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  1. Warhammer 40,000: Craftworld Eldar CYOA
  2. (Jumpchain-Compliant!)
  3. The Eldar. An ancient race, born some sixty million years ago in the War in Heaven. Raised from genetic stock cultivated by the Old Ones in their galaxy-spanning battle against the Necrontyr and the C'tan. Alongside the Krork, the Eldar were the foot-soldiers of the Old Ones, wielding the powers of the Realm of Souls against the soulless monsters they faced in the form of the Necron. When the Necron began their long sleep, the Eldar turned from servants to inheritors, bringing nearly the whole of the Milky Way under their reign – only to grow decadent and hedonistic as centuries became millennia became untold eons. While mankind still festered on Old Earth, chucking spears at ancient mega-fauna, the Eldar removed their need to truly work with automatons that handled all manual labor, engines that could reshape stars, and greater wonders still. Impossible trillions inhabited the galaxy by the time mankind's Dark Age of Technology began – and it was the Eldar that would put an end to that age. Had it not been for the psychic feedback created by the growing decadence of this ancient race, mankind might yet have recovered from the assault by the Men of Iron. Alas, it was not to be – for some ten thousand years ago, the Dark God Slaanesh was born. The Eldar gods, save three, were slain and devoured by She Who Thirsts. The Exodites, having abandoned the Pleasure Cults long before, were relatively safe, as were the cultists of the Webway city of Commoragh and the austere denizens of the Craftworlds which fled the core worlds just ahead of a wave of destruction. The Warp Storms that destroyed mankind's network dissipated... because the Crone Worlds fell into the Eye of Terror with the birth of Slaanesh and the consumption of untold trillions of Eldar souls. This vast rent in the Materium released pressure that had developed over millennia.
  4. Now, ten thousand years later, you have joined this grand and laughable spectacle. With just +1000 CP to your name, what will you do, O child of Asuryan?
  6. Section 1: Paths
  7. PATHS
  8. - A Path is a way of life, more an occupation to keep the Eldar's mind centered and gives them routine. By denying themselves the lows and highs, they deny She-Who-Thirsts their very souls. Paths are both restrictive and open. Open in the way that changing your path is simple and through an Eldar's lifespan the accumulated knowledge and experiences from the various Paths they have taken, allows them a wider view of the universe that only the Corpse God of Mankind came close to. Closed in the way that by rigor and routine, and by becoming just one strand in the societal web, you forgo your natural urges. Failure to do so is disruptive and damaging to you and everyone else around you.
  10. Path of the Warrior – In donning the mask of the Warrior, you leave your civilian persona behind. This Path, charted by Kaela Mensha Khaine and Asurmen, is a devotion to the arts of war and the protection of the Eldar people. Eldar military doctrine states that an enemy is to be defeated swiftly, with great force, and from stealth if possible – so as to minimize the casualties your already-dying race suffers. Many Eldar take more than one Aspect upon themselves, should they follow the Path of the Warrior. More often than not, moving to a different Aspect is like moving to a different Path, something that is expected given an Eldar's long lifespan.
  12. Path of the Seer - The most difficult and harrowing Path to take. Focusing more on developing their natural psychic gifts further leads an Eldar Seer to being one the most psychically gifted individuals in the Galaxy. Their knowledge of the Warp and their own minds leaves the likes of Space Marine Chapter Librarians astounded. Yet, the Warp is where She Who Thirst dwells, and so Seers must guard their minds well or fall victim to Slaanesh's thirst.
  14. Path of the Outsider – Even for those born on the Craftworlds, the rigid Paths are sometimes too straight and too narrow. These Outcasts take their leave of the Craftworlds, and while some go on to return to the Craftworld and use their talents in its service as Rangers and Pathfinders, others go on to break from it completely, becoming the dreaded Corsairs.
  16. Way of the Laughing God - Again you see something that is not quite a Path, but a separate branch of the Eldar way of life. The Craftworld you find yourself upon neither knows nor cares how you came to dance among the Harlequins, but they grant you what respect is deserved. These Eldar, above all others, bear the greatest hope against Chaos. When the Fall came, the Eldar gods were decimated. Morai-Heg, Asuryan, Vaul, and all the vastness of their number were devoured by the Dark Prince. Khaine was shattered into his many shards, each still as potent on the battlefield as one of Khorne's Bloodthirsters. Isha was stolen away by Nurgle, who keeps her in his garden and tests his plagues upon her captive flesh. Only Cegorach, the Laughing God, remained free and unmolested by stealing into the Webway as the Fall progressed. Clad in the garb of fools and jesters, the chosen of Cegorach wield the arts of dance as both a weapon and a beacon. It is the Harlequins who retell the tale of the Fall, and in doing so bring perhaps the hope that Chaos may be defeated. How fitting, then, that only a fool would dare bring them harm, whether among Craftworlders, Corsairs, Exodites, or even the Dark Kin.
  18. Exodite – Your people have no need of the Paths, for you were fortunate indeed, swearing off the corruption and decadence of the old Empire eons before the Fall and exiling yourselves to faraway worlds. There, you devised austere lifestyles and honest occupations to prevent another fall into depravity and excess. These traits have served you well, child of the Exodus. Unfortunately, it is possible your world did not fare so well in the grim darkness of the far future. Perhaps it was destroyed by myriad enemies – or perhaps you were exiled or chose to abandon it for some arcane reason.
  19. Section 2: Skills and Abilities
  21. A discounted perk is 50% off for the specified background.
  23. Guardian Training [Free] - Everyone serves the military at one point or another. However, Guardians are civilian militia called to put on their war masks for the Craftworld. Basic training includes instruction on how to move and shoot with great accuracy, how to read maps, set up ambushes, and basics of hand to hand combat. Compared to the average Imperial conscript, your basic training is of far better quality, as individuals are valued more alive than dead.
  25. Psychic Race [Free] - All Eldar are psychic, putting them in the low psychic ratings naturally. The benefits include telepathy, limited clairvoyance, and limited telekinesis. Their minds glow bright within the Warp; if a Human Psyker is a flashlight in the dark, an Eldar is a strobe light in the dark. The Path system and their spirit stones keep their souls safe from prying monsters of the warp.
  27. Eldar Physiology [Free] - A quick glance will tell you that an Eldar is much like a human. However they are a genetically engineered race of beings, created to be near perfection. Such must be the case for those forged by the Old Ones to destroy the Necrontyr. Their bodies seem to be stretched, and wiry muscles do not lose tone from lack of use. Their eyes are almond shaped and glimmer like jewels, capturing every available light beam and reflecting it back - not unlike a cat's eyes, which grants them superior senses in low light conditions. Additionally, their ears are incredibly sensitive to sound, vibrations, and temperature changes. Lastly, their reflexes and speed are unmatched by anything the Imperium of Man can muster, save for Officio Assassinorum killers.
  29. LOST TO THE PATH [400 CP] - Each path has its own perils. The Eldar are a race of extremes, and they experience everything with far greater intensity than even the most emotional Mon'keigh. The Paths were a way to deny them of the highs and lows that lead their Empire to destruction and the near extinction of their race. However sometimes the mask takes a permanent hold on an Eldar's soul. They can no longer hold interest in anything else. They become "Lost to the Path" - something to be celebrated but at same time pitied. Even so, when an Eldar becomes lost to the Path, they gain the potential for entirely new skills within their specialty. When choosing this perk, you gain the [LOST TO THE PATH] of your origin. (CAN ONLY BE CHOSEN ONCE)
  31. Way of the Laughing God Discounts
  33. Player [200 CP] - The basic backbone of the Harlequin is the Player. They are the chorus of the troop, the backup dancers for those higher up. Yet when in comparison to their Craftworld Eldar cousins, they are faster and more agile. Their speed and agility rivals that of the Commorrite Wyches. As with their Craftworld cousins they are psychically gifted, but Harlequin fear not drawing the eye of She Who Thirsts and have developed a psychic bond with their fellow dancers, including the solo dancers, the Death Jesters & Solitaries. This enables them to coordinate their dance with one another on a subconscious effort. As an experienced dancer you are able to psychically bond with your companions in similar manner, even if they aren't part the Troupe. Should you take the Death Jester or Shadowseer Perks, you need know only that you have served those roles according to the needs of the troupe. All the galaxy is a stage, and all its men and women merely players. Each has his exits and his entrances, and each in his time plays many parts.
  35. Death Jester [200 CP] - Known as morbid heavy weapon specialists, with dark senses of humor and lethal practical jokes, the Death Jesters are renowned for their ability to bring their enemies an ironic death. Their wicked skull-like masks, maddening laughter, and heavy weapons make them an intimidating presence indeed – fitting, for those who play the role of Death in the great dance.
  37. Dance of Inspiration [400 CP] – To the Eldar, a Harlequin troupe is no mere record of history. The souls of Harlequins are barred from Slaanesh's all-consuming maw by the machinations of Cegorach, and in this you represent hope. Hope for the Eldar to one day overcome She Who Thirsts. Hope that one day, your troupe will recount not the tragedy of the fall, but the glorious triumph of the galaxy's true heirs. So it is with those who call you “friend” or “ally,” that those who witness your dance are uplifted somewhat from the grim reality they face, emboldened by what you represent.
  39. Shadowseer [600 CP] – Wielding illusions and deception against their foes, the Shadowseers mask themselves from sight and project horror upon foes, and play the part of Fate within the great dance of the Harlequins. Blank, smooth masks mark their presence, and fear follows their steps. Rumor holds that they know the futures of all their fellows.
  41. [LOST TO THE PATH] Solitaire – To play She Who Thirsts in the grand dance of the Harlequins, the recollection of the Fall – this is the role of the Solitaire. Their souls are given over to Slaanesh in this masque, even while they yet live – and as Cegorach steals them away from under the noses of the Great Enemy. Without souls, they are immune to the psychic powers of their foes, the mind-probes of Daemons and Psykers flowing around them as a river bends around the mountain. Their aura of unease is much like that of a human Blank – and for the same reason, instilling the sense that the Solitaire should not be. Alone even among Harlequins, the Solitaire dances a solemn dance which leaves death in its wake. As for you, you have perhaps overcome the greatest pitfall of the Solitaires – and retained your own psychic abilities, including those you have purchased here. How curious. Perhaps it is due to your nature as a being not truly of this world, that you defy its rules in such a way? Let it never be said that your benefactor is not generous. The next dance is yours.
  43. Path of the Outsider Discounts
  45. Life on the Edge [200 CP] - Birth in the privileged but strict upbringing of a Craftworld makes one soft – or so one might assume, at first. The tales never tell of the hardships of life on a Craftworld, from the mental exercises needed to keep the demons away to the physical training each undergoes, that they may serve as a Guardian. You have survived and thrived in these conditions, and as such, your mind and body have grown resilient and proud.
  47. Ranger [400 CP] - Stricken by a wanderlust to see the Galaxy, you have become a ghost whispered in the wind. Your psychic gifts specialize in helping you survive to see that alien sunset. Already light on your feet, you have taken your gifts further than expected. Not only can you psychically control the sounds you make, but your scent, too is at your command. Along the way, you picked up some skill at tracking foes and quarry, but any simple beast can follow a trail of footprints or scents. Your skill at the hunt allows you to make a precognitive estimate as to where your prey is - and were it will be. Let the fear of the hunter be known once more.
  49. Corsair [400 CP] - Perhaps it is not enough to simply watch nature. Instead, you have worked your way on board one the Corsair ships criss-crossing the Webways and Real Space. You were fortunate that the ship did not belong to the Dark Kin. However, life as a pirate is not much different, as you pillage, and ransack those unlucky enough to cross your path. Your life on board has given you camraderie and wealth untold. There is yet more, for to live aboard a ship, as a Corsair, you must make your name known far and wide. You have become more charismatic, as well as having gained an intuitive grasp of three-dimensional space combat and ship boarding techniques, knowing where to strike to bring down an enemy vessel with minimum hassle.
  51. Homecoming [400 CP] – Your service to the Craftworld is known and recognized, Outcast. Though your journeys may take you far and wide, know that you will always have a home here, so long as you continue to further the interests of the Eldar race. Should you find yourself in similar situations elsewhere, you will see much the same effect – all but the most fundamental regulations may be skirted or bent, and meetings or hearings avoided, so long as your actions remain within the best interests of the group to which you belong. Go forth now, and do what you do best.
  53. [LOST TO THE PATH] Pathfinder/Corsair Prince - Perhaps your wanderlust to explore the Webways did not lead you to a life of greed and hedonism. Perhaps you seek instead to reclaim parts of the Webway for your kind, as is their birthright. Your ability to explore the Webways is second to none, allowing you to act as the vanguard for any Craftworld. Unlike Corsair Princes, while you have Fallen to your Path, you are accepted back on short occasions to the Craftworld. Your psychic abilities evolve further allowing you to form a psychic link with your weapon, enabling you to see in spectrums immaterial. Your senses at this point have grown more attuned to the wilds than even the greatest of predators, preventing most ambushes before they happen. However, upon death your soul is transferred to your spirit stone, but is never allowed to join the Infinity Circuit. If you are lucky, it will be absorbed into the planet of your death, fomenting the birth of a World Spirit. Beyond this world, your ability to navigate Webways does not become useless - instead this knowledge allows you to chart all but the most byzantine of labyrinths. Not all who wander are lost – and truly you are the greatest proof of this.
  54. Alternatively, perhaps you have finally become famous as a marauder. Whatever the case is, you find yourself never wishing to go back to the Paths and the Craftworld, leaving you forever fallen into the life of a Corsair. This is not without its risks, as the rigors and routine of daily life within the Craftworld keep the primal urges that damned your race in the first place in check. You flirt with these urges – and thus with your doom. It is said that you have killed thousands of humans in single combat, and while this might be exaggeration, it does hold true that your skills at boarding action are unrivaled by any among the other races. Much like the Mon'Keigh Rogue Traders, however, it seems you are closer than most others to the grasp of Chaos. Guard yourself well, Outcast.
  56. Path of the Seer Discounts
  58. Seer (200cp) - The Eldar are a race of psykers, and while their psyker grade is collectively higher than the mon'keigh, there are those that choose to develop their gifts at a higher rate than their peers around them. Those Eldar that choose to do so start their journey on the Path of the Seer. From their elders they learn how to train and grow their innate psyker gifts; as well protect their mind against the warp. You have had many solar cycles of training and have become one the most gifted students in a generation. However your gifts were not developed for combat, but to help your Craftworld. As such you've been trained to spiritually guide others, predict the future of individuals with some degree of success, clam the emotions of those around you, and to seek out troublesome members of the Craftworld and bring them back into the fold or kick them out. You've become a small leader in your community, a mayor of sorts.
  60. -Spirit Seer (400cp) - As one progressing into the path of the Seer, your gifts transcends the boundaries of life and death. The Eldar in all their perfection are still susceptible to mortal injury, a injury even beyond the bounds of their own arcane sciences can heal. To save their immortal souls they join their ancestors in the infinity circuit via spirit stones. Spirit Seers are in charge of overseeing the dead, soothing the journey from one of flesh and blood to one of psychic energy. You're exceptionally gifted in this role, allowing you to communicate directly to the honored dead. As well you have the knowledge of extracting the privileged dead for a special role that of piloting the Ghost Warriors. A Ghost Warrior is a Wraithbone construct utilised exclusively by the Eldar in times of urgent need. For the Eldar, death does not guarantee respite from war, for the race's need is greater than that of its constituent souls. Lastly your gift has grown strongly allowing you to view the past of an object, place, or person. So long has there were strong emotions associated with them. Your skill for this type of shadow reading is highly advanced from your solar cycles of use.
  62. -Warlock (600cp) - War is an ugly thing but for those on the Path of the Seer that are more martially inclined than their brethren see war differently. To a Warlock, war is a beautiful thing akin to finest art pieces from Path of the Artisan. Often times a Warlock would have experience with Path of the Warrior as one an Aspect Warrior in a warhost, but not always. For a Warlock there's nothing better than to see the foes of your Craftworld crumble before you and your warhost. As a Warlock, you are exceptionally skilled perhaps it's due to natural talent or years of experience. Your gifts have grown to the point where you may focus your sheer mental might into bolts of psychic force that may lay low everything from Grots to Chaos Champions, and whatever in between, as well as into a protective field to guard yourself from harm.
  64. -[LOST TO THE PATH] Farseer – To ply the depths of Wraithbone circuts as spirit. To tear knowledge from the skeins of time and avert disaster before it can ever come to pass. To wield the power of decision over an entire Craftworld. To truly know, more than the most scholarly Mon'Keigh could ever hope for, more than the Dark Kin can remember, more than the most inquisitive Tau will witness, more even than those the Dark God Tzeentch grants his boons to – this is the way of the Farseer. Your abilitiy to read the future shall ever grow now, great enough to lead every Eldar in your Craftworld to the best possible future. In this galaxy, that means many will still perish in vain – but the Craftworld as a whole will survive. In a less... unsavory universe, who knows how much pain your predictive prowess will be able to prevent? To see difficulties that lie ahead and plan for them. To sense the awakening and movements of enemies. To perhaps, with many millennia, grow to match the eldest of Seers himself... this is the path you have chosen. It will be a long road, fraught with peril, but the rewards at the end will be truly staggering. A brief note – perhaps out of a sense of mercy from your provider, you will likely not meet the bane, or perhaps boon, all Farseers face – that of melding in mind with the Infinity Circut of the Craftworld, and in body with the Dome of Crystal Seers.
  66. Path of the Warrior Discounts
  68. Aspect Warrior [200 CP] So named because they represent different aspects of the Eldar god of War, Kaela Mensha Khaine, the Aspect Warriors are the backbone of the Eldar military. There truly is no equal to them in all the galaxy. The headstrong Mon'Keigh may call their Space Marines “elite,” and the naive Tau may look on their Battlesuit pilots with wonder at their military skill, but even the lowliest Aspect Warrior is likely to have lived a hundred of their lifetimes, and fought twice as many wars again as that.
  70. Swooping Hawks - Following in the footsteps of Phoenix Lord Baharroth, The Swooping Hawks whom take their name from the wild hunting birds of Eldar Mythology, which are synonymous with vengeance and retribution. In ancient times, the Eldar believed that the spirit of a murdered Eldar would pass into a hawk and hover above the killer as a mark of guilt. The winged Aspect Warriors who take that hawk as their symbol, however, play a much more active role in their foe's destruction. Using technology in form of vibrating wings the Swooping Hawks use speed and agility to harass enemies in the air.
  72. Dire Avengers – The most common of the Shrines, founded by Asurmen himself, these flexible warriors owe their ubiquity to their progenitor's many travels. Born Iliathin on the now-Crone World of Eidafaeron, Asurmen doubted the warnings of the Exodites at his peril. When the Fall came, Iliathin's brother Tethesis helped him survive – until he was possessed by a Daemon. Wracked by grief and fury, Iliathin slew his brother and took refuge in a temple, bearing what little was left of the power of the gods. Another survivor came to him, called Faraethil, and prevented him taking his own life in sorrow. It was not, however, until the Dark Eldar sought to capture Faraethil that Iliathin took the name Asurmen, the Hand of Asuryan, and took Faraethil – now called Jain Zar – as his disciple. They fled to find a barren world, which they named Asur, and from there Asurmen founded the Dire Avengers. Thus were these warriors, the backbone of the Aspects, born at the hand of the very first Phoenix Lord. The Dire Avengers are therefore the most generalist of the Aspects, adept in the majority of the ways of war and yet not as masterful in each aspect as some others. This, however, is not to be mistaken for inexperience or weakness. The Eldar are sublime in the ways of war, and the Dire Avengers are no different.
  74. Dark Reapers – The aspect of Khaine that is the Destroyer is the inspiration of the Dark Reapers. Following in the footsteps of Maugan Ra, who save for Ahra fell furthest from the teachings of Asurmen, these marauders unleash untold bursts of destruction upon their enemies via their Reaper Launchers – heavy weaponry bristling with missles that annihilate infantry and armor alike. While perhaps excessive in force, the results obtained against the enemy by these means cannot be denied.
  76. Howling Banshees - Following in the footsteps of Phoenix Lord Jain Zar, the Howling Banshees take their name after the the spectral figures of grief and death in Eldar Mythology, their screams were fear to have drawn the souls of those that heard them, including the souls kept safety in the soulstones and into the maw of She Who Thirsts. The aspect was granted to Khaine, when Eldar Crone Goddess Morai-Heg desired the knowledge contained within her own divine blood sent her banshees to Khaine, whom was the only being able to spill blood of another god in Eldar Mythology. After the fall Phoenix Lord Asurmen selected Jain Zar for the Howling Banshee aspect for her strength and speed. She was the first to lose herself to the Aspect and cemented her as Phoenix Lord of the Howling Banshees. Lightly armored in bone white armor and bright red/orange hair, the Banshees rely on their superior speed, agility, and swordswomanship. They like the banshees of myth are able to emit psychosonic screams that can inflict severe damage to the central nervous system of a Banshee's foe; inspiring a feeling of mortal terror and causing momentary paralysis to take hold over a victim's body. A full squad of Banshees activating their masks in unison can cripple an enemy unit before a single blow is struck, leaving them paralyzed and helpless before their onslaught. Unlike other Aspects, Howling Banshees are female but they do accept the few males that qualify to become a Howling Banshee into their aspect and are welcomed into the sisterhood.
  78. Shining Spears - Following in the footsteps of Phoenix Lord Drastanta, who've only been recently rediscovered since the fall. The Shining Spears possess a bright and clear virtue that marks each one out as a warrior hero and a champion of the Eldar race. Eldar mythology is replete with examples of noble heroes at one with their steed and in the Shining Spears, the glories of legend are made manifest once more. In battle, the Shining Spears fight as the Spear of Kaela Mensha Khaine, the invincible weapon of the Eldar God of War that struck like lightning and killed any foe with a single blow. Each Aspect Warrior is so in tune with their Jetbike that they can execute complex, high-speed aerial maneuvers with a single gesture. Even a small unit of Shining Spears can turn the tide of a protracted combat, for their legendary charges hit home with the force of a thunderbolt.
  80. Fire Dragons – The writhing, sinewy dragon. The sheer destruction embodied by flame. The undeniable agony of the enemy. The sadistic glee of incinerating a foe. This is the calling of the Phoenix Lord Fuegan, and so it is for the Fire Dragons.
  82. Warp Spiders – Perhaps the bravest of the Aspects, these warriors brave brief teleportative jaunts into the Warp – and the gaze of Slaanesh – to deal death to all who oppose them. Their Phoenix Lord is unknown, and yet their existence is essential to the success of Eldar warfare. The epitome of aggressive defense, the slaughterers who strike without warning – these are the mantles of the Warp Spider.
  84. Striking Scorpions – The scorpion stings and kills creatures many times its size – and so too must the Striking Scorpion stalk and study his prey until the time to strike arrives. When that time comes, they descend viciously and show no mercy. To follow in the footsteps of Karandras is to know that once, this Shrine followed Ahra – before he betrayed Asurmen and became the Fallen Phoenix Who Burns With the Dark Light of Chaos.
  86. Shadow Spectres – Following in the footsteps of Irillyth, the Shade of Twilight, these sombre warriors were thought to be no more for some time. Only now do they rise again from the shadows to ply the front lines once more, striking at their foes with both deception and firepower.
  88. Crimson Hunters – A rarer discipline focused almost entirely on mastery of the skies, the Crimson Hunters take after an unknown Phoenix Lord and fly the famous Nightshade Interceptors into battle. Taking to the skies as no other Aspect can, they are the bane of Ork Fighta-Bommas and Mon'Keigh Valkyries alike, leaving the enemy without aerial defenses and making it that much easier for ground forces to win the day.
  90. Eagle Pilots – As are the Crimson Hunters, the Eagle Pilots are devoted to aerial combat, and follow the teachings of the Phoenix Lord Amon Harakht. Their maneuverability in the air is legendary, and though they do not wield the sheer power of the Nightshade Interceptors, their aircraft fill the skies with death to their enemies.
  92. Autarch [400 CP] – Though the position of “Autarch” is a temporary one, it is an essential one to the Craftworld in all respects. When times of war arrive, a leader skilled in the directing of armies is needed – and that leader is you. Your words carry weight not their own in the thick of battle, and your armies seem to instinctively acknowledge and respond to your desires. You are more than a leader, or a commander. You are both beacon and keystone to the entirety of whatever force you may muster. Let the degenerate Ork scoff, referring to you as a mere “Poinny-Earz Warboss.” The creature will see the error in its “thinking” soon enough.
  94. -[LOST TO THE PATH] Exarch – To bear ancient armor, howling with the voices of those who have come before. To gain their knowledge of battle, and their power of command. To become as one with the greatest warriors of the Eldar, save the Phoenix Lords themselves. This is the lot of the Exarch. The weight of ancient weapons and the arcanity of their use becomes an afterthought to these, the most well-honed of Warriors, devoted entirely to the dealing of death. You are a lord of war now, mighty and indomitable. Your weapons are greater than others, granting you the Exarch Arms listed under your primary Aspect. Know this – should ever you truly perish, once and for all, you may elect to do as all Exarchs before you have – fuse your spirit into the Soulstone that marks your ancient armor and become as one with the legacy of the Phoenix Lords. In such a capacity, any who don this armor when chosen shall become as one with you in battle as you were with the souls of those who preceded you. Perhaps, if your spirit is strong enough, you shall be truly reborn in those who don your armor, as the Phoenix Lords may be. Awaken now, O aspect of the Bloody-Handed, and bring terror to the enemies of your ancient race, as is your birthright.
  96. Exodite Discounts
  97. Child of the Exodus [200 CP] – Your kind are well-guarded, Exodite. It was your ancestors who defied the temptations of the pleasure-cults in the days before the Fall, and proved themselves proof against decadence and hedonism. You, too, are a child of this purified spirit, and are warded against the distractions of life. The intoxicating haze of psychoactive substances is little more than idle smoke to you, and the sweet nectar of seduction would need to be sweet indeed to seize you against your will.
  99. A World Is A Living Thing [400 CP] – Among the Exodites, the Infinity Circut is known as the World Spirit, and upon the death of an Exodite, this network absorbs their soul, thus keeping them from the clutches of Slaanesh and allowing those still living to commune with them. Now you too bear the knowledge by which one might forge this great and intricate grid of stone circles, obelisks, and menhirs. It will take some time, of course, to cover an entire world – likely more time than you will have in a given journey, at any rate – but it is entirely possible to produce a smaller version over, say, the course of three years, protecting the souls of those within an area about the size of a small township. May the dead know peace at last.
  101. Among Beasts [400 CP] – To live as an Exodite is to live close to wild, untamed places. Rather than impose your order upon the homes of the creatures therein, your people have added the beasts of the many Exodite Worlds into their own society. Exodite Knights are notable for riding these creatures into combat in defense of their homes, and the most famous of these creatures is the Megadon – a beast resembling the animals once referred to as “dinosaurs” by the Mon'Keigh. Perhaps you are not a Knight yourself, but you certainly have their skill in riding these beasts and others into the thick of the fighting, making the most use of their natural weapons in addition to your manufactured ones. Let them fear your charge.
  103. Worldsinger [400 CP] – The craft of the Bonesinger is mighty indeed, yes – but as there are many notes in a song, so are there more uses for music than Wraithbone alone. In the way the Bonesinger shapes Wraithbone with psychic energy and their voice, so do you shape the green and growing things. Vegetation springs from the earth, seemingly from nothing, at the sound of your voice, molding itself to fit your needs. Should you grow hungry, bring forth fruit. Should you grow hot, bring forth shade. Should you grow weary, bring forth a bed of leaves. All these shall heed your song.
  105. Doomsayer [600 CP] – It was you or your ancestors who were the first to warn the Eldar that the Fall was coming. Perceptive as they were, how could you be anything but? To witness the degeneration of a society, and the proof of it, before anyone else can notice. To chart the proper course of action to halt or perhaps even reverse it. To draw others out of the mire of corruption and vice, that they too may see the light and guard their souls. Such is your lot in life, Exodite. May your words never fall on deaf ears.
  107. [LOST TO THE PATH] – Not quite. Your people have chosen a simpler lifestyle, rather than merely degenerating from a loftier state. It is arguable that you may retain even more of the old Empire's knowledge than the Craftworlders – but are often unwilling to use it. A bit of knowledge your ancestors did require, however, was the making of the Maiden Worlds. Seeded long before the Fall and some settled in the waning days of the Empire, the Maiden Worlds were perhaps the greatest of the works of the Eldar. Dead, barren worlds were transformed by atmosphere-inducing bacteria and the gradual addition of mosses, water, and simple lifeforms, leading to more complex life and a suite of verdant, garden-like worlds ripe for colonization. Though it has been eons since your forefathers brought the Maiden Worlds to life, you remember, as your people do, how this came to be. The steps of the process by which the Maiden Worlds were made are known to you now – and though the materials may be another matter, should you follow these guidelines with the building blocks of life in your possession, you shall find that slowly but surely a world vibrant and beautiful beyond imagining will replace an expanse of the most barren rock. Have faith, child of the Exodus – your journey may not be over, but it will certainly be worth it.
  109. General Perks, Continued
  110. Grace of the Elder Race [100 CP] – Though to a Mon'Keigh, all Eldar are impossibly beautiful, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the eyes of a superior breed such as yours are far more discerning. Let it never be said, however, that you have looked upon your own reflection in disgust, for even among your kind you are a paragon of comeliness.
  112. A Sharp Tongue [100 CP] – You almost seem to take after a certain Ulthwe Farseer in how well you find just the right buttons to push on your enemies. Your words alone seem to have quite the effect – sending Space Marine Captains, Imperial Guard Generals, and Ork Warbosses alike into a frothing rage.
  114. Bonesinger [400 CP] – Dear child, the Eldar do not simply build their wondrous technology. Instead, they rely on the power of song to shape their creations into being. This is a very demanding process, which requires a unique mix of artistic and scientific knowledge. Most importantly of all, a strong mind is necessary for this process. Bonesingers sing a psychic song, and its melodies form a psychoreactive material from the warp itself, called Wraithbone. This lightweight material is stronger than titanium but is far more flexible and weighs less. Additionally you can psychically grow crystals that are basis of their laser & lance technology. You have the knowledge and ability to sing any Eldar technology and any technology you know into being – and more than that, eons of experience in doing so. Even so, the more complex an item is, the more time it takes to create said item. A whole choir of Bonesingers is required to create large and complex items such as starships and Eldar Titans – unless you are willing to sing alone for years. With enough time, perhaps, you could even sing forth a brand-new Craftworld – but how and where would you acquire that much time? Even an Eldar is not immortal.
  116. Path of the Artisan [100 CP] - Eldar are like Humans in that they enjoy art. However, the Path of the Artisan has moved beyond simple murals or mosaics of the gods. Instead, those that follow this path seek to create art for art's sake, from beautiful epics to breathtaking sculptures. Eldar art would make even the greatest artists in all of mankind's history weep as their artwork would look as garbage compared to those Eldar following this path. Choose a non-violent artistic endeavor (Sculpture, Poetry, Painting... etc.) - within that artistic field, you are renowned for creating some the best art works within your Craftworld, and perhaps beyond. Choosing another artistic field is at a discount, as Eldar live such long and varied lives. Let those who would call themselves maestros, virtuosos, and geniuses look upon your works and despair.
  118. Path of the Awakening [200 CP] - In their view of perfection, the Eldar know everything and miss nothing. However, to ensure that this does come true, those that seek to achieve knowledge observe their surroundings well and even focus on that which is invisible. While the Eldar brain is very different from that of the lowly human, even their ancient eyes miss fine details or become too focused to notice that the shadows creeping in the corner the eye are more than what they appear. To the Eldar, this is unacceptable, and thus have they forged a Path devoted to expanding their horizons. Your years on this path have honed your mind to detect all senses, for you there is no blind spot as your psychic senses has merged with your physical senses. Additionally through genetic engineering, and cybernetic implants your eyes are as advanced far beyond normal. Allowing you to see in more colors within various light spectrums - and by focusing your mind's eye, you take upon yourself true trinocular vision. May nothing escape your notice for long, you who probe the present as a Seer searches the future.
  120. Path of the Scholar [400 CP] - Knowledge for its own sake is practically a lost endeavor amongst the Eldar. In the ancient days of the Eldar Empire, there was no rival to the technology of your people. With the press of a button, star systems could be wiped clean of life and then made anew, more beautiful than before. There was no incentive for research, as all that could be done by means of technology had been done. When the Fall came, all of that knowledge was lost with the Crone Worlds, just as the Mon'Keigh and their Standard Template Constructs were lost in the Warp Storms that preceded the Fall. How ironic, that the fates of the galaxy's true heirs and those of the weakest of races are so closely tied. This Path, above all else, is dedicated to the reclamation of ancient knowledge and the acquisition of new information. You have walked this Path for some time, and each bend in the Path bears its own experiences and rewards. Your years of study have given you a cursory knowledge of the biology of the lesser species and of your own, including your dark kin, and the history of multiple civilizations dead and alive. Perhaps, if you were to find a head garment made of animal hide, shaped in a wide brim, you would retain your grace and poise while wearing it. Seeing as you are an accomplished archaeologist, you are gifted with the skills to excavate and piece together the past using psychometry and intuition. Many artifacts of the Eldar, mighty in power or sublime in function, were lost in the Fall, and your skills could be vital for recovering one or two. Your centuries of reading and knowledge have psychically attuned your mind to extract the most minute details out of any text you read.
  121. Section 3: Items and Gear
  122. A discounted item is 50% off for the specified background.
  123. --GENERAL--
  124. Soul Stone [100 CP, 1 free all except Harlequin and Exodite] – Guard yourself well, dear child. The most essential thing to an Eldar is the soul. Without the Soulstones, the Eldar would be extinct or would be forced to stoop to the level of their depraved cousins. Because it was they who birthed her during the Fall, She-Who-Thirsts has a grip on every unprotected Eldar soul. The Spirit Stone, therefore, acts as a house for the soul, protecting it from entering the warp upon death. Instead, it is recovered and then placed within the Craftworld's Infinity Circuit, where the soul lingers after death in a physical-spiritual afterlife. Those that follow the Laughing God require no such special device of that sort to save their souls, as the Laughing God tricks She Who Thirsts into eating a lesser soul while absorbing the soul of the deceased Eldar follower - with the exception of Solitaires, who have forfeited their souls to She Who Thirsts. Even they, however, are often saved at the last minute by the Laughing God from the clutches of the Dark Prince. Such is the wily way of Cegorach.
  125. Should you find yourself in possession of more than you require, perhaps they may be useful in other ways. The Spirit Stones, after all, were designed to hold souls as great as those of the Eldar – should you devise some means to attune a lesser being to one, surely it would be unable to resist the stone's call upon death? Should you possess the means to imbue souls captured by other means into objects, then... I dare not consider what abominations you might attempt. It is perhaps prudent to inform you that new, empty stones are normally found only on the Crone Worlds, and are thus held sacred for the sheer difficulty of procuring them. Only one soul may be held at a time – for what purpose would you profane such an essential thing, then, with a soul it was not truly made for?
  127. Glory of Old [50 CP] – One thing that did survive the Fall relatively intact was the Eldar sense of architecture. Perhaps you wish to remember this style, the pinnacle of form and function in construction, with Wraithbone arches and crystal stairs. Surely, one such as you deserves to live among such spectacle. Do not worry – your Warehouse has been modified in appearance to satisfy this. Should its appearance be toggleable, then this configuration, modeled upon your Craftworld, will become one option among the many.
  129. He Tells Me He's Cold A Lot [50 CP] – A curious gift, not even made by the Eldar. This appears to be a very large blanket, ultramarine in color and bearing an unfamiliar symbol. Why, the blanket could even swaddle a Wraithguard in warmth! Of course, the question remains as to what exactly the purpose of this blanket is.
  131. Phoenix Lord Action Figures [50 CP] – This set of small, finely-crafted figurines seems to be exactly what it says on the tin – a collection of well-articulated and fully-equipped toys made to resemble the Phoenix Lords of the many Aspect Warrior Shrines, including even the unknown Phoenix Lords of the Crimson Hunters and the Warp Spiders.
  133. A Collection Of Mon'Keigh Fiction [50 CP] – The idealistic tale of a romance between a Farseer and a human Vindicaire assassin. The story of their child's coming-of-age. The chronicles of another Seer, desperate for the touch of a loved one and wracked by the pains of affection denied. These clearly distasteful works have somehow found their way into your possession.
  135. Gyrinx [100 CP] – This graceful, cat-like creature is odd in many ways. Empathetic to a fault, and capable of forming a mighty mental bond with its owner, it can even improve the speed of its master's thoughts. In temperament, habit, and even (slightly) physicality, it will, as your bond grows, come to resemble you.
  137. Tall and Narrow Gate [600 CP] – How curious. Rather than an item in and of itself, this is a series of what appear to be information crystals. The information they contain, however, is in and of itself far more interesting. It is information as old as the first war between your kind and the Necrontyr, if not older – the architecture of a system invented by the Old Ones and inherited, as were many of their wonders, by your people. The means by which your ilk avoid the predations of the Warp in their travels across the stars. The very feat the one who Mon'Keigh call the Emperor of Mankind attempted to recreate using his Golden Throne. Within these crystals lie the keys to the creation of the Webway itself. However, you have nowhere near the almighty psychic power the Old Ones wielded in their heyday, and the Warp was far calmer then, when they merged its outermost layer with realspace to form a skein-realm that was neither Materium nor Immaterium, and yet both. This knowledge is of little use to you here. With that said, there are other worlds beyond this grim, dark galaxy. Worlds ripe for the foundation of a fresh, unbroken Webway. Perhaps a fine and proper starting point for the application of this system is simply connecting faraway points on a single planet, about the same size as Old Earth before it came to be called Holy Terra. A feat connecting the northernmost and southernmost points of such a world, that one might step through a gate at the bottom of the world and exit at its top or a number of points in between, might well cost you precious decades of psychic exertion, spiritual focus, and of course the construction of the actual Webway Gates. Even so, given much longer, you might well connect the planets within a system to one another at singular points. As your psychic power and the amount of time at your disposal grow, so too shall the potential this information brings. And should you truly ascend into a state akin to or even surpassing that of the Old Ones themselves? You might erect Webway Gates at opposite corners of entire galaxies.
  139. --WEAPONS--
  140. Wraithbone Weapon [100 CP] – A simple melee weapon – or as simple as such a thing can be for an Eldar – forged of Wraithbone. In your hands, it is both light and strong, and repairs itself over time.
  142. Hallucinogen Grenades [50 CP] – While the Dark Kin are more versed in the use of such weapons as these, your kind are no fools. The effectiveness of these devices, which when detonated release an invisible gas that befuddles and torments the minds of their victims, cannot be denied. There are now five of these in your possession, which will replenish their full number every two days.
  144. Haywire Grenades [50 CP] – These small explosives, on the other hand, send out powerful electro-magnetic pulses so as to disable enemy vehicles and equipment. Legends exist of older variants that could disrupt the minds of living creatures as well, but these five grenades you receive have no such capacity.
  146. Witchblade [400 CP, discount Seer] – These Wraithbone swords, embedded with helix-shaped crystalline psychic matrices, channel the wielder's psychic energies and in doing so act much like an Imperial Force Weapon. For this reason, they are most effective in the hands of Warlocks and Farseers.
  148. Singing Spear [400 CP, discount Seer] – Operating by the same principles as the Witchblade, this Wraithbone spear has another unique property in that it returns to the hand of its wielder after being thrown. It is, however, less effective than a Witchblade in close combat due to requiring two hands to use.
  150. Harlequin's Embrace/Harlequin's Kiss [400 CP, discount Way of the Laughing God] – This monofilament-firing gauntlet is built on the same pattern as the Warp Spiders' Death Spinners, weaving a web of rending wire that shreds enemies to bits. Alternately, the Harlequin's Kiss projects only a single thread, which when lodged within an enemy after being released by a punching motion, uncoils and thrashes to the point of liquefying bones and organs.
  153. --ARMOR--
  154. Guardian Mesh Armor [100 CP] - Guardian Mesh Armor is formed of tens of thousands of individual pieces of thermoplas interwoven to produce a dense material resembling reptile scales or chainmail. It becomes momentarily rigid when hit, spreading force across a larger area, thereby reducing the damage. The thermoplas also disperses heat rapidly, giving reasonable protection against energy weapons. The material is psychically sensitive, automatically reacting to the wearer's movements and thoughts to maintain a glove-tight fit as they move and fight. Guardian Mesh Armor also contains additional features, including an independent air supply and heat-sensing lenses.
  156. Aspect Wargear [400 CP, 1 free Aspect Warrior (matching Aspect), discount on further purchases (matching other purchased Aspects)] – Each of the Aspect Shrines has a set of basic wargear with which all members are outfitted, including a common set of weapons and armor. By means legitimate or otherwise, you have come into possession of one of these powerful sets of weapons and armor. Use it well, and use it wisely – for even with these devices at your disposal, one false move may be all it takes to seal your doom.
  158. Exalted Exarch Equipment [Free and Requires Exarch] – The Exarchs of the Aspect Warriors wield weapons above and beyond the rest of their kin, and now so do you. In addition to your Aspect Wargear, you acquire the items marked and described in the EXARCH section of your Aspect's Wargear Description.
  160. Rune Armor [400 CP, discount Seer, free Farseer] – Forged of Wraithbone and engraved with runes of warding, this armor is best used by a Farseer or Warlock, whose psychic energies react with the armor and turn aside blows from Lascannon and plasma weapon alike. In beauty immaculate, in fit ever molded to your form, this armor truly is a work of legend.
  162. Holo-Suit [200 CP, discount Way of the Laughing God] – The Harlequins' arsenal contains a curious device, a suit of image-distorting fabrics. When the wearer moves, their outline is diffused into a flash of light – whereas when the wearer stands still, their image begins to blend into the background, making it difficult to pinpoint them exactly.
  164. Force Barrier [200 CP] – Rather than a true set of armor, this device projects a cage of invisible force around its user to protect them, allowing positions to be held until proper Wraithbone structures are erected.
  166. --VEHICLES--
  167. Jetbike [100 CP] – Mighty weapon and loyal steed all in one, this swift single-seater transport is armed with a pair of twin-linked Shuriken Catapults, which serve as extra protection for the fragile but swift machine. Incredible anti-gravitic motors allow speed and maneuverability only an Eldar with his or her heightened reflexes could possibly pilot, whether in level flight or ascending into the skies. The Shining Spears are the most proficient with this vehicle, and receive one free as part of their Aspect Wargear.
  169. Wraithguard [200 CP, 1 free with So Cold] – Less a vehicle for a living pilot than it is for a Spirit Stone, this Wraith-construct may serve as a body for the soul placed within, allowing it to fight once more as a Guardian or Aspect Warrior would. Larger Wraith-constructs exist, but obtaining them will be somewhat more difficult.
  171. Wave Serpent [200 CP] – This ten-seater transport uses the finest Eldar anti-gravitic technology to levitate itself above the ground, and is armed with twin-linked Shuriken Catapults for protection. Notably, like other Eldar vehicles, its Wraithbone construction ensures that no other race can make use of it.
  173. War Walker [150 CP] – This bipedal war machine bears a pair of Shuriken Cannons and is primarily used for scouting and for covering fire, for while a powerful device indeed, it is somewhat fragile. Still, it has a good walking speed and makes little noise.
  175. Nightwing [200 CP] – This aircraft, a fighter-interceptor designed for speed and maneuverability, is first and foremost a dogfighter, taking on other aircraft with ease. Moreover, in order to protect it from enemy fire, the Nightwing is equipped with twin-linked Shuriken Cannons and a holo-field that blurs its movements.
  177. Megadon [200 CP, discount Exodite, free to Exodites with Among Beasts] – These reptilian grazers are loyal and sturdy steeds, and see vast amounts of use among the warriors of the Exodites. Now, one has come into your possession.
  179. Eldar Knight [800 CP, discount Exodite] – These Wraithbone constructs are much like the Eldar Titans of the Craftworlds, though somewhat smaller. More like an Imperial Knight, these machines are powered and driven by a psychic bond between pilot and machine. These swift, powerful machines fight with grace and overwhelming force, protected by Holo-Fields and wielding Psychic Lances – powerful weapons that defeat enemies by forcibly pacifying them or otherwise assaulting their minds during the swing. The three main types are the humanoid (or perhaps Eldar-oid?) Fire Gale, the centaur-like Bright Stallion, and the four-armed Towering Destroyer, and you may choose which you receive with this option.
  181. --OTHER WARGEAR--
  182. Runic Lexicon [200 CP, discount Seer] – The Eldar have many Runes in their vast and encompassing arsenal, and each has its own purposes. Each has its own meaning and import, and the power embedded in each can change the course of battles. So it is that you have come into possession of two of these Runes, with another two gained via each purchase. Normally, only Warlocks and Farseers hold enough psychic power to use these Runes, but should you not possess these gifts, your Runes will function at a lesser effectiveness – perhaps half the power at most. Let it never be said that your Benefactor is not generous.
  183. Channeling – by forcing your psychic energy through this Rune, you may mend the wounds of your allies on the ground, closing up cuts and setting bones over short periods of time.
  184. Aura – much like the rune of Channeling, this Rune allows you to heal your allies – but only those within a short distance of yourself, as this aura is more of a burst of recuperation centered on and affecting yourself.
  185. Deception – To wield this Rune is to conceal oneself and one's allies within a small radius. Thus, bearing this power, you may strike at your foes temporarily unseen.
  186. Evasion – using this Rune, you blur yourself further, confounding the aim of your enemies for a short time. An Eldar is not a stationary target.
  187. Fleetness – Eldar are known for their swiftness, but wielding this Rune, you may trade a small portion of your offensive power – whether physical or psychic – for a proportional boost to your speed.
  188. Fortune – To place an extra layer of protection from enemy attack upon a close ally – that is the boon of this Rune.
  189. Reaping – To physically strike a psychic foe with this Rune active is to drain a small portion of their psychic energy and use it to replenish your own.
  190. Vigor – To activate this Rune is to, for about a minute, replenish your psychic energy at great speed.
  191. Warding – Should you seeks to guard yourself against psychic foes, or even to turn their energies back upon them, activating the Rune of Warding will give you a fighting chance, provided you supply it with your own power.
  192. Witnessing – To expand (or grant some vestige of) the sight of a Seer is the purpose of this Rune. Activating it with a supply of your psychic energy will expand your field of view and the accuracy of your foresight slightly.
  194. Flip Belt [200 CP, discount Way of the Laughing God] – This suspending belt, fitted with anti-gravity technology, is a key aspect of the Harlequins' arsenal, in that it allows them to twist and contort at the hip with ease, leaping and bounding across the battlefield within a short-ranged negative gravity field.
  198. Psychestone [300 CP, discount Seer] – While a Seer's knowledge of the future is vital, visions are not always clear. In this respect, the Psychestone acts as something of a lens, through which the Seer in question – usually a Farseer – gains a clearer picture of things to come than they otherwise would.
  200. Cloak of Shadows [200 CP] – To confound or resist the aim of one's enemies and their ranged weapons is a tried-and-true tactic among the Eldar, and this robe which garbs its wearer in shadows to soften the blows of their shots is little different.
  202. --COMPANIONS--
  204. Not All Who Wander Are Lost [300 CP] – Perhaps there are those you would like to join you on the Path? With this option, you may import up to 8 of your closest Companions, granting them a free Background and 400 CP to spend on Perks and Items. They cannot, however, take Drawbacks or import more Companions.
  206. Or Maybe That's Too Much [50 CP] – Should you instead desire to import only a single Companion at a time, perhaps this will suffice. In all other ways, this functions as Not All Who Wander Are Lost.
  208. Reckless Ranger [200 CP] – Young, impetuous, and with a sense of adventure, this Ranger has heard tell of your many travels. Of course, then, they would seek to join you. Whether or not this is for the best is... debatable. This individual bears the Life On The Edge and the Ranger perks. Unrelated to these things, this Ranger has formed a close friendship with one of the Mon'Keigh pets – the creature referred to as a “dog” - and is rather fond of simply-made foods, such as one might find on an Exodite World.
  210. Jovial Jester [200 CP] – At first glance, this individual seems to be an average Harlequin, bearing the Player perk. However, closer examination reveals more – namely, that the individual in question is incredibly mentally unhinged – in an entirely harmless manner. Well, that is, if you consider a fondness for terrible puns, an irrepressible energy, and the seeming inability to stop smiling “harmless.”
  212. Salacious Seer [200 CP] – This Seer, bearing both the Seer and Spirit Seer perks, appears to have an unhealthy interest in the concept of “love.” While romance is not unknown among the Eldar, this individual's propensity to use their gifts in a pursuit known as “matchmaking” is something of an annoyance to the Craftworld at large. Still, consider also that they seem to see a future together with you – regardless of any prior arrangements. The Craftworld's hope that you might be able to rein them in may well be unfounded...
  214. Wary Warrior [200 CP] – The Eldar are a vigilant race – they have had to be for some ten thousand years now. However, there is a very thin line between vigilance and paranoia, and this Aspect Warrior straddles that line precariously. Their eyes never seem to stop darting around – thus, they bear both the Aspect Warrior and the Path of the Awakening perks. Perhaps you could help them find some measure of peace?
  216. Impressionable Youth [100 CP] – A child? Why would this child be sent to you, with no Perks save for basic Eldar physiology? The answer becomes clear on closer inspection – this one is apparently a half-breed. While they lack training in any of the common skills of the Eldar, they did seem to inherit some knowledge of repairing Mon'Keigh technology – perhaps training by their human parent earlier in life?
  217. Section 4: Craftworld
  218. While this is something of a formality, you might want to roll 1d8 below or pay 50 CP to choose your location.
  220. 1 – Ulthwe – Known for its Seers, the Craftworld of Ulthwe is perhaps the most well-known amongst the Mon'keigh, and its forces are active in the fight against the deathless enemy known as the Necron.
  221. 2 – Biel-Tan – Alone among the Craftworlds, this band of Eldar is obsessed with restoring Eldar control over the old empire. Any Non-Eldar they find occupying a Maiden World are highly likely to perish.
  222. 3 – Iyanden – Having lost large numbers of its population to the Tyranids in recent years, Craftworld Iyanden relies heavily on Wraith-constructs for its military needs. Their intense focus on foiling the plots of Chaos had left them completely blind to the approach of other powers.
  223. 4 – Alaitoc – Known for its abundance of Rangers, the Craftworld Alaitoc is closely connected to several Corsairs throughout the galaxy, and boasts a large number of Exarchs. Unfortunately, their Rangers are also favored targets of the Mon'keigh's “Inquisition.”
  224. 5 – Saim-Hann – Saim-Hann, of the major Craftworlds, enjoys the closest links with Exodite Eldar, and is known for practicing a looser form of the Paths that other Craftworld Eldar see as dangerous. They are also famous for the boisterousness of their warriors and the widespread use of jetbikes.
  225. 6 – Dor-Hai – Dor-Hai is strange among Craftworld Eldar in that it never makes contact with any other Craftworld. Its inhabitants believe themselves to be the only pure Eldar remaining, and hold that all others are tainted by the powers of Chaos.
  226. 7 – Lugganath – Known for playing host to Corsairs and Harlequins alike, the Eldar of Craftworld Lugganath seek to found a new civilization within the Webway, but have experienced numerous setbacks.
  227. 8 – Free Pick – Perhaps you have been blessed? You may choose from the above free of cost, or choose any Craftworld intact during the year 899.M41 (by the Mon'keigh reckoning).
  228. Section 5: Drawbacks
  229. Even in the grim darkness of the far future, things can always get worse. Are you absolutely sure you want to do this to yourself? If so, then you can take up to +800 CP worth of Drawbacks. Say not that you go forth unwarned, child of Asuryan.
  231. There Is Only War [+0] – Though you walk the Paths of the Eldar now, you have walked other paths in this universe before. The surprising thing about paths is how often they turn back on themselves. You have walked other roads before, and these paths recognize you now. Whether of the rapacious Dark Kin, the ravenous powers of the Warp, or the teeming masses of the Mon'Keigh, all shall know where you have been before.
  233. Toying Around [+0] – Perhaps you believed this was a game of some sort? O Child of Asuryan, O scion of the Craftworld, O once and future master of the galaxy, I am happy to oblige. Perhaps a bed of plastic and a segmented body was not what you had expected. Perhaps you had hoped your paints would be thinner. Perhaps you had thought you yourself would be larger than a mere 28 milimeters. Perhaps you had hoped your might would not be as small as you are, or that you would be the one deciding where and how you moved. But is this not a safer path? Are you not fond of playing this game? Is this not what you chose?
  235. A Bastard Child [+100 CP] – For all that the Mon'Keigh are lesser in stature and wisdom even than the Dark Kin, they are strangely... compatible with your noble breed. You, oh child of two worlds, are a living example of this. Through some iniquity or another, a Corsair and a human came to love each other very much – or perhaps it was simple sensual desire. If you thought the Mon'Keigh were cruel to those they saw as 'mutants' or 'abhumans,' then you know not the hatred that an Eldar can both nurse and conceal, save for the most opportune moments. The cold stares from your full-blooded relations will scour your very soul and call the validity of your existence into excruciating question. If you wish to prove yourself worthy of walking the Paths of your ancestors, you will needs perform an act they cannot deny. Perhaps, if you were to rescue them from an impossible foe? Then again, perhaps not. Your comparative gracelessness is yet another reminder that even the highest of lifeforms may find itself disgraced – and an unwelcome reminder at that.
  237. An Undeniable Hunger [+100 CP] – Your ancestors may have abandoned the teeming pleasure-cults of the Eldar Empire in the distant past, but you do not see things the same way. Not a day goes by that the desire for sensation – for sensuality, even, of other bodies or of exquisite meals or something else – does not threaten to utterly overwhelm you. If only you had been more careful.
  239. A Stifling Emptiness [+100 CP] – Spirit stone or no, your soul lay bare and unguarded for many years. It is a sickness of the heart, the despair that grips you now, and even more so as it erodes at your Masks. Though you lack the will to bring it about yourself, you seek death more than anything. The Eldar are a fallen breed, doomed to fade away and be forgotten as the younger races plunder the dust of their works. Your torment at the hands of Slaanesh shall be a pleasant dream compared to lingering on in a derelict Infinity Circut, screaming voicelessly in perpetuity for the aid of a god who will never be born. Surely they can see this, if you could figure it out?
  241. A Circle of Fools [+100 CP] – Somehow, the fabled intelligence of the Eldar is more lacking than you remember. Not in any way that would harm their efforts to survive, or lead you to an early grave, no – but in just such a way as to both disappoint and annoy you.
  243. Sensory Amplification [+100 CP] – They say that an Eldar's senses are vastly more potent than a human's, just as their emotions are, but yours are a wonder of the universe in and of themselves. This universe, of course, is known for... redefining the term “wonder” to suit its purposes. Normal conversation becomes a deafening roar, mere pinpricks lead to agony, foul odors induce dehydrating fits of vomiting, and bright light sear your eyes as if they were miniature suns.
  245. Inquiring Minds [+100 CP] – It is well known that the Radical Inquisitors of the Ordo Xenos are often happy to ally themselves with your kin. What is less well-known is that some of these Inquisitors reach their positions not by skill or competence, but by overwhelming luck. As if a cruel joke played upon you by Cegorach – or worse, the C'tan Deceiver – an infuriatingly fortunate one of these has decided to come to your “aid.” His small retinue consists entirely of a band of human Psykers, who are unhinged on the best of days and have a habit of exploding into Daemons on the worse ones. The Inquisitor himself always survives these incidents, replenishes his retinue consisting entirely of Psykers, and conveniently disappears just in time for any damage his bumbling causes to be blamed on you. Come to think of it, to a Half-Eldar, he might be just old enough to be their father. You might wonder what that means...
  247. So Cold [+200 CP, requires a Spirit Stone] – Perhaps you are like many on Iyanden, or perhaps you suffered a terrible fate by other means. Whatever the case may be, the form you walk in is not your own. The stone that bears your soul now serves to animate one of the mighty Wraith-constructs – but know this. Your soul is still your own, as are any powers it possesses, but your body is lost to you, with all that implies. It is so very cold, where you are. So very, very cold...
  249. Gitfindahs Set Ta Panzee [+200 CP] – The Eldar are well-versed in the art of stealth, this is true. You, however... are not. Your ambushes are obvious, your traps are easily-avoided, and you could not move silently to save your own life. To add insult to injury, it is the moronic Orks who gain a supernatural sense for your position and heading. They have the scent of your blood now, and they will come in their thousands. Is this the price you pay for power?
  251. A Knife In The Dark [+200 CP] – It is a grand indignity to commit an act of treachery, but a grander one still to be its victim. In your youth, you and a close friend found yourselves battling back-to-back against that great enemy – the undying machines of the Necron. Decades passed, until one day, the two of you were surrounded. This friend escaped – but you were not so fortunate, and though you begged for death, it never came. Being left to die by your most trusted comrade is torture enough, but recently you have gotten wind of them again. Whether for power, for wealth, for love, from desperation, or out of simple foolhardiness, this traitor has found some semblance of safety – and even allies – among the Mon'Keigh. There are two ways you may take to release yourself from this cycle of betrayal, and neither shall be smooth or narrow. The first is to seek vengeance, and crush them in the same way you nearly were. It will not be enough to kill your betrayer – to find them among the myriad Mon'Keigh worlds will be a chore in and of itself, and you'll need to fight your way through their Imperial protectors before this final duel. All of those shall be prepared immensely for any uncanny abilities you might possess, beyond even the capacities of the Eldar, and have warded themselves against these. The second is to fight everything your own heart, your very soul screams for – and forgive. It is not enough, though, to move on in silence. The longer you fight your lust for revenge, the stronger it will become. Your own shadow will conspire against any effort you may make to focus yourself – and if your truly wish to move on, you must find your old comrade and reconcile in person. Both of you must admit the wrongs you have done, and both of you must come to truly regard one another as friends again. In either case, you cannot leave your chosen path, nor this universe itself, until you have seen your goal through to the end – or died trying.
  253. Blind Seers [+200 CP] – The skeins of fate are not so easily read as your kind believe, child of Asuryan. Your Seers may ply the Warp for knowledge of the future, but it is all of it befuddled – at least, when it pertains to you. She who Thirsts is not the only enemy of the Eldar in the Warp, and the Changer of Ways knows an opportunity when he sees one. It is he who oversees your fate now, rather than the Seers. Do not think that this will make your life any more convenient, especially should you find a powerful Seer taking an interest in you – and do not think that simply because you are not automatically damned that you cannot fall into the clutches of the Lord of Fate. You live on a razor's edge now, and fate is not easily resisted.
  255. Stolen [+200 CP] – Your arrival was more difficult than expected. While you survived the landing entirely intact, your Companions were less fortunate. They find themselves scattered across the galaxy, now, without even the means to contact you. For so long as you remain within this world, they will suffer nightmares such as few have ever had the displeasure of experiencing. The attentions of Chaos. Dissection by Inquisitors. Perhaps worse, more ancient evils than even the Dark Gods. These and more shall leave them hollow shells of their old selves when they are returned to you, any remaining loyalty born of desperation rather than memory. Do you hunger so for wealth, that you would scour their souls and let all that made them who they were be stripped from them? Do you truly still deserve them? These are questions for another day, perhaps.
  257. Eldrad [+300 CP] – I'm not sure I need to tell you why dealing with this... individual on a regular basis is a bad thing. But I will anyway. The First War for Armageddon, and the Ork Warboss Gazhkhull Mag Uruk Thraka? That was his doing. The Second War for Armageddon, leading to millions of Imperial deaths? He orchestrated it for the sake of a mere 10,000 Eldar. Did any Eldar know about the Horus Heresy? Eldrad knew before it even happened. And now this, the most ancient Farseer in existence, is interested in you. Let it never be said that he is above employing his tricks upon his own kind, and do not think for a second that death – yours or his – will save you.
  259. Run [+300 CP] – Your home is doomed. Perhaps you yourself may survive, but not your Craftworld. The Doom of Malan'tai comes for you, and it has been enhanced and bolstered by a mere sip of your soul. It has your scent, and nothing will stand in its way. It will not stay dead. It will not be reasoned with. Perhaps if you could lure it towards an enemy capable of keeping it occupied without killing it, you might buy some brief respite. Brief. Know this, child of Asuryan, its jaws are death everlasting for you and all those who bind themselves to your service.
  261. All Is Lost [+600 CP] – O foolish child, did you truly think your kind could ever walk proudly again? Ynnead is a myth, the futile hope of a dying breed. The mighty Craftworlds are decrepit, aged beyond repair. The Mon'keigh teem in greater numbers and greater suffering than ever, half fallen to the dominion of Chaos and half desperately struggling to survive. Their hope – that their Emperor would set right the Warp – has failed, as the hopes of the young often do. The Star Child did not come to be, and with his death, the Mon'keigh suffer under new masters, their precious Imperium a distant memory. Terra itself shares the fate of the Crone Worlds. The unending tide of the Ork and the ravenous swarm of the Tyranid grow ever stronger, and the Star Gods awaken alongside untold numbers of their servants. The innocence of the Tau and their servitors is long shattered, and even their naive hearts grow bitter and cold. In a mad universe where every senseless sacrifice was the best that could be done, and hope truly was folly, the impossible has happened – it has gotten worse, and it is all your fault. The Eldar are pariah now, and soon you shall be the last of your kind – if you survive at all. As the lights blink out and the stars themselves are consumed. As all that you hold in your hands turns to dust and slips from your fingers. As all whom you love wither and perish, or are tortured in perpetuity. Ask yourself this – was it worth it?
  263. Long Is The Road [+800 CP] – Once, your kind were great. Inheritors of all the Old Ones had made and free from the threat of the Necron, you held the galaxy in your hands. Then, supremacy became decadence, decadence became hedonism, and hedonism became Slaanesh. To you, this is ancient history, some ten thousand years prior... or is it?
  264. While you and your mighty powers have only recently entered this world, there was a point of entry. In this universe, you truly were born to the Eldar, very soon before the Fall. Your rolled Craftworld still did business with the Empire at large. The Mon'Keigh were still just falling from their Dark Age of Technology. Now your conciousness and memories have entered at this point. Your powers, beyond those earned here, await you in the year 899.M41. It is not surprise, then, that you must survive to reach that point – and your survival is far from guaranteed. Should you fail to escape the psychic scream of Slaanesh's birth, your soul will be devoured with the rest. To be reduced to your Spirit Stone, too, is true death, and your soul shall feed the Infinity Circuit the same as all others. To become the Avatar of Khaine, or consumed by the will and soul of a Phoenix Lord shall also end you, subsumed into these greater beings. And these are only the threats faced by Eldar alone – the Exodites are already on their worlds, and Harlequins have nothing to fear from Slaanesh, but do not mistake that for safety. The Mon'Keigh have not yet fully subjugated their Men of Iron, and what few of these survive will seek you out. The Dark Kin, in their early years, will have lost little of the ancient technology. What human civilizations do survive will often be better-armed than the later Imperium, if smaller – and they will remember how your kind left them to die. The Orks will surge in great numbers in the midst of the chaos, and Chaos will be as active as it has ever been. Even Eldrad Ulthan will lack much of his might, which has yet to develop – though should he prove interested in you, he will be no less persistent, no less dangerous, and no less infuriating. Survive the trials of Old Night – of the Age of Strife – and you will have to contend with the birth of the Imperium. The Emperor and his Great Crusade will slaughter or subjugate all Xenos in their wake, if they can – and that includes you. In the fullness of his power, the Emperor of Mankind has sensed the power that awaits you in the future – and come to the conclusion that it may well be the key to saving his people. To that end, he will first send his Primarchs to capture you. The Second and Eleventh shall strive first – should your Craftworld repel them, or other enemies defeat them, his Executioners, the Vlka Fenryka, will seek you out. Should you last until Horus, his favored son, turns to Chaos, your trials will only grow more grueling. Fulgrim, Slaanesh's chosen, will thirst for your soul – and with the chaos of the Horus Heresy reverberating across the galaxy, other powers will rise. Should you survive the chase, and Fulgrim meet his end at the hands of his brothers, your next challenge will be the massive, nigh-unstoppable WAAAGH of The Beast. His forces will nearly crush the still-reeling Imperium, but do not think yourself an invalid target. If, by the grace of your Craftworld (or Exodite World or Harlequin troupe), the guidance of the Seers, and the surety of your own instincts, you overcome this... in the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war. Sleep with one eye open, child of Asuryan. The hundred years you were promised are far away indeed.
  266. In any case, whether your journey was a mere century or far longer still, all things must come to an end. At the zenith of this path, you find yourself making one last choice.
  268. Into The Eye – Within that swirling nightmare where the Warp infests reality, the old homeworlds and capitals of the Eldar lie burning under the baleful eyes of the Ruinous Powers. You, however, are bound for a different home. The Mon'Keigh would call it Terra, but it was certainly many millennia ago when your first left that ancient abode. There was no Emperor then, nor were there colonies, nor had the days when Mankind was anything but a speck on a blue dot gone by, bringing that teeming breed into contact with your kind. And yet, once you called it home – and so shall it be again. You have gained much in your travels. Keep it, and be at peace.
  270. I Am Needed Here – The Seers have foretold that a savior would arrive. One such as yourself is needed for as long as such a one can be had, if the Eldar wish to see supremacy again. Rise, O child of Asuryan, and embrace this, your home. Embrace these, your people. What power you already wield is more than enough to serve well. Perhaps one day, you shall live again in Ynnead, after your time has passed and your Spirit Stone has joined the Infinity Circut.
  272. Exodus – There are Outcasts, and then there is you. This galaxy is grim, and dark. Your people are a waning breed, and perhaps the Eldar shall never see glory again. But you are not bound by the same rules, are you? Go forth now, and claim your birthright – surely you will not find it here, in this maddened galaxy. You are strong, but you can always grow stronger.
  275. Notes:
  277. =========================================================================
  278. --Swooping Hawks--
  279. •Aspect Armor – Like other Eldar Aspects, Swooping Hawks wear lightweight synthetic bodysuits, reinforced with plates of psycho-sensitive bioplastics that will instantly harden to resist impacts. These plates can morph their shape in accordance with the wearer's movements, meaning the armour does not encumber the wearer in the slightest, affording excellent protection without detracting from the Eldar warrior's unparalleled mobility. The Swooping Hawks wear cunningly constructed wings made up of vibrating feather plates that incorporate small anti-gravitic emitters. When the Swooping Hawks take to the air, these wings vibrate with such speed they turn into a blur of colour. The Swooping Hawks' armour is often coloured blue or grey to reflect the background colour of the sky. Their wings are coloured in brilliant, vibrant shades which create dazzling polychromatic patterns when in flight. Because the Swooping Hawks have to be concerned about maintaining their maneuverability in flight, their Aspect Armour is lighter and thinner than that of other Aspect Warriors. This means they have less protection from weapon impacts or melee blows than their fellows, but their increased speed and maneuverability normally more than makes up for this lack. The reinforced breastplate of the Aspect Warrior's armour bears his Spirit Stone, a precious item for all Eldar. This psycho-receptive gem is attuned to the individual so that at the moment of death, when the Eldar's psychic spirit is released, it is captured instead within the stone. Otherwise it is believed by the Eldar that the spirit would be released into the Warp, where the Chaos God Slaanesh, "She Who Thirsts," awaits to consume it. Contrary to popular belief, the small domes and blisters on the Swooping Hawks Aspect Armour are not extra gems, but small compartments that contain the suit's technical systems. A tabard or various pennants are a common addition to the Swooping Hawks' Aspect Armour. Its runic inscriptions name the shrine for which the Aspect Warrior is fighting and identifies the particular Craftworld to which the warrior owes his or her allegiance.
  280. •Aspect Helmet – Each Warrior Aspect has its own distinctive helmet, and within each shrine the helmet may vary in form slightly, with correspondingly more elaborate versions for the shrine's Exarchs. For a standard Swooping Hawk, the helmet is distinctively tall and swept back, allowing for better aerodynamics. By custom, it is this helmet that marks the Aspect Warriors as the protectors and avengers of their Craftworld. It bears the Swooping Hawks Aspect's rune traced upon its forehead.
  281. •Swooping Hawk Wings - Specialized Eldar Jump Packs used exclusively by the Swooping Hawk Aspect Warriors. Composed of vibrating feather plates, these wings combine an anti-gravitic lifting field emitter with jet propulsion motors to provide the Swooping Hawks with their impressive flight speed and maneuverability. In addition, the large wings allow the user to glide for long distances, and provides added lift for an increased flight ceiling, while the vibrating feathers emit a distinctive shrieking sound. Because they are often colored in vibrant shades of color, the wings also create an impressive multi-color pattern for the warrior while in flight.
  282. •Cloudsweeper Lasblaster - The primary ritual weapons of this Aspect are the Lasblaster, which uses psychically grown crystals to refine their already intense bursts to their optimum potency. They're much more efficient and powerful than crude Mon'keigh's lasgun. The Cloudsweeper fires in three-round-bursts. Sacrificing a modicum of accuracy for rate of fire. Most optimum way of using this weapon is to strike from high above your targets, placing yourself in minimal danger of actually being shot at. However from time to time many may find their wings "clipped," so to speak, and they'll be forced into close combat.
  283. •Swooping Hawks Grenade Pack - The Swooping Hawks Grenade Pack is used in conjunction with the CloudSweeper Lasblaster. Grenade packs contain both anti-personnel grenades and Plasma Grenades for fly-by attacks and Haywire Grenades for disabling enemy artillery
  284. •Haywire Grenades – Swooping Hawks make use of Haywire Grenades for disabling enemy vehicles. They send out a powerful, short-range electromagnetic pulse that shorts out electrical wiring and disrupts the energy systems of the target.
  285. EXARCH – To those lost to the Path of the Warrior, greater weaponry is offered. Exarchs of the Swooping Hawks, in addition to their normal weaponry, are known to implement a more powerful, penetrative variant of the Lasblaster known as the Hawk's Talon, and a rapid-fire variant referred to simply as the Sun Rifle.
  288. •Aspect Armour – Like other Eldar Aspects, Howling Banshees wear lightweight synthetic bodysuits, reinforced with plates of psycho-sensitive bioplastics that will instantly harden to resist impacts. Those plates can also morph their shape in accordance with the wearer's movements, meaning the armour does not encumber the wearer in the slightest, affording both good protection with excellent mobility. The reinforced breastplate of the Aspect Warrior's armour bears her Spirit Stone, a precious item for all Eldar. This psycho-receptive gem is attuned to the individual so that at the moment of death, when the Eldar's psychic spirit is released, it is captured instead within the stone. Otherwise it is believed by the Eldar that the spirit would be released into the Warp, where the Chaos God Slaanesh, "She Who Thirsts," awaits to consume it. Contrary to popular belief, the small domes and blisters on the Howling Banshees' Aspect Armour are not extra gems, but small compartments that contain the suit's technical systems. A tabard or pennant is a common addition to the Howling Banshees' Aspect Armour. Its runic inscriptions name the shrine for which the Aspect Warrior is fighting and identifies the shrine's allegiance to its particular Craftworld. Regardless of a shrine's Craftworld of origin, the Aspect's colour scheme is usually bone white and flaming red. The red proclaims the Howling Banshees' ferocity and the burning passion that defines their variant of the Warrior Path. The bone white colour symbolises the eternal death the spirit of the Banshee brings to the foes of the Eldar.
  289. •Aspect Helmet (Banshee Mask) - Each Warrior Aspect has its own distinctive helmet, and within each shrine the helmet may vary in form slightly, with correspondingly more elaborate versions for the shrine's Exarch. A standard Howling Banshees Aspect Warrior's Banshee Mask is tall with their long flowing hair spilling from the top of it like a lion's mane. Their distinctive Banshee Masks contain psychosonic amplifiers that magnify their keening battle screams into mind-destroying shockwaves. This inflicts severe damage to the central nervous system of the Eldar warrior's foe, inspiring feeling of mortal terror and causing momentary paralysis. By custom, it is this helmet that marks the Aspect Warriors as the protectors and avengers of their Craftworld. It bears the Howling Banshees' Aspect rune traced upon its forehead.
  290. •Shuriken Pistol - Shuriken Pistols are graceful dealers of death that use sophisticated gravity accelerators to hurl volleys of miniature razor disks to literally slice their victims apart in seconds. Shuriken weapons use solid core ammunition which Imperial technology cannot replicate. When fired, a shuriken pistol unleashes a hail of razor-sharp monomolecular discs known as shuriken.
  291. •Power Sword - Howling Banshees often fight with a Power Sword capitalizing on their swift and athletic capabilities, for they are deadly hand-to-hand fighters. What the Howling Banshees lack in brute strength they make up for in precision and efficiency, their shimmering Power Swords slicing through armor, flesh and bone with equal ease.
  292. EXARCH – The Exarchs of the Howling Banshees are known for their use of greater Power Weapons than the ranks they command – and among these are the two-handed Executioners. These Power Glaives are said to cleave opponents in twain with a single blow, and they are not alone in the Exarch's arsenal. Sharing its space in the Banshees' armory are the Triskele (a thrown weapon consisting of three Wraithbone blades linked in a ring, which slice and de-limb enemies during a charge) and the Mirrorswords (always dual-wielded Power Swords tailored to an ambidextrous style of combat).
  295. Aspect Armour – Of all the existing Aspect Armours, the closest cousin to that of the Striking Scorpions is that of the Howling Banshees. However, heavier and more rigid plating is used to give the Scorpions more protection in close combat, and even Bolters have trouble with the green bulwark of Wraithbone.
  296. Aspect Helmet – The most notable feature of the Striking Scorpions' helmets is a weapon system referred to as the Mandiblaster. Neurally-activated blasters fire metallic shards from their anchor points on the sides of the helmet, rending flesh in close combat and preparing the opponent for a fierce laser blast that turns the shards to deadly plasma. Its range, however, is only one or two meters.
  297. Scorpion Chainsword – A motorized cutting blade fitted with monomolecular 'wyrm-fangs' graces one edge of this devastating melee weapon, which rends flesh and shreds armor when swung. In handling, it is much more elegant (though perhaps not as hardy) as Mon'Keigh or Ork weaponry functioning on similar principles.
  298. Shuriken Pistol – Like the Howling Banshees, the Striking Scorpions carry these monomolecular-shard-firing sidearms as a complement to their melee weapons.
  299. Plasma Grenades – Making use of an intentional plasma containment failure, these explosive devices sear and blind the enemy, leaving them burnt and disoriented.
  300. EXARCH – Among the Exarchs of the Striking Scorpions, a clawed Power Gauntlet (similar to a Power Fist, obviously) known as the Scorpion's Claw is popular. Seeing as it is also linked to a built-in Shuriken Catapult, it is easy to guess why. However, these are not the only weapons at a Scorpion Exarch's disposal. A two-handed Chainsword called the Biting Blade may find itself present as well, ripping flesh like parchment and armor like cardboard. Perhaps deadliest of these Exarch weapons are the Chainsabres – pairs of gauntlets with Scorpion Chainswords fixed to them which also incorporate twin-linked Shuriken Pistols. It is perhaps better not to ask how this is even possible, for the wonders of the Eldar are many and not all of them beg explanation.
  302. --DIRE AVENGER--
  303. Aspect Armour – In their devotion to the noble, merciless aspect of Khaine, the Dire Avengers, heirs to the teachings of Asurmen, paint their armor a deep blue, with accents of black and white. A tabard is often worn over this armor to reflect the name of the Aspect Warrior and his Craftworld.
  304. Aspect Helmet – This tall, plumed helmet bears the rune of the Dire Avengers on the front, and is lightweight while still protecting the head well. Its plume is made from animal hairs and painted in the colors of the wearer's Craftworld.
  305. Avenger Shuriken Catapult – An ordinary Shuriken Catapult, or tuelean, is already a work of genius. A gravitic accelerator detaches a monomolecular slice of a plasti-crystal ammunition core and launches it at enemies at incredible speed, while the core is kept stable by a magnetic repulsor, giving the weapon a firing rate of nearly 100 shuriken a minute. With its lengthened barrel, enhanced firing rate, and inbuilt rangefinders, then, the Avenger Shuriken Catapult is nothing short of brilliance.
  306. EXARCH – The Exarchs of the Dire Avengers are well-known to carry Shuriken Pistols as sidearms, along with a Power Sword – but other items exist in their arsenal as well. The Shimmershield is carried by some, generating a potent force field around them which allows them to ward off melee attacks from both themselves and the Dire Avengers around them. In tandem with either this or a Shuriken Pistol, a Dire Avengers Exarch may wield the devastating Power Weapon known as the Diresword, which has a Spirit Stone embedded in the hilt. Thusly, when the blade strikes an enemy, the Eldar soul within the Spirit Stone attempts to utterly destroy said enemy's mind. In this manner, every Diresword is a lesser mirror of Asurmen's Sword of Asur, which holds the soul of his brother Tethesis within its blade.
  308. --DARK REAPER--
  309. Aspect Armour – Powered limb supports and thick plates define this Aspect Armour, designed specifically for the wielding of heavy weapons. Stabilizers and clamps lie beneath the lower leg armor, allowing the Reaper to root themselves to the ground while firing at even fast-moving targets. As a result, they are among the slowest-moving Aspect Warriors.
  310. Aspect Helmet – Bearing the rune of the Dark Reapers and made to resemble a skull, the helmet of the Aspect is eerily similar to the face of the Great Enemy – the Necron. Its rangefinders, sensory vanes, and neural links to the Reaper's weapon make it almost impossible for a Dark Reaper to miss his or her targets.
  311. Reaper Launcher – This implacable tool of destruction is a missile launcher designed to loose a swift barrage of armor-piercing rockets from any number of pods containing specialized missiles for different roles. With little need to reload and the capacity to act as anti-infantry or anti-tank firepower, it is an impossibly potent tool indeed.
  312. EXARCH – The Exarchs of the Dark Reapers wield more potent variants of the Reaper Launchers known as Tempest Launchers, which launch a larger number of missiles at a time in a vast arc. Furthermore, the Shuriken Cannon, a Shuriken Catapult upsized for use on vehicles, may also find itself within a Reaper Exarch's possession. The natural aptitude of the Dark Reapers for heavy weapons is amplified in all accounts, leading to accuracy unmatched by any other race's heavy infantry weapons, even considering the high rate of fire.
  314. --FIRE DRAGON--
  315. Aspect Armour – Decked with stiff, hardened spines and slightly heavier than that of a Dire Avenger, this flame-hued Aspect Armour is designed to allow its users to reach close range before immolating the enemy.
  316. Aspect Helmet – Ultimately, the helmets of Fire Dragons are nigh-identical to those of Dire Avengers.
  317. Fusion Gun – Analogous to Mon'Keigh Melta weapons and used for incendiary purposes, the Fusion Gun is the favored weapon of the Fire Dragons and works by agitating air molecules on a sub-atomic level, heating anything within a short range to the point of annihilation. The weapons themselves are mostly silent, but the explosions of targeted machines and the screams of burning soldiers are most certainly not.
  318. Melta Bombs – Capable of being thrown like a grenade or placed as a delayed explosive charge, these bombs are especially effective against vehicles and buildings, working on the same principles as a melta weapon to reduce their targets to slag.
  319. EXARCH – The weapons of a Fire Dragon Exarch are meant to bring burning death to their enemies – and so they do, wielding one of two mighty weapons. The first is a long-barreled variant of the Fusion Gun known as the Fire Pike, which can annihilate enemies with a melta beam at a far greater distance. The other is the Dragons Breath Flamer, which fires a stream of incendiary chemical at enemies only to melt them to slag. This weapon type is notable for its capacity to destroy Ork Spores.
  321. --WARP SPIDER--
  322. Aspect Armour – Bulky and heavy, this Aspect Armor renders its wearers incredibly slow – on foot. Unfortunately for their enemies, it has a single main advantage – the ability to teleport its user short distances. This Warp Spider Jump Generator allows the wearer to jump up to a hundred meters instantly by moving directly through the Warp, risking the attentions of She Who Thirsts and other foul predators of the Immaterium just for the chance to bring death to their enemies.
  323. Aspect Helmet – Like other Aspect Helmets, this helmet bears the rune of its Aspect and protects the head – but like the armor, the helmets of the Warp Spiders bear a measure of extra warding against the Warp, which gives them a slight resistance to psychic powers.
  324. Death Spinner – Filled with monofilament wire, the Death Spinner shapes a magnetic containment field that dispenses the thread into a 'spinner cloud' that rends armor and liquefies flesh after snaking through joints and cracks. It would take a mighty aegis indeed to resist the depredations of this vicious, cruel device.
  325. EXARCH – While many Warp Spider Exarchs choose to simply wield two Death Spinners, some bear more unusual weaponry. The Spinnerette Rifle, for instance, launches not an array of monofilament wires, but a single, armor-penetrating thread – which then recoils into a deadly spiral knot. The Power Blades, on the other hand, are gauntlet-mounted Power Weapons which leave the hands free to wield other implements without losing effectiveness.
  327. --SHINING SPEAR--
  328. Aspect Armour – Traditionally painted white, this armor is in most respects identical to that of Dire Avengers – save, perhaps, for the necessities of vehicular combat.
  329. Aspect Helmet – Besides the lack of a tall plume, the helmets of the Shining Spears are nearly identical to those of the Dire Avengers.
  330. Jetbike – Weapon and steed all in one, this swift single-seater transport is armed with a pair of twin-linked Shuriken Catapults, which serve as extra protection for the fragile but swift machine. Incredible anti-gravitic motors allow speed and maneuverability only an Eldar with his or her heightened reflexes could possibly pilot, whether in level flight or ascending into the skies. The mastery of the Shining Spears over these vehicles is such that they can pull off complex maneuvers in three dimensions with but a few simple gestures.
  331. Laser Lance – This long, sturdy polearm fires a powerful laser burst at short range or upon contact with enemies to complete the devastating effect of a Jetbike charge. While otherwise useless in close combat, its effectiveness on the chart
  332. EXARCH – While their Jetbikes' Shuriken Catapults are often replaced with Shuriken Cannons and their Laser Lances are replaced with the more powerful Star Lances, Shining Spear Exarchs are also known for their use of Power Weapons.
  336. Aspect Armour – Perhaps the most unique Aspect Armor, it is swaddled in paper-thin blue robes, reflecting in many ways an ancient association with the Wraithguard. Holo-fields installed in the armor allow the Eldar within to hide in plain sight when standing still and blur the enemy's vision while moving – which confounds even the most accurate weapons.
  337. Aspect Helmet – Curiously, the helmet of the Shadow Spectres bears no rune, for the Shrine itself had been thought long lost for eons.
  338. Prism Rifle – derived from the powerful Prism Cannon, which uses a laser magnified through a finely-cut crystal and then fired through a prismatic lens to either pinpoint armor and puncture it with a single beam or spread the blast and annihilate waves of troops, the Prism Rifle is linked directly to a targeting system referred to as the Ghostlight, which allows the Spectres to cross their beams into a single stream of annihilating light, reducing distant targets to wrecks.
  339. EXARCH – Shadow Spectres Exarchs are known to wield the devastating Prism Cannon, an improved version of the Prism Rifle with a longer barrel to deal greater damage from further, as well as the Haywire Launcher – a device that fires rocket-like devices that release powerful electromagnetic pulses in the same manner as a Haywire Grenade, disrupting electronics and vehicles in their wake.
  342. Nightshade Interceptor – An aircraft based on the design of the Nightwing, customized for the purposes of the Crimson Hunters. Each one is equipped with two Bright Lances and a Pulse Laser. The Bright Lances are most accurately compared to Mon'Keigh Lascannons. However, psychic guidance systems and crystal attunements leave them far more accurate than human designs. The Pulse Lasers, for their part, are similar, but firing a continuous stream of laser bolts, at a higher rate of fire and a longer range – at the expense of penetrative power.
  343. EXARCH – While Crimson Hunter Exarchs still pilot the Nightshade Interceptor, they have better weapons on-board: notably, the Bright Lances are replaced with Star Cannons, which use electromagnetic pulses to guide bolts of plasma to the target. These use containment fields to keep the weapon cool to the touch and prevent the weapon from, well, exploding. The foolish Mon'Keigh use weapons that may injure or kill the user, but your kind are smarter than that.
  344. --EAGLE PILOT--
  345. Phoenix Ground Attack Fighter – This Eldar aircraft is designed to annihilate enemy ground forces from above, escorted by Nightwings to their targets. In doing so, they trade a modest degree of speed for firepower. Its normal weapon assortment consists of two twin-linked Shuriken Cannons, a single Pulse Laser, and the Phoenix Missile Launcher, which fires plasma warheads at the enemies of the Eldar.
  346. EXARCH – While little is known of Eagle Pilot Exarchs indicates alternate armaments for their Phoenixes – rather than the Phoenix Missile Launcher, they carry the monofilament weaponry known as the Doomweaver, which releases a large web of rending thread that shreds ground troops after landing on them, only to form a nigh-impassable trap for future advances. The threads themselves are also known as the “Chains of Vaul,” after an unbreakable forged by the ancient Smith-God of the Eldar.
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