[Action] Oppress by force

Oct 2nd, 2017
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  1. *This is a GROUP ACTION. You can choose several members from your guild who did not make an action yet to follow a designated leader from your guild. The amount of members who can follow the leader can't be higher than the combined amount of the leader's charisma+Leadership score.(for example; a leader with 1 leadership skill and 2 charisma points can have up to 3 followers (1+2))
  2. Group actions cost an action for each of the participating members(leader and followers), they can not do another solo or group action after at this turn.
  4. [Group Action]1. Oppress this region.
  5. You send a party of your guild members to oppress this region(specify which, must be one of your owned regions), which will result in a battle against all the able residents of this region. The amount of force you can expect to counter your oppression will be about 1/4th of the population in that region, equipped with simple weapons or tools.
  6. If you succeed, the region will be oppressed which will make it highly unlikely to rebel in the next 3 turns. However, this region will lose 2 points of happiness for their losses in battle (unless their culture is militarists, then they will remain happy).
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