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  1. Individuality in the Collective
  2. More like you will be as they are, your consciousness subsumed as part of the whole. "But are you not a collective consciousness? Would you not be required to destroy any concept of the individual? Can I truly be said to live on if I only live on lacking any concept of self?"
  4. The lower mouth is silent for a time, but eventually speaks. "It is more complex than that. Yes, when we come together the individual must be destroyed so that the collective may thrive. However, when there is no pressing matter to attend to, such as the potential induction of a new member, then each of our numerous and manifold minds remain separate but interconnected."
  6. The Al-Hikar and Early History of the Samjan Race
  7. Did you hear them right? Tribes of 'dark elves', your ancestors who did not receive the god's blessing, still dwell in Elaudia? "Would you mind elaborating further on our ancestors? It was my understanding that all those not blessed by the gods were killed for imprisoning spirits and using their essence in enchanting."
  9. The Chimera shrugs, the muscles in its back and shoulders rippling unnaturally. "What we know of our early history is fragmentary at best. We did not have a writing system of our own, for our people fled draconic enslavement long before they dragons saw fit to grant the elves the gift of writing. Thus, we are forced to rely upon the oral tradition, unreliable at best, and what we might glean from spirits. As we are sure you're aware, spirits are self-serving and conniving. They will tell you whatever they feel is most to their advantage. Thus, one must employ appropriate skepticism in regards to any knowledge they feel fit to bequeath upon mortals."
  11. "What we know with a high degree of confidence is that there was once a civilization in Northern Pidjata which built large cities primarily out of mudbrick. Stone was only rarely employed, and only in their greatest monuments. One might still find some of the remnants of their structures when wandering near the city of Apejo, which we believe sits on the site of their former capital. We likewise know that they were capable of imprisoning spirits and using their essence in the creation of immensely powerful artifacts."
  13. "Beyond that, we can only theorize. The Al-Hikars were probably a powerful nomadic tribe but we've also heard that they were actually a vast tribal confederation, only some of which were blessed by the gods. We've heard that they were not blessed by the gods at all but rather altered their forms through enchanting, though we find this theory particularly unlikely. We have alternatively heard that it was Srsti who blessed them and Srsti who imparted knowledge of imprisoning spirits upon the northern kingdom, but Srsti by this point had already subsumed Prthvi and subsequently been banished to the Gods' homeland."
  15. "If we could perhaps attain some concrete, physical proof of the existence of the Al-Hikars and the artifacts this northern kingdom created we might be able to say with more certainty what occurred those many thousands of years ago, and though we know of seven ancient vaults likely created by the Al-Hikars following their war against the northerners, we have never been able to open any of them. We have tried everything from digging in from outside to disassembling the enchantments on the doorways, but each attempt has failed. Often disastrously."
  17. "Supposedly the key to the vaults is the armor of the Al-Hikar, which should be stored in the Imperial Vaults. However, we have searched those vaults from floor to ceiling and inspected each and every suit of armor stored within but none have been the armor we seek. Some among us theorize that it may not actually be a suit of armor, but rather some sort of metaphor. Others think it is hidden away somewhere underneath the Imperial Vaults, which were reconstructed based on the designs of the original following the catastrophic collapse of a runic array. We are not certain."
  19. Enchanting with Spiritual Essence
  20. You rub your bare chin contemplatively. "Has anyone ever managed to replicate the feats accomplished by that ancient northern kingdom? Enchanting with the essence of imprisoned spirits, I mean."
  22. "Not that we're aware of." The lowest head ventures. "Though some theorized that the constructs the Rhynians created may have employed spirits in the process of their creation. The gems which contain the bulk of the enchantments which animate them seem to have many of the same properties as spirits, including the creation of a separate reality within the base reality when supplied with sufficient power. However, all our own attempts to enchant using spiritual essence have inevitably ended in failure and many a good enchanter has died in the process due to insufficient caution."
  24. The Three Stooges
  25. They mentioned that they simply call all void creatures regardless of status 'Servants', but the three skeletal figures which seem to be spectating your life spring to mind as entities of neither the void nor base reality. "Can all non-mortal entities be classified either as servants or spirits? I ask because I can think of three creatures which could be exceptions."
  27. The lower mouth splits yet wider, nearly impossibly so. "Would these three creatures happen to be skeletal imitations of mortal form dripping golden nectar from their shattered skulls?"
  29. So they know of them after all? "Yes, that's them exactly. I've taken to referring to them simply as the Three, for I've never seen them separated. They seem to have taken an interest in me, specifically. To the point of granting me favors to which they demand repayment. They seem mostly interested in pursuing their own amusement."
  31. The lowest head adopts an even, sagely tone as it begins to speak. "Their names are many, but we all know them. They have variously been called the Gallery, the Trio, the Triarchs, and the Manes. Any name is as good as any other, they never seem to give themselves any titles."
  33. "From what we have been able to glean in our research they were originally creatures from outside of the Gods' creation, here before the gods entered this realm. We do not fully understand why they now dwell within reality and are not hunted by the Servants, but we believe that they have formed some form of pact with the gods. Their form is likely merely a facade, or if not it is certainly not how they originally appeared. Beings from beyond the Gods' creation are rarely corporeal, and when they are their physical forms do not follow any sort of rhyme or reason."
  35. "They seem amicable. They have aided all races of mortals at various points throughout history. They helped the Dragons against their first war with the Dwoveth, and were known in that time as the 'Bufoiak', or the Jesters in the draconic language. They aided the first King of the Elves in his uprising against dragonkind, and the genocidal hunt that followed. They aided the Dwoveth in their conquest of Elven lands and the Rhynians in their subsequent war against the Dwoveth. They have even aided us in our defense against Rhynian invaders."
  37. "In essence they have been involved in some small way in each and every major conflict to plague Mundus since before recorded history, and they have always been on the side of the victors. Some of our numbers contacted them and established a pact, a pact which stated they would aide us in assuring that the most talented Samjan vatis reach their full potential. Unfortunately it was the case that their aide often took rather unorthodox forms, sometimes appearing as sabotage. Regardless, it is a relief to find that they honor their obligations still after all these centuries."
  39. Void Creatures
  40. Speaking of unwanted intruders. "What's the best way to deal with void creatures? I noticed when I was investigating that sanctuary a glowing plane of light, which I presume to be the experimental barrier, dissolved the vague outline of my mortal form my soul constructed around itself whilst I traversed the Void. Would Earth magic be something I ought to look into?"
  42. The Chimera shakes its upper head while the lower simply frowns. "Earth magic would most likely simply slide off of any Servant, regardless of which layer of reality they originate in. The Servants are the creations, directly or indirectly, of the Gods themselves. Though it is true that over the eons the power of the average servant has degenerated, and that those which exist today can be effected to some limited extent by vys, it still stands that fighting them physically is the best method of getting rid of them."
  44. "We recommend that you look into Nature magic. The core of a void creature appears to an experienced Nature vatis as a void, a place without any magical presence. This is their equivalent of the soul, and to us it appears lacking. We believe that their core is derived from the same overall source as our own souls, that is the heart of Surya, but that in the process of crafting what we think of as Servants the Gods transmuted their divine shards into a separate substance. Likely to protect them from the trials they will face combating creatures from outside of creation."
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