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  1. Well if you are reading this then i have either decided to shoot up the mall or the cops have released this to the public after busting me.
  2. If you were expecting a long rant about the usual stuff on how shooters came to be like bullying, being a nazi, not having luck with girls etc then you have found the wrong place my friend because my reason for the rampage is very basic. My reason is that i just want to go out with a bang and be remembered for years to come since the media never stops talking about these mass shootings.
  3. Let's face it folks, people often remember you for all the bad things you have done like lying or cheating for example rather than the good things you have done on life.
  4. As for the reason why i have chosen roosevelt mall for the location of the shooting is that it is filled with a ton of people. Just to make it clear i have no anger or frustration for the mall itself or the possible fatalities, sorry for the inconvenience in advance.
  5. Hopefully this auto-5 will do the trick but it hasn't been used in about a decade if i recall correctly.
  6. I guess this is the end of my "manifesto" if you can even call it that.
  7. Goodbye.
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