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  2. Session Start: Fri Feb 11 00:00:01 2011
  3. Session Ident: #17thlegion
  4. 05[00:00] <~ToriEM> "Where the hell is it firing from?"
  5. [00:00] <Freya_B> "Shit."
  6. [00:01] <@Arceonnn> A smaller jeep like neuroi slides down the mountain, running parrallel to the group.
  7. [00:02] <@Arceonnn> Another descendes from the other side, lasers blazing as well.
  8. 05[00:02] * ~ToriEM prepares herself for any incoming beams
  9. [00:03] <@Arceonnn> They didn't come, two shots could be heard behind Tori as the other tanks fired their cannons.
  10. [00:04] <@Arceonnn> Whistling past her a shot buries itself into back of a neuroi spinning at incredible speeds.
  11. 05[00:05] <~ToriEM> "That's one way to do it..."
  12. [00:05] <@Arceonnn> It torques the entire jeep off its tracks ripping a large spiral into its structure and blasting it behind them in a spray of shrapnel, metal, and neuroi bits.
  13. [00:06] <@Arceonnn> The other shot sheers straight through the remaining neuroi, a blast of dust flying into the air right in front of the neuroi.
  14. [00:06] <@Arceonnn> It falls into the distance as the company speeds away exploding behind them.
  15. [00:06] <@Arceonnn> "One more for my record!"
  16. [00:08] <@Arceonnn> They speed forward for a little more, before the large dual shots are seen again curving downward at the group.
  17. 05[00:10] <~ToriEM> "Incoming!"
  18. 05[00:10] * ~ToriEM prepares herself once again
  19. [00:10] <@Arceonnn> The tanks this time however, brake almost immediately, letting the shots bombard the area directly in front of him, "Hostiles spotted."
  20. 07[00:10] * Freya_B speaks quietly to herself, "3... 2..."
  21. [00:11] <@Arceonnn> Dirt and rock are thrown upwards from the ensueing bombardment, and Hammond's tank was only shortly away from the entire blastwave.
  22. [00:13] <@Arceonnn> Dust clearing, a very large neuroi could be seen in the distance, its cannons aiming directly upward.
  23. [00:13] <@Arceonnn> Dual barrel assemblies sat on the front, and another tank began rocketing toward the group, "Well, I'd suggest hopping in your strikers now!"
  24. 05[00:14] * ~ToriEM jumps right into her strikers and starts up the mighty Churchill MK VII engines. A loud, powerful roar of them can be heard in the surrounding area.
  25. 05[00:15] * ~ToriEM quickly slings her Besas over her shoulders and takes her QF 75mm, loading up a round in the process.
  26. [00:15] <@Arceonnn> "Alright girls, enemy is about three kilometers out. Seems to me like they somehow have artilery now."
  27. [00:15] <Freya_B> "Got it."
  28. 05[00:16] <~ToriEM> "Roger."
  29. [00:16] <@Arceonnn> "How is beyond me. We also got two small tanks and a medium sized one heading our way. I want you three to take them out and let us get a clear shot at the X-Large one."
  30. [00:16] <@Arceonnn> "Watch out for the artillery fire, Victoria, I'll leave that issue to you."
  31. 05[00:16] <~ToriEM> "Yeah, no problem. Got my strikers on."
  32. [00:16] <@Arceonnn> "We'll try to provide fire, but we'll be moving around avoiding that cannon ourselves."
  33. 07[00:19] * Freya_B hops into her Hummel tank strikers, and as she does her familiar features appear, of which resembles a leopard's ears and tail.
  34. 05[00:19] <~ToriEM> "Frey, Sabby, I'll be taking point. Stay behind me until ye two can get good shots off."
  35. 05[00:19] * ~ToriEM moves on forward
  36. 07[00:20] * Sabana_Watts hops in to her Striker and grabs her Small 2 Pounder gun, "Ah little John I missed you."
  37. [00:20] <Sabana_Watts> "Tori I'm not built for the offensive but I'll try."
  38. 05[00:21] <~ToriEM> "We just need ta focus on the small grunts."
  39. 05[00:21] <~ToriEM> "Unless ye have a suggestion on how ye fight."
  40. 03[00:22] * Arceonnn changes topic to 'Secret Tank Witches RP channel| Freya, Neuroi, Sabana, Neuroi, Tori, Neuroi'
  41. 07[00:22] * Freya_B gets her mp-40 and picks up her Howitzer
  42. 03[00:22] * Arceonnn changes topic to 'Secret Tank Witches RP channel| Freya, Neuroi, Sabana, Neuroi, Tori, Neuroi, Unit'
  43. [00:25] <Freya_B> "I'm ready!" she said as she launches off the back of the tank and positions herself behind Tori
  44. 07[00:26] * Freya_B is at the position that she should be
  45. [00:28] <Freya_B> (retcon)
  46. 07[00:28] * Freya_B keeps Tori between her and the neuroi
  47. 07[00:30] * Sabana_Watts hops down from the tank making sure she isn't jumping into someones drive path before wheaving between them to get behind Tori.
  48. 07[00:40] * Freya_B gets into position and aims her Howitzer toward the medium neuroi
  49. [00:41] <Freya_B> "Eat steel!" she growls as she fires a round toward the enemy tank
  50. [00:42] <@Arceonnn>  The shot rockets toward the the the medium tank but misses completely. The round drops quickly burying itself and detonating in the ground just past the tank.
  51. [00:42] <Freya_B> "Damnit."
  52. [00:43] <@Arceonnn> The tank itself swerves around Tori, attempting to get a clean shot on the would be assailant, and peppers the air with lasers.
  53. 05[00:44] <~ToriEM> "I don't think so wanker!"
  54. 05[00:45] * ~ToriEM leans backwards, going full reverse before she twists around. She positions herself between Freya and the Tank and raises her shield.
  55. [00:45] <@Arceonnn> The lasers are reflected ever which way.
  56. [00:45] <@Arceonnn> The neuroi itself puts itself on full reverse, sliding up the slight slope of the valley
  57. [00:46] <@Arceonnn> It positions itself about half a kilometer away
  58. 07[00:49] * Sabana_Watts swings left from behind Tori using her speed to get as close as Tori is to the Smaller Neuroi closing in albiet far on Tori's left. She brings up her Cannon and fires at the smaller neuroi.
  59. 03[00:52] * Arceonn ( has joined #17thlegion
  60. [00:53] <Arceonn> The cannons skim the neuroi, throwing it off course briefly. The second shot buried itself in the front end, damaging but not killing the small quick beast.
  61. [00:55] <Arceonn> The neuroi counters with lasers of its own right, along with the other smaller neuroi approaching Tori.
  62. 08[00:55] * @Arceonnn ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  63. 05[00:59] * ~ToriEM deftly raises her left hand and blocks the laser with her shield.
  64. 07[01:01] * Sabana_Watts starts to quickly zig zag in an attempt to dodge the laser but one however clips her right arm, Over the radio she says "Argh I'm clipped I'm clipped."
  65. 05[01:01] <~ToriEM> "Fall back behind me."
  66. [01:01] <Arceonn> "I'll have a look at that later~!"
  67. [01:01] <Arceonn> A voice rings up over the radio with a wee bit of enthusiasm.
  68. 05[01:02] * ~ToriEM swerves past the Neuroi that attacked her and spins around so that she's got the back side of it in her sight. She raises her cannon and let's out a howl, pulling the trigger.
  69. 07[01:03] * Sabana_Watts mutters to herself "OH why me?! I'm a scout not combat unit like these lot."
  70. [01:04] <Arceonn> The shell itself misses the neuroi by a hairs marigin, but alas does no damage, burying itself behind it.
  71. 05[01:04] * ~ToriEM positions herself back to her previous position
  72. [01:06] <Arceonn> The X-Large raises its cannons once again, moving forward ever so slightly, a red glow could be seen in the distance building up on its cannons.
  73. [01:08] <Arceonn> At that point several of the unit tanks charge up to the witches, taking advantage of the confusion the witches have caused so far.
  74. [01:09] <Arceonn> A shell is fired on their right, the roar of the cannon echoing in the valley. It whizzes toward X-Large, burying itself into the front of the neuroi.
  75. [01:09] <Arceonn> It doesnt seem to even phase it slightly. The radio blurts open, "Sarah, we're over three kilos from it, what the hell did you think that would do?"
  76. [01:09] <Arceonn> "Ehm. . ."
  77. 07[01:11] * Freya_B immobilizes herself and deploys her Howitzer as she aims upward and over toward the same medium-sized tank
  78. 07[01:13] * Freya_B fires her weapon
  79. [01:16] <Arceonn> The shell explodes from the barrel, sending dirt flying into the air in a circle around here. She's driven back into the ground ever so slightly, making a small indent into the softer dirt.
  80. [01:16] <Arceonn> It whistles in the air for a moment before descending onto the tank, just offcenter.
  81. [01:16] <Arceonn> It explodes not far off to its left, buffeting the entire monstrosity. It lets out a roar of pain as its side armor is torn away in the blastwave.
  82. [01:17] <Freya_B> "Fick ja!"
  83. [01:17] <Arceonn> The neuroi now impaired on this side turns slowly to face Freya, its cannon racketing down to aim.
  84. [01:17] <Arceonn> Bouts of lasers explode from the tip, at disparate angles, the shell did a lot more than rip away armor.
  85. [01:19] <Freya_B> "Oh, you want to play, don't you?" she says with a grin as she raises a shield against the laser barrage
  86. [01:20] <Arceonn> The barrage somehow deflects at an odd angle from her shields, nicking the armor ever so slightly.
  87. 07[01:27] * Sabana_Watts speeds up the left hand valley side till she can't go up any further. Stablizing herself using gravity and the inmovable valley side she lets off a stablized barrage of fire at the already damaged small neuroi before using gravity once again to speed down the valley side and get back behind Tori.
  88. [01:29] <Arceonn> The fire barrage plicks off the side armor of the damaged neuroi. A high pitched scream is heard echoing in the valley as the neuroi stops dead in its tracks.
  89. 05[01:30] <~ToriEM> "That's more like it."
  90. [01:30] <Arceonn> The deafening blast of a laser is heard shortly afterward.
  91. [01:31] <Arceonn> If one could make a 'pew pew' boomy and bass heavy, the X-Large just did as a shot is volleyed off in the distance.
  92. [01:31] <Arceonn> It begins arcing high in the air.
  93. [01:32] <Freya_B> "What the..." Freya says as she notices the arcing from a distance
  94. 05[01:32] * ~ToriEM takes note of the shots and moves over to Freya, trying to drag her along
  95. [01:33] <Freya_B> "Thanks, Tori."
  96. 05[01:34] <~ToriEM> Using all her might, she scrambles to cover with Freya
  97. 07[01:35] * Sabana_Watts speeds away using all her possible magic, she knows this attack isn't somethign she or anyone is built for
  98. 07[01:36] * Freya_B goes to cover with Tori
  99. 05[01:37] <~ToriEM> "Tch..."
  100. [01:37] <Freya_B> "Damnit..."
  101. 05[01:38] <~ToriEM> The direct impact on her shield was more fierce than she had anticipated. Only being able to use one hand severly impacted her shield ability. The blast knocks her on the ground.
  102. [01:39] <Freya_B> "Tori!"
  103. [01:39] <Arceonn> The shot rips through the remainder of the shield, the concussive force doing most of the damage, rather than burning.
  104. 05[01:42] * ~ToriEM manages to stand up again, covered by dust and a burning desire to wreck the hell out of that Neuroi. The shemagh manages to keep most dust out of her lungs.
  105. 05[01:42] <~ToriEM> "Bloody fucker, just you wait until I'm done with you!" She shakes her cannon in the direction of the Neuroi.
  106. 05[01:43] * ~ToriEM looks behind her. "How are ye two doin'?"
  107. 07[01:44] * Freya_B manages to dodge it, but her clothes, on the other hand, are pretty much destroyed. Her sleeves and a bit of her jacket are hanging off of her body, and her bra seemed to have been snapped in two.
  108. [01:45] <Freya_B> (RETCON: no dodge)
  109. 07[01:45] * Sabana_Watts is not directly hit by the attack force but she is flung quite a distance by the attack force and bounces as she hits the ground resulting in several grunts of pain over the radio.
  110. [01:46] <Freya_B> "I think I'm doing fine, but ... damnit all."
  111. 05[01:46] <~ToriEM> "Cover yerself up will ya."
  112. 05[01:47] <~ToriEM> "And leave the small fries to us, see if ya can blast a nice big hole in that wanker over there."
  113. 07[01:48] * Freya_B tries to cover herself up the best she can with what she has, a few pins here and there should do it for now...
  114. [01:48] <Freya_B> "Got it."
  115. 05[01:50] * ~ToriEM gears over to the light tank Neuroi and strafes by, unleashing hell in its side. She positions herself higher up the valley afterwards
  116. [01:52] <Arceonn> The exposed side of the tank proved an easy target as the shells bury itself into its much weaker armor.
  117. [01:52] <Arceonn> The neuroi lets out a final scream before hunkering down slowly and exploding in the distance.
  118. 05[01:52] * ~ToriEM radios. "Confirmed medium Neuroi down."
  119. 05[01:53] * ~ToriEM loads up new rounds
  120. [01:54] <Sabana_Watts> "Urgh I'm not mean for this..."
  121. 05[01:54] <~ToriEM> "Buckle up Sabby, we're not done yet."
  122. 07[01:55] * Freya_B continues to stay behind cover while she waits for the right time to strike
  123. [01:55] <Arceonn> The X-Large once again begins charging up a shot in the distance whilst the final smaller neuroi blasts past the group into the tanks.
  124. [01:56] <Arceonn> (Well the pristine one)
  125. 05[01:56] <~ToriEM> "Small Neuroi incoming."
  126. [01:56] <Arceonn> It fires barrages left and right, until finally it manages to damage one of the tanks, the tank skidding to a stop and to the side, "GODDAMNIT."
  127. [01:57] <Arceonn> The tanks spread out for a moment before firing barrages onto the neuroi in a moment of fury.
  128. [01:57] <Arceonn> At least the tanks that could spread out, several of them were rendered immobile already from the X-Large's cannon.
  129. [01:58] <Arceonn> Dirt and neuroi chunks fly into the sky as the small neuroi is reduced to ash, "Alright, one down. . .there goes the shots. . ."
  130. 07[02:00] * Freya_B gets up again and redeploys her Howitzer, aiming up and towards the X-Large neuroi tank.
  131. 07[02:02] * Freya_B carefully adjusts her aim as she figures out the best place for it to hit, and without a moments notice she fires an artillery round square for the tank neuroi
  132. [02:02] <Freya_B> "Eat steel!!"
  133. [02:04] <Arceonn> The shell flies off into the distance landing square on the turret of the neuroi.
  134. [02:04] <Arceonn> The blastwave of the shell jostles its aim for a second just enough for it to release its payload and overshoot the entire company.
  135. [02:05] <Arceonn> The lasers bombard the area behind them sending rocks sliding down the valley sides.
  136. [02:05] <Arceonn> The brief rock-lanche pinches the valley's opening behind them, leaving them very little space to move backward.
  137. 07[02:09] * Sabana_Watts speeds ahead of the company taking a wide left route around the small damaged Neuroi and starts to circle it, knowing to be careful she attacks from a distance with speed as her defense.
  138. [02:10] <Arceonn> Well. It didn't last long, the shells ripping the already torn neuroi apart.
  139. [02:11] <Arceonn> "Alright, small fry taken care of. Damned artillery took most of us out. Hammond and Matthias are still operational completely."
  140. [02:11] <Arceonn> "Girls I want you to escort those two up close enough to unleash hell on the bastard."
  141. [02:11] <Arceonn> "Freya, you can stay behind and provide cover fire."
  142. 05[02:11] <~ToriEM> "Just lemme spearhead."
  143. [02:12] <Arceonn> "We'll try ourselves, but this distance isn't something beneficial."
  144. [02:12] <Arceonn> Another voice rings up, Abby this time, "Oh and we'll get you a new uniform too!"
  145. [02:12] <Arceonn> "Hah, I bet Foster doesn't mind!"
  146. [02:13] <Freya_B> "Got it!"
  147. [02:13] <Arceonn> "Shut up Reisen."
  148. 07[02:13] * Freya_B can't help but giggle ever so slightly
  149. 00[02:14] * Retrieving #17thlegion modes...
  150. 03[02:14] * ToriEM changes topic to 'Secret Tank Witches RP channel| FREYA, SABANA, TORI, UNIT, NEUROI'
  151. 07[02:18] * Freya_B calculates the distance in her head and adjusts her aim accordingly.
  152. [02:22] <Freya_B> The shell explodes from her barrel, sending dirt flying into the air in a circle around her. She's driven back into the ground slightly from the shot as she braced herself from the recoil.
  153. [02:23] <Arceonn> The shot is slightly off center. Seems the blast did more to her cannon than she thought.
  154. [02:23] <Arceonn> It lands on the side of the neuroi, driving a large hole into it.
  155. 07[02:35] * Sabana_Watts again drives up the unsullied Valley side to get a better shot at the larger Neuroi, putting her back flat against the valley side she stablises herself and fire at the Neuroi.
  156. [02:37] <Arceonn> The shots impact the side of the neuroi, plinking here and there but not doing much of anything.
  157. [02:37] <Arceonn> The entire group lies about a kilometer and a half from the X-Large, with only Sabana directly next to it.
  158. 05[02:39] * ~ToriEM stays in front of the group. She takes this moment of time to fire a shot at the X-Large Neuroi. Having loaded up an HE round, she aims slightly higher than usual. She assumes a stable position and aims for a moment before firing.
  159. [02:40] <Arceonn> The neuroi is huge, as in the shot falls short of its intended target and arcs down and hits the front 'plates' of armor.
  160. [02:40] <Arceonn> An explosion can be seen, sending bits everywhere, but once again not phasing the neuroi.
  161. 05[02:41] <~ToriEM> "Figures..."
  162. [02:41] <Arceonn> "Bit tougher armor than most of these type, lets see what our guns can do."
  163. 05[02:41] * ~ToriEM prepares herself for the surely incoming Neuroi counterattack and puts her weapon aside.
  164. [02:42] <Arceonn> The two tanks close in to about a kilometer before shots are fired in tandem.
  165. [02:43] <Arceonn> They bury themselves into the hull of the neuroi, one sheering a straight hole into the armor and emerging at an angle on the top of the neuroi.
  166. [02:44] <Arceonn> The other shot explodes in a glorious display of pyrotechnics and the blastwave is clearly seen even from that distance.
  167. [02:44] <Arceonn> The latter shot seems to damage the neuroi more as its cannon swings away from the impact zone and a low pitched scream is heard.
  168. [02:44] <Arceonn> It realigns the turret soon aftereward, however, and a red glow begins charging up again.
  169. 05[02:45] <~ToriEM> Tori can be heard yelling at it "It's what ye deserve ye big wanker!"
  170. [02:45] <Arceonn> "Its aiming for the immobolized tanks. I'd suggest leaving them right now fellas!"
  171. [02:45] <Arceonn> "Roger!"
  172. 07[02:52] * Freya_B redeploys and realigns her canon's trajectory slightly from her previous position, and blasts the shell from her functional-damaged canon, sending more dirt into the air around her, and is then pushed down into the ground slightly once again from the shot.
  173. [02:59] <Arceonn> The shot hits true, fracturing an entire cannon off from the neuroi. It drops sending white bits flying everywhere as it hits the the tanks front armor.
  174. [02:59] <Arceonn> It slides making a large mark across the entire front side before dropping onto the ground exploding in a mess of white and shrapnel.
  175. [02:59] <Arceonn> The neuroi screams and lowers its cannon, the charge expired.
  176. 05[02:59] * ~ToriEM follows up with a verbal assault. The battle spirit is rising to her head.
  177. 07[03:02] * Sabana_Watts decides to use her higher position to see if she can see anything notable around her looking at not just the Neuroi but the enviroment.
  178. [03:03] <Arceonn> The spray of the recent blast obscures the neuroi making only one thing apparent.
  179. [03:03] <Arceonn> It was hurting. And It was hurting bad.
  180. 05[03:05] * ~ToriEM loads up another HE round and advances ahead of the tanks, this time hoping to get a good shot off.
  181. 05[03:06] * ~ToriEM aims at the recently opened armor and fires.
  182. [03:07] <Arceonn> The shot hits the interior of the opened armor and causes a number of internal structural damage from the round.
  183. [03:07] <Arceonn> Another scream is heard, and soon afterwards the two front tanks skid to a stop and unleash hell upon the neuroi at optimal range.
  184. 05[03:07] <~ToriEM> "Tcch, a few roudns left."
  185. 05[03:08] * ~ToriEM moves herself in front of the tanks after they finish firing
  186. [03:08] <Arceonn> Explosive ordanance and armor piercing rounds turn the neuroi into something resembling swiss cheese, the scream a constant stream of noise for at least three minutes.
  187. [03:08] <Arceonn> The dust clears soon after the last shells are loaded and fired, the neuroi slowly collapsing under its own weight due to its massively weakend structure.
  188. [03:09] <Arceonn> Caving in on itself, the remaining cannon pierces the neuroi's own core destroying the entire beast outright. White pieces and bits fall and coat the valley floor, as the radio erupts with cheers and celebration.
  189. 05[03:09] * ~ToriEM is visibly enjoying the carnage happening in front of her.
  190. [03:10] <Freya_B> "Fick ja!"
  191. 05[03:10] <~ToriEM> "THIS is what I signed up for, this is what I came in for."
  192. 05[03:11] <~ToriEM> She then plops down on the ground, catching a breath.
  193. [03:12] <Arceonn> "Alright, head back here girls. Hop a ride on a tank if ya like. We'd love to come to you but our gears kind of a mess."
  194. 05[03:13] * ~ToriEM heads to Hammond's tank and undoes herself of the striker unit. Putting it on the back again.
  195. 05[03:13] <~ToriEM> "How are ye lot doing back there?"
  196. 07[03:13] * Sabana_Watts still up the valley side finally takes time to notice shes bleeding from her arm, "I miss my home..."
  197. 07[03:14] * Sabana_Watts then radios back in to Tori, "Coming to you now., I just got a small wound."
  198. 05[03:14] <~ToriEM> "Gotcha."
  199. [03:14] <Arceonn> The hatch pops open, Annie looking around. She sighs, "Ah. . ."
  200. [03:14] <Arceonn> "I got banged up a little. . .I don't know you lot manage to do it with minimal armor like that. . ."
  201. [03:15] <Freya_B> "I'm okay for the most part, heading back down as well."
  202. [03:15] <Arceonn> She scratches the back of her head, small horns popping out of the side of her head.
  203. 05[03:15] <~ToriEM> "We've been trained fer this." Tori pounces her armor plates. "This thing here helps as well."
  204. 07[03:15] * Freya_B mobilizes herself and rolls down to the others
  205. 05[03:15] * ~ToriEM unchannels her Corgi animal features and hops on the tank, finally having finished putting her gear away.
  206. [03:16] <Freya_B> (retcon)
  207. 07[03:16] * Freya_B goes over to the others
  208. 07[03:17] * Freya_B 's uniform appears pretty torn up, being held together in the front by a few safety pins
  209. 05[03:18] * ~ToriEM lowers her shemagh and wipes her brow. She then attempts to dust off her uniform. "Haven't had such a workout in a while."
  210. 07[03:18] * Sabana_Watts skates over the the others
  211. 05[03:19] <~ToriEM> "Oi Sabby, you alright?"
  212. [03:19] <Freya_B> "I'd have to agree with you there." (tori's prev. statement)
  213. 05[03:20] <~ToriEM> "Ye took quite the hit back there Frey, get that checked up with Abby when ye got the time."
  214. [03:20] <Arceonn> The tank skids to a stop on the main group.
  215. [03:20] <Arceonn> Abby was already out of her tank, running to them.
  216. 05[03:20] <~ToriEM> "Oi Abby, get er fixed up will ye?"
  217. [03:21] <Sabana_Watts> "I'm fine I'm just a bit bruised and I got a cut on my arm. Blast knocked me quite a distance."
  218. 05[03:21] <~ToriEM> "Blast got us good."
  219. [03:21] <Freya_B> "Mmhm."
  220. [03:22] <Arceonn> "Of course, Of course."
  221. [03:22] <Arceonn> She sets down the bag, pulling out a wad of medical supplies.
  222. [03:22] <Arceonn> She channels her familiar, a white wing and tail tuft popping out.
  223. 05[03:22] * ~ToriEM lets out a deep sigh as the adrenaline slowly leaves her body
  224. [03:22] <Arceonn> The wing settles down on her head, looking more like a hair-dec than a wing.
  225. [03:23] <Arceonn> "Alright, gonna fix up yer bruises, and bandage the rest."
  226. [03:24] <Arceonn> She settles down next to Sabana, almost immediately just pulling her jacket right down, revealing her shoulders.
  227. 07[03:24] * Sabana_Watts mutters queitly in spanish before sitting down for treatment
  228. [03:24] <Arceonn> "Lotta bruises on your back. . ."
  229. [03:25] <Arceonn> Her hands glow blue, and she runs it down her back mending most of the bruises.
  230. 03[03:26] * Helma01 ( has joined #17thlegion
  231. [03:26] <Sabana_Watts> "I'm not meant for this combat so i'm not surprised."
  232. [03:27] <Arceonn> Abby pulls Sabby's arm out of the sleeve bandaging up the minor cuts.
  233. [03:27] <Arceonn> "This'll sting a little."
  234. 05[03:28] <~ToriEM> "Ye'll get used to it Sabby."
  235. [03:28] <Arceonn> She dabs the wound with alchohol before finally wrapping it.
  236. 07[03:30] * Sabana_Watts grits her teeth for the alcohol before sighing, "I'd rather not get use to getting hurt."
  237. 05[03:30] * ~ToriEM laughs.
  238. [03:30] <Arceonn> "Oh, you'll be fine."
  239. [03:30] <Arceonn> "Alright, whos next?"
  240. [03:30] <Freya_B> "I am."
  241. 05[03:30] * ~ToriEM points at Freya. "Frey here."
  242. [03:30] <Arceonn> She slaps Sabby's arm lightly, before seemingly just setting her aside for the next vict- patient.
  243. 07[03:31] * Freya_B slips out of her strikers, her familiar dechanneling as she does and she goes over to Abby
  244. 05[03:31] <~ToriEM> "She needs sum covering up as well."
  245. 07[03:32] * Sabana_Watts gives an awkard laugh before going to sit on a tank.
  246. 07[03:32] * Freya_B blushes slightly
  247. [03:32] <Arceonn> Abby pulls off her own jacket, leaving her with only her white dressshirt and sets it aside, "Well it makes it easier for me to get to her wounds for now, no?"
  248. 05[03:33] * ~ToriEM moves her back against the turret, some of the bruises letting her know they are still there.
  249. [03:33] <Arceonn> She smiles, which prompts pretty much all the operators to turn away and duck away in the tanks, mumbling.
  250. 05[03:33] <~ToriEM> "Oi Abby, is there anyway for us ta clean ourselves?"
  251. [03:33] <Arceonn> Removing the remaining tattered uniform off her, she scans Freya's body for any notable wounds.
  252. [03:34] <Arceonn> "Hm? There are a few natural pools of water around here, s'bit cold though so I suggest learning how to warm it up."
  253. [03:34] <Arceonn> "Annie's pretty good at finding them so ask her, I think she already found one."
  254. [03:34] <Arceonn> She heals up any bruises, or at least alleviates the pain for the most part and wraps out the rest of the wounds.
  255. [03:35] <Arceonn> Dropping her jacket on top of Freya, Abby makes her way over to Tori, "Your turn."
  256. 05[03:35] <~ToriEM> While Abby is having her way with Freya, Tori looks away, she's not too fond of the sight. "Ah bloody hell, a variation besides cold would be nice."
  257. 05[03:35] <~ToriEM> "Got some bruises on my back and leg."
  258. [03:36] <Arceonn> "Mmhmm," she says dropping down and feeling up her leg for any signs of pain from her.
  259. 05[03:36] <~ToriEM> She let's out an "Ngg" as soon as Abby touches her upper leg
  260. 07[03:36] * Freya_B does up the jacket so then the others can turn back around, and so she wouldn't be as cold.
  261. [03:38] <Arceonn> She quickly heals this up before turning around and grabbing her shoulders, "You gonna get this off or should I?"
  262. 05[03:39] <~ToriEM> "I can do this myself thank ye very much." She reluctantly removes her upper clothing.
  263. 08[03:40] * Sabana_Watts ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  264. [03:40] <Arceonn> She smiles, and quickly patches her up, "All done!"
  265. 05[03:40] <~ToriEM> "Thank ye."
  266. 05[03:41] * ~ToriEM rubs her hand over the spots.
  267. [03:43] <Arceonn> The sun begins to descend into the distance, the orange glow basking the valley.
  268. [03:43] <Arceonn> "Ah. . ."
  269. [03:43] <Arceonn> Abby scurries back to her tank, "Well, we've got some actual blankets in the tanks, so choose whichever!"
  270. [03:43] <Arceonn> "Yer gonna need the sleep for tommorow by the way!"
  271. 05[03:44] <~ToriEM> "I can imagine..."
  272. [03:44] <Freya_B> "Mmhm..."
  273. 05[03:48] * ~ToriEM taps the tank she's sitting on. "I'll go with Annie here."
  274. [03:48] <Arceonn> Annie looks up out of the hatch, "Ah, okay."
  275. 05[03:49] <~ToriEM> "Don't mind me much, I'll be sleeping in no time."
  276. [03:49] <Arceonn> "Um, alright."
  277. 07[03:52] * Freya_B sets her strikers back to where they should be and goes over to Abby's
  278. [03:53] <Freya_B> "I'll go with Abby tonight."
  279. [03:53] <Arceonn> "Alrighty!"
  280. 05[03:53] <~ToriEM> "Good luck there Frey."
  281. [03:53] <Freya_B> "Thanks. G'night then..."
  282. 07[03:54] * Freya_B thinks to herself, "I wonder what she means by that..."
  283. 03[03:54] * ToriEM is now known as Might_Gaine
  284. 07[03:55] * Freya_B climbs up and descends into the tank
  285. 03[03:55] * Helma01 is now known as Aceofmaids
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