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  2. Subject:        Hello, fellow Oakland commissioner!
  3. Date:   Mon, 17 Jun 2013 17:47:20 -0700
  4. From:   Michael Colbruno <michael.colbruno@gmail.com>
  7. Dear Fellow Commissioner,
  9. I have been honored to be named co-chair Mayor Jean Quan’s re-election campaign along with former Assemblymember Sandré Swanson. Like you, I felt privileged to have been selected by the Mayor to serve the great city of Oakland. Together, we have all contributed to the success of Oakland, which has been heralded in numerous national publications over the last three years. Our restaurants, neighborhoods, “green” policies, recreational opportunities and high-tech connectivity have all made various “Top 10” lists. The New York Times even named us the fifth top travel destination in the world.
  11. Mayor Quan has asked us each of us to contribute to this success as city commissioners. However, leadership comes from the top and she has been proactive in bringing new investment and business to Oakland, leading the reform of our police department and putting important public safety reforms in place, focusing on the economic engine at the Port of Oakland, creating transparency in city government and fighting to keep all three of our sports teams in Oakland.
  13. She has been dubbed the “Hardest Working Mayor in America,” which is no surprise to all of us who know her and who have worked with her on important issues. She recognized from day one that the challenges and opportunities facing Oakland need a full-time mayor and she’s committed herself to this job 24/7. The amazing results that we’re seeing don’t occur in a vacuum, they are the result of vision, leadership and implemetation of a vision.
  15. As someone who has seen these positive changes in Oakland first-hand, I’m asking you to join me in supporting Mayor Jean Quan in her bid for re-election, both by pledging your support and donating to her campaign. This is the best way that each of us can reward her for her hard-word in making Oakland a world-class city.
  17. Please send your contribution to Re-Elect Mayor Quan 2014 ID#1354678, 2201 Broadway, PH-1, Oakland, CA  94612. Please email FloydHuenOakland@gmail.com to pledge your support, so that we can list you as an endorser.
  19. I hope that we can count on you!
  21. Michael Colbruno
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