Rincewindl Nov 22nd, 2019 84 Never
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  2. BattleBorn1143Today at 23:28
  3. Nothing yet?
  5. RincewindlToday at 23:30
  6. Nope sorry ;w;
  8. BattleBorn1143Today at 23:31
  9. He must have been very busy this past week
  11. RincewindlToday at 23:31
  12. Mhm... incredibly...
  14. BattleBorn1143Today at 23:31
  15. ... Ok... :(
  17. RincewindlToday at 23:31
  18. sorry...
  20. BattleBorn1143Today at 23:32
  21. ... I hate having this feeling that he might not want me...
  22. and that he told you not to tell me...
  24. RincewindlToday at 23:35
  25. No.
  26. He dosen't lie.
  27. I'll add this entire thing to your file.
  29. BattleBorn1143Today at 23:36
  30. I try and ignore them because I really really want to serve him, make him happy so his smile never goes upside down... Love him and cuddle with him when he needs me, let him use my body like a sex doll, let him cum on my food and force me to eat it, and just being by his side... That's all I want
  31. Of course there are other things I want to do with him but I don't want to see anything less because I'm expecting to much that to the point I go to that google doc and jack off to those pictures of those ladies and men getting fuck and pretending that I'm them
  32. I've never met him or saw him in person but I can't stand the fact that those thoughts are in my mind, I want them out , I don't want those thoughts at all... Not at all... I try and try to get rid of them and 98% of the time get over it but there's a couple of times I go and cry because I think that I'll never be able to find a master like Sachi
  33. and the thought of being accepted and then fucking up and being banished...
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