big fat innocence (derpy, lewd-ish) to do?

Nov 11th, 2018
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  1. >>
  2. >>who the hell hired this retard
  4. >>Someone with a heart.
  5. >>And a swollen dick for retards.
  7. >you've been working as manager at the ponyville post office for a while now
  8. >and you've just recruited this mare
  9. >none other than 'muffin'
  10. >or how most of the town infamously labeled 'derpy'
  11. >it didn't take you a full day to realize why
  12. >she, for some reason, always end up putting herself in...
  13. >complicated situations
  14. >you're not sure how, you've been doing absolutely everything you can to make her job easier, but she always ends up messing up
  15. >thankfully tho, most ponies are used to it and don't complain much
  16. >and all the expenses for any kind of damage she causes are paid by the horse government
  17. >so as far as you're concerned, everything is fine
  18. >or at least, everything but one thing
  19. >she's hot
  20. >not just hot, not 'rarity' or 'fluttershy' hot, but definitely your kind of hot
  21. >her face and expressions may remind you of a filly from time to time, a really cute and innocent filly, but the rest of her body absolutely does not
  22. >you don't think you've ever seen an ass so fat, so jiggly, so bouncy, so perfectly plump that her cheeks would make slapping sounds whenever she'd make an abrupt move
  23. >a beautiful ass connecting to the widest, meatiest dock and hips you've ever seen
  24. >how has this mare not birthed fifteen foals yet, you don't know
  25. >and from the right angle, you can even notice her teats, something you rarely see on mares, most of them being completely flat down there, but not her
  26. >they're no handfuls, but the fact that they're ever so slightly swollen, reminding you of the pregnant mares you can see every once in a while, just arise something deep inside of you
  27. >and more precisely, something deep inside your pants
  28. >something you're extremely ashamed of
  30. >she's just so childish and cute and adorable
  31. >you sometimes find yourself messing around with her the same way you would play with kids back then
  32. >but the second she turns around, all this innocence and cuteness disappears
  33. >and each and every time, you find yourself staring at her
  34. >ogling her
  35. >drinking in her every curves and instinctively trying to peek at what lies underneath her tail--
  36. >"Oh, I forgot!"
  37. >your brain kicks in just in time to avoid yourself getting caught
  38. >"Miss princess Twilight Sparkle said she'd be here early for her delivery thing tomorro-- Are you okay?"
  39. "YES! Yep, definitely, everything is fine, why?!"
  40. >even though you're staring at the wall, you can notice her head tilting in confusion
  41. >"You're being all silly again!"
  42. "I'm not silly, you're silly!"
  43. >that always gets a giggle out of her
  44. >good, good, anything to divert the blood from flowing south
  45. >"Well anyway, I'm off!"
  46. >you nod, not daring to turn your head back her way
  47. >at least not until you're sure she's not looking your way
  48. >which should be around...
  49. >right now--
  50. >too late do you realize that she didn't completely turn around, her head is still facing you
  51. >but your eyes still locked onto her grand, massive, beautiful rear on their way there
  52. >not for long, but still long enough for anyone with a pair of working eyes to notice
  53. >SHIT
  54. >it was a trap
  55. >"Hehehe,"
  56. >she's smirking
  57. >you've never seen her smirking before
  58. >"You can look, I don't mind!"
  59. >what--
  60. >your peepers fly faster than ever before the moment they notice her tail moving out of the way
  61. >that was another trap
  62. >clever girl
  63. >you still find it in yourself to break away from her spell, the wall seeming once again very interesting
  64. >but the picture is still there, at the forefront of your mind
  65. >and junior gives a happy throb in response
  66. >"See you tomorrow!"
  67. >and just like that, she disappears
  68. >what was that
  69. >was she teasing you?!
  70. >testing you?!
  71. >has she known all along?!
  72. >are you taking advantage of her?!
  74. >you close the door and instantly sit down, having to catch your breath
  75. >you did it you MAD FILLY
  76. >you don't think you ever felt your heart beating so hard and so fast before
  77. >oh gosh
  78. >oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh
  79. >his face was so cute!
  80. >Miss Rarity was right, you should have done it sooner!
  81. >you know you've never been the sharpest tool in the shed, and you've always been kinda clumsy
  82. >and your accident didn't help at all
  83. >but Mr Anon has always been so nice to you!
  84. >even when he's teasing you, he's always so fun to be around
  85. >always trying to help, even when you mess up big time!
  86. >you also know that he's been looking at you funny for quite a while now, you'd catch him looking away whenever you'd turn around
  87. >you never thought that he'd be interested in you
  88. >not like that
  89. >not in your b-big butt
  90. >stallions don't like it, they find it weird
  91. >but he does
  92. >thank Celestia Miss Rarity was nice enough to tell you how to do it
  93. >and he kept looking too, and his thingy was growing all hard in his pants!
  94. >he must have really liked it...
  95. >unf
  96. >maybe you could go to his place tomorrow, since you know he's going to be all alone for heart's warming again
  97. >you could bake some muffins for him and drink cider
  98. >and he could look at your butt some more and you could tease him a lot too so he goes all red again!
  99. >and if everything goes right you could m-maybe suck his dick and...
  100. >h-h-hold hooves with him!
  101. >unf
  102. >your tail swats around and you feel your flower wink
  103. >oopsie
  104. >after sighing and taking one last deep breath, you stand up and a couple of flaps later, you take off
  105. >you can't leave a puddle in front of the door, that'd be bad manner
  106. >w-what if he tripped into it when going home?
  107. >...
  108. >let's find a cloud to sit on
  109. >j-just to calm down
  111. >oh god
  112. >oh god oh god
  113. >you dumb fuck
  114. >she knows now
  115. >she's going to call the ponice on your ass
  116. >and she'd be right to do so!
  117. >she's like a little filly or something you asshole!
  118. >even if she was the one showing it to you
  119. >and saying she didn't mind
  120. >but what if she really didn't mind
  121. >what if she wants you to look
  122. >f-fuck
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