Cadence: Specimen A-3

Nov 2nd, 2018
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  1. >You wake to the loud overhead buzzer and blinking red light of your room.
  2. >Sleep, when you are allowed it is fitful and not overly restful to say the least.
  3. >Fortunately one of your prodigious birth does not require sleep as frequently as a regular pony.
  4. >It is both a blessing and a curse.
  5. >The buzzer suddenly cuts off and is replaced by the voice of the director.
  6. >“Specimen A-3 stand back from the door and await further instructions, a handler will be by shortly”
  7. >You comply mutely standing at attention and backing up until your rear hits the cold white wall of your cage.
  8. >After a short while the buzzer sounds again and the door slides open.
  9. >In walks one of the researchers, you don’t remember her name, human names are strange.
  10. >“Lower your head A-3”
  11. >Your head lowers and she begins to attach the secondary magical dampener to your horn.
  12. >The second dampener is more robust than the one you wear during your “off hours”.
  13. >By now you would have thought you were used to the sensation of having your magic suppressed, but the sudden dulling of your magical senses is disturbing every time.
  14. >Like suddenly not being able to hear, and the whole world going silent.
  15. >It was rather unsettling to say the least.
  16. >Once it’s secured she nods her head in apparent satisfaction.
  17. “Please follow me to Test Area C.”
  18. >Test Area C, that was medical, which meant today’s test would be painful or boring.
  19. >Honestly you didn’t care which one.
  20. >Pain and boredom were about equal in their ability to increase your suffering.
  21. >You follow the researcher down the pristine white hallway to the test area.
  22. >As always you are flanked by two guards in aluminum armor.
  23. >Like you could have escaped anyway.
  24. >The collar around your neck feels heavy.
  25. >With just a push of a button anyone in here could instantly immobilize you.
  26. >Raw magic power isn’t enough to overcome this.
  27. >Not when the whole facility was designed to keep you in.
  28. >It was your new castle, designed just for you by your enemies.
  29. >...
  30. >After a short escort you arrive at Area C
  31. “Here we are, you’ll need to be disinfected before we can proceed with today’s test,”
  32. >She leads you over to the rooms built in wash station.
  33. >The guards follow close behind you.
  34. >Your eyes do a quick scan of the room
  35. >The room looks like you remember it.
  36. >Polished gleaming white, just like the whole facility, well illuminated, and with fancy human technology everywhere.
  37. >A large silver surgical table sits in the center of the room, a tray of various medical instruments (all aluminium) set directly to its side.
  38. >“Stand here please.”
  39. >You comply.
  40. >The researcher pulls a little lever and lukewarm water erupts from the floor soaking your belly and legs.
  41. >Sweet Celestia that feels good.
  42. >You would go so far as to say it’s the best thing about your day.
  43. >Not that it happens every day, and never for very long.
  44. >As quick as they came the jets of water stops and the brushing begins.
  45. >One time you overheard the guards talking about how all researchers assigned here had to know basic animal handling skills.
  46. >This was rather hard for you to believe as the “handling” you received was often quite abrasive.
  47. >They would scrub you vigorously and with very little care for you during the process.
  48. >Not this one though.
  49. >She’d definitely paid attention during her training.
  50. >The brush caressed your sore body and worked deep knots of tension right out of your coat.
  51. >The sensation of the warm water and careful ministrations of the brush felt so good.
  52. >Maybe a little too good.
  53. >A blush crept up to your cheeks.
  54. >Goddess was this researcher getting you aroused?!
  55. >It certainly felt that way.
  56. >You felt like you should feel shame, but…
  57. >It had been a while since you’d felt such a pleasant touch.
  58. >And the sensations certainly were stimulating.
  59. >The way her hand would gently glide over your matted fur.
  60. >The way the warm, wet, soapy, brush would scratch that itch in just the right way.
  61. >Well it was all a little erotic.
  62. >Especially for a pony who hadn’t had any delicate attention like it in a long time.
  63. >In fact the last time you think you felt like this was…
  64. >Oh
  65. >What are you doing, getting aroused by some, some pet groomer.
  66. >You are a married mare!
  67. >A devious part of you mind crept its way in.
  68. >Why not just enjoy it?
  69. >You clearly were before you remembered him.
  70. >Isn’t your life so difficult, where’s the harm in a little carnality?
  71. >No it isn’t fair, not to…
  72. >Just let go, he’s probably not even-
  73. >A blast of cold water hits you making you yelp and washing away the soap and the rapidly dying embers of your lust.
  74. >Before you can do anything about the sudden assault a refreshing warm blast of air quickly dries your coat and leaves you feeling refreshed.
  75. >“Alright, all done.”
  77. >Several minutes later you lay strapped down to the medical table your horn fastened and your wings secured.
  78. >The researcher is busy preparing her tools for today’s tests, and judging from the large black case you don’t like the looks of them.
  79. >“Alright A-3, today we’re drawing some blood and also going to be retrieving a sample from the core of your horn.”
  80. >You feel the blood drain away from your face.
  81. “I’ve been told that this procedure can be extremely painful for your kind, so I’ve been authorized to adminstor a painkiller.”
  82. >She fills a syringe with a yellow liquid and inserts it into your IV line.
  83. >It must have been the look in your eyes or something because she felt the need to continue.
  84. >“Don’t worry it’s Duranzicorn, and while it’s never been used on an alicorn, it’s been used on unicorns many many times with almost no documented side effects.”
  85. >Yeah, that’s not what you were worried about, although that last part was a little worrying as well.
  86. “Let’s begin then.”
  87. >Opening up the intimidating black case, she reveals a wicked looking device.
  88. >It looks like a miniature saw attached to a black tube. The tips of the saw blade itself sparkles in the light of the room.
  89. >She pressed a switch on the saw and a green light snaps on. The blade spins making a whirring noise.
  90. >You flinch, or you try to, you actually can’t move your body at, all restrained as it may be.
  91. >A rising panic starts to spread throughout your body and you begin to hyperventilate.
  92. >“Ah yes, forgot to mention, Duranzicorn is also a paralytic, don’t want to cause any permanent damage if you flail around.”
  93. >The saw draws nearer to your horn, and you close your eyes hoping, praying that the painkiller is strong enough.
  94. >It wasn’t.
  95. >Blinding excruciating pain bursts forth, screaming into your head.
  96. >It feels as if your burning, standing in boiling water as your flesh melts away.
  97. >No being should be able to endure this.
  98. >You should be dead.
  99. >You wish you were dead.
  100. >Anything to stop the pain, please!
  101. >The pain stops.
  102. >“Alright just a little more, I’ve cut through to the core, just need a small little sample.”
  103. >The saw revs again, and you descended into hell.
  104. >The pain is electric and alive, and spreads through every nerve in your body.
  105. >Your brain is desperately screaming at you. “YOU’RE DYING”
  106. >Then please let me die.
  107. >The pain does not ebb or slow it continues, increasing more and more until.
  108. >nothing.
  110. >You awake.
  111. >You’re alive, you think.
  112. >If you were dead you wouldn’t hurt this bad.
  113. >The surroundings are familiar to you, back in your room it would seem.
  114. >Your horn throbs with pain, but after what you experienced it doesn’t even seem to register.
  115. >Reaching up you touch your horn.
  116. >A spike of pain runs through your already pain wracked body, but you push through it, you need to feel.
  117. >Sure enough you feel a section of your horn has been shaved away.
  118. >Touching almost causes you to black out a second time, and to be honest you might have.
  119. >How did this happen?
  120. >How did it ever get this bad?
  121. >Never in your wildest nightmares had you imagined an existence so pitiable and awful.
  122. >But, that was back then.
  123. >It wasn’t good for you to think too much about back then.
  124. >You did it quite often anyway.
  125. >Back, before, you had been so busy, had so many responsibilities.
  126. >Ruling an empire and having a family were no easy tasks, and you sometimes felt overburdened.
  127. >Your husband was busy too, and you didn’t see each other as often as either of you would have liked.
  128. >Your Aunts, and sister in law, your fellow rulers of Equestria were always so grand and accomplished, you struggled to keep up with their incredible pace.
  129. >You wanted to show them that you were a princess too, that they could count on you.
  130. >and your subjects, well sometimes they would drive you a bit off the walls.
  131. >But you were loved, they loved you, and you loved all of them.
  132. >Ponies had depended on you, that was especially true during the war, but now…
  133. >Now you were nothing.
  134. >A slave.
  135. >A glorified lab rat.
  136. >But worst of all was the solitude, you hadn’t seen another pony years.
  137. >You missed your subjects.
  138. >You missed your friends.
  139. >You missed your aunts.
  140. >You missed your sister-in-law.
  141. >You missed Shining.
  142. >...
  143. >You missed your daughter.
  144. >No
  145. >Don’t think about it.
  146. >You need to be strong, to endure for…
  147. >For what?
  148. >More pain? More humiliation? More Suffering?
  149. >There was no one left to protect, no one was coming for you.
  150. >They were probably all dea-
  151. >NO
  152. >You will NOT give up on them EVER
  153. >No matter what happens, you must stay strong for them.
  154. >One day you will see them all again.
  155. >Just have to take it one day at a time.
  156. >You reach up and feel where your horn was brutally and casually mutilated.
  157. >It gets harder every day.
  162. >The buzzer brings you back from another dreamless sleep.
  163. >Time to greet the new day.
  164. >“Specimen A-3 stand back from the door and prepare to receive instructions”
  165. >You wait.
  166. >And wait.
  167. >And keep waiting.
  168. >You wait so long you start to suspect that perhaps this is the new round of tests, when suddenly your door slides open.
  169. >No guards enter, no handlers either.
  170. >Expectantly, you look up at the intercom awaiting instructions.
  171. >None come.
  172. >Hesitantly, you begin to creep over to the door.
  173. >Poking your head out the door, you peer to the right, and then to the left.
  174. >Standing off to the side is a lone human, completely untethered from the omnipresent guards that flank all of the researchers.
  175. >This human is entirely unfamiliar to you and he’s not wearing the normal staff uniform.
  176. >“Hello, how are you today?”
  177. >This was not the normal procedure, you did not like this one bit.
  178. >A change in procedure meant that something had been changed, which meant this was a new test, which usually meant… pain.
  179. >He advances toward you slowly with his hand outstretched.
  180. >Your instinct is to run, not to let the strange human touch you, but you remain frozen in place, unsure if this is just some new elaborate test.
  181. >He’s right in front of you now, his hand right in front of your face.
  182. >He reaches down and runs his hand through your mane.
  183. >A burst of sudden searing electric pain courses through your body, emanating from the collar around your neck.
  184. >As quickly as it came it goes.
  185. >The buzzer sounds and the director's voice booms down at you.
  186. >“A-3, you know the procedures, no unauthorized contact with the staff, Anonymous here is a new researcher here. Dr. Anonymous could you please try to stick with the procedure?”
  187. >The man, Anonymous, looks to be quite angry.
  188. >“Director please, don’t shock the poor girl, I was the one that touched her after all.”
  189. >The intercom falls silent.
  190. >“Er, that came out wrong, but you know what I mean, I need to establish a rapport with her, and how could I resist petting such a cute little thing.”
  191. >“Dr. Anonymous, while I appreciate the need for your, expertise, I must remind you that you are a GUEST researcher, and that our rules and regulations are in place for your safety as much as the subjects.”
  192. >He opens his mouth to reply, but is interrupted.
  193. “If you must, we may discuss and special clearances you may need later, for now I suggest you get to work, the other subject will only be available for the next four hours.”
  194. >Other subject?
  195. >The Intercom clicks off with a burst of static and Dr. Anonymous turns back to look at you.
  196. “Sorry, I didn’t mean, I mean… sorry about that”
  197. >He looks over at you with, guilt? Embarrassment? Compassion?
  198. >You are immediately suspicious to say the least, after all he is one of them.
  199. >“I’m Dr. Anonymous, but I guess you already know that, what’s your name?”
  200. >What sort of question is that? He knows your name. It’s best to answer the Doctor’s questions though, lest you want another zap.
  201. “Specimen A-3.”
  202. >He chuckles slightly,
  203. >“No not that, I meant like, your name, before you were uh, you know.”
  204. >Oh
  205. >Your real name.
  206. >It feels like forever since anyone ever wanted to know your original name.
  207. >That pony and the pony you are now feel like two distinct personalities within you.
  208. >Maybe you took too long to reply, but for whatever reason Dr. Anonymous stands and says.
  209. >“Forget it, you don’t have to tell me your name if you don’t want to.”
  210. >“Welp looks like you're good to go, I’ll lead you to the lab.”
  211. >He leads you out of your cell and down the wide hallway.
  212. >Walking slightly behind him you start to think.
  213. >Is this part of the test? Sometimes they wouldn’t tell you what they were going to do, sometimes they would, sometimes they would lie.
  214. >And what was that the director said about other subjects?
  215. >As a result you were always on edge, just slightly anxious, never sure what to expect.
  216. >Dr. Anonymous so far seemed inexperienced, the director certainly didn’t seem too impressed, which meant he was dangerous but not necessarily malicious.
  217. >Maliciousness you understand and could somewhat plan around, but incompetence was volatile and unpredictable.
  218. >Plus he had already gotten you punished within seconds, and while you doubted it was intentional, it definitely soured your opinion of him.
  219. >While Dr. Anonymous appeared straightforward you did not want to make assumptions like that.
  220. >Not in here.
  221. >As you near the usual testing chamber, you begin to relax.
  222. >Room D meant that whatever tests they wanted to perform would not be invasive, Room D was basically a glorified auditorium.
  223. >A minuscule smile touches the corners of your lips despite yourself.
  224. >It’s just been a long time since you’ve gotten a chance to exercise.
  225. >As the door slides open, your mouth falls open in shock.
  226. >There’s a violet unicorn mare with a purple mane in the room sitting next to a female researcher.
  227. >The mare turns to see who has entered and when she catches a glimpse of you her eyes go wide and her mouth gapes.
  228. >“Alright A-3 this is U-140, you will be performing a cooperative exercise with her today.”
  229. >This can’t be real can it? Another pony!
  230. >Excitement begins to bubble up in your chest at the prospect of meeting her.
  231. >Your eyes flick to her haunches.
  232. >A triple diamond cutie mark.
  233. >You wonder what did she do before this?
  234. >No, don’t think about it.
  235. >That’s not important now
  236. >Dr. Anonymous leads you over to the pony.
  237. >As you approach the mare seems to become bashful looking off to the side.
  238. >“Why don’t you two say hello?”
  239. >Say hello?
  240. >You’re unsure you can manage it.
  241. >The mare squeaks out “H-hello, Princess, it is nice to meet you.”
  242. >Princess
  243. >Wow
  244. >It’s been some time since you’ve been called that.
  245. “Hello”
  246. >The word feels unfamiliar in your own mouth, but the mare does not care or notice.
  247. >She looks down at her hooves, her eyes flicking over to the Doctor
  248. >“I seem to be in the way, tell you what, I’ll go stand over here let you girls have some time to yourselves, how’s that sound?”
  249. >The mare nods her head and you quickly do the same.
  250. >Anonymous smiles.
  251. >“I’ll be right outside if you need anything.”
  252. >He makes a motion with his hand and the female researcher follows him out of the room.
  253. >Was he really going to leave you on your own with another pony?
  254. >Perhaps on your own wasn’t accurate, they had eyes everywhere.
  255. >Even if you couldn’t see them, they could see you.
  256. >But, still.
  257. >Totally alone.
  258. >With another pony.
  259. >For the first time in years.
  260. >What do you say?
  261. >There are a lot of things you want to say, to ask, you feel completely overwhelmed!
  262. >Say something!
  263. “I, uh, really like your mane.”
  264. >She just stares at you.
  265. >Then she smiles, her smile widens and continues to do so until she is laughing.
  266. >The laughter is infectious and you soon find yourself laughing as well.
  267. >You’re both laughing so much it’s a little creepy and not really an appropriate reaction, but you don’t even care.
  268. >Relief, joy, wonder, happiness, these emotions and many more subtle ones swirl around you bursting out in the form of uproarious laughter.
  269. >The emotional whiplash is too much almost and you can feel yourself beginning to cry tears.
  270. >But, for the first time in a long time, they are tears of joy.
  271. >The laughter begins to peter out and slow down.
  272. >You look at the mare and she looks at you.
  273. >It appears she needed this interaction just as much as you did.
  274. >The mare clears her throat.
  275. >“I already know who you are,” she says in between giggles, “so allow me to introduce myself.”
  276. >She extends her hoof for you to shake.
  277. >“My name is Amethyst Star, it’s nice to meet you.”
  278. >Reaching out you touch her hoof, and give a little shake.
  279. “I’m Cadence, it is nice to meet you Amethyst Star.”
  280. >You smile.
  282. >You frown.
  283. >This is not how you imagined your new job would go.
  284. >When you had been selected to be on this researcher team you were ecstatic.
  285. >Having a chance to personalize help study an alicorn in person?
  286. >It seemed like an absolute dream come true!
  287. >Not only that but with a team of awesome coworkers all experts in their respective fields you would be working on research that could potentially benefit all mankind!
  288. >Plus the money was pretty nice too.
  289. >But, what happens first day on the job?
  290. >You blow it, that’s what you fucking do.
  291. >Your overeagerness at meeting A-3 causes you to fuck up procedure getting her punished.
  292. >This, on the first five minutes of your job!
  293. >You should have been able to see that she was not receptive to human contact, she’s clearly and OBVIOUSLY suffered at least SOME trauma, what were you thinking?
  294. >Some psychologist you are.
  295. >“Dr. Anonymous!”
  296. >Your head whips around.
  297. >Oh shit, it’s the site director.
  298. “Yes ma’am!”
  299. >You give a salute.
  300. >She slaps your hand away from your forehead.
  301. >“Knock that shit off, this isn’t the military for chrissake.”
  302. “Sorry ma’am!”
  303. >She pinches the bridge of her nose and lets out a deep sigh.
  304. >“Listen Anonymous, I know that the government is paying a lot of money for the use of my subject, but what in the hell are you doing with her?”
  305. “Uh, what”
  306. >“Letting her interact with another pony, leaving her unsupervised during testing, asking her what her NAME is? What are you trying to do, undermine all my work? She took a lot of time before she became this compliant, and now it looks like your trying to undo it all!”
  307. >This chick is pissing you off, she’s being paid a lot of money for the use of A-3 so what’s her fucking problem?
  308. “While I can’t tell you, exactly, what our research entails, I can tell you that A-3’s emotional well being is very important to our goals. And if that means undoing some of your conditioning, then, well, sorry about that.”
  309. >She scowls at you.
  310. >“Make no mistake, she is still my property, and if you do anything that jeopardizes my future work, I will sue your ass personally, sorry about that!”
  311. >Giving you a little smirk and a pat on the cheek she saunters off down the hallway.
  312. >Jesus she’s a bitch.
  313. >But, kinda in a sexy way.
  314. >You’re a little aroused.
  315. >Damnit Anon, no!
  316. >Do not fuck crazy science chicks!
  317. >Never again.
  318. >“Hey Anon, how did the initial test go?”
  319. “Oh hey Chad. It’s actually still in progress.”
  320. >“Well, uh where is she then?”
  321. >You point down through the one way glass, the subjects seem to be getting along well enough.
  322. “She’s down there, I feel I was being disruptive to her therapy.”
  323. >He simply shrugs “You’re the expert.”
  324. >“So I know the test is ongoing, but do you think she can give us what we need?”
  325. “Um, Yeah, I think it will take some work, but I think she should be able to perform.”
  326. >His face visibly relaxes, “That is a relief, I don’t know what we’d do without her, being as she’s the only Alicorn available.”
  327. >You nod.
  328. >“Well,” he slaps you on the shoulder, “keep up the good work, and remember, that mare is gonna help us change everything.”
  329. >He to departs off down the hallway.
  330. >Looking down at A-3 you can’t help but smile a little.
  331. >Yes
  332. >She is.
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