Haguro-chan wa Kokuhaku Dekinai!! [Typeset]

Jun 22nd, 2017
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  1. Haguro-chan wa Kokuhaku Dekinai!! Translation
  2. From
  4. >T-that's why I said I couldn't do it...! | T-to suddenly c-confess like that...
  5. >How long are you going to keep up this wishy-wishy attitude... | The God of love won't just watch while you dither....if you don't hold on to the target now, there may not be a next time!
  6. >E-even so, to do it so suddenly....
  7. >Ahhh, really!
  8. >I'll help you and bring the Admiral over!
  9. >Ah! | H-hold on, Ashigara nee-san!
  10. >Admiral, do you have a second?
  11. >Ah, Ashigara, what is it?
  12. >Well, Haguro had some words to tell y-mffff!
  14. >What on earth are you two doing?
  15. >C-commander-san!
  16. >U-um, N-nothing! [sorry!]
  17. >It's good that you sisters are close, but please be a little more restrained.
  18. >Y-yes... | Sorry about that, Commander-san.
  19. >Whew....
  20. >Haa.... | ughhh...
  22. [Haguro-chan has no Self-Confidence]
  23. >Nee-san almost died there, you know.
  24. >[To think you'd be so desperate...]
  25. >S... | sorry...
  26. >B-but, please pay this issue no mind, there's no rush...
  27. >I want to do that too, but I know that'll just end with no progress.
  28. >Mm....
  29. >Now now, Ashigara.
  30. >Ashigara,
  31. >A horse will kick you to death if you interfere in other's love.
  32. >Nachi nee, shut up for a sec.
  33. >[Nani?!]
  34. >At this point I'm resigned to going down with the ship, but..... (玉石俱焚)
  35. >I don't want to go down with the ship?!
  37. >Why not just do it at your own pace, Haguro? | You need to mentally prepare too.
  38. >Myoukou-nee....
  39. >I was just praying for my sister's happiness when I acted, but....
  40. >[sigh]
  41. >If you go too slow you'll end up an old lady....?
  42. >Uuu...
  43. >Myoukou-nee, aren't you the secretary ship? | Don't you know anything about the Admiral's prefered type?
  44. >Let me think....
  45. >I, I have an idea!
  46. >Really?
  47. >As expected of Myoukou-nee...
  48. >Haguro, | just await tomorrow's good news.
  49. >I have some stuff to do, so please excuse me.
  50. >Mm, mm.....?
  51. >What is Myoukou nee-san doing?
  53. >The next day
  54. >And so, as per yesterday's discussion--
  55. >Would it be alright if Haguro took up secretary ship duties from today on?
  56. >Ah, understood. | I'll be in your care, Haguro?
  57. >Y.... | yes..
  58. . >Myoukou-nee...?!
  59. >What is this...!?
  60. >Do your best! [smile]
  61. >[This is not a smile situation...!]
  62. >[The secretary ship - that is to say, to be with the Commander for the whole day... W-what should I do?!]
  64. [Haguro wants to do her best]
  65. >After getting somewhat used to the secretary ship job, Haguro made a mistake.
  66. >C-commander-san.... | Um....I'm really sorry for today.
  67. >It wasn't anything major. | Don't be too hard on yourself.
  68. >Sorry.... | But...
  69. >If it were Myoukou-nee, this kind of mistake wouldn't happen...
  70. >It's not like that can be helped.... | After all, Myoukou was my secretary ship for a long, long time.
  71. >As expected....
  72. >I guess, maybe for me...
  73. >Haguro
  74. >Y-yes!
  76. >You've helped a lot today. I'll be counting on your tomorrow. | Just rest for now.
  77. >[Ah,] yes...
  78. >T...thanks.
  79. >What should I say? This is tough.... [maybe I'm overthinking it.]
  80. >Admiral, pardon me.
  81. >Myoukou nee-san.
  82. >What is it?
  83. >I was worried about Haguro, so I took a detour here.
  84. >But.... | ara ara?
  85. >Two people holding each other.... | Sorry, I seem to have intruded.
  86. . >[Just realized the situation]
  87. >THis isn't what it looks like!
  88. >Ah! This! | That?!
  89. >Really now?
  90. >Myoukou!
  92. >How were things today, Haguro?
  93. >Mm....
  94. >I just feel like I need to keep working harder...
  95. >To help the Admiral.
  96. >Is that so.
  97. >Mm...
  98. >It's okay to make mistakes. | Haguro, you just need to be more confident.
  99. >Not just about being the secretary ship, but also your feelings for the Admiral.
  100. >...Thanks, Myoukou-nee.
  101. >Don't worry about it.
  102. >It's a rare opportunity, let's go out for dinner tonight before heading back.
  103. >Ah, mm! I heard from Ashigara nee-san that there was a sho--
  104. >Haguro wants to get it together again.
  106. [Maybe so...]
  107. >Commander-san hasn't woken up yet....
  108. >[Breakfast is going to get cold...]
  109. >Commander-san?
  110. >Commander-san, it's already morning~
  111. >Mm--...
  112. >His sleeping face is so cute....
  113. >If you don't get up soon I'm going to play pranks on your face...?
  114. >Mm--...
  116. >[thump]
  117. >Ah?!
  118. >U-um! It's morning! Admiral-san!
  119. >I'm already awake.
  120. >You're clearly still sleeping....
  121. >B-breakfast is ready....!
  122. >Isn't it nice to get a little intimate in the morning to start the day?
  123. >[dokidoki...] x 2
  124. >U-um.... | um.... | M-maybe so...
  126. >[beep beep beep beep]
  127. >[Stare--...]
  128. >It was a dream...
  129. >What kind of dream did I just have...
  130. >G | good morning....
  131. >Ahh, hey.
  132. >....? What is it, your face is all red.
  133. >If you're not feelign well, don't force yourself.
  134. >I-it's nothing, thanks.
  135. >W-what should I do, there's no way I can look the Commander in the face after that!
  136. >Are you sure it's nothing?
  137. >Today Haguro was weak in both body and mind.
  139. [Confession Practice.]
  140. >Pardon.
  141. >Ah, Nachi nee-san, thanks for your work.
  142. >The Commander in?
  143. >He just went out. | He'll be back in an hour or so.
  144. >Is that so.
  145. >Mm...I had something to report to the commander, but I guess this is a good time. | How about you practice for confessing to the Commander, starting now?
  146. >Mm, confession practice...
  147. >C-confession....?! | W-where did that suddenly come from, Nachi nee-san?!
  148. >Mm, | Was it sudden?
  149. >Too sudden!
  150. >Haguro, you're starting to think that maintaining the status quo is fine. | So I've come to help you to practice the confession to the commander. | By the way, this was Ashigara's idea.
  152. >This is just practice, after all. Even if you haven't reached the point of confessing, | you could at least invite the commander to dinner or a date.
  153. >Dinner or a date....
  154. >I...I'll do my best!
  155. >Good | That's what we need.
  156. >[The Maiden is practicing.]
  157. >U...umm....
  158. >Don't have such a stiff expression.
  159. >
  160. >At a certain point it's become a question. | think about the Commander.
  161. >L | Like...!
  162. >That's good! More spirit!
  164. >I....
  165. >I like you the most!
  166. >Haguro I"m back.
  167. >[Eh?]
  168. >[Did i just watch the sisters confess to each other?]
  169. >P-pardon me.
  170. >N-no, that's not how it is, Commander-san!
  171. >Don't worry, I won't say anything.
  172. >Commander-san!!!
  173. >I seem to have done somethign unecessary.
  175. [Haguro can't Confess!]
  176. >I've been practicing so much... | even if I can't confess....
  177. >[Glance]
  178. >At least i can ask him out to dinner...
  179. >U-um! Commander-san!
  180. >W-what is it?
  181. >U-um....
  182. >Yep?
  183. >Uh, well.... um....
  184. >Yeah?
  185. >I can't-- I can't say it!
  186. >What is it?
  187. >S-sorry, I forgot just as it was on the tip of my tongue.
  188. >I see.
  189. >I guess I'm not too useful after all....
  190. >But I'm so scared of rejection | I just need a little bit of courage to convey my feelings...
  192. > The God of love won't just watch while you dither...
  193. >you're starting to think that maintaining the status quo is fine
  194. >Haguro, you just need to be more confident.
  195. >Ah | um!
  197. >N-next time...any time is okay | Um...when you're off, d-do you want to get food together...?
  198. >[U-um...] Or just tea...
  199. >[Eh?]
  200. >Ah, you could have asked whenever...
  201. >Really?!
  202. >That's great...
  203. >Were you all troubled by that? | Anytime is fine.
  204. >[I thought something was up.]
  205. >[Eh, ah...]
  206. >T- | Thanks...
  208. >Ah, so you can ask him out to dinner now. | That's great, Haguro!
  209. >Mm!
  210. >before I always thought it'd be impossible for me to invite the Commander...
  211. >I'm glad I put in the effort!
  212. >[pat pat]
  213. >[Smile]
  214. >Ah, waht is it? Myoukou nee-san?
  215. >Nothing, I'm just really happy.
  216. >Well then, let's buy clothes for the next date!
  217. >W-what are you saying, date...we're just going out on a day off together....
  218. >Eh? Isn't that it?
  219. >...I gotta buy clothes, don't I? Haven't done it in forever.
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