Money KW domain or Brand Domain in 2020?

Sep 1st, 2020
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  1. Money KW domain or Brand Domain in 2020?
  2. So few years back money kw domain are extremely popular. So despite registering for years, just started managing and setting up last year, and there is some results for leads.
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  14. This is for a local biz, and this leads me to think in 2020 is it still worth the effort to continue? Or is it better worthwhile to restart a new brand-focused domain for local biz purpose?
  15. For long-term perspective, brand name definitely stands out? impression, etc. but just a pity the effort spent in the money kw domain. Or shld 301 it? what you guys thinks? thanks!
  16. brandable word that has the keyword?
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  18. backlinko
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  21. Brand domain anyday
  22. ?
  23. Both has it pros and cons. If it is exact match domain , anchor texts while link building gets tricky. On the other hand with brand domains you have more flexibility in planning the anchor text ratio.
  25. Times of EMDs and PMDs are long gone.
  26. Most of them have been abused in the past already, they offer almost no ranking benefit and you can easily get yourself overoptimized, considering you have your keyword everywhere and even your brand anchors are basically partial match.
  27. Stick with brandable domains, ideally with some power already and you will do well.
  29. I would go with brand domain. Scaling your business would be a pain if you would want to offer products from different category than your KW domain...
  30. By consolidating all product varieties onto one page, the customer is more likely to complete their purchase and, what do you know, higher conversion rates follow.
  32. Example 8: Use Additional Selling Features to Build Confidence
  34. This is a relatively new feature rolling out across the Amazon ecosystem. Everyone knows that DIY can be a frustrating experience.
  36. If you’re not into that type of thing or you’re unfamiliar with installing electronic devices, then the idea of installing a $229 doorbell may well deter you from purchasing a Ring product.Amazon Product Variation Installation
  38. Amazon offers an installation service to address this concern. That’s another excuse not to buy ticked off by the Amazon team.
  40. Amazon offer a range of similar features for other types of products.
  42. Product Listing Bullet Point Optimization
  44. This is the most influential part of a listing page, as well as your best opportunity to sell the product and overcome any concerns that may stop a user from purchasing.
  46. As Amazon advises, keep the copy concise and emphasize key benefits.
  48. Think of the bullet points as a consultation with the customer. You’ve got a short time period and limited space.
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