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  1. A bit before the season started and during this season, I started noticing that our playstyle didn't mesh as well as it did before. I wasn't concerned at all in the beginning, so I didn't bother talking about it that much. During the season it made me more and more concerned. I was thinking it was my fault more and more, and started looking through all of our replays of our games, even the ones we won. I mentioned it during the season that we played way more scared than usual and you agreed that you played more back. I'm in no way blaming you for any of the losses that we've had, at all. It's a teamgame after all. But something I've noticed, the times we beat these good teams were when atleast 1 of us absolutely popped off, if none of us popped off, we lost every single time. I've asked multiple people to see what they thought aswell, I'm not gonna speak for them but I got their opinions for the way we played etc, made it easier for me to see the big picture. We got 3rd, It's insane but i've said it multiple times already, this playstyle wont work as good as it has in the past anymore. This is obviously one of the hardest things I've had to do ever in my career, but I honestly believe that things have to change with this team. I've spoken to both fantasy and mognus about it, mostly mognus of course. I'll let mognus have his own opinion on the matter. This is our job, I'm an extremely competetive person and I really wanna win, who doesn't really.. If a change has to be made, even if we're the bestest of friends, It will suck extremely much to make such a change, because its a really big change to be made, but I believe from the bottom of my heart that if we will have a chance for that trophy, a change HAS to be made.
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