Mink DMMd re:connect Bad End Translation

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  1. Mink Dramatical Murder Re:connect Bad End:
  3. M: The holiest place of a human’s body. It’s the head.
  4. M: The soul dwells in the head, and if you protect it there is no way you can be taken in by demons.
  5. A: What, are… you saying
  6. M: I can smell the same scent that I have coming from you.
  7. M: Always in the shadow of death and the destruction of life.
  8. A: !
  9. M: To be with that existence at the end is at the least some sort of salvation.
  10. A: Mink… hey
  11. M: I will take you along. Your… soul.
  12. A: No, Mink! Let go! Let me go…!
  13. A: Mink…!
  15. A: ….kuku
  16. A: kuku kukuku
  17. A: …Ahah. Ahahahahahaha
  18. A: Take along, where? Who.
  19. M: …
  20. I grab the hand of Mink’s that’s holding my hand and Mink looks at me with surprise.
  21. Holding his hand I lift my lips into a smile and look provocatively into Mink’s eyes.
  22. Mink’s eyebrows draw together in suspicion.
  23. M: …You
  24. A: What is it.
  25. M: …Who are you
  26. A: Ha? Obviously I’m Aoba.
  27. A: Well, truthfully, I’m the second one who came out while you were talking.
  28. M: ….
  29. Mink narrows his eyes.
  30. This isn’t reality.
  31. It’s the world that came about due to scrap… inside Mink’s heart.
  32. It’s the memories of the past that Mink is caught in. This situation.
  33. Truthfully I… until now the “reason” at the surface of myself was supposed to have cut away the chains on Mink’s past with scrap.
  34. But he failed.
  35. Because of that Mink was bound by the chains of his past and ended up breaking.
  36. Mink doesn’t have the ability to see me or anything in “the present” any more.
  37. Now, Mink’s heart has returned to his past.
  38. It means that I’ve been closed up inside of Mink’s heart.
  39. Aoba’s “reason” regretting failing at scrap so much that he dove violently away into his guilty conscience and cornered me.
  40. “Reason” became weak, so finally I, “instinct” was able to rise to the surface.
  41. Because I was always repressed by “reason” it’s like it finally happened.
  42. But it’s not like the effects of scrap will change because I’ve come out.
  43. Scrap is my power but all I can do is destroy.
  44. Of course there’s no way I can fix what’s been destroyed.
  45. Because I had interest in Mink.
  46. I wanted to touch this guy, who realized that there was another existence, “instinct,” inside Aoba and tried so hard to overpower it.
  47. That much is okay right?
  48. Because we can’t return to reality again anyway.
  49. About now our bodies are getting along well collapsed on the floor anyway.
  50. They won’t open their eyes again.
  51. I don’t necessarily think that’s good but, well, can’t change what already happened.
  52. I’m not frantic to live as “reason.”
  53. It’s possible that living in this world will be more comfortable.
  54. Because it’s a situation where everything is raw and nothing can be hidden.
  55. This world that is made up of desire is the greatest paradise for me.
  56. Even if it’s suddenly broken or taken away in a moment.
  57. A: What are you gonna do? With this?
  58. I pet Mink’s arm, which looks like it was about to strangle me, with both hands.
  59. A: Kill? Me?
  60. M: …
  61. A: It’s fine, even if you kill me.
  62. A: We can’t escape from here anyway.
  63. M: …right.
  64. I wonder if he means “that we can’t return to reality”.
  65. Or that “we can’t escape from the control and suppression that Toue has accomplished.”
  66. Mink nods at either meaning.
  67. Either is fine.
  68. Neither really matter to me.
  69. M: Even if I’m going to die, I’m going to protect…. Your soul so it doesn’t get polluted.
  70. A: …Haha
  71. The poet like words make me laugh.
  72. Deeply religious people are really interesting.
  73. Mink’s hard and no use but, people who are just drunk on religious on the surface of it seem like they would be interesting to destroy.
  74. Well, I guess I won’t have the opportunity to do that.
  75. A: That’s nice. You’re thinking it’s fine if you just have my head, right? I love that, that kind of thing.
  76. A: But you know, we’re just going to end here anyway.
  77. A: Therefore until the end… shall we play?
  78. I grab Mink’s arm and place his hand on my face.
  79. Mink doesn’t really resist and just stares at me.
  80. Just like a kiss, I bring Mink’s thumb to my mouth and bite it while I continue to talk.
  81. A: Either way we’re done for. Even if scrap hadn’t failed.
  82. A: “Aoba” couldn’t save you.
  83. A: Or something. The word save is a prideful and hypocritical word.
  84. A: Anyway, I couldn’t save you. Right?
  85. Whether Mink understands the meaning of my words or not he stays quiet.
  86. But if Mink’s heart is in the past… Then he must understand my words in the terms of being under Toue’s complete control.
  87. A: Originally you weren’t shackled by anything. You didn’t waver. Sure, you were closed up in your past but you never thought to escape from there.
  88. A: From the beginning you never had a will to live. You couldn’t think of anything other than dying.
  89. M: …
  90. A: That’s why the cage on your heart is thick (like the shackles are tight).
  91. A: Once you’d entered it your wings were completely bound and even I can’t slip away from that.
  92. These words are half truth, half lies.
  93. Because he is so self-sufficiently focused on “dying”, the chains on his heart are strong. I went in but was troubled.
  94. But that doesn’t matter right now.
  95. Because of that the fact that “I can’t escape” is wrong.
  96. I never had the thought to escape from here from the beginning.
  97. A: If we’re just going to end here like this… then at least, right?
  98. I throw off my jacket unnaturally slowly.
  99. Mink’s brows are furrowed deeper than before.
  100. M: It’s just like… you are speaking words like you yourself are the devil.
  101. A: …Devil?
  102. A: …Ahaha!
  103. Me a devil?
  104. That’s good. I laugh from my heart.
  105. As expected I hadn’t thought that far.
  106. A: That’s good. Really interesting. The one you want to protect is a devil.
  107. A: You said that you and I have something in relation, right?
  108. A: That we have the smell of living in death’s shadow and life’s destruction?
  109. A: If that’s so then you’re right on the dot. Doesn’t that mean that you are the same, in this case?
  110. A: Both of us following death like the devil, we won’t fall until we have to. …Right?
  111. M: ….
  112. Mink’s face warps in anger, and suddenly grabs my shoulders.
  113. He pushes me down and my back hits the ground.
  114. A: ch… You’re violent.
  115. I bear the pain as I look at Mink, his eyes flickering with calm fury.
  116. …No, this.
  117. What’s flickering in Mink’s eyes is hatred.
  118. M: Certainly, I may be a demon, wanting to use any method I can hold in my hands to attain revenge.
  119. M: However, You have no need to fall that far. That’s why, return it to me.
  120. M: “Aoba’s” soul.
  121. A: …
  122. A: …Ahaha ahahahahahaha!!
  123. A: “Aoba” is going to be possessed by a demon? Makes me laugh! Ahahahaha!!
  124. M: …
  125. A: ! Ouchh, ahahaha! Hahahaha
  126. M: …Be quiet.
  127. A: I… said it hurts!
  128. M: …
  129. A: Step away!
  130. The fact that Mink is taking it easy on me pisses me off, and I focus all my anger at that stomach.
  131. Not that I’m surprised but, his large frame barely moves when I hit him, even with all my strength.
  132. On the contrary, I end up being caught by the legs.
  133. A: Let go!
  134. A: Ga….!
  135. He hits me much harder than before and my vision fizzles.
  136. Bearing the pain as much as I can I grab Mink’s head and yank it towards me.
  137. Mink immediately pulls his body back.
  138. I allow that and then go in to bite Mink’s lips as hard as I can.
  139. A: ….Ha….
  140. M: …
  141. The taste of blood that pierces my mouth is Mink’s.
  142. When I lick and try to suck the place where I bit Mink’s lips I’m thrust away.
  143. A: ! Fufu fuhahah
  144. I turn to Mink who eyes me like a person he wants to kill and open my arms wide.
  145. A: Come at me. You want to protect “Aoba’s” soul, right?
  146. A: Then make me submit to you. It’s your prided, usual method.
  147. A: Break …me
  148. A: If you do, I’ll give you this neck.
  149. A: …Break me.
  150. M …Ah?
  151. A: Break me. I want to be broken by you.
  152. A: Even if you scatter me about, do it sloppily, or make a mess of me… anything is fine.
  153. M: ….Be quiet.
  154. Mink pushes me down with a deep groan-like sound.
  155. He pulls my hair hard and shocking pain runs through me.
  156. A: A! U a….
  157. That pain makes me raise my voice, and I laugh.
  158. That’s right. I waited for this.
  159. I don’t need half-hearted feelings.
  160. What I need is just the impulse to destroy.
  161. I pull Mink’s head towards me again and press our lips together.
  162. A: Ah gu… fu… n….
  163. I gasp through the pain and play with Mink’s tongue.
  164. I entangle Mink’s tongue in mine and bite it hard.
  165. M: …
  166. Mink tries to pull his lips away. I move away in that gap of space and hold Mink’s body down with both arms before kicking him.
  167. As if I made him lose his balance, he stumbles back a little. It’s like the roles are reversed like this… and I advance on him.
  168. I straddle Mink from above and grab his head in my hands.
  169. I press both of my fingers to his neck and press down slowly.
  170. A: This is revenge. I mean, you did this to me before.
  171. Mink spits out the blood collected in his mouth and smiles.
  172. Mink doesn’t even show a suffering face but angry with raw emotion his grabs and pulls on my arm.
  173. A: !
  174. Suddenly my body is pitched forward and shocking heat runs through my face.
  175. A: …
  176. He hits me, and light flashes behind my eyes. The world spins around me.
  177. As my whole world flickers, Mink looms over me again.
  178. The situation has reversed.
  179. My arms are pressed against the ground and I can’t move.
  180. A: Ku haha…
  181. …This is fun.
  182. It’s so fun, so fun that I end up laughing.
  183. Mink bites at my throat as I laugh.
  184. A: Ou….!
  185. A choking pain strangles me as he bites me like he wants to tear into me.
  186. Then he pulls my hair and without thinking I let out a loud voice.
  187. A: Ga… AAAAaaa!!
  188. M: …What are you crying for. Don’t you want to be broken.
  189. Mink mutters those words as I look up at him.
  190. That voice has no feeling in it.
  191. A: Uu gu… ah….haha
  192. A: I’m crying… cause I’m happy…
  193. Rather than from pain, I’m shaking in shock and Mink grabs my hair and bites it.
  194. A: Hi I AAhhh…!
  195. With one hand Mink lifts up my lower body.
  196. …It’s boring if it’s just like this.
  197. I can’t really say that just doing it is fun.
  198. I have to think up some kind of counter attack.
  199. I forcibly raise my head and bite Mink’s neck.
  200. I suck at the blood that runs when I tear at his skin and dig my knee into Mink’s groin.
  201. M: Tch…
  202. He clicks his tongue and then hits me with an open palm.
  203. A: Ku…
  204. My head lolls with the feeling that my brains are shaking inside of it.
  205. Mink strips me violently of my pants and underwear and flips my body over.
  206. In no time my face is pressed into the ground, my chin grinding into the soul.
  207. A: Gu…
  208. I hear the sound of clinking metal and shuffling cloth and Mink lifts my hips higher into the air.
  209. A: Ha…. Kuku
  210. It’s funny that just my ass is in the air. Imagining myself in that position makes me laugh.
  211. Mink doesn’t bother to prepare me in anyway and enters me with full force suddenly.
  212. A: U gu AAAaaa…!
  213. I don’t know if it’s muscle or bone, but I hear the sound of something grating inside of me.
  214. The feeling of being split in half makes my vision cut out.
  215. I can’t see anything.
  216. I just feel like my whole body is becoming one clot of blood.
  217. M: ….
  218. When he’s all the way inside, he starts moving with all his strength.
  219. It seems like Mink’s cock is rather hard and I can feel the pain from him thrusting inside of me clearly.
  220. A: What the hell… You’re cheerfully having an erection… Are you excited…?
  221. A: Because… you’re doing me and Aoba…?
  222. I turn around trying to see what kind of face he’s making, but he grabs my neck and forces my head down.
  223. A: Ah….
  224. M: ….Shut up. Or I’ll choke you first.
  225. A: Haha, it will be boring if you kill me as fast as that….
  226. Well, no matter what kind of excitement this guy is feeling it doesn’t really matter to me.
  227. Certainly, I’m so hard that I could go over the edge right now.
  228. It’s hard to think of this situation as anything other than fun.
  229. Even if he doesn’t touch me I feel like I could come.
  230. A: Ah haa… U ah… ah…
  231. My body loses strength as if it doesn’t care what happens to it, and my chin presses harder into the ground.
  232. If I don’t pay attention I’ll bite my tongue and fill my mouth with blood.
  233. The sound of my body scraping against the ground, and of my hot breathing.
  234. Those sounds reverberate, and I can hear the sound of screams from some faraway sky.
  235. Crying voices.
  236. The sound of guns.
  237. The sound of fire crackling.
  238. I can hear everything but it’s far away.
  239. Like there’s no sense of reality.
  240. The sight of the red fire burning the black sky flickers in my view.
  241. That’s right… This is inside of Mink’s past.
  242. It’s not like I forgot, I think I just spaced out.
  243. Inside of this never ending memory, only we are any different.
  244. We must look foolish… doing something like this in such a serious situation.
  245. For instance if it wasn’t reality.
  246. Suddenly feeling these foolish emotions, I laugh.
  247. But somewhere that laugh turns into a gasp.
  248. A: Ahaha haa… ah…
  249. A: I’m feeling the best right not.
  250. A: If I can feel this way at the end… You can have... my head or anything.
  251. M: …
  252. M: …Yeah, I’ll take it.
  253. Mink whispers those words without emotion and licks my neck.
  254. That wet feeling makes me shiver, and I twist my upper body trying to change my position.
  255. As though my actions are suspicious, Mink stops.
  256. As he does, to make sure that Mink doesn’t come out from inside of me I roll over.
  257. But he catches me in the act and it turns into him thrusting into me from the side.
  258. M: Don’t move on your own
  259. A: U ahh…
  260. A: Fu fufu… It’s like corruption.
  261. M: …What is.
  262. Feeling myself getting hard on my own my face warps into a laughing smile.
  263. A: Ha… ku fu ah… … haha… To think, that, we’re doing something like this, here…
  264. A: You understand…? That… this is like… polluting your past…?
  265. A: Your… important, holy… the past you originally didn’t want to know…
  266. M: …Shut up.
  267. Mink hits my face.
  268. I’m thrust into nausea by that fist that I can’t run away from.
  269. A: Gofu bu…. gu
  270. I hold back the urge to vomit as Mink holds my legs and thrusts into me from the side.
  271. Inside the dizziness and nausea the pain pokes at me…
  272. and makes me incredibly happy.
  273. My sighs mixing with gasps, I laugh in delight.
  274. A: Ua! A ku Aa!
  275. He thrusts into me from a strange position with me riding atop his thigh as he holds one of my legs.
  276. Gasping weakly I look at Mink and see him staring at me.
  277. Those eyes seem to be dyed red.
  278. Is it that the flames of the burning forest are reflected in them or…
  279. Mink’s rising passion.
  280. A: Ha…. … To you… this is just another way of purging the devil so you can get… “Aoba’s” neck, right…?
  281. M: …
  282. A: To me that, or anything… is fine though.
  283. Mink pauses as I say those words and opens his mouth as he looks at me.
  284. M: …I know that I’m cheating everything.
  285. M: The fact that I can’t return to reality, too.
  286. A: …Hee?
  287. ….He noticed it after all.
  288. Perhaps he thought that that possibility just didn’t exist anymore but…
  289. If he thinks he can return his heart to the past he’s wrong.
  290. The reason he never said anything in the first place though was because he already knew he couldn’t return to reality.
  291. Therefore I won’t do anything.
  292. I want him to be destroyed in this place.
  293. A: You had no intention to return from the start, huh? You…
  294. M: Just as you said if “Aoba” is going to fall into the abyss the only one who can return to the past or not is you isn’t it?
  295. A: Yeah. I won’t permit “Aoba” coming to the surface. I’ll crush him.
  296. M: If that’s the case then I will take you here.
  297. Mink stops moving and looks at me.
  298. Clear will dwells in those eyes.
  299. M: If you are going to be reduced to a devil in even reality then…
  300. M: I’m going to at least take with me the part of you where the soul dwells.
  301. M: Before “Aoba” completely disappears….
  302. M: Before you pollute “Aoba’s” soul.
  303. M: I will protect it.
  304. A: …Haha
  305. A: Do what you want.
  306. The things he’s saying are really strange.
  307. And they don’t matter.
  308. In any case I can’t help but want to come soon.
  309. I wrap an arm around Mink’s neck and proceed to reach down a hand to stroke my cock which is on the brink of going over the edge.
  310. I rub the clinging sweat and liquid from my cock onto Mink’s face with the palm of my hand.
  311. A: More than that… quickly
  312. M: ….
  313. Mink’s brow furrows in an instant.
  314. I thought he would hit me, but he says nothing and continues to thrust into me.
  315. I tighten my muscles as he pounds into me, making me feel like he’s penetrating deep enough to touch my organs.
  316. A: UAaa Ah! Gu fua ah…!
  317. M: …
  318. Mink’s sighs become disheveled as well and I can tell from the heat inside of me that he’s close to the end too.
  319. A: A Aa u UA…!
  320. He drills into me so hard it feels like he is literally tearing my body apart, and a sound like a shriek bubbles out of my throat.
  321. My vision flickers and I can’t tell what hurts and what feels good anymore.
  322. As the sound of skin hitting skin echoes, the shock of his hard, growing cock reverberates inside of me.
  323. M: ……
  324. Mink thrusts into me painfully and violently and grabs hold of my hair tightly.
  325. A: Hi hi…!
  326. He penetrates me, as deep as he can go.
  327. A: U kua A AAAaa…!
  328. Stinging pain shocks my whole body and I once again reach down to stroke myself.
  329. A: Ha Aa… ah…
  330. I squirm, moving so that my insides move around Mink and Mink nails into my hip bone hard.
  331. M: Ku….!
  332. Mink thrusts hard all the way into me and I can feel a hot, dribbling liquid fill me up.
  333. I tighten hard to extract every last drop from him.
  334. A: Haa haa… uah….
  335. M: ….
  336. Both of us don’t speak and we gasp, calming down.
  337. In that time the sound of screams and gun shots break through once again.
  338. A: ….
  339. I try to rise but collapse immediately.
  340. There are the after effects of pleasure but also the feeling of being bullied to the limit.
  341. I can’t call this sex. It’s just violence.
  342. But that’s fine.
  343. A: …Fufu.
  344. I laugh as I sigh and I reach out an arm to the ever quiet Mink.
  345. He’s been making a face as though he’s done the most painful thing… and I laugh.
  346. A: So, do it. Take my neck.
  347. M: …
  348. Somehow Mink has been holding a large knife in his right hand without me noticing.
  349. Since this is the world of Mink’s heart, it’s there because he wished for it.
  350. I’m not really surprised, and I look at Mink, all smiles.
  351. Mink gazes at me expressionlessly, and raises the knife over his head like it’s the most natural thing to do.
  352. There’s no fear, conflict, pity, or agony in his eyes.
  353. Well, of course. He’s finally getting his beloved “Aoba’s” head in his hands.
  354. …kuku.
  355. M: Somehow, I hope that I can guide your soul to god’s side.
  356. A: Which are you saying that to?
  357. A: Me? Or “Aoba”?
  358. M: …Somehow, I hope that your soul can be guided to a country of pleasure.
  359. …There’s no answer to my question.
  360. M: Somehow, I hope that god can save your soul.
  361. …In the next moment.
  362. He swings the knife down.
  363. M: …With this I can protect your soul.
  364. M: You soul will be together with me…
  365. M: Always by my side…
  366. M: Always….
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