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  1. Round 10: Open mansion & library, everyone get shotgun, gold leggings, everyone at library corner before boss spawns
  2. Round 11-18: P1 courtyard, P2 mansion, P3 library (leggings side), P4 library (shotgun side)
  3. Round 19: Open dungeon, everyone buy sniper + iron chestplate & rush their opposite side (p1 dungeon, p2 library, p3 mansion, p4 courtyard)
  4. Round 20: Rush the wither and clear the zombies after
  5. Round 21-29: Buy power, p1 great hall, p2 mansion, p3 library, p4 dungeon
  6. Round 22: THIS ROUND ONLY: Switch the position in order to get all perks (Extra Health, Quick Fire, Fast Revive): p1 dungeon, p2 library, p3 mansion, p4 dungeon
  7. Round 26: Corner at team machine and wrath the last wave
  8. Round 30: Everyone corner throne
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