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  1. Het, the Master. - melee assasin\bruiser (they gonna remake them and they gonna be ok, right?)
  2. Story: Once a member of the same tribe as Master Yi, he was an excellent fighter, yet he eager to know every battle technicue. He proudly think himself as the only candidate for becoming the Keeper of Wuju. Yet previos Master decided to train Yi, and Het can't accept it. He left the tribe and became a hired sword, traveling, mastering his arts and his own technicue, eager to be more skilled than Wuju Master and once defeat him. Passive - Weak spots. - Every attack decrease enemy armor by 3 (1-6lvl) 5 (6-12) 7(12-18) and stacks 4 times
  3. q: Eagle strike - leaps at target and deals physical damage in 120o arc (80\120\160\200\240 + 1bonus ad \ +1ap)
  4. w: The weak dies - deals physical damage +% of target missing hp (20+2%\40+4%\60+6%\80+8%\100+10% +0.5 bonus ad +0.7 ap)  w(2time) : The stong survives (if champion killed) - heals over 5sec and grants movement speed for 5sec (80\120\180\220\280 hp, 5\7\10\12\15 ms +0.3 ap)
  5. e: One step ahead -  slows target and player jumps at the other side of target (like singed after flip) (short cast range) (10%\20%\30%\40%\50% slow,less mana)
  6. R: Perfect Defence - Grants armor\mr\ad, auto-attacks every one who hit him with attack\spell\skill, 1sec cd for champion, but different cd for spell\attack damage (can attack only 5 times\sec if 5 champs autoattack him, but can do 2 times\sec if like Riven autoattack-skill combo) (20\30\40 mr\ar\armor, 6 sec duration)
  10. And (OF COURSE) 6300ip\975rp
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