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Jul 19th, 2019
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  1. Q1) Introduce yourself. What is your Roblox username, and what impact have you had on the community?
  3. My name is Johnny, but my online name is Ext3nd. I’ve been playing Roblox since 2015 on a bunch of older accounts in which I no longer use. I’ve haven’t done anything major for the Vesteria community, but I’ve been reporting players who break the rules as much as I can, I’ve even purchased Vesteria for a couple of players who can’t afford it! I’ve played plenty of RPGs since they’re my favorite genre, but by far, Vesteria is one of a kind. It’s unique from other RPGs as it’s not overly complicated. It’s sweet, simple, and to the point, making it a great game for hardcore and casual players. It truly raises the standard for Roblox games and it’s inspiring to see that plenty of developers are following your example and creating quality games of their own. The direction that Vesteria is heading looks bright, and I’m glad that I can experience the journey.
  5. Q2) What drives you to want to have a more important role in the Vesteria community?
  7. I’ve been a huge fan of Berezaa’s work and Vesteria is by far my favorite ever since I pressed play. It was different from the other Roblox games and created some of my favorite memories. Not to mention the amazing people I’ve met through here! I will admit that I did fall out of the game sometime during alpha, but I’m glad that there’s been a huge amount of updates and features that it feels like a whole new game. My main drive to becoming a moderator is to help cut down spam and toxic behavior in the game and discord so others can feel the same joy and positivity I felt. I understand at times that the fanbase can be a chaotic mess, but I’m willing to help manage it as best as I can. The potential this game and community holds is astounding, but the main obstacle holding it back is the number of people who are abusing features or tricking other players. As a moderator, I understand the duty that I will have to hold and I’m willing to take on the task at hand.
  9. Q3) If there's one thing you could change about Vesteria, what would it be?
  11. If I could change anything about Vesteria, I would like to see some lore and a bit more balancing and some story. So far, the only lore we have is about why the scarecrows are alive. I’d love it if there were similar stories like that to explain why there’s living mushrooms and giant spiders in Vesteria, a simple story can really help immerse players in RPGs. I understand that the game is still in beta, but some things still need to be balanced and I hope that they’ll be corrected soon. For example, warriors can be easily overpowered by hunters and mages with better mobility. The double jump ability also needs to have a slight nerf, like a cooldown or costing some mana. Along with balancing, a bit of polishing of the AI is needed. Currently, it’s very easy to abuse the Terror of the Deep for large amounts of mushcoins, making it easy to buy rare items from other players which put proper coin collectors at a disadvantage.
  13. Q4) Extra Credit bonus question. Share anything you wish.
  15. I have experience in game dev, owning a studio group with over 200K place visits. I’m usually on during 3:00pm - 12:00pm EST, unless I’m busy with school or other important things. I truly believe Vesteria will be the starting point to Roblox’s path in professional game development, and I hope to become a part of the journey.
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