Disembodied Voice Anon

May 18th, 2014
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  1. You are transported to Equestria, BUT something goes wrong and you end up being nothing but a disembodied voice.
  2. Ponies or other characters are not able to kill, silence or not hear you (by plugging their ears for example).
  3. You have no way of physically interacting with the world.
  4. You can do whatever you could do with your normal voice (volume, you can only be in one place at a time etc.) and you can go wherever you want.
  6. What do you do?
  8. >Fucking finally…
  9. >She’s awake.
  10. “The pony yawns and stretches out after a long day of rest.”
  11. >Luna slowly opens up her sleepy eyes.
  12. “One wonders how her night will be. What adventures will she go on?”
  13. >She looks around.
  14. “Her eyes move from side to side as she tries to find the disembodied voice.”
  15. >”Who is there?”
  16. “She asked to the empty room. She waits for a response, but nothing happens.”
  18. “Said the pony in her Canterlot voice as she again looked around the room. Will she find what she is looking for?”
  20. >A guard pony bursts in.
  21. >”Princess are you alright?”
  22. >”IT WAS YOU WASN’T IT!?”
  23. >”Me?”
  25. >”But I didn’t do anything!”
  26. >Another guard grabs him and carries him away.
  27. >”Please! I’ve been loya-“
  28. >The door closes and you can hardly hear him anymore.
  29. >Poor guy.
  31. >You’ll have to fix that later.
  32. “The Princess, in her arrogance, had a young guard pony whisked away to the dark dungeon.”
  33. >”Who are you?”
  34. “The princess asked, but again, there was no response.”
  35. >She brushes her mane.
  36. “At that very moment, she began to realize that… maybe… just maybe… there was no one there.”
  37. >”But that would mean…”
  38. >She starts breathing heavily.
  39. “Yes you are… Uh… She realized that she had gone crazy.”
  40. >Luna sits down.
  41. “The princess knew that one day this would happen. It wasn’t so long ago that a voice had convinced her to reject friendship.”
  42. >”We’re not going to listen to you.”
  43. “Had this voice returned? Could she be turning into Nightmare Moon again?”
  44. >Luna covers her ears.
  45. >”We said we’re not listening to you.”
  46. “She said as she covered her ears, but it did not stop the voice… It will never stop it.”
  47. >”What do I have to do?”
  48. “She wondered out loud. Yes, her predicament was bad, and getting worse by the moment, but then she remembered that there was one way to stop it.”
  49. >Luna thinks for a moment.
  50. “The answer had been there all along. All she had to do was touch herself.”
  52. >”How would that help?”
  53. “She asked the empty room. After a moment she looked at her little kicky hooves.”
  54. >Luna looks around.
  56. >”FINE!”
  57. >She looks down.
  58. “That’s better. Could these give her what she needs?”
  59. >”We still don’t see how this could help.”
  60. “Then she remembered something from her dark past. It started as a little glimmer, but grew brighter as she thought of it more.”
  61. >”Just tell us already.”
  62. “Maybe, just maybe… a little release would ease her weary mind. Clear her thought. Calm the voice…”
  63. >”We haven’t done it in so long…”
  64. “She reflects. But, yes… this was the answer to her problem… Luna stood up slowly walked to her bed.”
  65. >Luna gets up and trots to her place of rest.
  66. “No! Not like that. Slower… slower…”
  67. >Her pace slows.
  68. “She swayed her hips in a sultry manner. What lewd thoughts crossed her mind?”
  69. >”We’re thinking of…. But we shouldn’t. Tis dirty to ponder.”
  70. “Yes, it was dirty to think about, but she did it anyway as the fate of Equestria was in her hooves.”
  71. >Luna lays down on the bed.
  72. >”We are doing this for Equestria.”
  74. >The Princess raises her rump.
  75. “She raised her backside into the air. Her delicate flower begged for a strong man to take her.”
  76. >”A man?”
  77. “Uh… Yes, a man. A mythical creature of immense power. She had met one once, when she was on the moon, and she longed again for his touch.”
  78. >”We do not recall fornicating with a ‘man’ while on the moon.”
  79. “Are you telling this story or am I? If you’re going to be difficult then I won’t help you out.”
  80. >”We have gone crazy.”
  81. >Oh shit you’re losing her.
  82. >Better do something fast.
  83. “Alright we’ll make it a stallion if it makes you feel better.”
  84. >You clear your throat.
  85. “Luna longed for a strong stallion with an immense… rod…”
  86. >One of her hooves lower to herself.
  87. ”His mane was billowed in the wind. When their eyes made contact, she knew she would give herself to him.”
  88. >Luna’s hoof starts making small circles.
  89. “She tried to remember his scent.”
  90. >”He smelled of apricots.”
  91. >Oh shit she’s helping you out now.
  92. >You see her getting wetter.
  93. ”Yes, apricots. As she presented herself to him he leaned down and whispered. ‘I’d prefer if you lay on your back.”
  94. >”Mmmm~ That would be very lewd…”
  95. >Her brows furrow.
  96. >”What was his name again?”
  97. “His name was Anon, the hu- Uh.. the stallion.”
  98. >”Ah yes, Anon. We’ve waited for so long to give our self to you.”
  99. >Princess Luna rolls onto her back.
  100. >Her marehood glistens in the moonlight.
  102. >One of Luna’s hooves touches herself, as the other lazily touches her teats.
  103. “Anon, the stallion, lined himself up with his princess.”
  104. >”She raised a hoof to stop him.”
  105. “What’s wrong, my princess?”
  106. >”Tis… No we shouldn’t”
  107. “Com’n help me out here.”
  108. >“This is our first time. Please be gentle.”
  109. >Oh shit.
  110. >Alright, keep your cool.
  111. “He gazed into her longing eyes. Anon moved forward and whispered to his princess, ‘I can do that.”
  112. >”She kissed him on his lips. Luna held it longer than she should before Anon lightly pushed her back down.”
  113. >”He looked down greedily, but he knew he had to take it slow.”
  114. >Luna’s hoof moves up and down.
  115. >You hear her breathing quicken.
  116. “Anon entered his princess slowly.”
  117. >”She strained to take him all in, but he was too big.”
  118. >Yeah.
  119. >Anon’s got a big dong.
  120. “Though he promised to be gentled, he couldn’t help himself. She felt too good.”
  121. >”Luna tried to grit and bear it. She had to make this perfect for Anon.”
  122. “Anon continued pumping into her, rhythmically. Again and Again.”
  123. >”Deeper and deeper.”
  124. >Luna takes deep breaths and she spreads open her hind legs as her hoof digs into her.
  125. “Anon grabed her legs and laid them on his shoulders so he could hilt into her small form.”
  126. >”Like this?”
  127. >Luna raises her rear legs.
  128. >She’s dripping on the sheets, and her ponut is soaked.
  129. “Exactly like that.”
  130. >”Anon continued to pound into the little princess. She felt his pace quicken.”
  131. >Luna’s hoof moves furiously against her mound.
  133. >Looks like she’s about to cum.
  134. “Anon said between heavy breaths, ‘I don’t think I can last much longer.”
  135. >”Neither can we.”
  136. >Luna’s hoof continues to move at an intense pace.
  137. >Her hips push into the air to meet the nonexistent pony’s movements.
  138. “Can I?... Anon asked.”
  139. >”Yes, Anon. Give me your foals.”
  140. >Alright.
  141. “Anon’s pace quickened before hilting for the final time into his princess.”
  142. >You make grunting noises.
  143. >”She felt his immense load fill her completely.”
  144. >Luna’s legs buck into the air as she rides the wave of pleasure.
  145. “He stayed inside his princess for some time, so as not to waste a single drop.”
  146. >Luna basks on the bed.
  147. >”After a while, Anon rolled off of her. She was happy, as she knew she would bear him strong foals.”
  148. >Luna’s heavy breathing slows.
  149. “But it was time for Anon to go.”
  150. >”Maybe you can stay for a little longer?”
  151. “You have done what was required, and now the voice is fading away.”
  152. >”No, you can stay a little longer.”
  153. “The voice faded until she could no longer hear it.”
  154. >”Voice?”
  155. >You say nothing.
  156. >”Anon?”
  157. >Still silence.
  158. >You start moving away to find another pony to bother.
  159. >”You could have stayed…”
  163. >That went better than expected.
  164. >You’re surprised that the princess went along with it.
  165. >Not only that it seemed like she liked the encounter.
  166. >If only you had a body to really rock her world.
  167. >You should have given her pretend cuddles…
  168. >Oh well.
  169. >You start moving around Canterlot looking for a new conquest.
  170. >A tall white unicorn with a pink mane catches your fancy.
  171. “She looked around for her friend, but the mare wasn’t around.”
  172. >The unicorn ignores you, and keeps walking.
  173. “’I’m pretty and nothing ever bothers me.’ She thought to herself.”
  174. >The pony makes a confused look and turns to a passing stallion.
  175. >”What was that?”
  176. >”I didn’t say anything.”
  177. >She makes a hmph sound and keeps walking.
  178. “’Where could that voice have come from?’, she wondered.”
  179. >”I’m not going to play along.”
  180. >What the fuck.
  181. >You’re a disembodied voice and she’s too good for you?
  182. “Listen lady, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.”
  183. >She stops in her tracks to look around.
  184. >”Are you threatening me?”
  185. >That’s more like it.
  186. “The pony asked in an exacerbated tone.”
  187. >”Go away.”
  188. >She continues walking.
  189. >Now what would make this girl mad?
  190. >She looks really thin, like a model or something.
  191. >You should tell her that she is fat.
  192. >You start imitating a tuba as she walks down the street.
  194. >She starts getting agitated.
  195. >”I said leave me alone.”
  196. >You continue making tuba sounds.
  197. >She stops in her tracks.
  198. >”I’m not fat!”
  199. “That’s a huge bitch!”
  200. >She starts running away.
  201. >Well that sucked.
  202. >You are near the train station and see a poster for Ponyville.
  203. >Maybe the residents there will be more entertaining.
  205. >
  206. >
  207. >Even though you are a disembodied voice, you still need to rest.
  208. >So you do the rough equivalent of sleep while on the train.
  209. >You’re not sure what to call it.
  210. >You just decide to rest, and you ‘wake up’ a few hours later.
  211. >So this is Ponville?
  212. >It’s quaint.
  213. >You start looking around for a new target.
  214. >In the distance you see three caped fillies.
  215. >Probably best not to bother them.
  216. >Would that make you a filly fooler?
  217. >It’s not like you can touch them or anything.
  218. >Still it’s probably best not to traumatize them.
  219. >You see a Pegasus who looks like she was dropped on her head one too many times.
  220. >She might be fun.
  221. >You observe her for a while.
  222. >She delivers packages to other ponies.
  223. >They usually say, “Thanks Derpy,” and give her a little wave.
  224. >After a while she makes her way to what looks like her home.
  225. >Derpy makes herself a simple meal and lounges for a while.
  226. >After that she gets up and walks to the pantry.
  227. >So what is the best angle here?
  228. >A haunted house?
  229. >Holy shit she has like seven muffins in there.
  230. >Now you know…
  231. >A haunted muffin.
  232. “I know what you are thinking, Derpy.”
  233. >She jumps in the air, startled.
  234. >”Who was that?”
  235. “It is I. Anon, king of all muffins.”
  236. >”You can talk?”
  237. ”Of course I can talk! I am the king of all muffins!”
  238. >She takes a step back because of your outburst.
  239. >”Uhh… can I help you?”
  240. “For too long my people have been eaten by you. Day after day I watch them suffer.”
  241. >”I didn’t know I was hurting them! I just wanted a tasty treat.”
  242. “Luckily, in my infinite charity I am willing to forgive these wanton acts.”
  243. >”What do I have to do?”
  244. “Take me to your room, Derpy.”
  246. >”Which one are you?”
  247. >She squints at the muffins.
  248. “You can’t tell the king of muffins from common cupcakes?!”
  249. >She tries to hide from your booming voice.
  250. “Child, you know the answer to this. Only a blueberry muffin can rule over others.”
  251. >She shakily moves forward and grabs a blueberry muffin from the pantry.
  252. “Good, now create a crown for me.”
  253. >”How do I do that?”
  254. “Use some frosting from a cupcake.”
  255. >You watch as she complies and creates a lopsided crown from yellow frosting.
  256. >“Is that good?”
  257. “It will do for now. Let us go upstairs.”
  258. >She carries the treat to her room.
  259. >”Alright, now what?”
  260. “Derpy, I have watched you consume my people for countless years. At first I was angry, but after much contemplation I have decided that it is our destiny to be eaten.”
  261. >She gives the pasty a confused look.
  262. >”So I can still have them?”
  263. “I have decided to make you my queen.”
  264. >She drops ‘you’ in shock.
  265. “OW!”
  266. >”My bad. I just- I never thought I would be a queen.”
  267. >She gingerly picks up the muffin king.
  268. “It’s…. it’s alright. Five second rule, you know that.”
  269. >She sits down on the bed, still holding her king.
  270. “As my queen, there are certain duties you must perform…”
  271. >”Like bake more of you?”
  272. “In a manner of speaking… yes… Do you agree to be my queen?”
  273. >”Yes! Of course I will!”
  274. >She flies around the room saying, “woo-hoo” before settling back down on the bed.
  275. “Then it is done, and we must consummate our marriage.”
  276. >She blushes deeply and looks away.
  277. >”I don’t know if I can do that with a muffin…”
  279. “I thought this would happen. Derpy, from the moment I met you I knew I had to have you. “
  280. >She lifts ‘you’ up to eye level.
  281. “Your… gentle eyes… your beautiful smile… your flowing mane…”
  282. >”You’re just being nice… nopony likes me.”
  283. “Don’t say that. You’re a wonderful pony. Everything about you makes my heart jump for joy.”
  284. >”I didn’t know you had that.”
  285. “I was talking figuratively. My point is, that you have been alone for too long. I wanted to bring a little bit of sunlight into your life, if only for a moment.”
  286. >”You don’t think I’m weird?”
  287. “Would I have proposed if I thought that?”
  288. >She looks away.
  289. >”I guess not.”
  290. “I understand if you are scared, and confused. We don’t have to do everything tonight.”
  291. >She looks back up to ‘you’ with glistening eyes.
  292. >Derpy must not get a lot of complements.
  293. >”Really?”
  294. “Yeah…”
  295. >She sits in silence for a while, deciding if you are real or not.
  296. >”You’re not just saying that are you?”
  297. “No. I mean it. You are a wonderful pony. I know I am just a muffin, and we can never truly be together. But maybe for just a short time we can enjoy each other’s company.”
  298. >She places the muffin king on the bed.
  299. >Derpy lays down next to ‘you.’
  300. >”I’ve always been different. It’s hard to find a good stallion these days.”
  301. “I know… Ponies have changed so much over the years. They are much harsher than I recall.”
  302. >She lightly pets the muffin.
  303. >You make a deep sighing sound.
  304. >”Am I petting you too hard?”
  305. “No, y-you’re doing just fine.”
  306. >”Can I… can I lick your crown?”
  308. “Of course you can, my queen.”
  309. >Derpy moves closer to ‘you’ and takes a sniff.
  310. >”You smell sweet.”
  311. “That’s because I was made for you.”
  312. >She smiles at this before opening her mouth.
  313. >Her long flat tongue lightly touches ‘your’ crown.
  314. >You inhale sharply.
  315. >”You taste good.”
  316. >If you could smirk, you’d be doing it now.
  317. “I know.”
  318. >Satisfied she moves closer.
  319. >Her tongue lightly caresses the muffin.
  320. >With each light you take a deep breath.
  321. “Keep going, you’re doing good.”
  322. >She slowly caresses her king with her mouth.
  323. >Each movement removing only the thinnest layer of frosting.
  324. >You intensify your heavy breathing.
  325. >”You like that?”
  326. “Yeah. Now use your whole mouth.”
  327. >Derpy kisses her king deeply, before opening her mouth to take him in.
  328. >She takes the entire muffin in her mouth.
  329. >Up and down, up and down.
  330. >You watch as she synchronizes her long tongue with her bobbing motion.
  331. “I’m gonna…”
  332. >She moves faster, careful not to hurt the muffin king with her teeth.
  333. >You make loud grunting sounds, and she takes the full pasty in her mouth.
  334. >A small pool of saliva forms on the sheets.
  335. “That was awesome.”
  336. >Derpy pulls away and licks off what remains of your crown.
  337. >She shows it to the muffin before swallowing it all.
  338. >Her giggles melt your heart..
  339. >”Thanks, I don’t do that very often.”
  340. >Of course a pure pony like derpy wouldn’t lick just any muffin.
  341. “Now it’s my turn.”
  342. >Derpy’s eyes open wide.
  343. >”You mean you still want to….”
  344. “I want it all. Lay down on your back.”
  346. >Without any further instruction she takes her king and places him on her ebony nethers.
  347. >The muffin is already soaked, but no worse for the wear.
  348. >”I don’t know if you will fit.”
  349. “That’s alright, we’ll go slow.”
  350. >She lightly rubs ‘you’ against her dripping marehood.
  351. “You’re so warm.”
  352. >She quickly moves a hoof to her face to hide her blush.
  353. >Derpy is so cute when she is embarrassed.
  354. >She continues rubbing the muffin against her.
  355. “Spread open a little more.”
  356. >Her hooves move to their limit.
  357. >Your thick bulbous form is still too big, but she tries to push you in anyway.
  358. >You see the tip of the stump enter her, and she inhales sharply.
  359. “Keep going.”
  360. >She pushes ‘you’ in, and her winking nub seems to push you out.
  361. “No, wait a moment… NOW!”
  362. >She pushes you in deeply, and you stretch her to her limits.
  363. >Her winks serve to move you in and out on it’s own.
  364. >Like it has needed this for so long.
  365. >A hoof rubs her small teats back and forth as the muffin king ravages his queen.
  366. >The other rubs in furious circles on her small form.
  367. >”Do it harder,” she moans.
  368. >The hoof caressing teats takes it’s turn with the king.
  369. >She mercilessly forces it in again and again into her.
  370. >Her winking button is powerless to resist her assault.
  371. >”Muffin king, I can’t last any longer.”
  372. “Just a bit more, Derpy. I’m almost there.”
  373. >Her legs buck into the air and the muffin is crushed under her hoof.
  374. “Just a bit more!”
  375. >The muffin is completely smashed and the soggy crumbs fall apart on the mattress.
  376. >Her hips freeze in place as she lets out a slow moan.
  377. >You make a loud grunting sound.
  378. >Derpy collapses on the wet sheets.
  379. >Her eyes are closed and it takes a moment for her to regain her composure.
  380. >When she looks down, she is shocked.
  381. >”MUFFIN KING!”
  382. >Depry jumps off the bed, and looks at ‘your’ broken body.
  383. >You see her eyes start to water.
  386. “Don’t worry, Derpy. Though I no longer have a form, I am still here.”
  387. >”Where are you?”
  388. ”I am inside you. I was always meant to be inside you. It is the destiny of all muffins to be taken in.”
  389. >”But… But…”
  390. “Don’t cry, Derpy. It was supposed to happen this way.”
  391. >She lightly touches the remaining crumbs.
  392. “I have to go now…”
  393. >”Will I ever see you again?”
  394. “Derpy, I-“
  395. >No, you won’t repeat your mistake.
  396. “I will stay with you tonight. After that I have to go. Anytime you want to see me again, just go into your kitchen and bake a muffin with a yellow crown, and I’ll be there.”
  397. >She smiles weakly.
  398. “But I want you to do me a favor.”
  399. >”Anything!”
  400. “Go out more, meet ponies. Find your perfect stallion.”
  401. >”But nopony likes me.”
  402. “Only because you keep telling yourself that! You are a special pony. I am the king of all muffins, but I can’t give you want you want…”
  403. >She lays down on the bed, thinking about what you said.
  404. >“Do you really think I can do it?”
  405. “I don’t think… I know.”
  406. >She smiles.
  407. >“Thanks muffin king.”
  408. >She opens her mouth in a long slow yawn.
  409. “Goodnight, my queen.”
  410. >
  411. >
  412. >You let time pass for a while before you leave her.
  413. >You want to stay and look at her sleepy eyes in the morning, but you know you have to go.
  414. >There are still other ponies who need your help.
  415. >And a princess you left in Canterlot…
  417. >Floating around Ponyville gives you a chance to think about things.
  418. >When did you become a do-gooder?
  419. >At first you would harass ponies until you got your fill.
  420. >Recently you have been…
  421. >It’s hard to describe.
  422. >Maybe you actually care about these little equines?
  423. >That’s just silly.
  424. >You’re a disembodied voice.
  425. >It’s not like you can actually do anything with them.
  426. >Then what is the point of existing?
  427. >You push those thoughts aside.
  428. >You can never be real.
  429. >Never.
  430. >
  431. >The sunrise jars you from your rest.
  432. >How long have you been ‘asleep?’
  433. >You hear a string instrument in the distance.
  434. >It almost sounds like a harp.
  435. >You float toward the sound and see a little aquamarine mare playing the golden instrument.
  436. >You watch as her hooves move back and forth to make a plucky sound.
  437. >She will probably be worth bugging.
  438. >
  439. >
  440. >She continues playing for her nonexistent audience.
  441. >It looks like she is just enjoying her time alone.
  442. >You wonder if she ever plays for a crowd of ponies.
  443. >She finishes her song.
  444. >”Nailed it.”
  445. >The mare does a little shake on the seat to celebrate.
  446. “The little pony dances for her adoring fans.”
  447. >”Who said that?”
  448. >She looks around.
  449. “She tries to thank her crowd, but the thousand ponies are just too loud.”
  450. >You imitate a stadium filled with countless voices.
  451. “HAAAAAaaaaAAAaaaa”
  452. >”BonBon, you know I don’t like it when you make fun of me.”
  453. “Suddenly the pony woke up and realized that she was playing to no one. She was all alone… just like always.”
  454. >”This isn’t funny.”
  455. >The green pony gets up to find you.
  456. >”I know it’s you BonBon, just come out.”
  457. “Yelled the pony into the empty park. Her search was fruitless, just like apple trees in winter.”
  458. >The pony’s brow furrows and you can tell she is starting to get mad.
  459. >”Just let me play!”
  460. “The little pony named… uh… what was your name?”
  461. >She makes a confused look.
  462. >”You sound like you know everything, why don’t you tell me?”
  463. >You weren’t expecting this.
  464. >Better make something up.
  465. “Greenie the musical mare.”
  466. >”Hah, not even close.”
  467. >You can sense the distain in her voice.
  469. ”Greenie cursed into the empty park, but no one heard her cries.”
  470. >”That’s not my name.”
  471. “Well you didn’t tell me, so I had to make something up.”
  472. >”Will you leave me alone if I tell you?”
  473. >Will you?
  474. >Even though she is cross with you she seems like a decent pony.
  475. >Maybe you are taking this too far.
  476. “I liked your music,” you offer finally.
  477. >She sits in silence for a while, thinking over your words.
  478. >”Now I know I’m dreaming.”
  479. “Just pinch yourself if you don’t believe me.”
  480. >”I’m not going to do that!”
  481. “Greenie was angry at everything, and everyone. No one appreciated her talents, and she resented them for that.”
  482. >”It’s Lyra! Are you happy now?!”
  483. “The voice was happy to know the name of the little musical mare. Her name was Lyra and it was on posters all over Equestria. Tonight only! Ly- Do you have a last name or is that it?”
  484. >”Heartstrings.”
  485. “Ah yes, Lyra Heartstrings, of course. Her posters were all over Equestria. How could I have forgotten?”
  486. >You see the slightest glimmer of a smile.
  487. >Better keep this up.
  488. “This voice was very lucky to run into her in the park. Lyra’s tickets are very expensive after all, and I am just a poor disembodied voice.”
  489. >Finally she open up with a smile, and you see her pearly whites.
  490. >”That’s the dream.”
  491. “Can you play another song? For your smallest fan?”
  492. >”So you’re like a breezy or something?”
  493. “Something like that. My name is Anon, the human.”
  494. >”Anon, the hyooman,” she repeats. “What’s that?”
  497. “That would take too long to explain. Humans haven’t been invented yet.”
  498. >Her eyes open to their absolute limit.
  499. >”You’re from the future?”
  500. >Ah yiss.
  501. >Now you’re a time traveler.
  502. “Yes, Lyra... I am from the future.”
  503. >She gives you a confused look.
  504. >”Then why didn’t you know my name?
  505. >Shit.
  506. >Just when things were going your way.
  507. “That’s because you aren’t famous in the future, but I know you have great potential. I came here to guide you to stardom.”
  508. >”Really?”
  509. “Yeah. Really…”
  510. >Her hooves fiddle with her lyre as she thinks.
  511. >”How are you going to do that? Nopony comes to my shows.”
  512. “Well you are just one musical mare. You should concentrate on your playing, and let your new manager, Anon, worry about the details.”
  513. >”Maybe I don’t need a manager. Maybe I can make it on my own.”
  514. “You can try, but if nothing changes your future will remain the same. Your music will just be… dust in the wind…”
  515. >You imitate a strong breeze and make blowing sounds.
  516. >”Seriously, just tell me.”
  517. “I am just a voice aren’t I? I can go to every pony in town and tell them about your talents. I can promote your shows and you wont even have to lift a fing- I mean, lift a hoof.”
  518. >”That actually sounds awesome. How much does a manager make?”
  519. ”Typically they charge, 10%, but I wouldn’t charge that for the greatest lyre player in the world.”
  520. >“You’re just saying that,” she blushes.
  521. “A person like me doesn’t need money… but I still have needs.”
  522. >”Like what?”
  523. “Maybe I could see… no… it’s… I don’t want to say it….”
  524. >”See what?”
  525. >You clear your nonexistent throat.
  526. “Maybe you could show me… everything?”
  527. >She blushes and covers herself with her instrument.
  528. >”I’m not doing that!”
  530. >Shit, you went too far too soon.
  531. >You should have dragged it out some more.
  532. >At least until she went home.
  533. >It’s not like a pony would just expose herself in the middle of a park.
  534. >You look around but just like before it is completely empty except for the little green mare.
  535. >”Anon, are you still there?”
  536. >You look at her and she is still clutching the lyre tightly.
  537. “Yeah, I’m still here.”
  538. >”Did you really mean what you said? That you could make me famous?”
  539. “I can try, but I can’t make any guarantees. You know that.”
  540. >That’s the truth.
  541. >You will go around and tell ponies to see Lyra play, but you can’t force them to watch.
  542. “Forget what I said before, I was… I was being unreasonable.”
  543. >She sits in silence for a while.
  544. >Finally she breaks the silence and whispers, “w-what if other ponies see?”
  545. >Oh shit.
  546. >You might actually pull this off.
  547. “I can look around if you want.”
  548. >”No, I’m not doing it here.”
  549. “Where then?”
  550. >”We can go to my house.”
  551. >She puts the lyre aside and points toward your voice.
  552. >”But if you’re lying, then I’m going to find you and break you.”
  553. “That’s fair.”
  554. >
  555. >
  556. >She gets off of the bench and starts trotting away.
  557. >You follow her close behind.
  558. >”So what are you really?”
  559. >You haven’t thought about that in a long time.
  560. >It hurts too much.
  561. “I used to be a person… not like you, not like a pony… I was a man…”
  562. >”A hyooman?”
  563. “That’s right. I don’t remember what happened. I just remember waking up, and I no longer had a body.”
  564. >”So… you’re not really from the future?”
  565. “I’m from somewhere else. Maybe another dimension.”
  566. >”Do you miss not having a body?”
  567. “Sometimes. Usually I try not to think about it.”
  568. >”So what do you do with your time then?”
  569. “At first I would bother ponies, but… I don’t know. I feel like I should at least contribute something.”
  570. >She stops and turns toward your voice.
  571. >”Why did you choose me?”
  572. “When I said I liked your music… that was the truth. I want to help you.”
  573. >She returns to walking.
  574. >”Then you’d be the first one. Everypony these days listens to dub-shit. They don’t appreciate the classics.”
  575. >In your travels you’ve seen another musical pony.
  576. >She had a grey coat and played… it kind of looked like a big violin.
  577. >Back then you were too busy bothering ponies to care.
  578. “When did you start playing?”
  579. >”I started when I was just a filly. My dad said I should study and focus on real things, but mom was always supportive.”
  580. “So you too don’t get along?”
  581. >”As long as I don’t bring up my music he doesn’t care. But it’s what my cutie mark is telling me! I have to follow my dreams, right?”
  582. >Her pace quickens.
  583. >This must be a difficult subject for her.
  584. >If you had a body, you’d hug her right now.
  585. >”Here we are.”
  586. >Her home looks decent enough.
  587. >Lyra deserves better though.
  588. >A pony with her talent should be living in a mansion.
  589. >She opens the door and yells, “BonBon? Are you home?”
  590. >As if sensing your thoughts she quickly adds, “that’s my roommate.”
  591. >You listen, but there is no response.
  594. “Sounds like she’s out.”
  595. >”Yeah, my room is upstairs.”
  596. >She quickly climbs the steps and you watch her flank sway from side to side.
  597. >You imagine Lyra actually wants to go through with this.
  598. >She opens a door, and stops.
  599. >”You’re not going to tell anypony about this are you?”
  600. “I wouldn’t dream of it, Lyra.”
  601. >She nods, satisfied, and throws open the door.
  602. >Her room is just like a girl’s should be.
  603. >Neat and orderly.
  604. >Just the right amount of soothing green color, which coordinates really well with her coat.
  605. >There is also white crown molding, which really balances the room.
  606. >She places the lyre on a small stand.
  607. >”So how do you want to do this?”
  608. “You don’t really have to go through with this.”
  609. >”No… I don’t mind. I haven’t… it’s been a while.
  610. “I can’t actually do anything, so… maybe you could give me a little show?”
  611. >“Com’n, Anon, you just talked your way into my room and you’re losing your nerve now?”
  612. “I…”
  613. >Now what?
  614. >She reaches under her bed and pulls out a rectangular box.
  615. >Light seems to emit as it opens and you see three evenly spaced tools aligned by size.
  616. >“Which one do you want?”
  617. >You can’t believe you’re having this conversation.
  618. >”The big one, right?”
  619. “Holy shit.”
  620. >It’s the size of her foreleg.
  621. >She pulls it out and waves it around for you.
  622. >”You like it?”
  623. “Yeah.”
  624. >”Well this one is too big for me, so I’ll use the little one.”
  625. >She reaches down and places the large one on her bed.
  626. “Nooooo!”
  627. >She laughs.
  628. >”I’m just messing with you.”
  629. >She puts the box on the nightstand, and climbs on the bed.
  630. >Lyra raises her rump and magics a large pillow under her.
  631. >”Like what you see?”
  634. ”It’s… It’s beautiful.”
  635. >You watch as her magic lightly rubs the rod against her delicate features.
  636. >Her marehood slowly wets the immense tool and she teases herself with it.
  637. >Lyra’s eyes are half lidded and she looks back toward your voice.
  638. “What should I do?”
  639. >”Just narrate like you did before,” she says before blowing a kiss into the air.
  640. >If you had a towel you would be wiping your forehead right now.
  641. “Alright, I can do that. Anon smelled the small musical mare.”
  642. >”They had only known each other for a short time, but she knew she had to give herself to him.”
  643. “He lightly licked her.”
  644. >The tool moves at your command.
  645. >It gently touches her.
  646. >Every moment becoming slightly wetter.
  647. >”Yeah? What else did he do?”
  648. ”He leaned forward and let his long tongue drag slowly against her.”
  649. >Lyra pushes the rod against her and you see her skin compress and move aside.
  650. >She drags it up and down.
  651. >Each time avoiding her delicate button.
  652. ”Anon rubs his hand against her small teats.”
  653. >A hoof moves on its own and lightly caresses her.
  654. >It flicks gently when it reaches her tips.
  655. ”He squeezed them, as if begging for milk, but he knew it would not come.”
  656. >Her hoof grabs her and pulls on the supple edge.
  657. >You hear her inhale sharply.
  658. >It bounces back into place, ready for the next assault.
  659. >Her hoof moves from side to side.
  660. >Both get equal attention.
  663. “But that wasn’t enough for Anon. No. He needed everything.”
  664. >Lyra’s magic moves the instrument forward.
  665. >Her folds resist, and it refuses to enter.
  666. >”You’re too big, Anon.”
  667. “Said the little mare, but that wasn’t good enough for Anon.”
  668. >”She wanted to make him happy, so she moved to accommodate his girth.
  669. >Lyra’s legs open up more and she raises her tail.
  670. >A spare hoof moves to the side to hold it in place.
  671. “Anon pushed into his prize with more force.”
  672. >Lyra grits her teeth and the enormous member slowly penetrates her.
  673. >”She protests at the size, but continues for him.”
  674. “He pushed into her several times. Very shallow at first.”
  675. >It seems to move by itself now.
  676. >You hear Lyra breathing deeply.
  677. >”I think I can take it now,” she says.
  678. “Anon pushed in a bit more, but slowly so as not to hurt his mate.”
  679. >You see Lyra wince and the rod moves forward.
  680. >Her hoof moves down from her body to help her magic keep it in place.
  681. >Without instruction she pushes the hardness into her, again and again.
  682. >Her flower is damp, and a long strand of lubrication slowly descends from her onto the pillow.
  683. >”Do it harder.”
  684. >It looks like she is already at her limit.
  685. >But if she thinks she can handle it, who are you to deny her.
  686. “Anon pulled back so only the tip was still inside the musical mare.”
  687. >It moves back and you can see her button emerge.
  688. >
  689. >
  690. >It mesmerizes you and you watch it appear and disappear in a rhythmic motion.
  691. >If only you were real.
  692. >Then you would really make music with her.
  693. >”Anon!” She pleads.
  694. >Shit.
  695. >You can’t leave her hanging like this.
  696. “Anon looks at his prize before throwing his weight into her.”
  697. >It quickly move forward and hilts against the small mare.
  698. >”Uh!~”
  699. >She takes several sharp breathes before you continue.
  700. “Anon pushed his full length into her, again and again.”
  701. >The hardness now easily slides back and forth into Lyra.
  702. >Her winking button tries to synchronize with the movements, but the assault is too fast.
  703. >A small green hoof moves down and makes hard circles against her.
  704. >All the while the member pursues its goals.
  705. >Little Lyra’s legs buck back, but you can tell she is trying to resist.
  706. >She somehow regains control and her hooves shake against the relentless attack.
  707. ”Just a little longer, Lyra.”
  708. >“I can’t!”
  709. ”Anon had to put his seed deep inside the musical mare.”
  710. >”No, Anon, you can’t! I’m in season!”
  711. “But, Anon didn’t care! He would have his prize!”
  712. “Not inside~!” She pleads, but you can tell she is willing to accept her fate.
  713. >The enormous rod slams into her.
  714. >Her legs become limp, and only the pillow holds her in place.
  715. >You make loud grunting sounds as if letting the whole world know you conquered the unicorn.
  717. >It takes a few minutes before Lyra regains her composure.
  718. >You stay there, listening to her heavy breathing slowly return to normal.
  719. >You watch as the large member leisurely slides out of her, and falls on the floor.
  720. >It makes a loud thump, but Lyra doesn’t care.
  721. >A sleepy eye opens and she rolls off of the pillow.
  722. >”Was it good for you?”
  723. >You move your voice beside her on the bed.
  724. “Yeah.”
  725. >She turns to face your voice.
  726. >”I wish I could see you.”
  727. “I wish I were real…”
  728. >She looks down at her small body.
  729. >”You were real just now.”
  730. “Was I?”
  731. >”Yeah… it… it felt like we were making love…”
  732. >If you had a hand you would brush her mane lightly and hold her all night.
  733. “I meant what I said. I will go out and promote your music.”
  734. >”I know.”
  735. >She lays there in silence for a while.
  736. >You move your voice forward, as if you were leaning against her.
  737. >Lyra jumps up suddenly.
  738. “What?”
  739. >”I… nothing… I thought you…”
  740. >She laughs at herself.
  741. >”I thought you touched me.”
  742. “REALLY!?”
  743. >”You did?!”
  744. “I don’t know. I just moved forward and then you jumped away.”
  745. >She looks confused.
  746. >”Try it again.”
  747. “Alright.”
  748. >She lays back down.
  749. ”I’m going to try holding your hoof.”
  750. >She nods.
  751. >You move forward.
  752. >She inhales sharply.
  753. >”I feel you.”
  755. “What does it feel like?”
  756. >”Kind of like… like a feather barely touching me… but it’s warm.
  757. “That’s incredible. I’ve been here for so long, and this is the first time I’ve ever been able to touch anything.”
  758. >Her eyes brighten.
  759. >”Does this mean you are becoming real?”
  760. “I don’t know.”
  761. >”Try moving that chair.”
  762. >She points at a seat across the room.
  763. >You float over and gather up your strength.
  764. >When you feel ready, you push against it, but nothing happens.
  765. “Shit. I guess I still can’t actually do anything.”
  766. >Lyra deflates slightly.
  767. >”That’s alright. Maybe it just takes time.”
  768. >Maybe it just takes sleeping with a bunch of different ponies.
  769. >”You should tell the princesses. One of them might be able to help you.”
  770. >You scoff at this.
  771. “Why would they help me? I’m just a floating voice.”
  772. >”It’s worth a shot.”
  773. >You look out the window and the moon is at its apex.
  774. >The last time you saw princess Luna, you tricked her into touching herself.
  775. >When she called for you, you ignored her.
  776. >She won’t want to hear you again.
  777. >But you’ve changed.
  778. >Now you are more than just a spirit who wants to get his nonexistent rocks off.
  779. >Will she be able to see that?
  780. >”Anon?”
  781. “Yeah?”
  782. >”Come back to bed.”
  783. >You float toward Lyra and lean on her, as if you were holding her.
  784. >She reaches with a hoof to meet your touch.
  785. >Her mouth opens wide in a yawn, and she closes her sleepy eyes.
  786. >”Are you going to stay tonight?”
  787. >”Yeah… I’ll stay.”
  789. >When you ‘wake’ from your rest, Lyra is nowhere to be found.
  790. >You wonder if she tried to be quiet to keep from waking you.
  791. >Sound doesn’t seem to bother you when you shut yourself down.
  792. >But she couldn’t have known that.
  793. >You float down stairs to find her, and you hear another voice.
  794. >”You’re going to Canterlot? Just because you heard a voice in your dreams?”
  795. >”Anon is real! He’s a Hyooman!”
  796. >”Are you off your meds? Just listen to yourself Lyra. There is no such thing as talking ghost.”
  797. >”Those were antibiotics and I stopped taking them weeks ago. You know I’m not crazy, BonBon.”
  798. >You’d better step in before this gets out of hand.
  799. “Good morning.”
  800. >BonBon jumps in the air.
  801. >Lyra turns to your voice and smiles widely.
  802. >”Who’s there?!”
  803. >Lyra glares at her friend.
  804. “You didn’t introduce me?”
  805. >”I tried, but she didn’t listen.”
  806. >The little mare with a dark blue and fushcia mane cowers behind a chair.
  807. “It’s alright, I’m not going to hurt you.”
  808. >”Where are you?!”
  809. >”He doesn’t have a body BonBon, were you even listening?!”
  810. >She stands up slowly, but keeps her guard up.
  811. >Like you will lash out at her at any moment.
  812. >”It’s a pleasure to meet you…”
  813. “Anon. It’s nice to meet you too.”
  814. >You think about touching her, but decide against it.
  815. ”Your friend is right, Lyra. I need to go to Canterlot alone.”
  816. >”Why can’t I come too? For all you know I’m the only one you can touch.”
  817. “Hmmm…. We could try with BonBon…”
  818. >”No. No. I- I’m fine right here.”
  821. >BonBon scurries out of the room.
  822. >“I guess you were too much for her.”
  823. “I’m kind of used to that reaction now.”
  824. >”It’s a good thing you have me around to make it easier for you,” Lyra beams.
  825. >You wait there in silence, thinking about how to break it to the little mare.
  826. >”Lyra, I need to do this alone. You’d be stopped at the castle gates.”
  827. >Her eyes begin to water.
  828. >”I’m not good enough to take along?”
  829. ”No, I didn’t say that.”
  830. >”But I …”
  831. >Don’t say it.
  832. >”I…”
  833. >She’s going to confess that she loves you.
  834. >Why do you always pick the lonely ones?!
  835. >”I already bought a train ticket.”
  836. >You let out a light chuckle.
  837. >Lyra gives a confused look.
  838. >”What’s so funny?”
  839. ”You wouldn’t get it.”
  840. >”Com’n tell me,” she presses.
  841. >…
  842. ”I thought you were going to say you loved me.”
  843. >She furrows her brow.
  844. >”After only one night? What kind of mares do you hang out with anyway?”
  845. >She’s got you there.
  846. >You have been choosing some strange mares lately.
  847. >But that’s how you met this one…
  848. >Better play it off.
  849. ”I wouldn’t worry about that.”
  850. >She scratches the floor with a hoof.
  851. >”So can I come along?”
  852. “Yeah, but you’re going to have to get a room while I work things out with the princesses.”
  853. >Her smile returns.
  854. >”I can do that.”
  857. >It’s a short ride to Canterlot.
  858. >Time just seems to fly by when you are with Lyra the musical mare.
  859. >She tells you more about her past, and you tell her stories from back home.
  860. >It takes a while to describe what a human looks like, but finally she understands you were essentially a hairless ape.
  861. >The train suddenly stops, and the sign outside reads, “Canterlot.”
  862. >”We’re here.”
  863. “That was pretty fast.”
  864. >”Let’s get a room first before you head over to the castle.”
  865. >You follow her closely as she makes her way through the city.
  866. >”How long should we stay here?”
  867. “I don’t know. You should book it for a couple of days. I doubt I can just get a body overnight.”
  868. >She stops in front of a hotel.
  869. >It looks pretty decent.
  870. >The architecture is very different from that of Ponyville.
  871. >But Lyra is a mare of simple means.
  872. “This place kind of looks expensive.”
  873. >”Actually this place is the cheapest in the center of town.”
  874. “If you say so.”
  875. >
  876. >
  877. >Lyra books a room and you follow her to the third floor.
  878. >She places her bag aside and starts opening cabinets.
  879. “What are you doing?”
  880. >”I’m looking for some drinks. They usually have a few complimentary ones.”
  881. >Doesn’t sound like any hotel you’ve ever been to.
  882. >But then again, this is Equestria.
  883. >”No dice. I guess I’ll have to pick some up.”
  884. >You look out the window, and the sun is starting to set in the distance.
  885. >Luna will be up soon.
  886. “Alright. You go ahead and do that, I’m going to visit the princesses.”
  887. >”Good luck,” she smiles.
  888. >You’re going to need it.
  890. >
  891. >
  892. >Fucking finally…
  893. >She’s awake.
  894. “The pony yawns and stretches out after a long day of rest.”
  895. >Luna slowly opens up her sleepy eyes.
  896. “One wonders how her night will be. What adventures will she go on?”
  897. >She jerks up and looks around.
  898. >”Voice? You’ve returned?”
  899. “The princess asked, but there was no response.”
  900. >”We don’t want to hear you anymore, after you ravaged us and left us alone.”
  901. >She waves a hoof angrily.
  902. >”Begone!”
  903. >Shit.
  904. >Playtime is over.
  905. >You should just be honest with her.
  906. “That was a jerk move. I shouldn’t have treated you like that.”
  907. >Luna crosses her hooves.
  908. >”For half a fortnight we’ve been alone, and now you choose to come back. We will not be toyed with!”
  909. >A fornight?
  910. >You were only gone for…
  911. >You suck at keeping time.
  912. >That’s what happens when you rest.
  913. >Things just slip by.
  914. >Time really doesn’t matter much to a being like you.
  915. “So you didn’t enjoy our time together?”
  916. >”That matters not. You refused to lay with us after you had your fill. Not even a common scoundrel would refuse us that small pleasantry.”
  917. >She gets off the bed and walks toward the door.
  918. >Her magic swings it open.
  919. >”Now if you would kindly leave us.”
  920. >A guard pokes his head in, but he knows better than to disturb the princess.
  921. >Hey, he kind of looks familiar.
  922. >He’s the one Luna threw in the dungeon for a thousand years.
  923. >Maybe you can still reason with her.
  924. “Princess, can I explain myself?”
  926. >She stands there still as a marble statute.
  927. >Her eyes burn toward your voice.
  928. >Clearly you fucked up.
  929. >”Princess?” A guard pony asks.
  930. >”Now is not the time, guard,” she replies coldly.
  931. >He visibly gulps and cages his eyes forward.
  932. “I’m sorry. I… I messed up. I realize that now, but don’t you want to hear why I had to go?”
  933. >She presses her lips together in a scowl.
  934. >”Go on.”
  935. >Better make this good.
  936. >The fate of your body rests on this moment.
  937. “My name is Anon.”
  938. >”Anon, the stallion?”
  939. “No. Anon, the human…”
  940. >She takes a deep breath.
  941. “I am from a differently place, maybe a different dimension. When I first arrived I was lost and alone. I wasn’t always like this. Just a floating voice… I had a body. I was someone.”
  942. >You see her resolve weaken.
  943. “So I played tricks on ponies to pass the time. It all seemed like harmless fun, until I met you.”
  944. >Her magic drops and she takes a step back.
  945. “Can you close the door?”
  946. >She looks at the heavy oak entrance, then back toward your voice.
  947. >Without saying a word her magic starts up, and you hear the door click shut.
  948. >She turns back to you and says, ”We have done as you requested, but you still haven’t told us why you sullied our honor.”
  949. >Even though she can’t see you, you float toward the window and look away.
  950. “That was the first time I ever made a connection with a pony, and… I was afraid.”
  951. >
  952. >
  953. >”After that I knew that I had been wasting my time. I had to start helping ponies. Otherwise, what was the point?”
  954. >You hear her hooves clack on the wooden floor as she approaches.
  955. >”What are you trying to say? That you should be forgiven because you saw the light?”
  956. “I’m not asking you to forgive me, I just want to show you something… but you have to promise that you won’t freak out.”
  957. >”What is it?”
  958. “Hold out your hoof.”
  959. >She raises one slowly.
  960. “I’m going to touch it now.”
  961. >You move your voice forward and when you make contact she quickly pulls the hoof away.
  962. >”That isn’t possible.”
  963. “I couldn’t believe it myself.”
  964. >”Does this mean, that you can be given a form?”
  965. “I was hoping you could tell me that.”
  966. >She looks down like she is examining the floorboards.
  967. >”We would have to examine the royal scrolls. Perhaps there is something there.”
  968. >You knew it.
  969. >There had to be a way to get your body back.
  970. >”But it would take some time, and we cannot ignore Equestria to satisfy the whims of a disembodied voice.”
  971. >Shit.
  972. “What do you need? I maybe I can help out. I’ll spend all day reading to find the answer.”
  973. >”That won’t be necessary. We have a student who can handle the details.”
  974. “So you’ll do it?”
  975. >”Perhaps we can be convinced… if you lay with us again.”
  976. >
  977. >
  979. >She raises an eyebrow and waits for your response.
  980. >How do you keep getting yourself into this situation?
  981. “I guess that can be arranged, princess.”
  982. >Her frown turns upside down.
  983. >”But we expect to be held afterward.”
  984. >She climbs onto her bed.
  985. “Of course.”
  986. >”How do you prefer? In the traditional manner,” she says as she props up her rump.
  987. >Luna licks her lips, and then flips over on her back.
  988. >“Or … something more lewd as before~.”
  989. >She slowly opens her legs to reveal her ebony nethers.
  990. >Where’s a towel when you need one?
  991. “Either way is fine.”
  992. >You float over her and her eyes follow your voice.
  993. >You take a moment to concentrate.
  994. >When you feel the time is right, move forward and reach for her ethereal mane.
  995. >Her head moves forward as she leans into your gentle touch.
  996. >”Kiss us.”
  997. “I don’t know if I can.”
  998. >”Just try.”
  999. >She puckers and you press against her lips.
  1000. >Her mouth moves as she deeply kisses the empty air.
  1001. >Luna giggles at your efforts.
  1002. “Am I doing it wrong?”
  1003. >”No. You’re performing adequately.”
  1004. >Emboldened by her words you lower yourself further.
  1005. >Your phantom form traces her features, and you make sure to make all the stops.
  1006. >First her neck.
  1007. >Luna coos in approval.
  1008. >You watch as her hooves descend on herself to assist your urgent task.
  1011. >As you continue your descent you notice that you can feel her silky coat.
  1012. >You press against her supple barrel, enjoying the new sensation.
  1013. >Each strand of her soft coat is a perfect experience, but you still have a job to do.
  1014. >You look down and a hoof is making slowly circles on her teats.
  1015. >She won’t need to do that by herself.
  1016. >Not when you’re around.
  1017. >Again you lower yourself, careful to always maintain contact.
  1018. >Her coat gives way, and you arrive at her supple mounds.
  1019. >From this angle they look enormous.
  1020. >Towering features, each begging for attention.
  1021. >Her hoof moves aside for you, and you feel her prop herself up with a pillow.
  1022. >Slowly, so slowly you drag against her sensitive tips.
  1023. >In a circle at first.
  1024. >Testing the waters.
  1025. >”Keep going,” she begs.
  1026. >You notice her hooves increasing their efforts.
  1027. >You climb to the top of the closest mount and press against it firmly.
  1028. >Her exposed skin depresses, and you try to give it a pull.
  1029. >To your surprise, it rises with your attention.
  1030. >You repeat this, harder.
  1031. >Luna takes a deep breath as you somehow pinch and squeeze her.
  1032. >A hoof moves and tries to guide you toward your goal.
  1033. >Who are you to deny your princess?
  1034. >Satisfied, you lower yourself yet again.
  1035. >This time to her warm, steaming entrance.
  1039. >Her hoof moves up and down, rubbing against her glistening marehood.
  1040. >You take a moment to delight in the view.
  1041. >Every so often her button appears, but it quickly returns to its hiding spot.
  1042. >You want to press against it, but there will be time for that.
  1043. >Her hoof stops as you press against her swollen lips.
  1044. “It’s alright. You won’t hurt me,” you remind her.
  1045. >”Alright.”
  1046. >The hoof continues, and you drag your self on the edges of her mound.
  1047. >You relish in her moistness.
  1048. >A single strand of heated liquid slowly descends to her sheets.
  1049. >You push against her harder.
  1050. >She inhales sharply at your new motions.
  1051. >It is now time.
  1052. >You move up toward her winking button.
  1053. >As if sensing your intentions Luna’s hooves move to the side to hold herself open.
  1054. >You make small circles around her eagerness.
  1055. >It tries to hide, but it can’t stay away, and quickly reemerges.
  1056. >You drag yourself against it and Luna takes a deep breath.
  1057. >”Right there.”
  1058. >You make a passing motion each time it shows itself.
  1059. >Again and again.
  1060. >You watch as Luna’s hips push into the air.
  1061. >Her legs quiver.
  1062. >But you haven’t had enough.
  1063. >No.
  1064. >You want it all.
  1065. >You wonder, is it possible to enter her?
  1067. >Being an ethereal spirit, there is nothing to stop you, but you should ask first.
  1068. “Can I…?”
  1069. >You hear Luna chuckle.
  1070. >”You needed ask. We’ve already given ourself to you.”
  1071. >And that’s all the permission you needed.
  1072. >A hoof returns to rubbing the delicate button.
  1073. >The other holds the way open for you.
  1074. >You press into her folds, and everything quickly darkens.
  1075. >You can feel her fertile walls begging to be violated.
  1076. >Again you concentrate, this time to expand your influence.
  1077. >You hold her open and see her silken form.
  1078. >Taking your time you press forward.
  1079. >The walls quake, and you feel Luna lifting her legs.
  1080. >You enter her again and again.
  1081. >Being sure to touch every last corner.
  1082. >”I’m almost there,” you hear her say between breaths.
  1083. >You grind into her, harder now.
  1084. >Each time ramming as deeply as you dare.
  1085. >”Oh, Anon~!”
  1086. >You feel her energy rising.
  1087. >You strain to give her one last push.
  1088. >Luna clenches against you.
  1089. >She moans loudly and a torrent of fluids gush forward.
  1090. >You are quickly forced out and find yourself on the sheets, below your princess.
  1091. >Her hooves are extended to their limits.
  1092. >Her body quivers and she slowly lets her limbs fall to the side.
  1093. >You let her catch her breath, as you float toward her pillow.
  1094. “Did you enjoy that?”
  1095. >”Immensly.”
  1096. >You press into her in a hug, and her hooves encircle you.
  1097. “I’m glad.”
  1098. >She rocks you against her.
  1099. >”We’ll do whatever we can to make you whole.”
  1100. >You float up and brush her face slightly.
  1101. “Thank you, Luna.”
  1102. >She releases her embrace and tries to focus on your voice.
  1103. >”And you will stay the night…?” She says, almost as a question.
  1104. >You press against her.
  1105. “Of course.”
  1107. >You were only able to spoon with Princess Luna for a little bit.
  1108. >She still had duties to perform.
  1109. >Really she just wanted someone to talk to.
  1110. >It’s tough being a princess.
  1111. >Her subjects are normally distant with her.
  1112. >And Luna’s poor social skills don’t help either.
  1113. >You took this opportunity to describe what a human should look like.
  1114. >Of course you might have exaggerated a few points.
  1115. >If you’re going to get a new body, you might as well go big.
  1116. >You even talked about your new friend Lyra and her music.
  1117. >You want her to be there when you receive a form.
  1118. >Luna said she would consult with the other princesses, and summon you when they are ready.
  1119. >
  1120. >You make some noise, to alert Lyra of your presence.
  1121. “I’m back.”
  1122. >Lyra rolls toward your voice.
  1123. >”Ugh, what time is it?”
  1124. >She opens a single eye, but quickly covers her face with a hoof to escape the light.
  1125. “It’s about 9 ‘oclock.”
  1126. >”Wake me up in an hour.”
  1127. >She pulls the cover over her head.
  1128. >You float beside her on the bed.
  1129. “Don’t you want to ask me how it went?”
  1130. >”Yeah, but we can do that later.”
  1131. “How much did you drink last night?”
  1132. >You look at the pile of bottles.
  1133. >”I don’t know. I wasn’t counting.”
  1134. “You artist types are all the same…”
  1135. >You lightly brush her mane so she won’t take offense to that.
  1138. >”Fine, fine. I’m awake.”
  1139. >She slowly opens her sleepy eyes.
  1140. >”I thought you were going to be back after an hour or two. What kept you?”
  1141. “It… uh… took a while to convince the princess.”
  1142. >Better not tell her that you rocked Luna’s world.
  1143. “But finally she agreed to try.”
  1144. >”That’s great. So what will you look like? Are they going to sacrifice an animal and bind your soul with it?”
  1145. >Bind your soul.
  1146. >Sounds like a crappy album title.
  1147. “What? No!... At least I hope not.”
  1148. >A smile slowly appears.
  1149. >”That would be funny. Anon, the bunny.”
  1150. “I’d rather be a griffon or something. Maybe a unicorn.”
  1151. >”Anon, the stallion?”
  1152. “Let’s aim for Anon, the human, for now.”
  1153. >”Alright.”
  1154. “Anyway, they will send a guard when it’s time.”
  1155. >She stretches out on the bed before sitting up.
  1156. >”How long will it take?”
  1157. “She didn’t know. They have to do some research in the library to see if it is possible.”
  1158. >”Oh. Princess Twilight will probably do that. She loves reading.”
  1159. >Luna did mention this pony.
  1160. “You know what would be awesome? If somehow you get superpowers, like immortality or something.”
  1161. ”That would be pretty sweet,” you agree. “But for now, let’s just worry about your career.”
  1162. >
  1163. >
  1164. >It take a while, but you finally convince Lyra to get up.
  1165. >You both travel to the town square, and she starts playing her lyre.
  1166. >She plays music, and occasionally passersby throw a few bits into a hat.
  1167. >You do your part, and convince ponies to listen.
  1168. >Half an hour later, and Lyra has a little bit of a crowd.
  1169. >
  1170. >
  1171. >
  1172. >A week later you are summoned by Princess Luna.
  1173. >You and Lyra arrive at the castle and are greeted by a guard.
  1174. >Her turns and introduces you to the princesses.
  1175. >”Presenting, Anonymous File Nohtfound, and Miss Lyra Heartstrings.”
  1176. >You both move forward to meet the princesses.
  1177. “Good morning, everyone.”
  1178. >”Oh my gosh, I thought they were joking,” A purple alicorn says before moving forward. ”What’s it like being a spirit? Can you read minds?”
  1179. >Princess Celestia taps her on the shoulder, and the purple one stops asking questions.
  1180. >”It is nice to meet you, Anon. My sister has told me so much about you.”
  1181. >She extends a hoof and you greet her in kind.
  1182. “I’m glad she was able to convince you all to help me.”
  1183. >”We would do anything for our subjects, Anon,” Luna smiles.
  1184. >You shake the pink alicorn’s hoof when she introduces herself.
  1185. “This is my friend Lyra, she has been helping me adjust.”
  1186. >Little Lyra is star struck, but somehow manages to extend a hoof.
  1187. >”Pleased to meet you,” she shakes.
  1188. >Princess Celestia turns back to you.
  1189. >”Anon, we have found a way to create a form for you, but I want to know your intentions.”
  1190. “I just want to exist again. Like a real person. And if I can help ponies along the way, it will make everything worthwhile.”
  1191. >”He’s telling the truth,” Princess Cadence informs.
  1192. >Celestia nods.
  1193. >“We can make you as you were, unless you have chosen a new form.”
  1194. “I’d like to be a human, just like I described with Luna.”
  1195. >”Very well.” She takes a step back and reveals a raised tile with a circle etched in.
  1196. >”Please stay at the center while we perform the spell.”
  1197. >You feel apprehensive.
  1198. >Though you’ve wanted this for so long, you kind of enjoyed being a voice.
  1199. >You watch as the princesses charge their magic.
  1200. >Luna is the first to hit you with a beam of light.
  1201. >It feels warm, and calms your thoughts.
  1204. >Then Princess Cadence and Twilight joins in with a pink, and purple radiance respectively.
  1205. >You look at the princesses.
  1206. >You can see them using all of their concentration for this.
  1207. >A flash of light blinds you and you fall to the floor with a loud thud.
  1208. >Instinctively you grab the floor and dry heave.
  1209. >”Anon!” Luna yells.
  1210. >”No. Give him space, sister,” Celestia says as she holds Luna back.
  1211. >Your senses are over loaded.
  1212. >You call feel everything.
  1213. >The cold marble tiles.
  1214. >The warm air.
  1215. >Even the soft fabric on your skin.
  1216. >You’re alive!
  1217. >You hear a lyre start playing.
  1218. >Just a few slow notes at first, then the melody you heard when you met Lyra.
  1219. >You try to stand, but your legs are shaky, and you quickly have to sit down.
  1220. ”A mirror…” you ask groggily.
  1221. >It takes a moment, but quickly one is magiced toward you.
  1222. >You look at your face.
  1223. >You hardly remember what you used to look like.
  1224. >This form is chiseled and masculine.
  1225. >Your freshly pressed suit fits you well.
  1226. >Even your hair is perfectly in place.
  1227. >It will do.
  1228. >”How do you feel, Anon?”
  1229. “I-“ You turn to Princess Luna.
  1230. >The one who made this all possible.
  1231. “I’m not sure… good I think...”
  1232. >You force a weak smile.
  1234. >It will take some time to get full control of your body.
  1235. >She moves forward and you grab her withers to help you balance.
  1236. >Slowly, you are able to rise up from the floor.
  1237. >Your shaky legs remember their place, and you can stand on your own power.
  1238. >You look into your princesses eyes.
  1239. >A hand brushes her mane slightly.
  1240. “Thank you, Luna.”
  1241. >She moves closer, and you hug her.
  1242. >”You’re bigger than I imagined,” she whispers.
  1243. “Hopefully in more ways than one,” you chuckle.
  1244. >You let her go, and take a step back to address the others.
  1245. “Thank you, everyone, for your help. You won’t regret this.”
  1246. >You watch as they bow in unison.
  1247. >”You are welcome to stay with us if you wish, Anon.” Luna offers.
  1248. >You look at her, and she quickly looks away.
  1249. >She made you realize that anything was possible.
  1250. >Without her you would never have changed your ways.
  1251. >You’d still be just a voice.
  1252. >How can you deny your princess?
  1253. >You raise your arms, and embrace her.
  1254. “For you…”
  1255. >She looks up.
  1256. “Anything.”
  1258. fin
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