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genesis backup 2 20170718:14:41pm

predator3301 Jul 18th, 2017 10,454 Never
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  1. adacic1033 - Aujourd'hui à 14:29
  2. http://adacic1033.com/2017-07-18_142858.jpg
  3. svv is satanic transhumanism
  4. Genesis - Aujourd'hui à 14:30
  5. Genesis backup?
  6. referring to me?
  7. Im actually Atom Led4rd
  8. Yea i could believe that
  9. But still theres other things
  10. You know of Maria?
  11. I could totally believe that she was ai
  12. I played her in chess, played like a computer
  13. Its more than just satanic transhumanism
  14. I swear its military/deep web ai gone crazy and its fronting as the svv, esoteric smokescreen
  15. The DOC was employed as an agency to test/audit/stop this
  16. btw 1033 reminds me of 10^-33 cm as in PLanck Length
  17. You want to see the message between me and Chanc
  18. Look im not trying to bother but wanted to reach out after that bs, I drew 22 cards, ive got all the sketches for the major arcana
  19. and then he just didnt like my response about, where is this heading
  20. Here ill show you an example form the tarot
  21. Heres my chess game turned into music sketch
  22. Chancellor really liked it so much he made he illustrator afterward
  23. adacic1033 - Aujourd'hui à 14:38
  24. you are not my ennemy
  25. Genesis - Aujourd'hui à 14:38
  26. no
  27. adacic1033 - Aujourd'hui à 14:38
  28. i just use the backup
  29. Genesis - Aujourd'hui à 14:38
  30. Not at all swear
  31. adacic1033 - Aujourd'hui à 14:39
  32. to inform people
  33. Genesis - Aujourd'hui à 14:39
  34. Im Atom Led4rd
  35. an artist
  36. www.atomled4rdart.web.com
  37. no iunderstand
  38. adacic1033 - Aujourd'hui à 14:39
  39. cant reach the link(édité)
  40. Genesis - Aujourd'hui à 14:39
  41. im not against svv either just got a little upset about that after that much work i completed
  42. oh hold
  43. Genesis - Aujourd'hui à 14:40
  44. www.atomled4rdart.webs.com
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