MG roulette (golem)

Sep 16th, 2017
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  1. (Tags: golem, orders, non smut)
  3. Toby could only stare at the new... person that kept still in a kneeling position in the middle of his living room. Like many before him, he had used the monster E-mail when he received it, and the machine had told him he was going to get a golem.
  5. He had expected some massive stone monstrosity that couldn't fit inside his house. What he got was at least partially made of stone, but she was much smaller and easier on the eyes than what he thought.
  7. The woman that was here had a nice, toned body with tanned skin and long, flowing dusty blond hair. Her inhumanity was shown in her limbs that were made out of some sort of yellow stone with a black brickwork pattern on them that carried on a little into her `flesh` parts. It gave her the look that she was slowly turning from a stone monster to human.
  9. Toby was fascinated by her body, it didn't help that she only had on a black bikini set as clothing. He also noted that she had stone slates bent around her shoulders, and the slate on her left shoulder had strange white markings on it.
  11. `I wonder what these are?` he thought, as he touched a symbol in the corner that looked like a circle. The symbol turned a bright red before seemingly fading away. Toby started in confusion at what was happening before he heard a low humming noise and started to back away.
  13. Both the patterns on the golem's limbs and the symbols on her shoulders started to pulse with a white glow while she took a deep breath. Her eyes then slowly opened, revealing pale red eyes that showed little emotion. She stood up and looked around the room before staring at Toby. “Greetings,” she said, in a flat tone.
  15. “Hello.” Was all Toby could say.
  17. “You are Toby. Correct?” she said and he nodded. “I am called amber. What would you have me do, sir?”
  19. “Sir?” Toby parroted.
  21. “You are my designated supervisor sir, so I answer to you. I am to follow everything you order.” She said.
  23. “So you're hard-wired to do as I say?” he asked.
  25. The golem nodded. “Yes, I shall obey to the best of my abilities, within reason.”
  27. `That makes sense` Toby thought. In a way, she was still a person, or at least close enough to have a will of her own. The more he talked to her the more he got interested in just how the golem functioned. “What do you do for food?”
  29. “I can covert all food and drink into sufficient energy. It will do.” See said. Though there was something in her gaze at him that made him shiver. It was like there was more to it than that, but he couldn't pinpoint it.
  31. “Okay.” He said, trying to ignore the chill. “Is there anything you like to do for now?”
  33. “I would like to know what my day to day orders would be, Sir,” Amber said.
  35. Toby wasn't sure what to say. How could he give orders to someone he just met? “How about we sought that out later? We still need to know about each other.”
  37. Amber simply nodded. “Yes, sir.”
  39. ~X~ (1 month later)
  41. Toby drank his tea as he watched the morning news in his living room.
  43. Living with amber was a weird experience for Toby. It wasn't unpleasant, but there were several things that were odd to him.
  45. Amber had told him that most of her creation was for manual labour, minor tasks and various other things while her creators dealt with other things. So for a start, Toby had her do things around the house.
  47. The problem with that was that she was too good at her job, her work was done quickly and efficiently so when she ran out of things to do she often stood by him, blackly staring at him until he gave her another order.
  49. He constantly had to think of more things to keep her occupied and she performed the tasks without complaint. It was getting to the point that his house looked better than it had in years.
  51. But he didn't want her doing things like cleaning hauling things around. Sure it helped, but he felt like he should get her do something for herself, or maybe he could get her to work on something nice?
  53. `That actually sounded nice` he thought with a smile. With his idea set, he turned to call amber only to flinch as she was standing at the side of his chair. For a rock monster, she moved awfully quiet.
  55. “Amber? How would you like to make something?” He asked her.
  57. “Make something, Sir?” the golem asked, “What would you like me to make?”
  59. “How about a drawing?” Toby suggested, “I have a load of spare paper in the attic, it would be good to put it to use... you can draw right?”
  61. “I can, sir. What what you like me to draw?
  63. “How about you decide?” Toby said. Looking at amber, he was actually surprised to see the golem blink in confusion.
  65. “I don't know what you mean, sir,” Amber said.
  67. “It's simple, think of something you like and draw it. It doesn't matter what it is.” Toby said.
  69. “Isn't there something you want to be seen drawn?” She questioned.
  71. “Then it would be what I would like to see, I want you to try and draw your own thing.”
  73. Amber stared blankly at him for a moment before she nodded.“I see, sir.” She said. “Shall I go and take the paper from the attic?”
  75. “Go ahead. You're free to use as much as you need, and you are to work on this whenever I haven't given you any other orders. Also, I would like to see what you have drawn at the end of the week.” Toby said
  77. “Understood, sir,” Amber said with a bow before she turned and left the room.
  79. Toby leaned back in his seat and drake more tea. `It's a start, I guess.` He thought.
  81. ~X~ (4 days later)
  83. Toby climbed the stairs to the spare bedroom he had given to Amber work on her `project`. She had followed his orders and spent her time working on her drawing whenever she was free from. Now he was going to see how far she had come with her art.
  85. It actually excited him a little to see what she could come up with. Come to think of it, she hadn't said much about what she liked. Maybe she would draw something like where she used to live? That could be interesting.
  87. Getting to the door, he knocked on it. “Are you in there, Amber?”
  89. “Yes, sir.” he heard. Opening the door to the room he saw amber standing at attention in front of the work desk. What was weird was that from what he could see amongst the pencils and paper, there was an engraving tool. He had no idea where she had gotten that, or why she needed such a thing.
  91. Putting those thoughts aside, for now, he looked at Amber “So, what did you draw?”
  93. Amber stepped aside so he could see her work. On the desk where several very detailed drawings of Toby, each of them had him doing various things, from drinking tea to just him seated on his favourite chair reading the news or looking at the TV.
  95. “You drew me?” Toby asked in surprise. He certainly wasn't expecting this. Pictures of birds maybe, but not him.
  97. “You told me to draw something I like.” The golem stated, “Are they to your standards, sir?”
  99. Toby was happy that he was one of the things she liked, “It's wonderful amber. You've done an amazing job.” he told her.
  101. Amber smiled, shocking him again as it was the first time he had seen her smile. Over the month he had been with her he was starting to understand her muted emotions. He could tell if she was satisfied or annoyed with something, but this she was never this open. “Thank you, master,” she said.
  103. “It really is great I think you should draw more... wait, master?” He said as he registered her words. He was about to ask what she meant again when he noticed something off. The white glow that pulsed though ambers patterns turned red and there was a lustful expression on her face. “Amber, what's going on?”
  105. “I have used too much energy, and now I am running low,” Amber said as she stepped forward.
  107. “Is that what that is? I'll go get some food then,” he said as he turned to leave, only for the golem to grab his arm, stopping him.
  109. “That's not the kind of fuel I want, master,” she said, as she pulled him to the bed and pushed him over. Before he could react, the golem had pinned him down and kissed him. Leaning back up she started to undo his shirt. “I have a way to recharge that will benefit us both.”
  111. Toby wasn't an idiot and caught on to what she was doing, but he was still unsure about it all. “Amber, get off me so we can talk about this!”
  113. Amber shook her heat. “I am sorry master, but that is outside of reason. If I stop now then I won't get fuel from my master,” she said, as she took off his shirt and started to feel his chest. Her touch was soft and gentle, almost as if her hands were not made of stone.
  115. Toby would have chucked at her logic if stroking his chest didn't feel so good. “Are you sure about this?” He asked.
  117. “I have been wanting to do this for some time now, to love and service you. I wanted this to be the first act of truly serving my master. She said as he caressing hands got faster. She actually lifted one of his hand to her chest and moaned in pleasure when he squeezed.
  119. Toby didn't know what to say or do. The usual stiff composure Amber he had known for was long gone. The woman on top of him was more a wild animal if anything. He mused that this must be the `Monster urges` or something like that showing through. Mentally shrugging, he unclipped the bikini she had on and continued to fondle her breast.
  121. “Yes, master! Feel me! Fuel me!” Amber shouted as she went for his belt.
  123. ~X~ (Next morning)
  125. Toby woke up to some sort of scratching sound. He leaned up in bed to find Amber on her knees in the middle of the room with her eyes closed, the red glow her patterns were showing yesterday was now back to its familiar white, and she was using the etching tool to make new symbols on her left shoulder. He had never asked her what those actually meant, but he kept quiet so he didn't disturb her work.
  127. When she was done. The symbols on her shoulder flashed and she opened her eyes. “Good morning, master.” She said looking at him.
  129. “Good morning, Amber,” he said, as he stared at the symbols. “What did you just do?”
  131. “Finished my runes.” She said.
  133. Toby wondered why he hadn't thought of runes. Seeing as a wizard designed the emails, having runes as a thing for golems isn't that out there.
  135. Amber turned her body so he could see the new line she had made. “These are your name, I changed the meaning of it to show that you are officially my master, instead of just my supervisor,” she said proudly.
  137. "Is it normal for your kind to do this?" He asked.
  139. "A golems life is in their runes, master. it is what makes us who we are. When we carve our master's name, it shows that we will define ourselves by serving the man we have come to love. you always find ways for me to be doing something, I haven't been this active in quite a long time, I would like to keep it that way." amber said
  141. “I honestly thought when you were calling me master, you were just doing a kinky sex thing,” Toby said.
  143. “We can do that on if you want, master. I will be more than happy to obey.” Amber said with a smile and a gleam in her eyes. "I have knowledge of many ways to service a man, all you need to do is ask."
  145. Ideas of what he wanted to do with Amber made him giddy until he snapped out of it and shook his head. If he started now he'd wouldn't stop. “Maybe later, as much I want to, we have things to do,” he said.
  147. Amber stood up straight. “Your orders, master?” she asked
  149. “Continue drawing things, like birds or landmarks or whatever you think is interesting, I think we could make something out of them. Other than that, I'm still getting used to this whole master thing, so bear with me while I thin this through.”
  151. The golem bowed. “Yes, master. Shall I begin the daily cleaning?”
  153. “Yeah.” Toby looked out the window as Amber left the room, it was morning now he might as well take a shower. He almost couldn't believe that she had dedicated herself to him willing to do what he wished whenever he wanted, and she even benefited from serving him.
  155. A stray thought entered his mind that made him grin as he opened the bedroom door. That `red mode` Amber went into yesterday was fantastic, what could he do to see that side of the stoic monster again?
  157. “Amber! Change of plans, come meet me in the bathroom!” He said as he went to get a towel. There was only one way to find out!
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