Swift Potion Reborn

Nov 19th, 2017
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  1. <Purpose>
  2. - I understand that if I had 100 potions and use auto-potions, I may not die, which some might find cheat-ish! But, I played like that, and I found that I'm not using potions, because using potions is a huge nuisance, mid-battle when everything is so tense and down to the microsecond, you have to go to your inventory and drink a potion, that's extremely annoying; So I found myself not using potions/poisons at all, and just die or heal myself otherwise while running away. I don't want this, I have a mod dedicated to alchemy and potions, and I'd hate not to use something in the game. Thus, I thought it's better if I just use potions, it's okay, I want to have fun, not keep reloading the game repeatedly because I die a lot on my hardcore playthrough, instead, I'd use potions, which will deplete my money and make me train in alchemy, so I'd use 2 major systems in the game, economy and alchemy, while otherwise, I don't use potions at all.
  3. - Moreover, If you find that auto-potions is still cheat-ish, this mod is still a must, because you can bind 'Drinking Health potion' to a hotkey and quickly use it instead of going to your inventory every-time you want to drink a potion or apply a poison. All in all, this mod is a MUST if you want to make use of Alchemy in the game.
  4. </Purpose>
  6. <Notes>
  7. * If you use Auto options :
  8.     - Set delay to more than the value used in CACO, if you set CACO to 5 seconds, then put a delay of 7 seconds in this mod.
  10. - Un-tick Use food for health since I'll be using iNeed, it will be bad!!
  11. </Notes>
  13. <Download-Installation>
  14. - Download 'JContainers' from as a prerequisite for this mod.
  15. - Download main file.
  16. </Download-Installation>
  18. <Compatibility-Issues>
  19. </Compatibility-Issues>
  21. <LoadOrder>
  22. </LoadOrder>
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