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  1. zSTRESS Terms Of Service & Acceptable Use Policy
  2. Terms Of Service
  4. Upon registering your account on zSTRESS you are binded by all of the following automatically and unconditionally.
  7. • We are not liable in any way, shape, or form for how you use our product. All responsibility falls on the user.
  9. • Refunds are not granted under any circumstance, any payment to zSTRESS is considered final and irreversible.
  11. • zSTRESS reserves the right to suspend any user without prior notification for any reason deemed valid.
  13. • Policy changes can be made without any notice to the user. It is your responsibility to stay up to date with our regulations at your discretion.
  15. • English is the only supported language on zSTRESS and any other language can be neglected support.
  17. • Spamming, harassing, or any form of solicitation are not permitted on zSTRESS.
  19. • Password recovery assistance is not provided! Should you somehow lose your password you are completely on your own, we believe passwords are something the user is soley responsible for and do not offer ANY sort of assistance in recovering an account.
  21. Acceptable Use Policy
  23. • Launching stress tests to hosts not under your own jurisdiction is forbidden, users found violating this policy are subject to immediate suspension.
  25. • You may not spam a high volume of floods in a short period of time.
  27. • Attempting to exploit, hack, or compromise zSTRESS in any way shape or form is forbidden (i.e XSS ticket attempts).
  29. • You may not 'reverse' or 'dispute' any payment sent to zSTRESS. Doing so will result in account suspension and possible futher action.
  31. • Account sharing is ALLOWED as long as you first consult a staff member. Account sharing without prior consent can result in account suspension.
  33. • Logging in from VPN's / Anonymity software / TOR is fully permitted.
  35. • Re-selling your account or any services that may come with it is forbidden.
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