Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Glitch Explanations

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  1. Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Glitch Explanations
  3. How to videos:
  5. Barrel Clipping (JP version only)
  6. Prerequisite:  Barrel or Barrel Storage  
  7. The stored barrel commands allow you to turn Luigi into a Barrel when one is not available.  This also has a side effect of being able to swap between the Bros when you normally wouldn't be able to.  Due to the Japanese version's poor collision detection you can clip through walls horizontally by swapping the bros rapidly while Luigi is a barrel.  This glitch is not possible on the English version due to better collision detection.
  10. Sign Glitch
  11. Prerequisite:  Sign, Barrel Storage
  12. By using barrel storage to get a blank action command, a sign can be used to replace the action command with a "!".  This overwrites the action ID and allows Luigi to get Spin Jump.  Through manipulating the action commands with Spin Jump it is possible to get Firebrand on Mario, allowing for setup of the Action Command Glitch.
  14. Action Command Glitch  
  15. Prerequisite:  Firebrand, Small Mario and Luigi separated
  16. When Luigi jumps in front of small Mario in a specific way while Mario has Firebrand selected, the game attempts to assign Luigi a hand power which he doesn't have.  The screen will freak out if done correctly.
  18. This also assigns Mario a glitch Hammer.  By hammering Luigi and jumping back out, Mario will have High Jump.  While high jumping, Mario can cycle through Action Command IDs that are not standard, such as the barrel commands.  In the old route, this would also be used to temporarily assign Thunderhand to Luigi when he didn't have it.
  20. A lot of other things can be done with this glitch that are not relevant to the speedrun, but are amusing in their own right, such as making two Luigis.
  23. Luigi Hat Clip
  24. Prerequisite: Barrel Storage via Action Command Glitch
  25. This glitch needs to be setup with the Action Command Glitch.  While Luigi is barreled via storage, Mario can cycle through Action Command IDs like before until he gets High Jump.  There is a specific hammer command that allows Mario to hammer Luigi into the ground and cycle through all the Action Commands again (using a standard hammer command will not work).  Once Mario cycles to High Jump again and uses it on Luigi, it will keep Luigi in hat form.
  27. When Mario high jumps on Luigi when he is in hat form, Mario and Luigi end up occupying the same space which causes them to teleport because the game tries to separate them.  This can be manipulated by jumping in a specific way and can be used to teleport Mario and Luigi vertically to get to places that Barrel Clipping could not accomplish.
  29. This glitch is by far the hardest trick in the run to pull off and it has a decent chance of softlocking the game if done improperly.  This trick needs to be performed twice during the run, which makes Teehee Valley a pretty stressful part.
  32. Blueegee
  33. This is an animation glitch that occurs when you talk to NPCs while Luigi is in a barrel.  Luigi will turn dark blue and have brown clothes.
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