Sep 30th, 2016
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  1. Drakeon of Grangar
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Class: Witch
  4. Health 5/5
  5. Description: Born from the ashes of the great Ancient Dragon Grangar of the North, He came to Rin with very little except his crystalline armour and his mind, he seeks to know his destiny and realize why he is here.
  6. Talent: Persuasion; being born from Grangar, a very charismatic dragon- this Witch has a +2 roll for persuasion.
  8. Weapon: Emperical Crystalline Straight Sword- This sword, Born for it's master, was conjured with help from the ashes that rose Drakeon.
  10. Armoured Emperor's Robes: Silky Robes with chain-mail and Crystal Armour pieces where it matters, favors movement and channeling of energy over protection, but still has ample defense.
  12. Amulet of Frostbite: Gives a telltale Simmer of cold vapor and ice where it is present, and helps with Ice Magic.
  14. Skills:
  15. Simmer: spell; Spray a target with a quick load of unmixed
  16. chemicals. This skill does half damage, but has +1 for every other skill you have on recharge.
  17. Revolving Drum: passive; When you critically hit, your
  18. next spell is Instant.
  19. Ice: A target hit by ice grants an increased crit range for the next turn (10 becomes 9+, etc); this ice effect does not stack. Ice spells can be used to chill and freeze objects and the environment.
  20. Dream Wine: instant, recharge 2, spell; In combat, the crit
  21. range for your next attack is increased by 2 (If your crit range is 10+, this makes it 8+). Can be used to show the thoughts of unconscious or sleeping beings outside of combat..
  23. Pack:
  24. Nothing, But doesn't necessarily eat, or drink, or sleep.
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