Form export for axle weight calculations

Aug 20th, 2012
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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  2. <forms version="1.7.dev1">
  3.     <form labelPlacement="top_label" useCurrentUserAsAuthor="1">
  4.         <title><![CDATA[Overbilt Motorcycle Hitch Calculations]]></title>
  5.         <description><![CDATA[Please enter some values and we'll do some math based on the calculations found <a href="" title="Overbilt motorcycle hitch calculations">here</a>.  Reference this Gravity Forms <a href="" title="Using Gravity Forms to calculate fields">help topic</a>.]]></description>
  6.         <confirmation type="message">
  7.             <message><![CDATA[Thank you for your numbers.  Here is the calculated load on your vehicle's rear axle: <strong>{Calculated Rear Axle Load:3}lbs</strong> or <strong>{Calculated Rear Axle Load in kg:5}kg</strong>.  Please compare that to the maximum recommended load for your vehicle.  Thank you for considering an Overbilt hitch.]]></message>
  8.         </confirmation>
  9.         <button type="text">
  10.             <text><![CDATA[Submit]]></text>
  11.         </button>
  12.         <fields>
  13.             <field id="1" isRequired="1" size="medium" type="number" numberFormat="decimal_dot">
  14.                 <description><![CDATA[We'll automatically add 460lbs to the weight, to apply the formula found <a href="">here</a>.]]></description>
  15.                 <label><![CDATA[Weight of Motorcycle in lbs]]></label>
  16.             </field>
  17.             <field id="2" isRequired="1" size="medium" type="number" numberFormat="decimal_dot">
  18.                 <description><![CDATA[We'll automatically add 23 inches to this length, to apply the formula found <a href="">here</a>.]]></description>
  19.                 <label><![CDATA[Vehicle Wheelbase in inches]]></label>
  20.             </field>
  21.             <field id="4" isRequired="1" size="medium" type="number" numberFormat="decimal_dot">
  22.                 <description><![CDATA[This number may be something like 120, to be used in the formula found <a href="">here</a>.]]></description>
  23.                 <label><![CDATA[Rear Axle to Receiver in inches]]></label>
  24.             </field>
  25.             <field id="3" size="medium" type="number" numberFormat="decimal_dot">
  26.                 <description><![CDATA[This is the formula we will use to determine this value:<br />
  27. A = Weight of Motorcycle in lbs + 460 lbs<br />
  28. B = (Wheelbase + Rear Axle to Receiver) in inches + 23"<br />
  29. C = Wheelbase in inches<br />]]></description>
  30.                 <label><![CDATA[Calculated Rear Axle Load in lbs]]></label>
  31.                 <calculationFormula><![CDATA[({Weight of Motorcycle in lbs:1}+460)*({Vehicle Wheelbase in inches:2}+{Rear Axle to Receiver in inches:4}+23)/{Vehicle Wheelbase in inches:2}]]></calculationFormula>
  32.                 <calculationRounding><![CDATA[2]]></calculationRounding>
  33.                 <enableCalculation><![CDATA[1]]></enableCalculation>
  34.             </field>
  35.             <field adminOnly="1" id="5" size="medium" type="number" numberFormat="decimal_dot">
  36.                 <label><![CDATA[Calculated Rear Axle Load in kg]]></label>
  37.                 <calculationFormula><![CDATA[{Calculated Rear Axle Load:3}/2.2]]></calculationFormula>
  38.                 <calculationRounding><![CDATA[1]]></calculationRounding>
  39.                 <enableCalculation><![CDATA[1]]></enableCalculation>
  40.             </field>
  41.         </fields>
  42.         <descriptionPlacement><![CDATA[below]]></descriptionPlacement>
  43.         <enableHoneypot><![CDATA[1]]></enableHoneypot>
  44.         <notification>
  45.             <to><![CDATA[{admin_email}]]></to>
  46.             <subject><![CDATA[New submission from {form_title}]]></subject>
  47.             <message><![CDATA[{all_fields}]]></message>
  48.         </notification>
  49.     </form>
  50. </forms>
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