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  1. filename:       /lib/modules/4.13.13-5-pve/zfs/zfs.ko
  2. version:        0.7.4-1
  3. license:        CDDL
  4. author:         OpenZFS on Linux
  5. description:    ZFS
  6. srcversion:     E8EDB9B5FFA260178BA7DC9
  7. depends:        spl,znvpair,zcommon,zunicode,zavl,icp
  8. name:           zfs
  9. vermagic:       4.13.13-5-pve SMP mod_unload modversions
  10. parm:           zvol_inhibit_dev:Do not create zvol device nodes (uint)
  11. parm:           zvol_major:Major number for zvol device (uint)
  12. parm:           zvol_threads:Max number of threads to handle I/O requests (uint)
  13. parm:           zvol_request_sync:Synchronously handle bio requests (uint)
  14. parm:           zvol_max_discard_blocks:Max number of blocks to discard (ulong)
  15. parm:           zvol_prefetch_bytes:Prefetch N bytes at zvol start+end (uint)
  16. parm:           zvol_volmode:Default volmode property value (uint)
  17. parm:           zio_delay_max:Max zio millisec delay before posting event (int)
  18. parm:           zio_requeue_io_start_cut_in_line:Prioritize requeued I/O (int)
  19. parm:           zfs_sync_pass_deferred_free:Defer frees starting in this pass (int)
  20. parm:           zfs_sync_pass_dont_compress:Don't compress starting in this pass (int)
  21. parm:           zfs_sync_pass_rewrite:Rewrite new bps starting in this pass (int)
  22. parm:           zio_dva_throttle_enabled:Throttle block allocations in the ZIO pipeline (int)
  23. parm:           zil_replay_disable:Disable intent logging replay (int)
  24. parm:           zfs_nocacheflush:Disable cache flushes (int)
  25. parm:           zil_slog_bulk:Limit in bytes slog sync writes per commit (ulong)
  26. parm:           zfs_object_mutex_size:Size of znode hold array (uint)
  27. parm:           zfs_delete_blocks:Delete files larger than N blocks async (ulong)
  28. parm:           zfs_read_chunk_size:Bytes to read per chunk (long)
  29. parm:           zfs_immediate_write_sz:Largest data block to write to zil (long)
  30. parm:           zfs_dbgmsg_enable:Enable ZFS debug message log (int)
  31. parm:           zfs_dbgmsg_maxsize:Maximum ZFS debug log size (int)
  32. parm:           zfs_admin_snapshot:Enable mkdir/rmdir/mv in .zfs/snapshot (int)
  33. parm:           zfs_expire_snapshot:Seconds to expire .zfs/snapshot (int)
  34. parm:           zfs_vdev_raidz_impl:Select raidz implementation.
  35. parm:           zfs_vdev_aggregation_limit:Max vdev I/O aggregation size (int)
  36. parm:           zfs_vdev_read_gap_limit:Aggregate read I/O over gap (int)
  37. parm:           zfs_vdev_write_gap_limit:Aggregate write I/O over gap (int)
  38. parm:           zfs_vdev_max_active:Maximum number of active I/Os per vdev (int)
  39. parm:           zfs_vdev_async_write_active_max_dirty_percent:Async write concurrency max threshold (int)
  40. parm:           zfs_vdev_async_write_active_min_dirty_percent:Async write concurrency min threshold (int)
  41. parm:           zfs_vdev_async_read_max_active:Max active async read I/Os per vdev (int)
  42. parm:           zfs_vdev_async_read_min_active:Min active async read I/Os per vdev (int)
  43. parm:           zfs_vdev_async_write_max_active:Max active async write I/Os per vdev (int)
  44. parm:           zfs_vdev_async_write_min_active:Min active async write I/Os per vdev (int)
  45. parm:           zfs_vdev_scrub_max_active:Max active scrub I/Os per vdev (int)
  46. parm:           zfs_vdev_scrub_min_active:Min active scrub I/Os per vdev (int)
  47. parm:           zfs_vdev_sync_read_max_active:Max active sync read I/Os per vdev (int)
  48. parm:           zfs_vdev_sync_read_min_active:Min active sync read I/Os per vdev (int)
  49. parm:           zfs_vdev_sync_write_max_active:Max active sync write I/Os per vdev (int)
  50. parm:           zfs_vdev_sync_write_min_active:Min active sync write I/Os per vdev (int)
  51. parm:           zfs_vdev_queue_depth_pct:Queue depth percentage for each top-level vdev (int)
  52. parm:           zfs_vdev_mirror_rotating_inc:Rotating media load increment for non-seeking I/O's (int)
  53. parm:           zfs_vdev_mirror_rotating_seek_inc:Rotating media load increment for seeking I/O's (int)
  54. parm:           zfs_vdev_mirror_rotating_seek_offset:Offset in bytes from the last I/O which triggers a reduced rotating media seek increment (int)
  55. parm:           zfs_vdev_mirror_non_rotating_inc:Non-rotating media load increment for non-seeking I/O's (int)
  56. parm:           zfs_vdev_mirror_non_rotating_seek_inc:Non-rotating media load increment for seeking I/O's (int)
  57. parm:           zfs_vdev_scheduler:I/O scheduler (charp)
  58. parm:           zfs_vdev_cache_max:Inflate reads small than max (int)
  59. parm:           zfs_vdev_cache_size:Total size of the per-disk cache (int)
  60. parm:           zfs_vdev_cache_bshift:Shift size to inflate reads too (int)
  61. parm:           metaslabs_per_vdev:Divide added vdev into approximately (but no more than) this number of metaslabs (int)
  62. parm:           zfs_txg_timeout:Max seconds worth of delta per txg (int)
  63. parm:           zfs_read_history:Historical statistics for the last N reads (int)
  64. parm:           zfs_read_history_hits:Include cache hits in read history (int)
  65. parm:           zfs_txg_history:Historical statistics for the last N txgs (int)
  66. parm:           zfs_multihost_history:Historical statistics for last N multihost writes (int)
  67. parm:           zfs_flags:Set additional debugging flags (uint)
  68. parm:           zfs_recover:Set to attempt to recover from fatal errors (int)
  69. parm:           zfs_free_leak_on_eio:Set to ignore IO errors during free and permanently leak the space (int)
  70. parm:           zfs_deadman_synctime_ms:Expiration time in milliseconds (ulong)
  71. parm:           zfs_deadman_checktime_ms:Dead I/O check interval in milliseconds (ulong)
  72. parm:           zfs_deadman_enabled:Enable deadman timer (int)
  73. parm:           spa_asize_inflation:SPA size estimate multiplication factor (int)
  74. parm:           spa_slop_shift:Reserved free space in pool (int)
  75. parm:           spa_config_path:SPA config file (/etc/zfs/zpool.cache) (charp)
  76. parm:           zfs_autoimport_disable:Disable pool import at module load (int)
  77. parm:           spa_load_verify_maxinflight:Max concurrent traversal I/Os while verifying pool during import -X (int)
  78. parm:           spa_load_verify_metadata:Set to traverse metadata on pool import (int)
  79. parm:           spa_load_verify_data:Set to traverse data on pool import (int)
  80. parm:           zio_taskq_batch_pct:Percentage of CPUs to run an IO worker thread (uint)
  81. parm:           zfs_multilist_num_sublists:Number of sublists used in each multilist (int)
  82. parm:           zfs_multihost_fail_intervals:Max allowed period without a successful mmp write (uint)
  83. parm:           zfs_multihost_interval:Milliseconds between mmp writes to each leaf
  84. parm:           zfs_multihost_import_intervals:Number of zfs_multihost_interval periods to wait for activity (uint)
  85. parm:           metaslab_aliquot:allocation granularity (a.k.a. stripe size) (ulong)
  86. parm:           metaslab_debug_load:load all metaslabs when pool is first opened (int)
  87. parm:           metaslab_debug_unload:prevent metaslabs from being unloaded (int)
  88. parm:           metaslab_preload_enabled:preload potential metaslabs during reassessment (int)
  89. parm:           zfs_mg_noalloc_threshold:percentage of free space for metaslab group to allow allocation (int)
  90. parm:           zfs_mg_fragmentation_threshold:fragmentation for metaslab group to allow allocation (int)
  91. parm:           zfs_metaslab_fragmentation_threshold:fragmentation for metaslab to allow allocation (int)
  92. parm:           metaslab_fragmentation_factor_enabled:use the fragmentation metric to prefer less fragmented metaslabs (int)
  93. parm:           metaslab_lba_weighting_enabled:prefer metaslabs with lower LBAs (int)
  94. parm:           metaslab_bias_enabled:enable metaslab group biasing (int)
  95. parm:           zfs_metaslab_segment_weight_enabled:enable segment-based metaslab selection (int)
  96. parm:           zfs_metaslab_switch_threshold:segment-based metaslab selection maximum buckets before switching (int)
  97. parm:           zfs_zevent_len_max:Max event queue length (int)
  98. parm:           zfs_zevent_cols:Max event column width (int)
  99. parm:           zfs_zevent_console:Log events to the console (int)
  100. parm:           zfs_top_maxinflight:Max I/Os per top-level (int)
  101. parm:           zfs_resilver_delay:Number of ticks to delay resilver (int)
  102. parm:           zfs_scrub_delay:Number of ticks to delay scrub (int)
  103. parm:           zfs_scan_idle:Idle window in clock ticks (int)
  104. parm:           zfs_scan_min_time_ms:Min millisecs to scrub per txg (int)
  105. parm:           zfs_free_min_time_ms:Min millisecs to free per txg (int)
  106. parm:           zfs_resilver_min_time_ms:Min millisecs to resilver per txg (int)
  107. parm:           zfs_no_scrub_io:Set to disable scrub I/O (int)
  108. parm:           zfs_no_scrub_prefetch:Set to disable scrub prefetching (int)
  109. parm:           zfs_free_max_blocks:Max number of blocks freed in one txg (ulong)
  110. parm:           zfs_free_bpobj_enabled:Enable processing of the free_bpobj (int)
  111. parm:           zfs_dirty_data_max_percent:percent of ram can be dirty (int)
  112. parm:           zfs_dirty_data_max_max_percent:zfs_dirty_data_max upper bound as % of RAM (int)
  113. parm:           zfs_delay_min_dirty_percent:transaction delay threshold (int)
  114. parm:           zfs_dirty_data_max:determines the dirty space limit (ulong)
  115. parm:           zfs_dirty_data_max_max:zfs_dirty_data_max upper bound in bytes (ulong)
  116. parm:           zfs_dirty_data_sync:sync txg when this much dirty data (ulong)
  117. parm:           zfs_delay_scale:how quickly delay approaches infinity (ulong)
  118. parm:           zfs_sync_taskq_batch_pct:max percent of CPUs that are used to sync dirty data (int)
  119. parm:           zfs_max_recordsize:Max allowed record size (int)
  120. parm:           zfs_prefetch_disable:Disable all ZFS prefetching (int)
  121. parm:           zfetch_max_streams:Max number of streams per zfetch (uint)
  122. parm:           zfetch_min_sec_reap:Min time before stream reclaim (uint)
  123. parm:           zfetch_max_distance:Max bytes to prefetch per stream (default 8MB) (uint)
  124. parm:           zfetch_array_rd_sz:Number of bytes in a array_read (ulong)
  125. parm:           zfs_pd_bytes_max:Max number of bytes to prefetch (int)
  126. parm:           ignore_hole_birth:Alias for send_holes_without_birth_time (int)
  127. parm:           send_holes_without_birth_time:Ignore hole_birth txg for zfs send (int)
  128. parm:           zfs_send_corrupt_data:Allow sending corrupt data (int)
  129. parm:           dmu_object_alloc_chunk_shift:CPU-specific allocator grabs 2^N objects at once (int)
  130. parm:           zfs_mdcomp_disable:Disable meta data compression (int)
  131. parm:           zfs_nopwrite_enabled:Enable NOP writes (int)
  132. parm:           zfs_per_txg_dirty_frees_percent:percentage of dirtied blocks from frees in one TXG (ulong)
  133. parm:           zfs_dmu_offset_next_sync:Enable forcing txg sync to find holes (int)
  134. parm:           zfs_dedup_prefetch:Enable prefetching dedup-ed blks (int)
  135. parm:           zfs_dbuf_state_index:Calculate arc header index (int)
  136. parm:           dbuf_cache_max_bytes:Maximum size in bytes of the dbuf cache. (ulong)
  137. parm:           dbuf_cache_hiwater_pct:Percentage over dbuf_cache_max_bytes when dbufs must be evicted directly. (uint)
  138. parm:           dbuf_cache_lowater_pct:Percentage below dbuf_cache_max_bytes when the evict thread stops evicting dbufs. (uint)
  139. parm:           dbuf_cache_max_shift:Cap the size of the dbuf cache to a log2 fraction of arc size. (int)
  140. parm:           zfs_arc_min:Min arc size (ulong)
  141. parm:           zfs_arc_max:Max arc size (ulong)
  142. parm:           zfs_arc_meta_limit:Meta limit for arc size (ulong)
  143. parm:           zfs_arc_meta_limit_percent:Percent of arc size for arc meta limit (ulong)
  144. parm:           zfs_arc_meta_min:Min arc metadata (ulong)
  145. parm:           zfs_arc_meta_prune:Meta objects to scan for prune (int)
  146. parm:           zfs_arc_meta_adjust_restarts:Limit number of restarts in arc_adjust_meta (int)
  147. parm:           zfs_arc_meta_strategy:Meta reclaim strategy (int)
  148. parm:           zfs_arc_grow_retry:Seconds before growing arc size (int)
  149. parm:           zfs_arc_p_aggressive_disable:disable aggressive arc_p grow (int)
  150. parm:           zfs_arc_p_dampener_disable:disable arc_p adapt dampener (int)
  151. parm:           zfs_arc_shrink_shift:log2(fraction of arc to reclaim) (int)
  152. parm:           zfs_arc_pc_percent:Percent of pagecache to reclaim arc to (uint)
  153. parm:           zfs_arc_p_min_shift:arc_c shift to calc min/max arc_p (int)
  154. parm:           zfs_arc_average_blocksize:Target average block size (int)
  155. parm:           zfs_compressed_arc_enabled:Disable compressed arc buffers (int)
  156. parm:           zfs_arc_min_prefetch_lifespan:Min life of prefetch block (int)
  157. parm:           l2arc_write_max:Max write bytes per interval (ulong)
  158. parm:           l2arc_write_boost:Extra write bytes during device warmup (ulong)
  159. parm:           l2arc_headroom:Number of max device writes to precache (ulong)
  160. parm:           l2arc_headroom_boost:Compressed l2arc_headroom multiplier (ulong)
  161. parm:           l2arc_feed_secs:Seconds between L2ARC writing (ulong)
  162. parm:           l2arc_feed_min_ms:Min feed interval in milliseconds (ulong)
  163. parm:           l2arc_noprefetch:Skip caching prefetched buffers (int)
  164. parm:           l2arc_feed_again:Turbo L2ARC warmup (int)
  165. parm:           l2arc_norw:No reads during writes (int)
  166. parm:           zfs_arc_lotsfree_percent:System free memory I/O throttle in bytes (int)
  167. parm:           zfs_arc_sys_free:System free memory target size in bytes (ulong)
  168. parm:           zfs_arc_dnode_limit:Minimum bytes of dnodes in arc (ulong)
  169. parm:           zfs_arc_dnode_limit_percent:Percent of ARC meta buffers for dnodes (ulong)
  170. parm:           zfs_arc_dnode_reduce_percent:Percentage of excess dnodes to try to unpin (ulong)
  171. parm:           zfs_abd_scatter_enabled:Toggle whether ABD allocations must be linear. (int)
  172. parm:           zfs_abd_scatter_max_order:Maximum order allocation used for a scatter ABD. (uint)
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