Breakfast - The Festival of Lights

Mar 24th, 2014
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  1. >You are Shimmer Light.
  2. >... You have to get back.
  3. >Today's streets are especially packed because of tonight.
  4. >The Festival of Lights...
  5. >You hate the Festival of Lights.
  6. >Everyone is always rushing around the market, making your trip more hectic than it needs to be.
  7. >And you always have to go to the market on this day.
  8. >No matter how many times you check over things, you still have to buy something.
  9. >For example, you once broke your mop, another time you ran out of bread, then that one time...
  10. >Every year.
  11. >Luckily, you're on your way back to your house to lock yourself away from the world.
  12. >Like always.
  13. >It doesn't help the streets will be brighter than the sun once night falls.
  14. >You pass by many different moths on your way back, most of them not being interesting enough to note.
  15. >Though, you do notice the chubby one with the foals.
  16. >The angry little foal is being obnoxious, like always, while the purple one is being unaware and the orange one is being... calm in comparison.
  17. >Calm in general, actually.
  18. >"Dandelion wants to stay up all night for the Festival!"
  19. >The fat mare looking over then shakes her head.
  20. >You can't stand to look in her direction any longer, your eyes might rot out.
  21. >"Staying up all night isn't good for you."
  22. >You hear a collective "Aw..."
  23. >"Miss Butterscotch..."
  24. >"Yes, Poppy?"
  25. >"Who's that mare?"
  26. >... She might be talking about you.
  27. >You're walking away from them at this point, so you can't subtly glance to check.
  28. >"I... don't know..."
  29. >You're sure she's saying more, but you can't hear her anymore.
  30. >That's fine, they'll never interact with you anyway.
  31. >...
  32. >The rest of your journey had only minor glances to moths you slightly recognized, like the peach one and the yellow one.
  34. >However, you didn't see Hexferry.
  35. >That means she's probably going to leave her house as you approach it.
  36. >You're almost home, meaning it's only a matter of seconds.
  37. >The street is empty here, since it's so far away from the center of the village.
  38. >And...
  39. >Her door opens.
  40. >Fantastic.
  41. >She walks into your path.
  42. >That's fine, you'll go right. You don't need to-
  43. >She moves back into your way.
  44. >Okay, everything's good, you'll move left and-
  45. >She's doing this on purpose. She isn't letting you pass by.
  46. >You're quite angry now, but you won't let it show.
  47. >You ready your wings to fly over her.
  48. >She does the same.
  49. >She's looking directly at you.
  50. >...
  51. >You stop a meter away from her.
  52. >The two of you stand in silence.
  53. >You can't really talk right now, you have a bag of groceries in your mouth.
  54. >So you stare at her.
  55. >"Hey, what are you doing tonight?"
  56. >... You really hope she isn't serious.
  57. >You don't react.
  58. >She doesn't look embarrassed or scared, she looks neutral.
  59. >"You're always so alone, maybe we could spend the Festival together."
  60. >She's serious.
  61. >You don't react.
  62. >She's surprisingly still calm. You expected her to have lost her will to pursue you by now.
  63. >"We don't have to be near anyone else, they're too loud anyway. Wouldn't it be nice to spend some time with someone for a change?"
  64. >... She's implying you care in the slightest about anyone besides yourself.
  65. >You don't.
  66. >"What do you say?"
  67. >...
  68. >You move the bag so you're now carrying it with your right hoof.
  69. >Your expression doesn't change as you stare her down.
  70. >You close the distance between you.
  71. >Her eyes are only inches from yours.
  73. >Her composure hasn't left her.
  74. >...
  75. "No."
  76. >You turn away and continue toward you house, passing by her as you put the bag's handle back into your mouth.
  77. >You're almost to your door, the last you'll see of the outside world before being shut away for the night. You are almost-
  78. >Hexferry lands in front of your door.
  79. >Her cool air is very obviously gone. Her expression now matches yours.
  80. >Anger.
  81. >"Why not? Is it so wrong someone wants to be with you? I just want to get to know you, maybe become good friends with you!"
  82. >... You can hardly believe this.
  83. >She's spouting more stupidity than you've ever heard in the same five seconds.
  84. >That shouldn't even be possible.
  85. >You're not going to take any more of this.
  86. >You place yourself beside her, put your hoof on her side, lean away from her...
  87. >And put your entire body's force into shoving her away.
  88. >She certainly didn't see it coming, because she flew like a pebble being thrown.
  89. >She squeaks in surprise as she sails to the side of your house.
  90. >You don't look at her, you only look at your door as you open it, walk in and close it behind you.
  91. >Unfortunately, that doesn't stop Hexferry.
  92. >She pounds her hooves on your door.
  93. >"What is your problem?!"
  94. >You move into the kitchen.
  95. >"Do you react this way to everyone who tries to get near you?!"
  96. >You place the bag next to the refrigerator.
  97. >"Maybe that's why you're so alone!"
  98. >...
  99. >That one didn't even have any effort behind it.
  100. >Whatever, she'll go away eventually.
  101. >You have a day and night to spend inside away from everyone else.
  102. >Needless to say, you had a much better time than you would have it you'd spent any more time with Hexferry.
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