Lorelei's Inventory

Jan 29th, 2019
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  1. Lorelei's Inventory
  3. ******Note: This Inventory is Not kept up-to-date on a job by job basis, and will only be updated during relevant periods with the character.******
  6. Equipment:
  7. ---------
  9. Sweet Shades (Humor +2/Intimidation -2)
  10. Business Shades (Intimidation +1)
  11. Happy Sundress (Humor +1/Otherworldly -1)
  12. Business Suit (Intimidation +2/Humor -2)
  13. Feather Boa (Humor +2/Plainness -1)
  14. Bentley's Gloves (Hothead +1)
  15. Cute Black Hat (Humor +1/Plainness +1)
  16. High Quality Rucksack (Plainness +1)
  19. >‘Solar Warrior’ outfit- A combination of a sunny yellow jumpsuit, with matching arm bangles and helmet with visor. It’s...kinda superhero ish, but you suppose in the right vein and with the right attitude, it could be something a bit more threatening. It’d definitely get attention, though. And you get an excuse to do POSES!
  21. >Adjusted Stats:
  22. >Intimidation: C
  23. >Humor: B
  24. >Otherworldly: D
  25. >Hothead: C-
  26. >Plainness: E
  28. >‘Killer Spy’ outfit: it’s actually pretty basic as far as suits go, being a skin tight spy suit one piece, with no room for extra leggings or whatnot. It has a nice pair of wickedly cool thin black shades to go with it, though! No questioning who you are or what your intentions are with this one, and any boys better look out, ‘cause you’re gonna be smokin’ hot!
  30. >Adjusted Stats:
  31. >Intimidation: B+
  32. >Humor: C-
  33. >Otherworldly: D
  34. >Hothead: D
  35. >Plainness: D-
  37. >Bell of the Ball, ‘Miss Masquerade’ outfit: this one is all about the creepy funny, and has you in a jester outfit and mask, complete with hat and pantaloons. Definitely something where the longer people hang around you, the more creeped out they get. On the other hand, anyone whose unsuspecting will probably be rolling at any jokes you say.
  39. >Adjusted Stats:
  40. >Intimidation: D
  41. >Humor: A
  42. >Otherworldly: B-
  43. >Hothead: C+
  44. >Plainness: E
  46. >‘Mysterious Woman’ outfit: Yet another classic. this one's more for when you want to come off as someone who has high class, but a mysterious background. It's complete with a leather jacket, wide-brimmed hat, and even a feather boa alongside some really nice high heel shoes. You'll be able to blend in wherever with this one, and they may not even know you're coming!
  48. >Stats:
  50. >Intimidation: C+
  51. >Humor: C-
  52. >Otherworldly: E
  53. >Hothead: D-
  54. >Plainness: B+
  56. Weapons:
  57. ---------
  58. -Elemental Stone Pistol
  59. -Shotgun
  60. -Machine Pistol
  61. -Tripwire
  62. -Fiber Wire
  63. -Dagger
  64. -Surgical Needles (20)
  65. -Cat Claws
  66. -Tazer
  67. -Dart/Tranquilizer Pistol
  68. -C4 Explosive Bricks (x5)
  69. -9mm Pistol w/ Silencer
  70. -Butterfly Knife
  71. -Bag of Marbles
  72. -Hand Activated Flares (x5)
  73. -Thermal Paste (x2 bottles)
  74. -Cutting Torch
  76. -Grambol and Smythe 338 Bullpup Submachine Gun
  77. A particular weapon she got a while back on a job in a modern magical dystopia. Her usual methods of extraction proving insufficient, she nicked this off a guard, and the vicious application of force proved to carry the day. It's louder than she tends to prefer in guns, and has a nasty habit of overheating, but that's only because it fires uranium tipped .454 caliber rounds. Nonetheless, she doesn't actually enjoy using it, and considers it a weapon of last resort...when she remembers she has it at all.
  79. -'Molly' Pistol
  80. A .45 weapon she got from a trip to a magical western world, she quickly ended up killing the previous owner of this with his own weapon, and has found the engravings to be adorable.
  82. ---------
  84. Other:
  85. ------
  86. -Small 5-Crystal Pack (150 Mana * 5)
  87. -Bag of Holding
  88. -Murmur Stones
  89. -Water Jar
  90. -Poison Jars (x2, 10 refills per jar)
  91. -Pepper Stone x 2
  92. -Heavy Duty Tranquilizer Ammo (3 magazines, 12 Rounds per)
  93. -Smoke Bomb x 5
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