen dem und Uh don't need magic tu protect Urself und yu."
  106. [2017-01-25 16:23:01] * Golden_Dream slowly gets used to the new burden on her shoulders. With a slow, methodical movement, she moves to turn on the radio on her pipbuck, taking a few cursory movements.
  107. [2017-01-25 16:23:44] * Noble_Heart nods her head to Bookwright. "Correct. We could not teleport while within the confines of the catacombs. It does not seem to supress magical devices, however. As the keepers utilize remote robots to patrol them."
  108. [2017-01-25 16:25:14] * Shatara nods gratefully to Golden_Dream, packing the ammo in easy-to-access places.
  109. [2017-01-25 16:25:33] * Get_Lost offers "that shouldn't stop your magic from powering the armor:: it... uh... it doesn't really use the horn  to... well... believe me: you don't want how it works"
  110. [2017-01-25 16:25:43] <Get_Lost> *don't ewant to know
  111. [2017-01-25 16:28:33] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The broadcast begins: a daily love.  Soaring, patriotic music flush with traditional zebra instruments.  A building speech, full of vigor and notes of hope, all in the Imperial tongue.  
  112. [2017-01-25 16:29:48] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The sides of the skyscrapers light up with projected images of a smiling, benevolent Ceasar, reaching out with her hooves to embrace the populace.
  113. [2017-01-25 16:31:05] * Noble_Heart looks up at the buildings. "The Five Minutes of Love."
  114. [2017-01-25 16:32:25] * Get_Lost smiles a bit "helloooo nurse... i'd probably let that hottie dominate me as much as she wants... do you think she's hiring?"
  115. [2017-01-25 16:33:05] * Bookwright "I can't help but wonder how it would compare to the things Pinkie Pie's ministry got up to..."
  116. [2017-01-25 16:33:55] * Get_Lost "i'd go to bed with pinkie too... aw, who am i kidding? i'm so desperate that i'd go to bed even with a feral"
  117. [2017-01-25 16:34:15] * Get_Lost smiles a bit more "i gues she will be very nasty"
  118. [2017-01-25 16:41:24] * Mitzi looks at the image of the Ceasar. "So dat eez Alpha bug Ponee?"
  119. [2017-01-25 16:41:36] * Noble_Heart shakes her head as she looks up at the caesar's image. "This will not be easy. But it is what must be done. For the good of Roam and Equestria, the Caesar must fall."
  120. [2017-01-25 16:43:06] * Bookwright nudges Noble_Heart. "You probably don't want to say that out loud too often."
  121. [2017-01-25 16:43:59] * Golden_Dream sighs. "Well. Looks like we got five minutes. Noble, take Mwana and get goin'." She walks up to her. "If a /hair/ on his mane isn't where I put it this mornin', I'm holdin' you responsible. Got it?"
  122. [2017-01-25 16:45:31] * Get_Lost "ready when you are"
  123. [2017-01-25 16:58:44] <Mare-Do-Well> 3--- End of Session ---
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