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  2. [Mirk's Eyes Open] (10 Rating) Tags: Druids
  3. When the fog swirled and cut him off from the rest of the group, Mirk could feel the power of the air whisking him away - somewhere? Somehow? What was controlling it? He was lifted up, his feet not touching the ground, and yet somehow stable, and the wind that played with his hair was gentle and light and friendly.
  5. And then he heard a voice.
  7. "Shamans and Druids are not the same. If you would walk the path of the Druid, you do not have to renounce your conversations with spirits, but know that the Druids must master their element before they will have true mastery. Seek to know the stories of the air, the stories of the winds. Find the Four Winds, learn what they have to teach you. Hear their stories. See the stories in the air around you. See the stories in the weather, in the words people speak, in the air that touches all things. Learn what you will of Air, and know that even the newest Druid of Air will know what it is to fly on the wind - in spirit, if not in truth."
  9. And then he is deposited gently on the deck of the ship, and when the wind picks up in the sails he can see the flow of air, and not just feel it. It is as though his eyes have been opened, and now that they are truly open they will never again be closed.
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