Sweet Escape Pt. 2

Apr 13th, 2014
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  1. You arrive down in the kitchen. Various bowls and utensils are littered about, the byproduct of a busy day of baking at the Corner.
  2. "Wait right here, ok?"
  3. You take a seat at the small table as she bounces off through the doorway. You look around the kitchen as your mind tries to comprehend what exactly is happening. Just how you got here and why-
  4. "I'm baaaack!"
  7. Pinkie trots in with a plate of cupcakes in her mouth. She plops them down in front of you with a clatter
  9. "I made these special this morning! And now they're all yours!"
  11. You mutter a thanks as you reach out and pick one up off the plate. It's a massive cupcake, adorned with thick blue icing, dotted with small candy stars. If anything, it looks delicious. You bring it to your mouth and take a bite
  13. And immediately spit it out.
  15. It's quite possibly this worst thing you've ever tasted. Like burnt dirt, mixed with salt. You gag as Pinkie stares on, mouth agape.
  17. "I-is something wrong?"
  18. "This is terrible! What'd you put in here, sand?! It tastes like I'm eating a muddy sock"
  20. She visibly deflates as you berate her. Her gaze turns to the ground, as tears well in her eyes
  21. "Oh. I'm sorry."
  23. The taste still lingers in your mouth, enough that you ignore her reaction. You walk over to the fridge and throw it open. A pitcher of lemonade sits on the top shelf. Perfect. You grab it and drink straight from the spout.
  25. Pinkie turns as she hears the glass shatter on the floor. You stand there, heaving, the remains of the pitcher scattered across the floor. Tears well in your eyes as you try to regurgitate whatever that bitter liquid was
  27. You manage to choke out between dry heaves, "Is everything here awful? I mean, isn't this supposed to be a sweet shop?"
  29. Your body finally stops reacting, and you manage to calm down a bit. Turning to Pinkie, you see tears flowing down your cheeks. You were never really good with situations like this.
  30. "Um, sorry. I'm just...going to go upstairs. Try to sleep. Or something. Sorry"
  32. With that, you turn and head upstairs, leaving Pinkie to sob amongst the wreckage of your eating attempt.
  34. After some time, she manages to wipe her face and grabs a dustpan. She starts to sweep up the mess, reflecting on it all.
  35. "I thought I was a good cook. I mean, everypony loves my baking. Maybe it's just him. Oh no! Maybe he's sick! Or has some weird tongue disease! I should do something!"
  36. She taps her chin thoughtfully for a moment, considering her options. Then, as if a light went on in her head, she jumps in excitement.
  38. "Oooh! I know just who to ask!"
  40. ________
  42. Pinkie knocks hard against the old wooden door, the sound echoing through the forest. After a moment, the door opens to the sight of a familiar zebra.
  43. "Pinkie? What are you doing here?
  44. Usually when I'm around, you disappear"
  46. She rubs her leg awkwardly, "Sorry about that. But I have a problem! And I think you can help"
  48. "A problem you say? Well now I see.
  49. Please, come on in to my humble tree"
  51. Pinkie walks in, quickly distracted by the various bottles and masks hanging around the room
  53. "Now, what is on your mind?
  54. What solution can I help you find?"
  56. "Well, I have this friend. And he just came into town. And I think he's sick or something. Because every time I try to give him food, he thinks it tastes awful! And I know they're not that bad!"
  58. Zecora stares off at her various bottles and potions pensively
  59. "Hmm, that is strange indeed.
  60. But lucky for you, I have just what you need!"
  62. She pulls dark brown flask off a shelf, the contents sloshing about. She holds it out to Pinkie
  63. "Just put a drop on whatever he'll eat.
  64. And I guarantee, that it will taste sweet"
  67. Pinkie bounces up and down excitedly, snatching the flask from her hoof. "Oh, thank you thank you thank you!"
  68. Without another word, she dashes out the door, leaving Zecora to stare off in confusion.
  70. _____
  72. You stare off blankly at the pink walls, sun poking through the drawn curtains here and there. Sleeping was a struggle, with your stomach growling every couple minutes. You hear hoofsteps coming up the stairs
  73. "Anon? Are you awake?"
  75. You sigh, "Yeah Pinkie"
  77. "Oh good! Because I brought you something!"
  79. You roll over as the pink ball of energy bounces over to you, plate in hoof
  81. "Pinkie, I really don't want any food. The last ones were awful"
  82. "Oh, but I made these extra special! I'm sure you'll like them!"
  83. "Pinkie, really, I-"
  84. "Plllleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssseeeee?"
  86. You can't say no to that face. You sit up and take one in hand. Bracing yourself with a deep breath, you bring the cupcake to your lips, taking the tiniest nibble.
  87. And then another.
  88. And another.
  89. Soon, you've devoured the entire thing.
  90. This...this is the best thing you've ever eaten. Your tastebuds are literally tingling. Flavor upon flavor crash and meld within your mouth as your mind tries to keep up and comprehend.
  91. You're soon grabbing cupcake after cupcake, inhaling them as fast as you can.
  93. "Wow, I guess this was a good batch then"
  95. You swallow the last bit, your face a mess of frosting and crumbs.
  96. "Pinkie. These were, without a doubt, the best things I have ever eaten."
  98. She hops up and down joyously. "Really? You liked them?!"
  100. You wipe your mouth on the back of your hand. "Whatever you did, you totally need to make more of those. They were amazing!"
  102. She squeels in excitement "I'll get right on it! Give me a couple minutes and I'll call you when they're ready!"
  104. She bounds off down the stairs to the kitchen. With a renewed sense of vigor, she whisks around the room, tossing ingredients together in a large bowl. With a careful look around to make sure the coast is clear, she brings out the flask, carefully adding a single drop to the batter. She pauses for a moment, before adding a splash more.
  105. "If he liked them that much with just a drop, I'm sure a splash would make them super duper awesome!"
  107. The smell of baked treats wafts upstairs as you pace the room. All that sugar has gotten to you, enough that you can't stay still right now. Regardless, you just want a couple more of those cupcakes. You're sure you'll be able to handle some other food soon enough. Especially if Pinkie cooks it. But for now, you just want a bit of dessert.
  109. A sing song voice echoes up the stairs, "They're Reaa-dyyy"
  111. You speed down the steps to the kitchen, flinging your self into a chair. A wide variety of cupcakes, each uniquely decorated, lie before you. Your eyes rapidly dart over each, before snatching a tempting pink one off the plate and biting in.
  113. A small explosion occurs in your mouth. At least that's the best way you can equate it. The sweetness of the treat floods your senses. It's as if for a moment, you can only see, smell, taste, hear the deliciousness and flavor of the cupcake. And with each bite, the process only repeats itself.
  115. Pinkie watches on in delight, happy to see you eating again, and enjoying it so much at that. She bounds over to you and wraps you in a massive hug.
  116. "I'm so glad you like them!"
  118. You set the cupcake down for a moment as you pat her back, unsure what to do.
  119. "Uh, yeah. Thanks again. These are really REALLY good"
  121. She releases you and grins up with an infectious smile. "You're welcome! Oh, I think you got some frosting in your hair"
  123. "Huh? Where?" You pat your head around your head, trying to feel for it
  125. "No, to the left. No, right more. A little up. Right there. You're right on top of it!"
  126. "I don't feel anything. Are you sure there's frosting there?"
  127. "Yeah, it's all pink right there" She walks over to you and squints a bit. "Oh, wait. No, that's just your hair"
  128. "My what?!"
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