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May 9th, 2019
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  1. Introducing the NChi Coaching Program! At least two players will receive coaching sessions across the span of a month. During this month, the players will provide at least two interim reflections on their progress. The end of the coaching program will be marked by a $25 winner-takes-all exhibition match (format TBA; will at least be a BO5 and you will be allowed to call on your coach once during the set).
  3. Why? While there’s lots of general resources for improvement, it might be useful for people in NC to see players they’re familiar with receive advice. Similarly, it might also help to hear the advice given by stronger players/analysts they’re familiar with. Lastly, this helps provide content for the scene and increases our collective investment. Oh, and of course, the people who are coached will have resources they can always refer to that were personally relevant (and that were hopefully helpful).
  5. Who is eligible? Any and all players who have not been ranked in the last two years can be coached. Coaches can be anyone, but if you weren’t ranked, I expect some level of credential. Coaches must DM me. Candidates must submit a form here:
  7. Can you give more details on how it’ll all work? It’s hard to say what kinds of things people will be coached on; everyone’s needs are different and coaches have different things they’ll want to do. But I think the average NC player would most benefit from asking about not just gameplay elements, but ways to practice, their mindset and determining their goals/personal objectives.
  9. In terms of the actual mechanical operation of the program --
  10. Candidates need to:
  11. Produce content (either 250-word blog posts or a 2-3 minute vlog) once every week or two weeks, as a matter of personal accountability and public utility. The content should describe how they’ve tried to implement things from lessons, tournament reports, feelings about the game, etc. Essentially, a public journal.
  12. Stream or record their lessons (can be streamed via the coach) and post on YT
  14. Coaches need to:
  15. Provide weekly lesson
  16. Record their own assessment/have notes for the candidates to reflect on. These assessments will be given to the candidate after their exhibitions. This encourages the coach to provide consistent, constructive feedback and provides material to help them assess their own coaching performance.
  18. Schedule?
  19. 5/9 - applications open
  20. 5/17 - applications close
  21. 5/20 - candidates selected
  22. Week of 5/27 - first lessons
  23. 6/23 or 6/29 - end of coaching cycle/EXHIBITION
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