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Apr 4th, 2019
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  1. Swing for the fences: All players get on Faggio Scooters in an enclosed small area. Rhino Tank drives in and tries to destroy the scooters by crushing or swinging the gun barrel but not shooting.
  2. Surprise Motherf*cker: Using a cargobob, drop a Rhino tank into an area of heavy fighting on a public server while off the radar.
  3. Hooker War: Everyone gets a hooker into a car, then you have a demolition derby and the last hooker alive wins.
  4. Mountain Biking: Load your mountain bike into the back of a truck, drive the truck up north to the trails and ride around.
  5. Cycling: Grab a cycling bike from your garage and head out to the curvy roads up north, ride in formation and following traffic laws.
  6. X-Games: Get a BMX bike and head to one of the skateparks, after a practice session to create your runs, each competitor will perform and the judge decides who wins.
  7. Hood Rat Shit: Dress as gangsters, drive in lowriders, do drive bys, hydraulics and rap contests, etc.
  8. Driving miss Daisy: Two players steal a car, one player gets in the back by holding F, then the driver lets the NPC owner of the car take him out, then runs away. The owner of the car should eventually get back in and drive off with the second player in the back seat.
  9. Submarine expedition: Use a cargobob to collect a submarine and bring it to a location, there are three submarine spawn points on the map.
  10. Jihad: Dress as terrorists, use ghost organization, place sticky bomb on a crappy car or rebel truck. Drive slow and with traffic, then aggressively steer into other players, detonate and yell, "Aloha Snackbar!"
  11. Formula Drift: Tuner cars, set up a small course with good turns. Judge the winner by Speed, Style, Angle and Line. Race in pairs, player 2 staggers the start one car length behind player 1. Passing player 1 while drifting is an automatic victory.
  12. Explore: The mine shaft with dirt bikes.
  13. Pool Party: Wonder around expensive neighborhoods jumping fences to look for pools.
  14. Explore: Try to find a place you have never been.
  15. Explore: The southern boat docks.
  16. Car meet: Choose a class and a location, preferably an open interior such as the garages south by the docks or the firehouse.
  17. Burning Man: Party in the Sonoran Desert, bring light up clothing, cars with bright lights, form a big circle, set off fireworks, dance, shoot off flares, and make a big fire in the middle.
  18. Hide and seek: Go to the construction floor in the skyscraper downtown, and start the hide and seek vip challenge here.
  19. Zombie Attack: Dress up as zombies, turn on ghost organization and sneak up on a small group of people then attack with fists or melee weapons.
  20. Alien Attack: Dress up as Aliens, turn on ghost organization and try to probe players with long objects such as the bat or pool cue.
  21. Tandem Skydiving: Grab a jet and jump out together, if everyone slows their decent you can join together and try to create a diamond shape in the sky.
  22. Improvised turreted limo: Grab a truck (Guardian works), one player jumps in the truck bed and shoots their minigun as you drive around.
  23. Jet ski race: Go the boardwalk near the ferris wheel and race the jet skis.
  24. Miami Vice: Go to the hollywood film set and turn on Most Wanted VIP challenge, or get 5 stars.
  25. Prison Riot: Go to the prison and turn on Most Wanted VIP challenge.
  26. Fight club: Find a good location, two players drink pisswasser beer until they are drunk, then take bullshark testosterone. Fight to death.
  27. Smoking Kills: First to kill themselves with cigarettes wins.
  28. Don't drink and drive: Get wasted, drive your un-armored cars as fast as you can until someone dies or falls out of their car.
  29. Train Robbery: Run along a train and jump on, or find a station where one stops. Set bounties on eachother and entice other players to chase.
  30. Subway Surfers: Go to a subway and when the doors close it's an all out brawl.
  31. Distance Sniping: Travel away from eachother and see how far you can shoot eachother from.
  32. RPG vs Hydra: The player in the Hydra isn't allowed to shoot and only does fly-bys, the other player stands on something tall and shoots an RPG to take down the Hydra.
  33. Car Jump: Find a low car, one player tries to jump over it as it's driving. Increase speed gradually.
  34. Ruiner Jump: Jump a Ruiner 2000 over a Titan.
  35. Wedge Battle: Ramp Buggy and Phantom Wedge demolition derby!
  36. Monster Truck Show: Players grab monster trucks, can block a highway to get a lot of cars lined up on both sides, then race over them in an oval pattern.
  37. Monster Truck Sumo: Create an arena, first monster truck out loses.
  38. Take a Dump: Grab Dump Trucks and try to get into the city.
  39. Captain Ahab: Spawn a tug boat and have a party on it, "I'm on a boat" by The Lonely Island should be played.
  40. Night at the Roxbury: Ghost organization, try to find a player and thrust on both sides of them, trapping them between you.
  41. Cop Chase: Player 1 chases Player 2, Player 2 is only allowed to use their worst pistol.
  42. Pit Maneuver: Grab a cop car, use ghost organization, attempt to pull over other players, box them in and pit maneuver them, shoot them and then tell them to stop resisting.
  43. Mission Playlist: Create a playlist of 3 missions you have never completed. (escape, jobs, missions)
  44. Motocross: Bring dirt bikes out to the motocross tracks up north and race.
  45. Mansion Pool Party: Find a mansion with a pool, you can only kill by serving molotov cocktails.
  46. Fire run: Draw a line with your jerry can, light it on fire, run through the fire and try to make it to the other end.
  47. Thelma and Louise: Go to the Thelma and Louise Easter egg, go online to find the location and time.*
  48. Ghost Hunt: Find the Ghost easter egg, go online to find the location and time.*
  49. Grease Lightning: Find the drag race easter egg at the Canal, go online to find the location and time.*
  50. Control Tower: Take over control of the military base control tower at Fort Zancudo. Then attempt an escape in the jets.
  51. Hollywood: Using the movie set at the movie studio, create a short movie in rockstar video editor with friends.
  52. Amusement Park: Enjoy an hour at the amusement park without weapons, people watch, ride the ferris wheel, look at the games, and use dirt bikes to ride on the rollercoaster.
  53. Orange Ball: Use a rocket voltic or super car, first to knock the orange ball off the top of the building wins.
  54. 007: Sky dive to the dam, first person to grab the second parachute at the dam and jump off wins.
  55. Get laid: First to pick up a hooker and get laid wins. (Kill other players hookers)
  56. Pablo Escobar: Using a dodo or cuban 800, fly a shipment of cocaine out to the Lighthouse. Claude will be out back watching his man bitch tend the garden. Destroy all pumpkins.
  57. New discoveries: Search around until you find something you've never seen before.
  58. Cliff diving: Pick any cliff, dive off of it, and have the other player mark where you landed. Switch positions, whoever lands furthest away wins.
  59. Parkour: In a neighborhood, design a parkour race between you and friends.
  60. Murder Scene: Set yourself up just outside of a commonly visited place, dress up as a murderer and stand over a body stabbing it until someone notices.
  61. 911: Threaten to call the cops, then do it. Dial 911 on your phone.
  62. Improvised Savage: Start the ruiner 2000k vip work "Fully loaded" Pick the ruiner up with the cargobob and enjoy 20 minutes of unlimited missiles.
  63. Cargobob attack: Attempt to steal other players cars and throw them in the ocean.
  64. Git gud: Attack the highest level player in the game.
  65. Kidnapping: Befriend a player, take them to a secluded location then murder them.
  66. Regretful spending: Two players enter the strip club, whoever spends the most wins, must complete all activities inside.
  67. Noob TV: Call a mugger and merryweather mercenaries on a low level player, then watch what unfolds from the comfort of your living room television.
  68. CEO Assasination: CEO chooses which player to assasinate, then watches from living room and gives instructions to associates.
  69. Suicide Vest: Place a sticky bomb on the center of your associates back, off radar, detonate them as they get close to another player.
  70. Stunt man: Jump over a running helicopter or multiple helicopters.
  71. Electrician: Go to the power station and climb on top of a transformer.
  72. Grenade tag: Players get in cars, first to get destroyed loses.
  73. Vinewood: Fist fight on top of the vinewood sign.
  74. Daily Objectives: Complete them if you don't do this often.
  75. Oil Rodeo: Find an oil pump and ride on top of it like a cowboy.
  76. Frogger: Pick a busy part of the highway and take turns running across it. First to get hit by a car loses.
  77. Car tag: Create an arena and play car tag.
  78. Boat Cruise: Everyone get a boat and go for a cruise through the canals.
  79. Helicopter Bumper Bobs: Everyone gets in helicopters and then tries to crash into eachother in the air, last one flying wins.
  80. Deadpool: Hover a helicopter over a swimming pool and see how far you can dive from and still survive.
  81. Belly Flop Competition: Find a pool with a roof nearby, contestants jump from the roof and try to land on their stomach.
  82. Skyscraper Demo Derby: Use cargobob to place unmodified cars on top of the skyscraper of choice, whoever explodes first without falling off wins.
  83. Surfs up dude: Try to ride a wave by standing on the front of a jet ski or boat, unfortunately a driver will be needed.
  84. Base jump dude: Find the tallest point within a 100 meter radius and base jump from it.
  85. Top Gear Challenge: Three players choose three un-armored cars, modify the cars with only $35,000, then the players will hold events until a car breaks down and they are declared the winner. ; i.e. drag race, circuit race, rally race, rock climb, ramping, two wheels, rollover test, etc. until one of the cars break down.
  86. Mt. Chiliad Destruction: Start at the top with an undamaged car of your choice. Set a waypoint at the bottom of the mountain, the most damaged car wins.
  87. Boaterbobbing: Use a cargobob to pick up a boat with other players as passengers, climb a mountain and drop the boat down the slope.
  88. Blacked out: Get drunk off of pisswasser, line up near a highway, race in the wrong lane against opposing traffic. First to crash into a car loses.
  89. Faggio bmx: Drive your faggio scooter to the skate park.
  90. Bike Baseball: One person with a baseball bat tries to knock off others on bikes as they ride past.
  91. Red Light Green Light: Players line up on one side of a field, one leader on the other side of the field. The leader will say green light and turn away from the group, when the leader says red light they turn around and anyone caught moving is killed. First person to make it to the leader wins.
  92. Mt. Chiliad Wingsuit: Jump off of Mt. Chiliad and lean back slightly, try to make it to the bottom of the mountain without pulling your parachute.
  93. Mt. Chiliad Rock Fall: Drive down Mt. Chiliad very slowly with brakes on, last person to flip or make it to the bottom wins.
  94. Movie Quotes: Everytime you kill a random player, you must say a movie line over the mic.
  95. Secret Santa: Gift a tank or other pegasus vehicle to a random player.
  96. Protect and serve: Find a player or group and protect them from everything, including things that aren't dangerous.
  97. Boba Fett: Set bounties on everyone in the party, crowd together in a location, and announce the location to the server. Last one standing wins.
  98. Drowning: Push cars at the heliport into the water.
  99. Deep Sea Diving: Find a location in the ocean, the person who swims the furthest down and makes it up alive wins.
  100. Motorcycle Melee: First person to kill a player with a melee weapon from their motorcycle wins.
  101. Motorcycle Joust: Two players line up opposite of eachother, with melee weapons they ride at eachother, loser is the one who falls off or dies.
  102. Advanced motorcycle joust: Two players line up opposite of eachother, with sawed off shotguns they ride at each other, first to die loses.
  103. Windmill kick: Everyone climbs to the top of a windmill, last one standing on the platform wins.
  104. Cops vs Robbers: Robbers get a 10-20 second head start in their car, police chase the robbers and stop them, cops can only shoot if the robbers shoot first. Stop the robbers from getting away.
  105. Paratroops: Gather up players and jump out of a plane, immediately pull chutes. Other players in jets, planes, and helis try to kill the paractroopers. Paratroopers are allowed to shoot back.
  106. Fly By: A few players stand on a tall mountain, everyone else grabs a plane and performs fly bys for the players on the mountain. Last plane standing wins.
  107. Cargobomber: Add sticky bombs to a car, lift the car up with the cargobob, find a victim and drop the car on them, then blow it up.
  108. Prey: Choose a victim, hunt them like an animal. If they see you and run before you kill them, you lose.
  109. Bus Blockade: Grab buses and block off the entrances of popular places, such as LSIA or outside of common office garages.
  110. High Times: Everyone smoke weed, then start a point to point race.
  111. Whomping willow: First person to get a car stuck in a tree wins.
  112. Bodybuilder fight: Start a fist fight with bodybuilders at the beach gym.
  113. Titanic Titans: Everybody grab a titan plane, choose one player on the map and fly the Titans into them one by one.
  114. Golf: Play 9 holes.
  115. Faster than you: Create a race course in your apartment or office, get drunk and have two players race.
  116. Television: Watch an entire episode with friends on your TV.
  117. Lets all go to the Movies: Go to the movie theater and watch a movie with friends.
  118. Photographer challenge: All players have 10 minutes to take a picture with their phone, best picture wins.
  119. Slow-mo: Record a video and try to make as many things happen in a few seconds as possible, open in rockstar editor and slow the moment down.
  120. Assassin: Make up something to get a player into a secluded location. Say something random, then murder them when they least expect it.
  121. Crowded bathroom: Convince your team to get in the same bathroom, then stand infront of the door so they can't get out.
  122. From Dusk till Dawn: Go to the strip club, after everyone is in, one player in a vampire mask must try to kill everyone in the strip club. Players in the strip club can only use melee weapons.
  123. Jet Psyche: Fly a jet high above, cross players paths multiple times with your jet and watch them panic.
  124. All terrain vehicle: Grab some ATV's and take them out to a trail or fun location.
  125. Rock Crawler: Everyone grabs their favorite lifted off road vehicle, find difficult rocks to climb and create different challenges.
  126. Summit: Hike to the top of Mt. Chiliad on foot.
  127. Graffiti artist: Use bullets, tire marks, and the jerry can to draw a picture on the ground and take a picture from above.
  128. Surprise Sticky: Get a car, open the driver door and place a sticky, drive around and pick up a player, jump out of the car and detonate.
  129. Movie chase: Start a point to point race, players must use the cinematic view (R).
  130. Threading the needle: Jump from a plane or building, try to make it through a pre-planned hole before pulling your chute.
  131. Le Mans: Line up cars next to eachother, all players get out and cross the street. Start a point to point race, throw a grenade and when the grenade explodes, everyone runs to their car and the race starts.
  132. Drunk Le Mans: Line up cars next to eachother, all players get out and cross the street, and pisswasser beer til they are drunk. Start a point to point race, throw a grenade and when the grenade explodes, everyone runs to their car and the race starts.
  133. Sniper team: Find a tower and shoot all players who drive by.
  134. Unrecognizable: Start ghost organization, walk by players without them noticing as many times as you can.
  135. Rob all stores: Using a Swat van, armored cop van, or armored boxville steal from as many stores as possible before dying. (shoot the registers if no clerk)
  136. Firefight: If there is a large group of people fighting, see how many times you can drive down the street without being killed.
  137. Jonestown: With a group of players, commit mass suicide in front of someone.
  138. Creepy Stalker: Send messages out to players, fall in love with the first person to respond and never leave them alone.
  139. Dank meme: Find something funny on the internet in game.
  140. Street Performer: Find a street performer near the beaches or pier and watch their act.
  141. Ego booster: The first person to get a compliment from an NPC wins.
  142. Wrong Way Selfie: Take pictures of random NPC's to see their reaction.
  143. Motorcycle Parkour: Using a motorcycle, create a course and jump over walls and other objects by performing a wheelie.
  144. Train Heli: Land a helicopter on a train.
  145. U mad bro?: First to piss off an NPC or cop without firing a weapon.
  146. Baywatch: Run together through the shallow water, dry off in a bonfire.
  147. Passive Bastard: In passive mode, drive towards players and jump out of your car so the car runs into them.
  148. Exhaust fumes: Draw a line with a jerry can from a gas station to the exhaust on your sports car, use the flame from the exhaust to light the trail.
  149. Monster Jam: Using a monster truck, block cars on the highway. After you have a good traffic jam, run over them with your monster truck.
  150. Drivers ed: Get in a car with a friend, the passenger will deduct points from the driver for every real world infraction they make. Start at 5 points and start a timer. Longest to keep their points before hitting zero wins.
  151. Prius power: Using an electric vehicle, sneak up on a player using off the radar or ghost organization, then run them over repeatedly.
  152. Red light race: Find an NPC at a stop light in a sports car. Pull up next to them and rev your engine. Race the npc when the light turns green.
  153. #$&! this car!: Beat up another players car with a baseball bat.
  154. Follow the leader: Follow an NPC for as long as you can.
  155. Blood sprayer: Kill an npc, place your cars wheels on them and do a burnout. Anyone standing behind should be sprayed with blood.
  156. Ka-knee: Only shoot police in the knee and do not kill them, see how long you can survive.
  157. People watch: Go to an interesting location and people watch.
  158. Gas trail: Shoot the tank of a car until gas leaks, slowly drive the car away as someone lights the trail of gas.
  159. Wake up!: Drive around neighborhoods at night making as much noise as possible to turn lights on inside houses.
  160. Vinewood Tour: Find a vinewood tour bus near Hollywood stars, climb aboard and enjoy the tour.
  161. Gossip girls: Find hookers and listen in on their conversations.
  162. Gang Initiation: Drive around with your lights off, kill any NPC that flashes their lights at you.
  163. Golf Ball Collector: Dive into the water at the golf course and explore.
  164. Kumbaya: Join a circle around a bonfire at the beach and listen to the conversations / music.
  165. Peeping tom: Walk through backyards in neighborhoods and listen to people inside.
  166. Ghettofabulous: Walk through the ghetto until you get shot.
  167. Scavenger Hunt: First to find and murder a red head wins.
  168. Scavenger Hunt: First to find and murder a man in a suit wins.
  169. Scavenger Hunt: First to steal a red car wins.
  170. Scavenger Hunt: First to kill a fatty wins.
  171. Scavenger Hunt: First to find a Pfister comet wins.
  172. Weapon battle: SNS pistol only.
  173. Weapon battle: Sawed off shotgun only
  174. Weapon battle: Marksman Pistol only
  175. Weapon battle: Axe only.
  176. Weapon battle: Knives only.
  177. Weapon battle: FISTI CUFFS
  178. ​
  179. P.S. - I originally made this list about a year ago for an App called GTAV Roulette, but it was eventually banned from the play store by rockstar/google. Some of the stuff is outdated, some you have seen before and most will require more than 1 person to have fun. Hope you all can find some good use out of this! Enjoy.
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