Suzie the ponymon

Aug 4th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Part one: It’s nice in your snowstorm
  3. >It's March 25th.
  4. >...and the spring is in its full glory
  5. >you're a typical edgy 17 years old Anon, living at the edge of a city with your parents and a little sister
  6. >the life is okay, you're guessing
  7. >you've had okay childhood, some friends to occasionally hang out with, parents are nice people, but you're at "that" age
  8. >that age where you can't seem to find your happiness
  9. >you're spending a lot of time in your room, at your PC, either just playing offline or with your online friends on discord
  10. >but you don't see them too often irl, mostly because you're a little lazy to go further than a few meters away from your house
  11. >and even though your parent do love you, they would like you to be a little more action-taking about your life
  12. >...but like most adults, they don't really have a good way to show their good intention, so it mostly feels like you're getting bullied into doing things you don't like
  13. >being taken along with them for shopping just for the sake of it, - when they clearly don't need you
  14. >constant questions about why are you like that, when will you get a girlfriend, etc etc
  15. >....your little sister on the other hand, she's still young enough to be their crown jewel
  16. >sociable, happy to spend time with them, a lot of friends in school....
  17. >and parents surely do show appreciation for the way she is
  18. >sometimes it feels like they really do love her more than you, but..... well you're giving them a reason
  19. >and while you do love your sister, since she really is a sweetheart most of the time, it's still hard not to be a little jealous sometimes
  20. >she's getting the most expensive gifts, a lots of attention....
  21. >yeah, you don't really like that much of an attention, but something's still bugging you
  22. >for instance, for her 7th birthday, they bough her this stupid ass expensive animal that looks like some kind of cartoony miniature horse
  23. >some new, artificially created specie
  24. >it was SO damn expensive, if they'd given YOU this money, you could have had first class, top spec PC by now
  25. >instead, there's just this colorful creature roaming around the house
  26. >and to be honest,.. you don't really like the thing
  27. >each time you look at it, it's reminding you of your uncomfortable position in the family
  28. >life too
  29. >parents said it's not just for your sister, that it's a new family member,... like that dog you wanted before - but they wouldn't get it for you
  30. >hypocrites...
  31. >but damn, dogs can at least be cool
  32. >this thing is far from cool, quite the opposite, it looks just.... funny
  33. >they keep telling you to give it a chance: go walk it outside, play with it, but Jeez,...you don't wanna
  34. >plus, if any of your friends or schoolmates saw you with it, they would surely laugh their asses off
  35. >that would be so lame....
  36. >anyway, right now it's 8:21, your parents are watching TV, your sister probably with them, while you're in your room, trying to spend some quality time alone, when-
  37. >your door creaks, so you carelessly eye behind you what is it this time your parents want
  38. "Sorry mom, I don't really like the TV shows you're-..."
  39. >but it's not your mom
  40. >not dad either and certainly not your little sister
  41. >it's Suzanne, the weird animal
  42. >also known as "Miss Preeny", because she's constantly going trough the feathers on her small wings, even though she can't actually fly
  43. >but she's sure annoying enough to know how to open doors, goddamn
  44. "Oh what the hell do you want here?!" you pause your game and turn around "Hush! Go away!"
  45. >it's enough of a hostile reaction to make her hastily back out of your room
  46. >but it's not like she's closing the door after herself
  47. "Stupid goddamn animal..."
  48. >now you have to go close it
  49. >you're reaching for the handle when you notice two big eyes, reflecting the bit of light coming from your room
  50. >she's still there in the corridor for some reason
  51. >so you stare into the sparkly orbs for a few seconds, then close the door, heading back to your PC
  52. >about to sit down when you hear the handle click once more
  53. "I said go away!!" you run up to the door, stomping the ground to emphasize on your anger
  54. >the creature eeps a high pitched noise, in attempt to turn around bangs her head into the doorframe and is clopping away into the darkness
  55. >...man you might have overdone it just a bit
  56. >maybe you should go check on it
  57. >so you step out of your room, switching the lights to see where has it gone
  58. >well,... it's nowhere here
  59. >hope it didn't hurt itself when it hit it's head, the thud was pretty loud
  60. >clumsy creature
  61. >eventually, you find an opened door to the living room, where your parents are watching TV on the couch
  62. >...and it's there with them, curled under their feet, curiously eyeing at you
  63. >good
  64. >>"Hey Anon, came to join us?"
  65. "Uhh, not exactly,.. I was just checking on ya'll!" you’re doing your best to make it sound casual, not awkward at all "AND to get some water, got real thirsty, have fun though!"
  66. >you slam the door without actually getting the water and go rush back to your room
  67. >phew, safe and sound again
  68. >when-
  69. "Jesus not again...."
  70. >the door are open and the creature is hesitantly standing there
  71. >you're getting angry again, clenching your fist, about to throw something at the animal-
  72. >but then you swallow that emotion, inhale,…
  73. >and exhale as slowly as you can to calm down, closing your eyes for a second
  74. >guess this is something you just have to learn to live with
  75. >….
  76. "....What do you want?" you’re now asking in a lot more composed tone
  77. >...
  78. >of course it wouldn't answer, it can't speak
  79. >but it tilts it's head, making a few small, hesitant steps forward, as if asking whether it can enter
  80. ......
  81. "...Alright. Come here then."
  82. >could it be just the tone or color of your voice, but the creature seems to understand, walking towards your chair where it sits on it's rump, watching you with great interest
  83. >you've never let her too close to you before, because of your little prejudices about it's lame appearance and of course, your great jealousy and feelings connected to it
  84. >purposely kept disdain, especially to show your parents your disagreement of buying such a thing
  85. >but now you're alone with her in the room and.....
  86. >.….it's kind of hard to utterly hate her
  87. "Why aren't you with my sister and parents?" you raise your hand towards the creature's head to pat her, but she flinches away
  88. "...Did I leave such a bad impression?" you chuckle
  89. >....
  90. >guess you did
  91. >why is it still here though? Shouldn't it be running away again?
  92. >...
  93. >so you try it again, this time very slowly, letting her smell your palm before touching her
  94. >and after the short ritual, she lets you bury your fingers into her soft mane
  95. "There... there. You know,...... I guess I'm sorry. ........It's-.. not your fault."
  96. >that was kinda harder to say out loud than you thought
  97. >thank God nobody else can hear you
  98. >but the creature curiously glances in your eyes, as if it partly understood what you're talking about
  99. >it's strange, considering how goofy she looks with it's bright colors, big eyes and a tiny horse body, she must be a lot smarter than a regular pet, such as a dog or even a cat
  100. "So, will you tell me now, why did you come here?"
  101. >”....”
  102. >nope
  103. >instead she in a very sneaky fashion uses her front hooves to pull herself closer to your chair, dragging her rump on the ground behind her
  104. >the sight made you snicker
  105. "Jeez,. I guess you're alright." you snicker "Hate the TV shows too?"
  106. >of course she wouldn't answer
  107. >but she whines a quiet high pitched sound
  108. "So you do!" you laugh, taking it as an obvious yes, even though it could have meant literally anything "At least one thing we have in common."
  109. >then reach your hands towards her again, to fondle the fluffy ears on her head
  110. >they're covered with silky fur and are incredibly soft to touch, just like with most animals, but you could swear these ears are even softer
  111. >....and it doesn't take long till she devotedly closes her eyes, resting her head in your palms
  112. >could swear this thing is a friendship incarnate, how easily she comes to like you even though you were nothing but disdainful to her before
  113. "Okay Suzanne..." you eventually let go, her head somewhat falling out of your hands before she realizes she has to keep it up herself again "But I'm gonna play vidya now, can't give you the attention forever either.... But I guess we're cool now."
  114. >giving her one last grin and turn around in your chair to doubleclick a game icon
  115. >Sekiro it is
  116. >dun dun dun, the loading rolls, game’s starting and you're immediately immersed in it's world
  117. >it takes a while for you to realize that Suzzanne hasn’t left
  118. >eventually, you find a safe spot for the game character to lay low and turn around in your chair again
  119. "Come on, what is it you want??.... Are you like,.. hungry or something?"
  120. >the creature slowly pulls her front hooves on your desk, very closely watching you eye to eye and sniffing your face
  121. >then pokes her tongue out, about to lick you, but freezes right before doing that
  122. >your father already taught her not to lick anyone's face, despite of how much she'd like to
  123. >and she's seems to be a quick learner
  124. >..now she's just staring at you, her orange tongue still hanging out of her mouth for a while before she licks her lips and slides it back it
  125. >you snicker
  126. "You're this much from actually speaking, you know that?" you’re showing with your fingers "But I still have no idea what you want. Is it really just someone’s attention?"
  127. >...the pegasus resembling creatures still staring at you from up close, to a point that it's almost weird
  128. "Alright Suz,.." you give her a few thorough scratches on her neck, running your hands up into her long mane behind her ears again, which she seems to like the most of all, judging by the faces she's making
  129. >and you keep it up for a few minutes, till you let go of her again and go back to your game
  130. >she's still on her rear, leaning onto your desk, but now it's the videogame that's catching her attention
  131. >fast movements and figures running around the screen, some getting stabbed, other slashed, protagonist jumping around...
  132. >eventually she reaches her hoof towards the screen, trying to touch your character in the middle
  133. "Hey!"
  134. >her hoof immediately retracts and she even slides back down on the ground, eyeing up at you with visible guilt
  135. >....
  136. "Look, I'm sorry, but I was in the middle of a boss fight and got killed just now......... You can look if you want to, but no touching the screen, alright?"
  137. >and you even pull a second chair to the PC, so that she can sit on it and see, without having to stand on her rear
  138. "Come come." you pat the chair "This one's for you."
  139. >a little hesitantly, she firstly puts one of her hooves up there, then glances at you as if asking whether it's really okay
  140. >they aren't letting her on the couch or other human surfaces because your mother doesn't want to have her hair everywhere, so she only has her own little mattress in the living room and a few carpets
  141. "Of course you can, this is my chair and my parents have no power over here." you grin "......Just don't get used to doing the same with other furniture around the house. Just this one here okay?"
  142. >it's strange, but she's giving you looks as if she caught at least the very essence of what you've said
  143. >not words, but like…. the meaning?
  144. >then she pretty elegantly jumps up on the cushioned chair and makes herself comfortable there, her head resting on the armrest, softly leaning her cheek on your elbow right next to it
  145. >guess that's alright
  146. >and she's watching you dying to the same boss over and over again
  147. >that is, until...
  148. "YES! FUCK YES! FINALLY GOT YA, NIGGERRRRRR!" you laugh, spontaneously hugging Suzzanne right next to you, as if it was your shared victory "See that?! Shinobi execution!"
  149. >she has absolutely no idea why are you happy like that ,..but quickly joins you in your sudden joy
  150. >swishing her tail and-... making sounds very similiar to human giggles
  151. ".…You can laugh?... Am I hearing right?" you slowly let go of the hug
  152. >and you could swear she’s smiling, too
  153. >now that you’re thinking about it, a lot of her emotions look very humanlike
  154. "Oh wow, just what exactly did my parents really buy? Is that why you were so expensive?"
  155. >"Ni-ggaaaahhh." Suzzanne suddenly speaks with a voice of a deaf, adolescent girl
  156. "Uh,.... what?"
  157. >"Niggaaah!" she chirps excitedly, this time articulating a lot better
  158. >....you're unable to really comprehend what you should even feel right now, so you're just staring at her while she goes on and on:
  159. >"Nigga! Nigga!"
  160. "Uhhh, MOM?! DAD?!" you finally yell, loud enough for them to hear you two rooms away
  161. >>"YES DEAR?!" your mom yells back
  164. >>>"DID YOU TEACH HER ANYTHING YET?" dad joins in
  165. "NO! I MEAN, MAYBE..."
  167. "Shit."
  168. >Suzzanne is watching you with a big, human like smile on her face, still excited about her word causing such a massive reaction
  169. >"Nig-"
  170. "Stop." you close her muzzle before she finishes it, looking her straight in the eyes "We don't say that in public. Okay?... Do you understand me?"
  171. >but she just looks pretty confused about all this
  172. >eventually, you have to let her muzzle go
  173. >"Ni-"
  174. "Don't." you only put your index finger in front of her mouth this time
  175. >she wouldn't finish it, understanding well that you don't want her to say it
  176. >but judging by that grin on her face, you get the feeling she's totally gonna abuse this to get a reaction from people
  177. "...You're horrible, you know it?"
  178. >"Haw! Eeble!" she's wagging her tail and opening her tiny wings
  179. "Yes, that's you...."
  180. >can't really hold a serious expression any longer, sincerely snickering, over the absurdity of this situation
  181. >sure, you could hit her each time she says the word to make her remember not to do it, but you don't exactly have a stomach for it
  182. >and as much as you hate to admit to yourself,... she's totally being adorable right now
  183. >and you kinda like what her first word was
  184. >AND mostly, that she learned to speak from you, not your sister or parents
  185. >seeing you're grinning too, she rears up, resting her front hooves on your shoulders, and gives you a big, lengthy lick over side of your face
  186. "Jeez." you chuckle while wiping her saliva off your cheek "Gross."
  187. >Alright, so now you're definitely "that member of the family" who lets her do stuff others wouldn't let her get away with; even though your sister isn't exactly the rule enforcing type, either.
  188. >In the first week or two of having her, your dad was filling that role around your sister so you know that Suzzanne won't disobey her either
  190. >and surprisingly,... you're kind of okay with what's happened
  191. >feels good to be someone’s favourite, even if-.... even if it's just a family pet
  192. >"Harweeble!" she chirps again
  193. "No,...try to say: "Suzzanne." Suzz-anne!" you chuckle "Can you say it? Suzz-anne."
  194. >it takes her a few tries, but
  195. >"Sooz.... Soozaine!" her tiny wings victoriously spring open
  196. "Great! That's your name!" you point at her with a grin on your face "You're Suzzanne."
  197. >"Soozan!.. Soozzan!"
  198. "You're just like a pokemon now." you snicker, raising a hand for her "...Can you do a high five too?"
  199. >but she's just watching you with a confused smile
  200. "Yeah, that's stupid, but how about a fist bump?"
  201. >still smiling at you widely, but still totally clueless
  202. "Like this." you pick her hoof up and bump it with your fist
  203. >she’s letting you move her hoof around, watching what you're doing but still doesn't understand too well
  204. >or care
  205. "Fist-bump." you'd try that one more time "....No?"
  206. >guess not
  207. >she just keep on smiling
  208. >when she suddenly springs up towards your face, vigorously licking you like an excited dog
  209. "Ew! Stop it!" you're laughing while softly trying to push her away, but it's only making her think it's a game now, trying to get to your face even more
  210. >so you eventually push her a little harder, enough to make her fall over on her back, but catching her so that she won’t hit her head again because of you
  211. >and then bury your hands in the fluff on her chest
  212. "Aww, who's a fluffy monster?" you're laughing in the heat of the game as you're trying to keep your hands around her belly, tickling and scratching the creature while she's rolling around and playfully kicking her hooves as if she wanted you gone, but not for real
  213. >and you're messing with her, letting her fight with your hands until you hear the steps of your parents in the corridor
  214. >upon that, you immediately stop, spring back up and sit down to the PC as if nothing
  215. >gotta keep your "edgy" composure
  216. >even though she is pretty fun, you ain't openly admitting she's cool
  217. >meanwhile Suzzanne had picked herself up, panting and gazing at you whether you're going to continue or not
  218. >but your parents are already at the door
  219. >>>"Hey, so it looks like you two finally became friends now." your dad laughs upon seeing the pegasus, all her attention centered only towards you
  220. >while you're doing your best to look as careless as if you were just disturbed from your videogame
  221. "Yeah, as if. She just keeps following me, I dunno what's her deal. And she even started to repeat my own swear words when I tell her to go away. I had no idea she can learn to parrot!"
  222. >>"You shouldn't be swearing at her anyway, if you need to teach her not to do anything, you gotta be firm, but not angry. …What did you teach her?"
  224. >so you eye back on the eversmiling creature, sitting there in the center of everyone's attention
  225. >"SoOOozzanne." she says importantly in her high voice
  226. >>"......Her name?"
  227. >>>"So it's her name you've taught her?" laughs your dad patting your shoulder "I knew you two would get along in the end."
  228. "But I-...! Yeah, I mean no! I'm not befriending her just because I taught her to say her name. I just wanted you to pick that stupid thing up, so that she doesn't keep opening my door!" and you point her direction "Go, you!"
  229. >>>"Well, alright,.. maybe some other time." your dad smiles somewhat disappointedly and slowly walks away to the door "Come, Suzzanne."
  230. >and Suzanne glances at you, no longer smiling, before reluctantly walking towards your dad and mom, leaving your room
  231. >....
  232. >you're left alone in your room again, thinking whether it really was a good thing you did
  233. >you might have kept your pose, but at what cost?
  234. >in the look the poor thing gave you,... there was a visible hurt
  235. >it made you feel pretty bad
  236. >on the other hand...
  237. >... it's just an animal, she can get over it
  238. >hopefully, she doesn't have a memory of an elephant
  239. >still,...
  240. >it's bugging you before going to sleep that night
  241. >of course you wont come back with a sudden public confession, that you didn't mean it
  242. >what's done is done
  243. >but it doesn't feel good either
  244. >surely,.......she won't even know about it tomorrow
  245. >still... you might make it up to her somehow when you'll see her
  248. Part two: It's too late to be hateful
  250. >A new day cometh, a beautiful sunday morning and you're just getting out of your bed
  251. >the rest of the household has been up for quite some time already, but it’s nothing unusual
  253. >On the weekends, the only thing that could get you out of bed was a full bladder or an empty stomach
  255. >everyone's mostly finished with their breakfast, so you just lazily greet your parents and sister and head to the fridge for something to bite on
  256. >but on your way to the table in the living room, you’ve walked into Suzzanne, resting on her mattress
  257. >she heard your steps with her big ears, opening her eyes and timidly backing up further away
  258. >shit
  259. >guess she remembers...
  260. >it’s making you feel a little guilty
  261. >but your dad is seeing you, he's sitting in a chair nearby
  262. >....and you definitely wouldn't try to apologize in front of him
  263. >how stupid would it look anyway?
  264. >admitting your mistakes like this... and to an animal
  265. >no, instead you’re gonna make some breakfast and act as if nothing
  266. >that is, until your dad finishes his coffee and moves back to kitchen, leaving you in the room with her
  267. >she's now back on her mattress, eyes closed, but she isn't sleeping, just resting
  268. >so you sneakily stand up from your chair, leaving the rest of the bread there and slowly creep up to her so that she won't run away
  269. >then put a hand on her head,-....
  270. >which she immediately flinches away from
  271. "Hey, look, I'm sorry. You're not annoying, okay?" you’re attempting to touch her again and since she’s already in the corner, she has nowhere to dodge
  272. >but the smoll pegasus is still at least disdainfully resisting and avoiding eye contact
  273. >so you let her go and just sit down next to her, frowning
  274. ".…..I just wanted to make my point in front of them,.. so that I wouldn’t look stupid… I know that my problems aren’t your fault. Sorry if that hurt, I didn’t mean it."
  275. ….
  276. >it really does feel stupid talking to her like that
  277. >but then you feel something nuzzling your hand, seeing how she’s cuddling up closer to you
  278. “Heyy…..So we’re good..?” you softly scratch her chin with one hand, picking one of her ears in the other to fondle it
  279. >and judging how she’s succumbing to your petting, even closing her eyes and softly giggling,..
  280. >you might have earned her back
  281. "Ooooh right we goooood then.” you grin, burying your fingers into her chest fluff to give a few deep scratches while she’s trying to nibble on your nose “......Just don't let them know alright?"
  282. >had no idea just how deeply this creature can feel, or even understand
  283. >...pretty sure she can’t actually make out the words, but she must be really empathic as far as emotions go
  284. >because she could definitely tell that you’re honestly sorry
  285. ".….Okay, I'm gonna have to go finish my breakfast over there." you eventually boop her nose as a bye bye after a few minutes of playing with her
  286. >giving the pegasus a little grin before sitting back at the table
  287. >for which you're returned a happy smile, before Suzanne contentedly lays her head down again closing her eyes for another nap
  288. >it feels like she just earned some of your respect with her personality..…
  289. ….
  290. >the upcoming days, you’re still trying not to pay Suzzanne too much attention around your parents, but whenever she comes for a visit into your room, you’re always glad to have her as a company
  291. >she somehow must have understood it’s a place reserved for your openness
  292. >it’s not like you’re spending a lot of time somewhere else when you’re home
  293. >...sometimes she's just sitting in the chair you basically gave her, watching you do stuff at your computer, other times you’re playing-fighting
  294. >considering she's basically a tiny horse that’s moving a bit like a cat, it could hurt to get kicked by the end of her hoof, but she's mindful about it and overally as gentle as her own character
  295. >and she's a total cuddlebug too, often trying to sneak her head on your lap, or even climbing there whole, but yeah,.. she's a little too big to be a lap dog
  296. >so she's mostly fine with just leaning herself over you while you're sitting by the PC
  297. >and as embarrassing as it is,.. you've grown fond of the strange flightless pegasus pretty quick
  298. >it really feels like she's listening to you, even if she doesn't understand the words
  299. >only the emotional charge of your sentences, body language, etc...
  300. >and that's making her,... somewhat easy to talk to
  301. >since she's probably not going to tell anyone what exactly you're saying and won't judge you either
  302. >so yeah,.... you’re occasionally talking to her too
  303. >and by "occasionally" is meant: maybe more often than to your parents
  304. >it's hard to not see them as an enemy sometimes, since when they want something from you, they feel you’re obligated to do it
  305. >there's always the argument winning card "You'll get kicked out of the house when you're 18."
  306. >and man, you're gonna be 18 soon
  307. >pretty sure you'd die on the streets,.. if they’re really serious
  308. >so you're somewhat forced to listen to them, don’t wanna find out
  309. >but Suzzane, she isn’t forcing you into anything and she feels..... more trustworthy and supportive of you dealing with your personal problems than them
  310. >you're "talking" about life, what happened in school, what made you happy today, who was a total asshole, but even philosophize about universe
  311. >even though it's just you speaking, unless her occasional random words should count
  312. >.…but sometimes you’re coming up with a new perspective on things when you glance at her, searching for some answer
  313. >always a positive one, because she's smiling all the time
  314. >it DOES feel like a way of communication to you
  315. >but she’s slowly learning some new words from you too
  316. >sometimes parroting right back and rarely even accurately naming things
  317. >mostly those she can connect with some strong emotion
  318. >but it's in no way that she’d be forming any real sentences of her own
  319. >doesn’t even try, prefers being silent most of the time unless she wants something
  320. >.…the only thing she likes to repeat very often is her name
  321. >yeah, that she understood well enough, and it’s her way to express everything
  322. >it's easy enough to articulate and to remember too
  323. >she's even always announcing herself before entering the room
  324. >...hard to deny it's cute how she’s the closest thing to a real pokémon you’ve ever seen
  325. ….
  326. >the only downside is that due to spring, she’s losing some of her fur, leaving her favourite places covered with it
  327. >and a single week, they are covered with her colorful hair!
  328. >well,.. not completely “covered”, but it’s apparent she was there and you still lowkey don’t want your parents to know that you’re letting her in your room
  329. >...wanted to vacuum it today
  330. >so right now, you're about to return there, bringing a hoover
  331. >when you run into your dad
  332. >>>"There you are, I was looking for you- Hey, what happened champ that you actually took the initiative to clean your room?" he laughs, patting your back
  333. "N-nothing." you chuckle "I-I always clean my room, it's just not as often as ya'll do."
  334. >>>"Yeah, right." grins your dad "Anyway, I was gonna talk to you about:"
  335. >a sentence that’s resulting into one of his “totally not forced” pep talk conversations about going outside
  336. >it's about five minutes when he finally brings up that you could at least TRY to take Suzzane for a walk
  337. >which is pretty convenient for you, because you'll kill two fly with one swat with what you're about to say:
  338. "Alright then,... I'll go with her dad, but you'll stop with these conversations, please?" you're pretending a defeat, seeing the valuable points of your dad's arguments about healthier air outside and dangers of getting fat if you aren't moving enough
  339. >in reality, you've already considered going outside with her a few times before, but you’ve been waiting till someone else brings that up
  340. >...this way you're a martyr who’s forced into it in front of your parents
  341. >+1point for your ego
  342. >>>"So you'll go? Great! I knew there's some sense in you." your dad pats your back again "I'll prepare the leash and you can go after lunch. Your mother has it almost ready."
  343. "Yup, sure..." you're still posing as apathetic until he closes the door after himself
  344. >then you victoriously dab because you’re a zoomer “I’m a fucking master of illusion!"
  345. >.…and it really doesn't take too long till you're summoned to the kitchen table for a lunch
  346. >being there, you bring up Suzzanne because since you "have" to take her for a walk
  347. >..for safety, of course
  348. "...So how long are they even supposed to live?"
  349. >>>"We were told that theoretically around 60 years. But since there isn't a live specimen this old, it's hard to say. ....She may probably outlive us, that's why you should hone your relationship with her a bit. Might eventually end up having to take care of her one day." dad chuckles
  350. >>>>"If Anon won’t like her, I can take care of her too!" your little sister raises her fist and resolutely bangs it down the table "One day I'm gonna be a BIG girl and I'm gonna save EVERY poor animal without a home!!"
  351. >>"Sure you will." your mom laughs, fondly touching her head
  352. "....So how intelligent can these things really get?” you return back to the topic “Will she grow too?
  353. >>"God no. She’s already almost as big as that horrible St. Bernard dog you wanted. As adorable as she is, I wouldn’t allow anything so big here, even if it was a single inch more.”
  354. >>>”And she won’t get any smarter either.” your dad adds to fully answer your questions “But she can learn a lot of things the way she is. I’m planning to teach her how to use a toilet so that we won’t have to let her out each time she has to go.”
  355. >>”Practical as always…” mom chuckles “But do you really think she can do that?”
  356. >>>”If some cats can...What do you think Anon?”
  357. “Me?.. I uh, guess Suzzanne’s pretty smart…”
  358. >hearing her name, she raises her head from the mattress, interrupting her nap
  359. >"Soozane....?"
  360. >>”I think she likes you Anon. Even though you’re not really giving her a lot of reasons for it.”
  361. >so you have another morsel of your lunch to avoid giving any answers
  362. “...So and why did you pick one that’s so colorful?” you ask after swallowing it “She’s like a parrot in all aspects.”
  363. >>>>”Because it’s cuuuute!” your sister’s just finished her meal, while the rest of you were talking
  364. >which makes your dad chuckle before adding:
  365. >>>”It’s not like we had any big choices. They were all extremely similar. Almost as if they were cloned from each other. But we liked those bright green eyes, most of the others had magenta or red ones.”
  366. "Huh, really?"
  367. >>>"Yeah, I don’t know how they did this, but it's interesting."
  368. "It sure is...." you eye at Suzzanne, continuing in her nap, then dig into your lunch again
  369. ….
  370. >after everyone’s finished eating, just like you've promised, you dress to go outside while your parents prepare the leash and a collar for Suzzane
  371. >"Suzzane! Suuzzane!" she's excited to see outside again, trotting and jumping around the front door
  372. >it's always a big moment, since your parents don't have enough time to walk her every single day
  373. >and while your sister would like to walk her on her own too, she's too tiny for it
  374. >so when Suzzanne’s outside,.. well they warned you it’s almost impossible to get her back
  375. >but she supposedly obeys, since your dad smacked her with the leash at least once
  376. >and you know now, that she HAS indeed a memory of an elephant
  377. >>>"…And keep her close to you! Don't let her run off somewhere!" your mother is still standing in the door when you're already outside
  378. "Sure mom...."
  379. >and then the door finally close
  380. "Phew..." you sight, glancing at excited Suzzanne walking next to you "... It's hard to stand her sometimes isn't it?"
  381. >but the pegasus is way too busy with the awe of the wide world around her to notice that you’re talking to her
  382. >though, she isn’t pulling on the leash, moving pretty much within it’s range because of the choker collar
  383. >she’s smart enough to figure out how it works from her previous walks
  384. >looks trustworthy enough…
  385. >so after a few hundred meters, when you’re out of sight of your parents, you stop and walk up to her
  386. "What do you say we take it off?"
  387. >but the pegasus just sits, curiously gazing at you, thinking about what exactly you want from her
  388. >so you reach for the collar, lifting it up a little
  389. >that she understands, a wide smile appearing on her face and wings shooting open like two tiny umbrellas
  390. "But no running off, okay?” you laugh “At least not while we're still on the streets... Once we get to the fields, you can run wherever you want. As long as you return."
  391. >but she's way too excited to really listen to you, clopping her hooves on the ground and flapping her wings
  392. >so you crouch down face to face, to get her full attention
  393. "No running off, okay?"
  394. >something in her expression’s telling you she must have understood at least something, so you loosen the collar completely and pull it up over her head
  395. >...but the second you let her go, she jets away straight ahead
  396. "SUZZANNE!" you yell as loudly and intimidatingly as you can, seeing how she took off
  397. >and surprisingly,.. she completely freezes
  398. "No running off, okay?" you catch up with her, crouching down and speaking in a way softer tone
  399. >but she still looks pretty scared of you
  400. >so you look around if there’s nobody around watching you before hugging her “Come on Suzzie, I’m sorry,… I know you don’t like being yelled at, but see, I’m worried about you. We might be at the very edge of the city, but there are still cars around."
  401. >and soon the pony seems to relax in your arms again
  402. >tousling her mane and giving her a few scratches, you let go again when you’re sure it’s okay
  403. >"No wunning.." she parrots, empathizing on it by softly waving her head
  404. "Clever girl." you laugh, patting her neck before finally standing up
  405. >from then on, she’s doing her best to stay at least relatively close
  406. >on one hand, you're glad she's not putting herself in danger, but it's bugging you that you're behaving like your parents do
  407. >maybe she'd be careful enough, you never know…
  408. >.…you just didn't even take the chance to find out
  409. >man, this is making your head hurt
  410. >you don’t ever wanna be like your parents, don’t wanna take anyone’s freedom away just for safety
  411. >next time you’ll be better, calmer
  412. >somehow
  413. >soon you’re finding yourself at a backalley, one that’s leading around a few houses and trees to a dusty road
  414. >from here, you're pretty sure it's safe to let her enjoy the spring in any way she wants to
  415. "Hey Suz, you can run free now."
  416. >"No wunning." she stops seriously
  417. "Yes running." you laugh, gently slapping her rump to nudge her forward
  418. >and run up front trough the alley, around the fences
  419. >that's enough of a sign for her to take the initiative and chase you
  420. >before you know it, she's at your back, giggling as if she was having a time of her life
  421. >and while passing around you, you’re getting slapped back just like you did her, except she’s using her her small wing as a hand
  422. >just before she gains lead and disappears around the corner
  423. >... must be thinking you’re playing tag or something
  424. >but even though you can’t see the pegasus, you aren’t really afraid of losing her, the path’s leading only one way and emerges into open fields
  425. >though…
  426. >once you find yourself at the end of it, she's still nowhere to be found
  427. >around you, there's a handful of trees that are growing around a small waterstream, following the edge of the crop fields
  428. >you were planning to take a tiny bridge over the creek and venture into an open space, trough the dusty road in the middle of it
  429. >.…at least it used to be dusty the last time you were here, which was the last summer
  430. >now is everything a little muddy
  431. >but where IS Suzzane though?
  432. >she should be visible here, unless she managed to jump over a fence to someone’s garden…
  433. >couldn’t possibly return back the same way, you’d have to bump into her
  434. "Suzzanne…?" you're looking around, trying to remain calm
  435. >but inside of you, man you’re getting worried as fuck
  436. “Suzzanne where are you??!”
  437. >when-
  438. >"Suzzan!"
  439. >emerging from behind of a tree nearby, the tiny mare’s charging at you...!
  440. >and just about the time you turn her direction, you’re being pounced on like a wild cat’s prey
  441. "Wha- WHOA!" you fall over on your back, getting pinned on the ground, mercilessly licking your face "No, Suzzane please stop!"
  442. >you eventually muster enough strength from your shocked body to lift her up and escape from under her
  443. >.…you probably should have gotten angry, considering the fall wasn't completely painless, there's dirt on your back and your face is sticky from her saliva, but...
  444. >...it's really hard to be angry at that artless excitement she's watching you with
  445. "...You're horrible, you know that?" you painfully grin, still sitting on the ground and wiping your face
  446. >"Haweeble!"
  447. >if there was any ego left in you, it must have been totally murdered by this experience of getting knocked down on the ground and being drooled on by a creature you utterly hated a week ago
  448. >yet here you are, chuckling over it
  449. >maybe you have even deserved it, a little
  450. "Still struggling with the "R's" huh?" you poke her about her articulation while standing up
  451. >then crack your back to make sure every vertebra is in place, looking around
  452. "Okay then, let's go."
  453. >you went deep into the plains, occasionally chasing her, but since she's too fast, you're mostly just letting her run and fool around
  454. >even when she's so far away that she's merely a spot on the horizon, you aren’t afraid of losing her because she’s always coming back to you
  455. >not sure whether if it’s for you to check on her still being there, or if she just doesn’t want to lose you
  456. >maybe both, maybe it doesn’t really matter
  457. >anyways, each time she returns, you’re getting slapped with her wing and she’s gone again
  458. >of course, her stamina isn't unlimited, so she's progressively slowing down, running shorter and shorter distances, till she returns pretty much satisfied, panting and all sweaty like a racehorse
  459. >eventually, she’s just slowly walking at your tempo right next to you
  460. "So, had enough for today?" you laugh, patting and scratching her wet back "Well we've come pretty far. There's still the same long way back. Do we go home now?"
  461. >she's seems tired alright, but she agreeably smiles at whatever you were saying
  462. >good of an answer as any
  463. >so you turn around and slowly walk back
  464. >she's walking closely next to your leg, almost leaning on your thigh
  465. >can't tell whether is it from affection or exhaustion
  466. >maybe both
  467. >but she surely does deserve a little rest
  468. >when you find yourselves home, you're greeted by your mom again
  469. >>"So how did it go? Was she behaving? And where were you so long? Was it that you were enjoying the walk so much or because you lost her?"
  470. "Geez mom, calm down. It was pretty okay, but what are you talking about? I must have been out there hour at max."
  471. >>"Over two. …Whatever have you been doing that you're both so dirty?"
  472. "We’ve been at the fields behind the residential zone… And I, uh-... fell."
  473. >>"And what about her? There's mud all the way up to her belly..."
  474. "The land’s not dry yet, duh. Should have expected that."
  475. >>"…I'm gonna have to wash her." your mom frowns, realizing you're right, but wouldn't admit it
  476. "Well then, have fun then." you chuckle "I'll go change my clothes." and continue to your room
  477. >the jacket's back isn't that badly stained, so you’ve manage to scrape off and wipe away with a wet cleaning rag
  478. >by the time you're back in the living room, you’re already finding Suzzanne back on her mattress
  479. >she’s sleeping, fur still wet from the full body shower she must have received from your mother
  480. >no one's around, so you crouch next to her, softly petting the fluffy mane on her head and watching her gently snore for a while
  481. >yep, she definitely has a place in your heart by now..…
  484. Part three: Feels like a head to lean on
  486. >Monday after school, you’re returning home once again
  487. >and you're being greeted with vigorous excitement right at the entrance
  488. >first thing you see is Suzzanne charging at you and before you could react, you’re pinned to the door and the orange pegasus tongue is spreading saliva all over your face
  489. "Oh Jeez, Suzzanne, not again..!" you're trying to squirm away, but since there’s no space behind you, you’re just sliding with your back down on the ground
  490. >eventually, you manage to hold her head still between your palms while she’s trying to reach her tongue towards you
  491. "Enough, okay?" you chuckle and glance directly into her bright green eyes
  492. >which makes the pegasus giggle and friskily smile before slowly calming down
  493. "Good girl..." you whisper so that dad doesn't hear, giving her a few scratches around her neck and chest before she goes back on all four
  494. >>>"….That's strange Anon, I thought I already taught her not to lick anyone's face."
  495. "Yeah, hi dad."
  496. >>>"Sorry, hi. …I was just a little surprised that she’d do this. Especially with you, who wouldn’t even let her near you most of the time."
  497. "I guess it's because of the walk yesterday… She was really enjoying it."
  498. >>>"So you're finally friends now?"
  499. "I haven't said it's mutual." you’re unconvincingly trying fake a frown "…It's just that she-.. isn't that-....bad…"
  500. >>>"Way to go Anon!"
  501. "Still, we could have had a pretty cool new car for that sum."
  502. >>>"Can't always compare things like that son. Plus, you know your mother and sister. Even if I was against them, I'd get outvoted anyway."
  503. "Yeah,.." you chuckle
  504. >>>"So,.. are you going to walk her today too?"
  505. "Say, what? Do I have to?"
  506. >>>"Well, no... This time you don't. But look how much she wants to go."
  507. >Suzzanne's sitting on her rump not far from you, preening her wings, but just when you glance at her, you’re given a big smile with a feather still between her teeth
  508. "I'll.... think about it. But even if I’ll go, then not right now. I just got back from school, I need some time for myself."
  509. >>>"Sure champ." you dad grins as you're walking to your room
  510. >soon to be followed by a clopping of hoofsteps
  511. >"Soozan?" the pegasus opens the door just when you pull your jeans down to switch them for something more comfortable
  512. >so you automatically pull them back up
  513. >though,.. it's not like she's gonna take pleasure in watching you or something
  514. ".…Sure, come in." you carry on changing clothes
  515. >and while doing so, Suzzanne sits right in front of you, glancing in your eyes and stating with utmost importance:
  516. >"Wunning."
  517. "..You really wanna go outside so bad?" you snicker "......Okay, we'll go then, but later........"
  518. >but it’s not as if she could understand what you’re saying
  519. >”…….Wunning..?”
  520. "L-a-t-e-r. That means-.…” you’re scratching your chin while sitting in your chair “…how to explain.... Nevermind, we will go running, but not now okay?"
  521. >"Wunning!" Suzzanne excitedly jumps up on her own chair, nudging your shoulder with her muzzle
  522. "Yes, but later." you chuckle, shortly pet her and turn around in your seat
  523. >but she isn’t leaving you while you’re scrolling through facebook, trying to ignore her
  524. >you don’t really mind her presence though, she’s just being there, quietly watching what you’re doing
  525. >after a few minutes, you remember about something, open the youtube website and type in what's been playing in your head all the way home
  526. "...Hey, know this song?" you turn your chair Suzzanne’s way again, turning up the volume
  527. >it's "Style", from Foster the people
  528. "We're born to die so I'm gonna fight for how I wanna live!..." you're singing the first few verses to her ".....Of course you don't know it, but do you like it?"
  529. >and while the pony’s smiling as if she completely understood, she’s again pretty much clueless what you want from her
  530. "The song." you point at the speaker and turn it up a little bit more "Mu-sic."
  531. >"Moosic." her smile gets even wider
  532. "Yup." you grin, reaching closer to fondle her ears for a bit
  533. >....but with the way she's delighted by a touch of your hands, closing her eyes and stretching her neck towards you,.. it’s kinda hard to stop
  534. >until the song finishes in the meantime
  535. >it seems to snap her out a little, eyeing at the speakers
  536. >"…No mooosic."
  537. >which catches you so off guard you loudly snort and snicker
  538. "Hey, you know the difference between yes and no! Who taught you?!"
  539. >"...Soozan?"
  540. "Of course." you laugh, pulling her towards you and seating her on your lap "You're a WAY smarter than I thought..."
  541. >and she’s fondly cooing under your hug-scratches, nuzzling into your neck
  542. >"Suuzzan…"
  543. "Sure you are..." you're still amusedly grinning while continuing to pleasure her this way
  544. >but since she’s not exactly holding onto you in any way, the lower part of her body starts sliding down from your legs
  545. >of course, you wouldn’t let her just fall like that, so you pull her rump back up and adjust her there
  546. >except she’s like jelly right now and slowly keeps sliding away
  547. “...Are you doing this on purpose?”
  548. >so after the third time, you just slowly lay her down on the ground where she devotedly plops on her back, exposing her belly to you
  549. "So you want belly rubs huh? Mayyyyyybe we can do something about that."
  550. >and you bury your hands into her chest fluff, scratching your way lower to her belly while she’s spreading out, eyes closed and mouth slightly open
  551. >something inside you lowkey wants to blow raspberries on her, but it would be awkward as it if anyone walked into the room just now
  552. >so you at least keep on scratching her, trying to find THE spot, one that makes her hoof twitch
  553. >every animal has that, Suzzanne must too
  554. >but while running your hands around the pegasus body, you notice a barcode tattooed somewhere on the inside of her thigh
  555. >so you look closer, reading the 13 digits
  556. >...it’s probably the same number as on the ring that dad got with her
  557. >holding the thigh in you hands though, it suddenly feels kinda weird
  558. >like holding a human one,.. except with fur
  559. >so you let go before it gets any more awkward for you
  560. "Alright Suzie. Guess that's enough. We'll be going for that walk soon. Ehh, to go running."
  561. >"Wunning!" she springs up immediately, in full attention
  562. "Yup, just a few minutes." you tousle her mane before sitting back to the PC to finish something there and then start switching clothes again
  563. >but the smoll pegasus suddenly disappears, trotting away
  564. “Suzzanne?”
  565. >only to return with her leash and a collar from yesterday
  566. “Hey, where did you even get that! Did my dad gave it to you?” you laugh before clipping it to her neck “…Alright then, let’s go.”
  567. >today you aren’t planning to go as far as yesterday, not even the same direction
  568. >on the crossroad to the fields, you’re going to turn right instead of going straight, and follow the creek with trees growing around it
  569. >it might not even be that muddy there today…
  570. >this time you’re also trusting Suzzanne enough to unleash her pretty much right in front of the house, hoping she won’t do anything stupid
  571. >mom would call that “risky”
  572. >but you don’t like using a leash
  573. >.…and it seems to be working so far
  574. >Suzzanne's staying nearby, not really straying towards the asphalt road next to the sidewalk you’re walking on
  575. >there’s not a lot of vehicles around in the residential zone of course, but you’d still prefer her not going there
  576. >though it's not like she has any business on the asphalt anyway,- she’s much more enjoying to walk on the grass that’s growing around the fences of family houses
  577. >trotting happily on the soft surface, occasionally sniffing something or tasting some of the spring flowers growing there
  578. >...compared to yesterday’s gloomy weather, the sun is shining in it’s full glory too
  579. >which is a good thing overall, but now there are people outside and you don’t really wanna bump into someone you might know, having to explain what IS that strange colorful parrot-horse-dog with you
  580. >God forbid, running into someone with an actual dog
  581. >it’s not like you’re afraid of what Suzzane might do, she'd never hurt a fly, but what would you do if she wanted to befriend him and he turned out to be aggressive...
  582. >in your head, you’re playing out a scenario of what to do if something like that happened
  583. >you’d probably start kicking the dog, it’s better to use your shoes than fists
  584. >the imaginary Suzzanne in your head just got her hoof badly bitten but you saved her by your quick action
  585. “Huh?”
  586. >you were spacing out for a while in your thoughts, not actually paying attention where she really is in the meanwhile, so you yank when she isn’t next to you
  587. >... but she's just stopped to take a leak
  588. "Oof." you exhale
  589. >you’re terrible at looking after someone, thank God this creature doesn’t need to be constantly supervised…
  590. >a few minutes later, you’re finding yourself standing in front of the back alleys again, just like yesterday where you set her free
  591. >before you turn around at the pegasus, you’re being slapped from behind and she’s running off again
  592. “Suzzanne wait!”
  593. >"WUNNINGGG!"
  594. >man, looks like you've taught her a thing again…
  595. >so you’re running after her, trying to keep her in your sight
  596. >if you yelled harshly enough she would probably stop, but it’s pretty much safe here and you kinda want to chase her
  597. >she's fast though, increasing her lead so quickly that you’re only catching a glimpse of her tail in each turn
  598. >but it's enough
  599. >eventually, you emerge at the same spot as where you lost her the last time
  600. >and she’s gone again…
  601. >.…but you aren’t falling for the same trick again, especially when there’s a colorful tail poking out from behind one of the trees
  602. "Suzieeee! Where are youuu? I wonder just where could she be??" you’re pretending to look for her elsewhere
  603. >when you hear a rustle
  604. >so you turn around, taking a stance this time, arms open and fully prepared for all of her kinetic energy
  605. >the next second, you catch the pouncing Suzzane, spin her around and pin her down to the ground
  606. “Ha! Gotch-” you were about to say
  607. >but she eeps in her highest tone as if you just hurt her, using your shock to spring up and back away
  608. "Whoa hey, what did I do?" you crouch up from your knees
  609. >...pretty sure she didn’t hit herself or anything
  610. “...Did you just get scared..?”
  611. >"S-Suzzan?..." the pegasus steps a bit closer
  612. >...thought she would fully trust you by now to know you aren’t going to do anything bad to her
  613. >but it looks like it takes just a little bit more than that
  614. "Hey, c'mere..." you slowly reach out your palm to her muzzle, scratching her chin and moving closer
  615. ".…There we go." you chuckle when she’s nuzzling into your chest again ".....Don't like it when I see trough your tricks huh?"
  616. >"Sooz..." she coos, attempting to lick your chin
  617. >...and you’re letting her
  618. "What a drama queen you are.” you grin “So do you trust me now?"
  619. >....
  620. >who knows
  621. >.…but you aren’t really judging her
  622. >not only you let her down once before but it’s also taking you quite a while before you trust someone completely
  623. >can kinda sympathize with her in this
  624. >so you’re crouched down, scratching her neck, playing with the soft mane growing from the back of it…
  625. >when she friskily raises her front hooves on your shoulders
  626. >...and tumbles you over on you back with her weight
  627. "Hey....!"
  628. >but you already fell and the pegasus is climbing on top of you
  629. “So this was all just an act?!” you laugh “Just you wait!”
  630. >and you’re wrapping your arms around her, rolling over to the side and pinning her on her back
  631. >this time she’s just giggling, but she’s still trying to break free
  632. "What'tcha gonna do now huh?" you're grinning victoriously at the defeated pone
  633. >but it’s not like her defeat is upsetting her anyhow
  634. >so you boop her nose before letting go and standing up
  635. >”Sooz!”
  636. “Yeah yeah, I know.” you chuckle while dusting the dirt off her as well as your own clothing
  637. >but before you could finish doing that, she's slapping you with her wing again, taking a playful stance at a safe distance
  638. >this creature is relentless
  639. "Nope, I’m not chasing you. I know you're just pretending to give me a chance." you’re acting all uninterested
  640. >and slowly walk along the path, as if nothing
  641. >almost passing her, standing nearby
  642. >she's about to stand up from her pose, thinking you really don't care at all
  643. >but the truth is...
  645. >with a quick movement, you leap from your left leg straight at her, trying to grab her
  646. >... but she's still too fast, slipping away from your grasp by a few centimeters
  647. >dang it
  648. >"Suzzan!" she laughs cheerfully
  649. "Just you wait!"
  650. >really though, she is waiting for you just a meter further
  651. >so you try catching her again!
  652. >and again...!
  653. >...and again
  654. >man you have no chance
  655. "Alright then..." you roll your eyes
  656. >and you’re walking normally again
  657. >it's only after you walk past her she realizes you aren't faking anymore, so she trots up to you from behind, nudging your thigh with her muzzle
  658. "You're too fast for me. This is no fun." you shrug your shoulders
  659. >so she slaps your buttcheek with her wing like before
  660. "No, this isn't how it works." you laugh "I just don't want to chase you. That's all."
  661. >but you’re getting slapped again
  662. "Enough alright?" you chuckle, slapping her rump back “I am not playing tag.”
  663. >and while you’re sure she knows the word "enough" by now…
  664. >...you’re still getting slapped right back
  665. "...Are you seriously playing with me like that Suzzane?" you stop walking "Don’t you have at least a little respect?”
  666. >but your reaction only spawned a big wide smile one her face
  667. >it’s still a game for her
  668. >for a second, you’re thinking of smacking her rump with a leash
  669. “...”
  670. >but when you glance in those big playful eyes
  671. “...Jeez, how am I supposed to be mad at you?” you chuckle
  672. >and the pony walks closer, affectionately brushing herself over your legs and waving her tail around you
  673. >”SoOOoz…”
  674. >alright ...you're probably gonna let this one slip
  675. >pretty sure that your dad would have already asserted his dominance, if she was testing his patience like that
  676. >but you aren’t your dad…
  677. >and she already likes you better than your dad
  678. >not sure how big of an achievement it is and if you won’t regret it
  679. >but you’re kinda feeling like you did the right thing…
  680. >and she’s closely walking by your side for a while, occasionally bumping into you
  681. >until she gets distracted by a bird flying around
  682. >it sat on a one of the shrubs that was growing alongside the creek you’re following
  683. >...kinda thought Suzzanne would scare it away as soon as she approaches it
  684. >but the bird jumps over on her nose instead
  685. >which made the pegasus freeze completely, just following it with her eyes for a while
  686. “Hey…”
  687. >until it flew away again, moving onto one of the branches of a nearby tree
  688. >”Sooz!”
  689. “I know right?” you chuckle “That was pretty cool indeed.”
  690. >but Suzzanne’s already trying to climb after the bird
  691. >with the first try though, her rustling scared it away
  692. >nonetheless, she’s relentlessly trying again and again
  693. “It’s not there anymore…” you stop and watch
  694. >but the pony just importantly glances your way,
  695. >”Suzzanne.” announces,
  696. >and she’s at it again
  697. >feels like this isn’t about the bird anymore
  698. >so you’re observing her attempts, how she’s running up the tree trunk, trying to grab onto the branch with her front hooves
  699. >and while she’s actually getting pretty high, it’s not high enough
  700. >with the fourth try, she realized she could try flapping her small wings to help herself a little
  701. >...which is pretty much the first time you’re seeing her actually use them for something
  702. >but now she's furiously flapping them while running up the tree and-
  703. >she has actually managed to grab onto the lowest branch with her hooves!
  704. "Wow! Nice work there!" you’re applauding her in amusement
  705. >didn’t actually expect her to make it
  706. >...except now she's just sort of hanging there, still flapping, but unable to lift herself up on the branch
  707. >until she lets go
  708. "Hey, that was still pretty impressive, girl." you walk up to her, appreciatively scratching her back with a grin on your face
  709. >and while standing under the branch,...
  710. >why not try that as well!
  711. >so you jump up, bounce from the tree trunk towards the brach and you’re grabbing onto it on your first try
  712. >.…your height is still a pretty big advantage
  713. >"Suzzan! Suzzan!" the pegasus is cheering for you in excitement as you’re pulling yourself up
  714. >..and you did it!
  715. >you're up on the branch, sitting like a gargoyle
  716. >"Suzzan!" she's still jumping and dancing around the tree
  717. >it wasn't THAT much of a feat, but she made you feel kinda proud about it
  718. >so you grin before jumping down again
  719. "Hey but I'm sure you can do it too. You were almost there!" you nudge the pony towards the tree again
  720. >"Suuu...?" she gives you an uncertain look over her shoulder
  721. "Of course!" you laugh, trying to cheer for her just like she did with you "Come on! Suzzanne! Suzzanne!"
  722. >which gives her enough confidence to jump and-!!
  723. >she's hanging onto the branch again, trying to pull herself up just like before
  724. >.…but she just can’t do it, her front legs aren’t made for that
  725. >so you help her a little, pushing her butt a little higher so she can reach with her rear legs as well
  726. >which is enough for her to slowly pull up her whole body there
  727. >"SUZZAAAAAN! Eeeeeee!" she's cheerfully celebrating
  728. "See? I knew you could do it!"
  729. >and Suzzanne's chirping in happiness for a few seconds more,.. until she realizes just how high she is
  730. >upon looking down, her eyes widen as she hugs the branch as if there was a molten lava underneath her
  731. "Come on, it's not that high!" you’re snickering "You fell from there once before."
  732. >technically she wasn't all the way up, but that half a meter isn’t that much of a difference
  733. >"Suuuuuu...."
  734. >didn’t sound like you convinced her
  735. ".......So should I catch you?" you open your arms
  736. >"S-Suz..." she nods
  737. >and while clumsily trying to figure out how to even begin, with a suprised "Eeeeep!" she slips around the branch, holding on it from bellow with all four of her hooves
  738. >”SUUUZZAAANEEE!!!”
  739. "Just let go! Let go! I'll catch you!"
  740. >but she wouldn't even look down, eyes closed and ears folded like a cat
  741. >though, she can't really hold on too long like this and starts slipping down
  742. >....right into your arms
  743. "There we go! I told you I'd catch you." you laugh, holding her like a bride or a very big baby
  744. >upon realization what happened, her eyes slowly open and her face muscles relax from expectating a fall
  745. >seeing you saved her, you're instantly being bombarded with a number of wet pony kisses all around your face
  746. "No, wait, have mercy on me!" you're laughing, trying to dodge away, but in vain
  747. >and you almost fell too, so you slowly set her down on the ground
  748. >thankfully, there's still that creek right next to you, so you crouch down to wash your face from her saliva while the happy pegasus is jumping around you
  749. "Alright... that would be it. A nice detour we got here." you chuckle while standing up again "Do we go a little further?"
  750. >"Suzzan!"
  751. "I thought so." you smirk, patting her before getting to walk again
  752. >on the way, she’s jumping over the water from side to side and occasionally running further away, but not even remotely as far away as she did yesterday
  753. >she might be too exhausted from her previous activities or she just doesn't want to leave your side
  754. >or as always, a mixture of both, or neither
  755. >...can't exactly see into her head, she’s a bit more complicated than you initially thought
  756. >but you're glad to have her around as a company
  757. >maybe it’s the main reason too
  758. >at some point, in one of her jumps across the water, her hoof slides over the wet surface and she slips with her front part of the body right into the water
  759. >eeping again in the shock from cold at first, but quickly realizing that nothing happened
  760. >except she can’t seem to pull herself up from the creek, flowing a little lower than the surface
  761. "Oh Suzie, why are you so clumsy?" you laugh, watching her rump and flickering tail sticking out of it while she's unsuccessfully attempting to push herself back up
  762. >you'd help her, but first you want to see if she can do it herself
  763. >...she can't though
  764. >at least not this way
  765. >so if she she can’t go backwards, then forwards it is
  766. >letting her rear legs slide into the cold water as well and then it’s easy to jump out
  767. >but she doesn’t jump back on the surface
  768. >instead she’s mesmerizedly watching it flow around her hooves, a big smile already forming on her face again
  769. >and before you know it, there’s water splashing all around, Suzzanne’s rear hooves kicking into the air and making a mess
  770. >... maybe you really should have helped her before
  771. >now she's all wet
  772. "Good thing it won't be me who’ll have to wash you back home." you snicker when she's done, running up to you as if asking whether you would want to join her too "I'm certainly not going in there. You can count on that. But feel free to enjoy yourself before we head back."
  773. >since she's already dirty enough, it doesn’t matter whether she goes in there again
  774. >she’s still getting a full body bath anyway…
  775. ….
  776. >about half a mile further you’re turning around, seeing Suzzanne had her share of fun for today and even though you didn’t walk as far as the last time, she’s equally exhausted
  777. >you’ve been a little more active too, quite a bit actually
  778. >so you’re feeling pretty satisfied about yourself while unlocking the door to your house again
  779. >when you realize
  780. >...dad's car is missing
  781. >and you know what that means
  782. >shit, they did say something about doing groceries
  783. "Mom?! Dad?!" you enter the vestibule, putting down your shoes
  784. >no reply
  785. >so they're really gone
  786. >...who the hell is gonna wash Suzzanne now?!
  787. "Moooooom?!"
  788. >still no reply
  789. "Aw man..." you eye down on the mudpony, sitting on the doormat next to you "What did I do to deserve this?"
  790. >"Suzzan!"
  791. "Right..." you chuckle ".....I can't leave you here in the cold while you're still soaked like that. But you owe me, understand?"
  792. >just to be sure, you undress to your shorts before picking her up to avoid staining your clothing in the process
  793. >and carry her to the bathroom, so that she won't make any mess inside either
  794. >funnily enough, she’s enjoying being carried around like that, not knowing it’s exclusively for practical purposes
  795. >once she’s in the bathtub, you pick up the showerhead
  796. "Ready for the second round of water today?”
  797. >the smile means yes
  798. >so you set the temperature to warm and start washing the dirt off her while she’s watching it flow away into the drain
  799. >expected her to struggle at least a little, but she even seems to be enjoying it
  800. >especially when you add your hand to work, scratching trough her fur and working in the lavender shampoo
  801. >”Sooo…” she’s cooing under your touch and closing her eyes
  802. >until she just slides along the tub’s wall on her back
  803. “Hey don’t fall asleep on me, we’re not done yet.” you laugh
  804. >but it’s kinda easier for you to scrub her belly and inner parts of legs this way, so you’re letting her lay like this
  805. >as for her crotch, you just spray it with the water to wash away the dirt
  806. >surely, your mom wouldn’t be so shy about it, since Suzzanne’s “just an animal” and doesn’t care about human morals
  807. >but it would feel kinda weird to you, touching her there
  808. >... the “place” looks really weird too, is this what horses have?
  809. >anyway, when you’re done with everything, even her tail and mane, you announce:
  810. “Alright, Suzzanne, up!”
  811. >but the pony doesn’t listen, just wriggles herself, hoping for more rubs
  812. “I mean it Suzzane…” you chuckle, turning the water down
  813. >which makes her open one eye, noticing you’re really planning to quit
  814. >so she springs up
  815. >and slips right back down on the slippery surface
  816. “Geez…” you’re snickering while watching her try again
  817. >this time successfully
  818. “Good girl.” you pick up the same big towel your mom was using yesterday "Just don't-"
  819. >but the pegasus has already turned into a colorful spinning drill, spraying water everywhere
  820. >luckily, you were quick enough to cover yourself with the towel
  821. >which you threw right at her after she's done, picking her up, placing on a bathroom rug and rubbing the remaining water out of her fur
  822. >and boi, is she enjoying it, even though she can't see a thing from underneath that, just feel your hands running around her body
  823. >when you're done, she stick her head out from under the towel, looking like a little ringwraith or a way too cheerful sith lord
  824. "We're done, Darth Suzie." you snicker before standing up "I'm gonna go spend some quality time on vydia and you can go rest on your mattress."
  825. >and you’re being followed to the living room, where you expected her to stay
  826. >except she’s almost automatically going with you to your room
  827. "Stay here Suz. You can dry here better, your mattress is just next to the radiator."
  828. >but Suz doesn’t understand, or simply doesn’t want to understand
  829. >so you patiently walk back with her to the mattress and seat her there, pointing on the surface
  830. "Stay okay? This is your mattress."
  831. >"Mattess....."
  832. "Yup." you grin "Suzzanne's mattress."
  833. >and you slowly pick yourself up, heading towards your room, checking behind you whether she’s really staying
  834. >...and this time she is
  835. >which is cool, you nailed everything today
  836. >finally some time for the vydia
  837. >so you wake your PC up and get straight to gaming
  838. >and you're about ten minutes into the fight when you hear the door behind you open
  839. >"Suzzan mattess." the pegasus standing there announces
  840. >and she’s even pulling the frickin mattress beside her
  841. "Jeez,... alright." you snicker at the sight "Come in then."
  842. >so she pulls her whole “lair” all the way to your chair, laying in it beside you
  843. "So you like me this much huh? Or is it because there’s no one else in the house?"
  844. >but it’s not as if you would get an answer
  845. >besides a sleepy yawn before she closes her eyes and lays her head down
  846. >it didn’t take long for her to fall asleep, heavily enough to not be disturbed even with the sounds from your PC
  847. >it seems you might have jumped a step further above your sister in her list of favourite hoomans...
  849. Part four: God knows I’m good
  850. >it's been about a month now and you life is beginning to slowly change with Suzzanne in the house
  851. >you've even got used to walking her almost every day, realizing, -even though not openly admitting,- that spending time outside with her counts the same, if not better quality than sitting at home
  852. >and it’s improving your relationship with your parents too
  853. >even though it’s probably impossible to make them fully satisfied with you, but it IS way better than it used to be
  854. >you haven't even heard about getting kicked out for a while
  855. >...still wondering whether it's just to keep you in line or if they'd really do it
  856. >anyway,.. you're also slowly realizing just how fond of Suzzanne you’re getting
  857. >It feels like it's reaching a point where she might actually be your very best friend right now
  858. >pretty sure you’re hers too
  859. >She has even started to happily show more and more affection to you in front of your parents as she's watched you come around on your show of distaste of her to them
  860. >they already got used to her demanding attention from you, cuddles and often visiting your room when she has nothing better to do
  861. >it felt kind of good to stop pretending that you don’t like this sweet creature,
  862. >admitting to yourself she's one of the better things to come into your life…
  863. >…maybe better than a new PC
  864. >but one day after school, you're noticing she's acting a little different than usual during your daily walk
  865. >she's normally really cuddly, but this time she's almost overly clingy to you for seemingly no reason at all
  866. >Suzanne wasn't her regular energetic self, instead of running around or gazing at birds, her most favorite activities while out on walks, she just stayed constantly by your side, rubbing her body against you every way she could imagine at every opportunity possible.
  867. >the affection was occasionally met with soft nickering or even the urgent calling of "Suuzzzan! Suuuzzan!"
  868. not running around as always, not even gazing at birds - her most favourite things out there
  869. >she’s just constantly by your side, almost rubbing herself over you, occasionally nickering at you or urgently calling “Suuzzan! Suuuzzan!”
  870. >This behavior was something new and unexpected, leaving you clueless as to what she was wanting or maybe even needing.
  871. >it doesn’t look like she’s hurt or anything though
  872. >You made a mental note to ask about it once you were back home and settled in.
  873. >>"Oh I’m sure she’s fine, Anon. I think she’s just in heat, like regular horses. We’re halfway through spring already and she’s adult enough for it." your mom glances over her shoulder from the kitchen counter
  874. "Uhh, okay. … I guess that’s making kind of sense."
  875. >>>"…Was she giving you any trouble? Tried to run away or something?" dad joins in
  876. "No, no. The other way around, she wasn’t running at all. I was worried if she isn’t sick or hurt... Hopefully it'll be over soon."
  877. >>"Don’t worry about her, it can't last too long…" your mother’s adding while you're already disappearing in the hallway, on your way to your room
  878. >you've left the pony in the living room while she was distracted with something your sister was drawing, but you know she's probably gonna come for a visit sooner or later
  879. >she always does
  880. >and just as expected, she's at your door
  881. >"...Soozan!"
  882. "Hey there... Come in." you glance her way with a smirk before dismissing the distraction and returning to a particularly interesting article you found on the internet
  883. >Spending the time several weeks ago to close the door after herself has paid off. You no longer had to stand up and tear yourself away from the screen every time she wanders in
  884. >and now she's sitting in front your chair, gazing up at you and once again urgently calling at you in her high voice
  885. >"Sooooozzan! Suzzan!"
  886. "I know now what you want, but sorry. …Not the guy you're looking for." you chuckle without looking away from the screen
  887. >but that isn’t exactly serving as an answer to her
  888. >seeing you’re purposely trying to ignore her, she keeps nudging you with her muzzle to give her attention
  889. >under normal circumstances, you would stop reading and play with her a little, but you don't want to give her any ideas,.. just to be sure it doesn’t get weird
  890. >...since you know that you can't help her with what she wants anyway, it’s probably better to leave her be
  891. >after a few minutes of trying she finally stops demanding attention, leaving you to assume she's finally given up and will be relatively normal again
  892. >...she'll be fine with napping on the chair next to you as always
  893. >it even looks that way, since she climbs up there and she's just vibing next to you for a little while
  894. >eventually, when you finish what you were doing on the PC, you turn around and reach your arms towards her, to give the pony some cuddles
  895. >but she's constantly nibbling on your hands, occasionally trying to lick them as well
  896. >you try to not pay it too much attention, accepting she's just being weird right now
  897. >at some point, as many times before, the cuddles are slowly turning into a little wrestle in which she’s trying to defeat your sly hands
  898. >but in the heat of fun, the wild Suzzanne suddenly rears up and she’s attempting to hump you
  899. "Whoa, there." you laugh, pushing her softly away, back into her chair "... You’re not a boy, what are you doing, you don’t even have one of those!. Now you're being like, seriously wei-."
  900. >but before you finish the sentence, she’s at it again
  901. >that’s what you get for always allowing her everything…
  902. "Stop Suzzanne, alright?" you add, this time very firmly
  903. >which makes her freeze for a second and obediently sit back down
  904. >...for a while
  905. >but it doesn’t take long for her to try reaching you once again
  906. >she really must be testing your patience now
  907. >and while you’re almost infinitely patient with this little pegasus most of the time, this particular behavior is making you really uncomfortable for reasons of your own insecurity
  908. >so you push her away more harshly this time, almost yelling
  909. "Enough Suzzane!"
  910. >...which made her realize just how much you're really upset at her and she’s cautiously backing away
  911. >even jumping down from her chair and sitting in the distance
  912. >....
  913. >....…
  914. >when watching her demonstrative display of guilt, it's hard to stay mad at her though
  915. >so you eventually turn her way and open your arms with a chuckle
  916. "Oh, come here then. I know…"
  917. >the pegasus happily rushes back to you, into the embrace, and she's licking your face
  918. >as always, you're turning away for the sake of not being completely covered in her slobber but you lowkey don’t mind that much anymore when you’re fondly scratching her neck and sides
  919. >but today it feels a little weird
  920. >it could be just the fact that you know she’s in heat and your brain’s just connecting the two things together
  921. >and when a single image flashes trough your mind while her wet tongue is sliding across your cheek…
  922. >it suddenly put some of the automatic body functions to work, making your member slowly rise underneath your pants
  923. >you’re trying to not pay attention to it, but Suzzanne is somehow quick to sense it, stopping to sniffing the air
  924. >before you know it, she already traced the smell to your crotch, burying her muzzle into your pants and curiously inhaling your pheromones
  925. “Hey Suzzanne, stop that.” you’re trying to push yourself further away from her in your chair
  926. >but you’re retreat is cut short by a table behind you
  927. >and the next second, the pegasus grabs the fabric of your pants with her teeth, trying to either rip it or pull it down
  928. "S-Suzzanne s-stop that!!!" you yell eventually, your body shaking in the mix of emotions and confusion going through you
  929. >it was enough to make her back away a few steps again, staring at you, trying to decipher whether you’re really this mad or not
  930. >.…she was "this" close from actually getting through the pants and-.... whatever she was gonna do next
  931. >your heart’s still beating like a drum and you’re sweating like hell
  932. >..…
  933. >for some reason you’re now unable to escape the horny thought
  934. >...what if you just let her have her way..?
  935. >what would happen if you didn't stop her..?
  936. >you gulp nervously, as the ideas are fueling your erection
  937. >...most of the guys in your class are already having some sexual experiences, some even plentiful (at least, that’s what they say), while you were still pretty much untouched by a female
  938. >just how would it feel to-
  939. “Don’t Anon.” you’re telling yourself in your head “Think about something else, literally anything.”
  940. >...but the more you’re trying to escape it, the more your mind goes to a vivid made up image of her soft and slimy tongue around your donger
  941. >you can see it so vividly, you can almost feel it too…
  942. >you gulp again
  943. >maybe you could-.…
  944. >...
  945. >maybe you could let her do it again, let her attempt to pull your pants down and see what she would do
  946. >maybe she wouldn’t even do anything, ..r-right?
  947. >maybe she would see it and it wasn’t what she thought was looking for.
  948. >and if,..
  949. >that way it would be her own doing, not yours
  950. >so,....
  951. >you're somewhat staring at each other for a little while longer, until
  952. “H-hey Suzzanne… It’s okay, I’m not mad.” you gesture nervously towards her
  953. >”Sooz..?” the pegasus trots closer and leans her front hooves on your thighs, remorsefuly nuzzling your face
  954. >but she knows the reason why you yelled at her before, so she’s doing her best to not even look at the bulge on your pants
  955. >...which isn’t exactly according to your plan, thought you could pretend in your head to be just a victim of her lewdness towards you
  956. >then it wouldn’t be your fault
  957. >except Suzzanne is now holding herself back
  958. >seems like you gotta admit to yourself
  959. >if you want “it” to happen now, you’ll have to take the first step
  960. >...are you horny enough to initiate such a thing?
  961. >eyeing at the door behind her, whether it's really tightly shut, you hesitantly hook your thumbs into your waistband and pull your pants down, shyly letting your swollen erection bounce up to be presented to her with an involuntary flex, causing it to further bounce above your abdomen
  962. >her big sparkly eyes are all over it
  963. >before she does anything though, she glances up at your face whether it's really okay for her to come closer after you shooed her away so harshly the last time
  964. >...it’s so embarrassing to nod “yes” and even slide yourself closer to her
  965. >your heart is racing too hard, like never before, as if you were at the face of death but you aren't able to stop now, - to turn away
  966. >you’re already a sinner
  967. >and the next moment, Suzzanne’s taking a few curious whiffs around your shaft, then lower around your testicles, pressing her muzzle right into them, making little snorts while she's breathing
  968. >then she pokes out her tongue and... she gives them a little hesitant lick, tasting the odour she was drawn to so much
  969. >your heart’s beating fast as if it should explode any second from the mixture of guilty excitement and a soft, yet pleasurable feeling
  970. >then another one and-
  971. >God, you could still stop her, pull up your pants and quit it, you still can-
  972. >it’s not too late…
  973. >...but it is too late for you, after you felt the warm touch
  974. >it was a potent drug and you crave more, just like an animal not being able to overcome it’s instincts
  975. >as much as you’re hating yourself for this, you grab your phallus into your hand, nudging her muzzle with it, hoping she would pay more attention to your sensitive areas
  976. >and since there's already a big drop of precum on the tip,.. it really does spark her curiosity
  977. >shortly sniffing it, she curiously licks the liquid away to have a taste
  978. >... you can get only so erect, seeing her gulp it down and then eagerly wait whether there's more to come
  979. >and since you’re still slowly leaking it, soon you’re given yet another lick
  980. >but you want, no, you NEED more
  981. >so when she questioningly glances up at your face again, you gently grab her head and hesitantly push your tip towards her teeth
  982. >...Suzzane’s both smart and happy to help, especially when she’s drawn to this part of your body for reasons she can’t quite understand
  983. >so she opens her mouth for you, slowly taking your phallus inside and inspecting it with her tongue while at it
  984. >soon even trying to softly chew on the member
  985. >needles to say, this is making you absolutely diamonds
  986. >her molar teeth, covered with sticky saliva are providing strange kind of stimulation, while her tongue’s tickling you with each movement of her jaw
  987. >and it feels just too good, combined with the feeling of wrongness behind this, the forbidden fruit
  988. >you’ve got a real living being here, devotedly sexually pleasuring you in ways she couldn't possibly understand and the fact she’s not even a human is somehow making this even hotter for you
  989. >on one hand you want to close your eyes and not look at her because it's filling you with immense shame, but on the other hand it's so damn exciting to watch her play with your genitalia like a chew toy
  990. >...and if she keeps it up, you won't be able to contain yourself any longer
  991. >merely after a minute or two, you can feel yourself peaking and even though everything in your mind is telling how wrong it is, your hands are slowly wrapping around her head again
  992. >your thoughts are filled with the want of pushing her muzzle all the way down to your root, ejaculating right into her throat, but-
  993. >that's a little too much even for your perverse driven consciousness
  994. >...or is it?
  995. >before really you get to decide, you feel a massive orgasm coming through you body
  996. >and even though you DID at least contain yourself from violating her throat that way, you're still holding her from flinching away while her maw is getting filled to the brim with a sticky white liquid
  997. >she's totally shocked by the sudden load, gurgling it back onto your penis after you let her go of her and almost fainted in your chair
  998. >but once she's no longer choking on it, she starts licking it off again, gratefully lapping and cleaning your crotch from all the mess
  999. ….
  1000. "Uuhgh..." is all you're able to say when you're slowly snapping back, realizing what just happened and what is still happening
  1001. >and with that realization: a swiftly coming sense of guilt
  1002. >it’s been there the whole time, but it was only fueling your horniness before
  1003. >except it’s gone now and there’s only shame remaining
  1004. >…
  1005. >by god,.. what have you done...?
  1006. >...this is too much for your fear driven ego
  1007. >you can't possibly take this, you have to-
  1008. >....
  1009. >it wasn't you, she MADE you do it!
  1010. >it's not your fault!
  1011. "Jesus, Suzzane...! S-stop!"
  1012. >she flinches away from cleaning your crotch, slowly retracting her tongue back into her mouth
  1013. "P-please, go away..!" you almost whimper and turn around in your chair to escape her gaze
  1014. >... but she’s cheerfully following you, no clue what's wrong out of sudden
  1015. >wasn't this what you wanted?
  1016. "For fuck sake, Suzzanne, leave me alone!!!" you yell in desperation, because you literally can't stand the sight of her right now
  1017. >and it was.... intimidating enough to make her run away from your room
  1018. >.....
  1019. >the silence is starting to reign now
  1020. >a terrible, terrible silence
  1021. >it's just you and the voices in your head
  1022. >.........
  1023. >and you're feeling quadruple times worse than you did before...
  1024. .....
  1025. ...…
  1026. >you’re such a horrible person
  1027. >a sodomite, a rapist, a zoophile and a betrayer of trust
  1028. >you took advantage of her
  1029. >used her
  1030. >and when you realized it, instead of dealing with it yourself,..
  1031. >you threw the guilt at her, yelled and lashed out on her
  1032. >...your very best friend
  1033. >poor, poor Suzzanne
  1034. >she must be so confused and hurt, even though you promised you’ll never hurt her, that you’ll be the best human in the house
  1035. >but you’re the worst, without even the slightest competence of being a decent human being
  1036. >isn’t that right, Anon?
  1037. >what would your parents say?
  1038. >and the tears are dripping from your eyes, rolling down your cheeks, dimming your soul’s remaining light
  1039. >you hate yourself
  1040. >if only you could undo this,..
  1041. >but you can’t undo this
  1042. >what’s done is done and it can never be undone again
  1043. >the only thing you can do now, is to at least apologize to Suzzanne
  1044. >....as hard as it will be to look into her eyes now
  1045. >you wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t want anything to do with you now, but you HAVE to at least try
  1046. >and you can’t possibly waste a single second more by sitting here and pitying yourself
  1047. >so you pull up your pants and go
  1048. ...
  1049. >you’ve found her sitting in the dark hallway, waiting not far from your doorr
  1050. >you thought she would be in the living room with the others,..
  1051. "Suzzanne,..." you make a step towards her, expecting her to flee
  1052. >"...."
  1053. >she’s turning her eyes away from you but she’s not running away
  1054. >that alone is giving you more confidence to get down on four and cautiously creep up to her, not even turning the lights on
  1055. “Suzie..” you finally touch her shoulder, trying to make her look at you, but she’s still evading your eyes
  1056. >so you pick her hoof up, fondling it in your palms like a fair lady’s hand
  1057. “Suzie I’m such an idiot… I know it now, I know none of that is your fault,. please?.. I’m so sorry…” you’re trembling while trying to nuzzle her cheeks like she always used to when she wanted to show affection “…Please girl, can you forgive me?”
  1058. >you don’t even care how could this look like to someone else, humbling yourself and pleading to a family pet
  1059. >but she’s much, much more than that
  1060. >she’s smart, has her own personality, emotions, moods, games, even completely unique way of communication, a strong memory but most of all,.. she’s way more precious to you than “just a pet”
  1061. >so your heart skips a beat when she finally glances your way and nuzzles you back
  1062. “Suzzanne!” you quickly hug her, tightly wrapping your arms around the warm pegasus body and whispering “I’m sorry girl, I’m so sorry.” into her fluffy ear
  1063. >but by that time she’s already yours again, even though you feel like you don’t really deserve it
  1064. >her tail’s wagging on the floor and she’s cuddling up to you like the naive sweet thing she is..
  1065. >...
  1066. >...no, not naive, her character is just too pure to hold grudges, especially when she can tell so well when someone’s honest or not...
  1067. >and you’re definitely being honest right now
  1068. >so you’re getting back all of your love right now in the same share
  1069. >you’re wishing you've had the right words to tell her instead of just, other than the way you're clutching her in your arms, sniveling with emotion
  1070. >....but it's not like she's a mare of many words either
  1071. >after a few minutes of hugging and stroking her, you eventually let her go to look at her silhouette in the dark
  1072. "So,... we're really cool again, right?"
  1073. >to which you’re getting the tip of your nose licked as an answer
  1074. >...everything is well again
  1075. >well,... almost everything
  1076. >after making it up with her, you swore to yourself that you’d never do anything like this ever again
  1077. >not only because of her, but also because of you
  1078. >and you were pretty sure about keeping this promise, everything seemed to return to the normal again
  1079. >Suzzanne was back to her usual self too, for an hour or so
  1080. >just playing with you, cuddling or watching you play video games seemed to be enough, until…
  1081. >”Suzzan! Suuzzan!”
  1082. “What is it?” you turn around in your chair “…Please don’t tell me that-”
  1083. >”Suuzzan.” the pegasus steps with one of her front hooves on your thigh, bumping into your nose with her muzzle
  1084. “Come on Suzie,.. I’m already bad enough of a person after what I’ve done. Why would you still want me even after what happened? We're not the same species…”
  1085. >”Sooz…” she smiles with an unusual coyness to her forward personality, moving her whole front part of the body on your lap, her rear end still staying on her own chair
  1086. >she lays herself down like this, her head leaning upwards on your chest, looking in your eyes and swishing her tail
  1087. “God,..” you sigh embarrassedly “I love you too, but this is just wrong…”
  1088. >”Wong…”
  1089. “Yeah.” you chuckle “I know you’re really horny, but…”
  1090. >...not sure what else to say or how to finish the sentence
  1091. >you know that she’s horny, wanting you to help her with it
  1092. >and you know you shouldn’t be even thinking sexually of her
  1093. >still though, for some reason your body’s getting an erection under her weight
  1094. >but you’re just trying not to pay any attention to it
  1095. >”…WONG!” Suzzanne suddenly springs up, noticing it the movement in your pants under her
  1096. “No Suzie…” you cringe a little, but then pick her head up in your palms to make her stop looking down at the bulge “Please…”
  1097. >...
  1098. >”…No wong…” she frowns
  1099. “I’m sorry.” you hug her, tightly wrapping your arms around her body and burying your face in her mane
  1100. >you’re feeling so conflicted right now
  1101. >why, just why would she want this from you of all people?
  1102. >and why, even in a moment like this, are you still getting hard?
  1103. >you wish you could just remove the thing between your legs and lock it away in a safe so that it wouldn’t cause any more problems to you or anyone else
  1104. “Suzie…” you’re stroking her back, trying to keep this completely innocent but touching her dainty body feels so exciting now
  1105. >your hands really want to slide down from her back to her round flank or to touch her thigh the way you would touch a girl your age, but-
  1106. “I can’t do this Suzzanne…” you softly push her away into her chair “It’s better this way for both of us.”
  1107. >”Sooz…” she whines very quietly before jumping down from it and slowly moving onto your bed nearby
  1108. >it’s not really making her happy
  1109. >but she understands
  1110. >giving you a one last look before laying her head down and closing her eyes to take a nap
  1111. >things might just get back where they used to be....
  1112. >hopefully
  1114. Part five: I wanna make it with chu
  1116. >after Suzzanne went to sleep, you turned back to your PC and did your best to try and forget about everything that happened
  1117. >how you took an advantage of her state
  1118. >how you hurt her afterwards
  1119. >how she forgave you
  1120. >...how she still wanted you to do it properly
  1121. >and how all of this made you question your sexuality and almost your sanity
  1122. >yes, you were trying your best to forget about all of this for good
  1123. >playing video games, watching funny videos, even attempting to be a little creative and draw some human figures
  1124. >but none seems to work
  1125. >your mind just keeps returning to a thought that you might have gone too far, that something inside you has changed or it’s been there the whole time and it just awakened
  1126. >...what if things will never be the same?
  1127. >would you just have to face it? Live with it? With yourself?
  1128. >what if you don’t want to? What if you’re scared?
  1129. >what then?
  1130. >...
  1131. >.…all of this is making you so tired you can’t even think straight anymore, you want to sleep
  1132. >but you probably won’t fall asleep this soon, it’s merely 8pm
  1133. >so you’ve just created a playlist of random songs that hit the mood and laid on your back on the bed, staring into the ceiling
  1134. >Suzzanne, napping on the other side of it, quickly felt the change in the surface tension and opened her eyes
  1135. >”Sooz..”
  1136. >before you know it, she’s cuddled up to you
  1137. >...you aren’t even fighting it, just letting her make herself comfortable there and hug her, hoping to find some comfort in her warmth - even if your personal problems revolve around her
  1138. >it’s not her fault,.. it’s yours
  1139. >you should have been the responsible one who is able to control his libido
  1140. >none of this is her fault,..
  1141. >...so you close your eyes and just concentrate on the music, accompanied by the pulse and rhythmic breaths of the carefree pegasus,..
  1142. >and suddenly as if nothing mattered anymore, all the worries that were troubling your mind are disappearing into nothingness, dissolving in the melodies of the tunes playing over your thought processes
  1143. >there’s just music and the warmth of Suzzanne’s body
  1144. >and you’re indulging in the feeling of peace so rare that it felt impossible just a few minutes ago
  1145. >...maybe nothing really matters after all
  1146. >maybe you should just follow whatever is making you happy
  1147. >and right now,.. her presence is making you happy
  1148. >not even in a sexual way
  1149. >you’re merely holding her with only pure affection
  1150. >it’s the feeling of not being alone, having someone precious and loving in your life
  1151. >your parents should probably be filling this role, but you doubt that they would actually help you if you told them about your problems
  1152. >as always
  1153. >at least not without judging and guilt tripping you first to make things even worse
  1154. >but Suzzanne…
  1155. >she really loves you unconditionally, even though she knows you less than two months
  1156. >such a precious little being...
  1157. "...Come here you!" you suddenly come alive with a laugh and roll around, holding the pegasus in your arms
  1158. >and while the jolt waking confused her at first, she’s quick to take an initiative and start a frisky wrestle with you
  1159. >which is exactly what you had in mind, to blow off some steam
  1160. >even though she can’t understand your language, she can always understand you as a being
  1161. >and you’re laughing and giggling like two innocent children, losing all of the worries in the heat of a fun until the pony ends up on her back, a little tired to fight back anymore
  1162. >just grinning and panting while her chest’s raising up and down, her hooves still lazily reaching towards your face
  1163. >so you glance straight into her eyes that she’s following yours with,. into that spark of “pure life” that’s shining in them
  1164. >something so incredibly beautiful and mesmerizing
  1165. >something that’s always been there
  1166. >something that only she has
  1167. >and in a way,.. it’s making her equally beautiful and mesmerizing
  1168. >both as a creature, but also as a.. female
  1169. “You know what Suzie,..?” you gently take her front hooves in your hands and lean above her “One thing I know, I really love you… whatever that should mean.”
  1170. >and before she gets to react anyhow, you bury your face in the fur on her belly and blow raspberries on her, just like you wanted to back then, a long time ago
  1171. >”Eheheheeeeeeeeee!” the surprised pegasus eeps an amused squeal
  1172. >but that’s just a start!
  1173. >your hands run up her body, picking out the most sensitive spots to tickle her at, to get the highest kind of noises out of her
  1174. >and she’s laughing and squirming under your touch until it’s just too much to take for her without peeing herself
  1175. >before that should happen, she slips away from you, playfully pushing you on your own back, to later pin you on the mattress
  1176. >”SuzzaAane!” her voice cracks in her most victorious moment, breathing heavy breaths right into your face
  1177. >and while you could easily push her away and turn it around…
  1178. “You win, I surrender.” you grin instead, slightly raising your hands to show it
  1179. >...you’re totally letting her have this one
  1180. >which makes the little pegasus satisfiedly whinny and settle down on top of your chest, still smiling and gazing directly into your eyes before fondly licking your lips
  1181. >...and you’re letting her
  1182. >it just doesn’t feel wrong, this pure feeling of affection between the two souls
  1183. >...the other way around actually
  1184. >it’s making you want more, you want to know how it feels to kiss her back
  1185. >so you reach closer and shortly put your lips onto hers, keeping them connected for while
  1186. >feeling their fuzziness and warmness
  1187. >and relishing the moment…
  1188. >...
  1189. >”Soozzane?” the pony smiles with just a little hint of confusion over what you just did, twitching her right ear
  1190. >the bit of her saliva is now slowly cooling down on your lips after letting go
  1191. “...That’s what I meant when I said I love you.” you smile back and caress her cheek in your hand
  1192. >feels like releasing such a heavy weight from yourself by doing this
  1193. >by even allowing yourself to think this way
  1194. >”Wuw yuu.” she grins, trying to repeat after you
  1195. “Exactly…” you shortly kiss her again, gazing into her big green eyes..
  1196. >before closing yours, just stay nose to nose and exchanging warm breaths
  1197. >...it doesn’t even matter that she still sometimes sounds like a deaf girl, trying to repeat the words
  1198. >you’re understanding each other via different meanings
  1199. >...and yes, Suzzanne isn’t a human
  1200. >never will be
  1201. >but maybe it’s okay
  1202. >because she doesn’t need to be…
  1203. >she’s completely perfect the way she is
  1204. >so you wrap your arms around her body and feel the feminine curves around her elegant back
  1205. >the way it transitions into that bubbly little butt, covered with her fluffy tail
  1206. >it makes you chuckle out loud as you trace your fingers alongside it all the way to it’s root
  1207. >and from there to her thighs, wide and strong for a creature of her size
  1208. >this feels so weird, but so exciting at the same time
  1209. >...and she must be enjoying your touch as well, judging from her breaths getting a little heavier
  1210. >as if not sure what to do, she reaches her tongue towards you again, slowly dragging it down and up your lips
  1211. >so you stick out yours too, gently making contact with it
  1212. >...while Suzzanne doesn’t understand human kissing yet, as curious as she is, this kind of new sensation is surely interesting for her
  1213. >enough to go along with it, sliding her wet orange appendage against yours to explore the texture and taste your saliva too
  1214. >might have even taught her a real kiss just now, if she didn’t register your throbbing erection under her belly
  1215. >it makes her slowly slip her tongue back into her mouth and sniff the air
  1216. >”…wong?” she asks really hesitantly
  1217. >which makes you chuckle just now
  1218. >right,.. you’ve been attempting to kiss her while sensually touching her past few minutes
  1219. >you had to know which way this is leading
  1220. >and while you could still stop this, having a wank later and call all of this just your horny teenager phase…
  1221. >you don’t want to
  1222. >it would feel like an insult to what you’re feeling towards this pegasus
  1223. >this is something deeper than just confused hormones
  1224. “I love you Suzie…” you’re shaking a little while repeating the sentence again
  1225. >but you can’t help yourself but to smile at the same time, happy you said it, fondly booping her nose with yours
  1226. “...And if it’s wrong for the rest of the world, then so be it.”
  1227. >and Suzie is smiling back as if she could understand completely
  1228. >maybe she even does, but in her own way
  1229. >...so what if people would call this bestiality, zoophilia or whatever
  1230. >for you it’s a love between two souls, just like it is for her
  1231. >and both of these souls happen to desire each other more than platonically
  1232. >she chose you, not your dad nor anyone else
  1233. >so bite your lip and you playfully slap her butt like a confirmation
  1234. >not too strong to make it hurt, but enough to hear a smack
  1235. >”Sooz!” the mare shortly eeps in surprise, but then snickers and inches herself even closer to your face, bumping into you with her nose and grinning
  1236. >pretty much all you can see is her snoot at your lips and her big eyes, right in front of yours
  1237. “I’m gonna make it up to you Suzie, the same way you did…” you grin back “Right here and now.”
  1238. >...except this time the she didn’t exactly caught the meaning of what you said, because there’s a bit of cluelessness in her smile
  1239. “Um,.. yes wong?”
  1240. >”WONG!” the pony energetically springs up on top of you
  1241. >there’s a word understanding after all
  1242. >but while Suzzanne’s definitely ready and excited, she probably isn’t sure what exactly is supposed to happen now
  1243. >only that the sweetest release her body has been craving might finally come now
  1244. “Right.” you chuckle while slipping from under her hooves “Lemme take care of you, young miss.”
  1245. >and you gently guide her to turn around, pointing her rump at you
  1246. >..which, even after her previous eagerness, makes her just a little bit stiff, when she loses the sight of your face
  1247. >probably hoped you would guide her through it
  1248. >so you’re given a few looks over her shoulder, somewhat worriedly watching what you’re gonna do, her tail sheepishly hiding the exotic flower between her round buttcheeks
  1249. >one that you can smell blooming nonetheless
  1250. >this is the aroma of a turned-on pegasus…
  1251. >it’s making your heart beat like mad
  1252. >and while the scent felt just a little too intense at first, it’s as if you suddenly couldn’t get enough
  1253. >still though, upon touching her rump, about to gently pull the tail away, you can feel her stiffness throughout all of this
  1254. >so…
  1255. “Hey Suzie, relax…” you move over to her head, picking it up in your palms and fondly kissing her muzzle “This time you can trust me, I’m never gonna hurt you again, okay? I promise you…”
  1256. >…
  1257. >”Suu…” the orange tongue slides across your face once
  1258. >and you keep fondling her ears and cheeks until she’s completely relaxed again
  1259. >only then you slowly start moving back towards her rump, stroking her body along the way
  1260. >this time you aren’t being watched with nervousness, but with rather with a mixture of trust and anticipation
  1261. >and upon touching her rump, her tail almost automatically goes out of your hand’s way, revealing the plump and steaming hot pony vulva
  1262. >your heartbeat rises again as if your heart should tear through your chest at the sight and even more intense scent
  1263. >it feels so alien, yet exciting at the same time
  1264. >but that’s before the strangely looking genitalia “winks” at you
  1265. >never have you seen anything like that
  1266. >and it’s making you diamonds on so many levels
  1267. >thought you would have to force yourself at least a little, but it’s actually the other way around
  1268. >...you’re being drawn to her like a bee to the honey
  1269. >man, you SO want to taste her
  1270. >so you put your hands on her flanks, massaging them with your fingers and fondling them while closing your face in
  1271. >can already feel the heat and moisture emanating from that special place
  1272. >and then you finally stick out your tongue to softly slide it’s tip up and down the whole labia, savoring the salty taste
  1273. >God…
  1274. >her slimy fluids are making it feel like she’s made of jelly down there
  1275. >and she’s almost melting in front of you
  1276. >even from here you can hear her breaths getting heavier and her tail flickers even further away as if she begged for more
  1277. >needless to say, you’re feeling quite the same
  1278. >before that though, you quickly glance towards the door of your room, whether they are closed
  1279. >...it's after 8pm, your parents are surely watching the loud TV two rooms apart and your sister’s likely with them
  1280. >there’s nothing to worry about
  1281. >but you gonna slow down, relish this a little,..
  1282. >so you let go of her furry rump with one hand and touch her "lips" with the tips of your fingers, feeling their softness
  1283. >then spread them apart a little, seeing her sticky juices webbing between them
  1284. >...can’t possibly keep your fingers any longer where you tongue should be, you move your palm back on her rump to circle your hungry appendage around her puffy vulva, just experiencing it’s texture before you get to it’s center
  1285. >there you lick away a few drops of her bodily fluids and hungrily swallow them before pressing your lips against her winking clit
  1286. >to softly kiss it each time the pegasus clenches herself
  1287. >"Suuuu....." she quietly moans in pleasure, glancing over her shoulder
  1288. >and it’s just that you notice her watching you in the corner of your eye
  1289. "...You like that, Suzie?" you smile, fondling her right flank while leaning your head on her left one
  1290. >but she doesn’t answer, just scrunches her muzzle and somewhat embarrassedly buries her head into the sheets, wiggling her rump at you
  1291. >oh yeah, she definitely likes it
  1292. >so you get back to work, scooping up her juices with your tongue and pushing them back inside of her while slowly moving your appendage around
  1293. >but it just keeps on pouring back, sliding into your mouth and mixing with your saliva until there’s so much you have to gulp it down
  1294. >this sticky sensation is making you horny like an animal and you’re lapping onto her juices, some of it even dripping down around your mouth as you just can’t get enough
  1295. >...just what IS making you any different from her before, when she just wanted to have a taste of something that was so alluring to her?
  1296. >maybe nothing at all…
  1297. >meanwhile you can hear her dampened, high pitched noises of pleasure, as her face is still buried in the pillows
  1298. >except now she’s even starting to needily push her rump against you
  1299. >and since she wants more, you’re starting to concentrate on the clit alone, just licking on it up and down at first, then pressing your tongue against it
  1300. >that’s when the occasional sounds are starting to turn into almost continuous squeal of ecstasy
  1301. >you must be doing good to please this adorably horny pegasus
  1302. >so you put your fingers to work as well, massaging her jelly-like outer walls and softly probing inside of her while progressively adding on intensity of the teasing
  1303. >up to a point that you just munch on her vulva without letting go, suck and let your tongue go crazy
  1304. >by now, it's not just soft squeals coming from her, but straight up moans with incomprehensible gibberish as if she was talking something to herself and occasional horse noises
  1305. >the bubbly rump is being pushed against your face with such force that if you weren’t properly grounded in your knees, you would surely get tumbled over
  1306. >in order to breath, you have to open your mouth enough to let some air from below since your nose is getting pressed against the wet marehood too tightly
  1307. >and she's beginning to tremble in her thighs, just as her high pitched noises are getting so urgent they get only barely muffled by the sheets she’s still burying her muzzle into
  1308. >...she must be definitely almost at her peak
  1309. >it’s making you so excited to be the one to bring this little creature into such bliss all by yourself, to actually be someone this special to her when-
  1310. >"Aaaaaaah!"
  1311. >her whole body suddenly stiffens and pents up for a second or two, and then she yelps a desperate cry in her highest voice, pushing against you with all her body’s might
  1312. >at the same time, you're being blasted with a thick fluid right into your face, catching you completely off guard with the intensity and amount of the juices
  1313. >...your natural reaction is to flinch away, just like she wanted to when you had her at your crotch, except there isn't exactly where to
  1314. >instead you’re just losing your stability and getting tumbled over on your back, while your head is getting buried deep into the mattress behind you by a pony rump sitting on top of your face
  1315. ….
  1316. >...you could easily push her away to the side to free yourself, but not only you kinda feel like you deserve this, but it’s pretty hot at the same time
  1317. >so you’re letting her stay like this, still lapping on her flower until the last of the trembles leave her body and her head falls down between your legs in exhaustion
  1318. >...
  1319. >she’s just still quietly whining in the slowly fading pleasure accompanied by the occasional twitches around her body, barely even noticing that her cheek is leaning on your swollen member
  1320. >by now, you’re starting to free your head from her by softly pushing her whole body a few inches lower and wipe your face from her fluids, using her tail
  1321. >...she’s gonna need a proper wash anyway
  1322. "Wow, Suzzane, just wow." you chuckle at the sticky mess
  1323. >"Suzzanne..." she gibbers back in half consciousness and keeps resting the way she is
  1324. >you're thinking about finally pushing her away,..
  1325. >but decided to give her a little more time to do so herself
  1326. >having her peach still right in front you, you reach your fingers towards her to entertain you both a little more
  1327. >a drop of her fluid is about to drip onto your chest from her, so you pick it on your thumb and circularly massage it back into her clit
  1328. >"Sooooo......." she rasps back exhaustedly, but that's about the most she's able or willing to react
  1329. >it's not like you want to go straight for a second climax anyway
  1330. >just wanted to explore her visually a bit more, opening and gently stretching her walls, tracing every fold with your fingers
  1331. >you're really getting fascinated by that unusual shape
  1332. >never seen anything like this in such detail, not even on the internet
  1333. >.…can't wait to feel her from the inside too, once Suzie’s ready enough
  1334. >though,... judging by the way she is now, it might not even be today
  1335. >who cares though, it was still totally worth it
  1336. >you've repaid your debt with all interests too and it was a magnificent experience
  1337. >don’t really even feel guilty about it
  1338. >or maybe just a little, but you love her
  1339. >.…it's just when you've made your peace with this being an end, you're starting to feel a soft tickle around your member…
  1340. "...Suzzanne?" you lift your head to see better what is she doing
  1341. >the pony’s fully awake now, realizing the thing that smelled so interesting to her before is right under her face
  1342. >...so she’s inspecting it, pretty much the same way you were doing with her a while ago
  1343. >except a pegasus doesn’t have hands, therefore it’s her mouth and teeth nibbling at your penis
  1344. “Hey…” you chuckle, letting her do what she wants
  1345. >this could easily turn into a 69 if you could reach better
  1346. >but there’s probably nothing sexual about it for her, she’s just being curious right now
  1347. >...or is she?
  1348. >suddenly you notice her vulva that’s been calm for while, winking at you again
  1349. "Jeez, so you're still horny..?.. Well that’s good actually, but we're trying something a little different now." a grin’s rising on your face as you’re gently pushing her body off your chest
  1350. >then her head, out of your crotch
  1351. “Stop it Suzie…” you actually have to use your palm to softly grab her muzzle and make her look at you
  1352. >”Suu..?”
  1353. >you’re being given a look of guilt, as if she done something wrong, her eyes escaping yours
  1354. “No no, that’s okay…” you lift her chin with your finger, very softly kissing her muzzle to let her know she’s a good girl
  1355. >...wanted to make this merely a gesture, since she had you penis in her mouth just a second ago
  1356. >but then you pull her into your embrace as well, passionately pressing your lips onto hers again until you’re sure she’s 100% relaxed in your arms
  1357. >”…Wuw yuu?” the tousled pegasus glances at you after letting go
  1358. “Yeah,..” you smile “I promise not to ever hurt you again. Do you trust me Suzie?”
  1359. >”Sooooz.” she nuzzles your face approvingly at whatever you said
  1360. >so you lay the devoted mare on her back and bury your hands into her chest fluff
  1361. >fondly scratching her, till her eyes start closing in pleasure
  1362. >then you lean above her and press your lips on her furry pony cheek and kiss it, slowly making your way down to her neck
  1363. >you always wanted to have your first time romantic and it’s starting to take shape of how you’re imagined it
  1364. >..well except the fur of a pegasus in place of a human girl’s skin
  1365. >but hey, it feels almost like an improvement right now
  1366. >and so you’re cuddling her like that for a while, slowly positioning yourself in front of her spread legs…
  1367. “Are you ready Suzie?..” you whisper into her ear, brushing your tip over her moist, clenching entrance and very gently probing in with the head
  1368. >she can feel that alright, judging by her expressions, but the strange sensation isn’t scaring her or making her nervous at all
  1369. >those big pupils aren’t even eyeing down there to see what you’re doing with her as her gaze is fixed onto your face
  1370. >and you keep slowly poking inside of her, bit by bit
  1371. >...having the tip already inside, you no longer have to keep your hand at your phallus to keep it from slipping away
  1372. >so you use that hand to support yourself and lean even closer to her, pushing a bit further in while watching her face reacting
  1373. >”Suz!” the mare starts breathing way heavier than a few seconds ago, her front hooves wantingly touching your body
  1374. >you’re almost bumping nose to nose as you slowly make your way inside of her in almost complete silence
  1375. >only the exchange of warm breaths from lungs to lungs
  1376. >only the touch of a silky fur on a naked skin
  1377. >only the feeling of a male and female becoming one for a while…
  1378. >a moment you’ll probably remember till the rest of your life
  1379. >one at which completely disappeared all the differences between a human and an animal
  1380. >because it doesn’t matter for the two of you now
  1381. >you’re on a shared ground
  1382. >...only when you’re sure you can’t go deeper, you’re starting to slowly and rhythmically pump against her body, feeling the incredibly hot and warm inside
  1383. >the air is filled with the scent of her heat and it feels like you can never really get enough of it right now
  1384. >an energy of pleasure is circling through your joined bodies and it’s very slowly adding up on intensity until one of the rear hooves, leaning on your body, starts twitching as well
  1385. >that’s when the orange pegasus tongue pokes out of your lover’s mouth as well, blissfully drooling a little drop on the sheets underneath
  1386. >it’s both making her look a little silly but sexy at the same time, to see how she’s losing control
  1387. >...but there’s still a long way to finish this
  1388. >at least for you
  1389. >so you slowly straighten yourself above the little pegasus
  1390. >,grab onto her jerky rear legs
  1391. >and start pumping harder, as deep as you can go
  1392. >Suzzanne doesn’t even know about her belly bulging each time, since she’s unable to keep her eyes open now
  1393. >it’s just continuous high pitched noises of pleasure from her side because she must be getting dangerously close to a climax
  1394. >and seeing her like this is exciting you even more, pushing as deep as you can go and trying to bring yourself forth to your own peak as well
  1395. >only when the whole mare is starting to quiver and almost vibrate under you, it feels like you might be catching up with her
  1396. >with a few more righteous thrusts, you’re starting to feel a riptide of pleasure rising through your body from the tips of your toes to the very top of your head, while your colorful partner stiffens like a statue before-
  1397. >”EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” she squeals on top of her lungs
  1398. >if you weren’t overwhelmed by the very same feeling, you’d probably worry if your parents can’t hear that even over their loud TV
  1399. >but the truth is, right now you don’t even remember having any parents
  1400. >there’s just “NOW” and it keeps on “being” for what feels like an eternity, spent in a place where nothing matters, aside from this moment
  1401. >you’re feeling in detail each of the separate waves of your hot seed travelling your shaft and spurting deep inside of the dainty pegasus, all the way through her cervix and into her fertile, yet incompatible womb
  1402. >through the almost spasmodically intense seconds of unending, you’re hugging onto Suzzanne almost as if you should crush her in your embrace while her teeth are biting into your shoulder to withstand it
  1403. >...until you’re “back” again, panting at each other from up close and exhaustedly gazing into each other’s eyes
  1404. >no longer having the strength to hold yourself up, you eventually fall down next to her and almost pass out with your face buried in the colorful mane
  1405. >and the peace is reigning for a while, only your heartbeats and breaths slowly calming down, with noises from the loud TV playing in the background a few rooms away
  1406. >mustering some strength, Suzzanne is first to move, turning herself around to face you and affectionately lick your face a few times, snapping you out of falling asleep
  1407. “...huh?” you open your eyes to see the pegasus face smiling at you
  1408. >in your post nut clarity, you thought you might be regretting some of what just happened
  1409. >but being confronted with her now again,.. it’s filling you with happiness instead of shame
  1410. >it feels so right, despite everything
  1411. >so you smile back and reach your hand to caress her cheek with your palm before lazily kissing her
  1412. “I love you…”
  1413. >”Wuw yuu…” the mare’s repeating with a grin, adding a little whinny to it
  1414. >it makes you snicker and wrap your arms around her again, pulling the stained blanket over both of you while cuddling up to her
  1415. >and the calmness is enrapturing
  1416. >...kinda wish you could just fall asleep now
  1417. >but there’s a lot of mess that need cleaning…
  1418. >a little worriedly, you glance at the door to your room to make sure nobody is standing there
  1419. >hope that nobody heard Suzzanne’s loud orgasm either
  1420. >the thought that a family member could have entered the room, seen the two of you and left without you knowing suddenly sends a cold shiver down your spine
  1421. >...then they’d bring it up at some point when you least expect it
  1422. >or they’d casually call for you to have a “talk”
  1423. >and then-
  1424. >...that definitely didn’t happen though, there’s no way they wouldn’t immediately start screaming and give themselves away
  1425. >still, you should probably get up
  1426. >so you slowly let go of her warmth and pull the blanket away
  1427. >noticing you’re leaving her, Suzzanne starts picking herself up as well, but that’s when you notice that some of your semen is still dripping out of her
  1428. >quickly grabbing one of the tissues, ready by the bed, you reach to wipe her before all of that leaks out on the mattress cover
  1429. >your little pegasus didn’t really notice she’s leaving a sticky mess under her, so she’s a bit surprised about you reaching to her crotch once again
  1430. >but also quick to understand the idea
  1431. >when you’re done, about to stand up, she twists her spine enough to actually reach there with her own tongue and clean herself even more properly
  1432. >leaving you wondering whether is it sexy or really weird
  1433. >probably both
  1434. >she isn’t taking any more time than is absolutely necessary though, since it probably isn’t too comfortable for her
  1435. >standing up, you open the windows to ventilate the room a bit
  1436. >...should start getting rid of all the evidence
  1437. >so you pull down all the sheets as well, since Suzzanne is up now
  1438. >she’s following you around and trying to help, even though she isn’t quite sure what you’re doing
  1439. >eventually you throw all of the dirty fabric into a corner to wash it later
  1440. >.…cause now you’re kinda hungry
  1441. >bet Suzzanne is too, this was all pretty exhausting
  1442. >surely it can all wait a bit
  1443. >the semi cold air from the outside is now ventilating the room, replacing the stale and sex reeking one with it’s freshness
  1444. >and you crouch down to the pony, burying your fingers in her mane and bumping nose to nose with her
  1445. “Hey Suzie, wanna-”
  1446. >but before you even say what you wanted to say, you’re getting your mouth licked in her outburst of affection
  1447. >normally, you’d at least pretend to fight her, but this time,..
  1448. >this time you’re letting her have her way completely, even gently fondling her ears and enjoying the pony kisses
  1449. >a kiss is a kiss, isn’t it?
  1450. >for the fun of it, you poke out your own tongue as well and lick her back the same way
  1451. >but it confuses the pegasus a bit, stopping for a second
  1452. “Oh yeah, this is exactly how it feels” you giggle, shortly eyeing on the closed door to your room “…I can teach you how humans do it though, how about that?”
  1453. >”Soozzan!” the mare’s enthusiastic about your proposal/question
  1454. >surely it’s gonna be something nice again
  1455. >and you’re gonna make sure it is
  1456. >so you lick your lips with a little excited grin and sit on the ground behind the bed, so that even if someone entered the room, he wouldn’t see you
  1457. >and the equally excited Suzzane is taking her place next to you, hyped about what kinda game you’re planning
  1458. “Come a little closer.” you pat your thigh, slowly wrapping your fingers around the back of her head, playing with her mane
  1459. >even though you literally just had sex a few minutes ago, your heartbeat quickens just a little when you’re closing your lips with hers
  1460. >but it isn’t that obvious for the clueless mare
  1461. >she doesn’t really know what to do with her mouth, so she’s just trying to lick you again
  1462. >so just like before, you poke out your tongue as well to touch hers with it...
  1463. >and very slowly, to not scare her away, start making its way inside of her mouth while letting the orange pony appendage slip into yours
  1464. >Suzzanne knows you’re teaching her something new, so she isn’t pulling away
  1465. >...but she isn’t really doing anything with her tongue either
  1466. >just sorta waiting for you to show her more about this strange new activity
  1467. >you aren’t a very experienced kisser either though, merely saw it on the internet before
  1468. >still, you’re trying to gently probe around, exploring the soft and perfectly pink inside of a pegasus mouth
  1469. >and it doesn’t take long for Suzzanne to understand the idea now, clumsily attempting to do the same
  1470. >moving and wallowing her big tongue around yours, mixing the human and pony saliva together without parting your lips, opening and angling her mouth to reach better
  1471. >guess this is how kissing is supposed to feel like
  1472. >because it already feels great
  1473. >and Suzzanne’s enthusiasm about it is growing each second too
  1474. >...until she’s so wild and reckless she’s pretty much just lapping on the inside of your mouth
  1475. >that’s when it start feeling more silly than romantic, enough to make you giggle
  1476. “Hey…” you’re very gently pulling her away from your face while fondling one of her ears “….that was almost amazing.”
  1477. >”Soozan!”
  1478. “I know.” you grin, still amusedly biting on your lower lip “Good girl…”
  1479. >come to think your first proper french kiss would be like this…
  1480. >...you actually aren’t disappointed
  1481. >it was perfect in it’s sloppiness and imperfection
  1482. >...but to think it would be with Suzzanne, a family pet
  1483. >well,.. right now you aren’t disappointed either
  1484. >because she’s no longer a pet to you…
  1485. >you’re already seeing her as a real person
  1486. >don’t think you can ever go back after what happened
  1487. >but you almost forgot what you were planning before...
  1488. “Suzie, are you hungry? How about we get something to eat?”
  1489. >”Eat! Suzzanne!”
  1490. “...I think I did that already.” you snicker “But I guess you understand what I meant.”
  1491. >how could she not, since learning the meaning of a word “eat” was crucial to know when her feeding time is
  1492. >so you pick yourself up and slip into a bathrobe
  1493. “Let’s go get something nice then.”
  1494. >you’re aware you should probably take a shower first and get rid of the stained sheets
  1495. >but since you’re still hearing the TV when you step out of your room on the corridor, you’re betting that you still have some time before any random encounter
  1496. >sneaking through the kitchen door, you creep up to the fridge and open it to check it’s contents
  1497. "So-oo, what do we have here?"
  1498. >it's gonna be some kinda hodgepodge for you today
  1499. >a pack of Lotus biscuts, a milk for hot chocolate, a few slices of eidam, some sauce/dressing to dip it in,-...
  1500. "...But what would YOU like to have?" you step to the side to make space for Suzzanne, gesturing with your hand that she can pick whatever she likes
  1501. >...and you’re getting another one of her visibly confused looks
  1502. >except you know exactly what it means right now
  1503. “Of course you can pick something yourself!”
  1504. >it sparks a smile on your face as you nudge her towards the shiny light in the otherwise dark room
  1505. “Anything you want.”
  1506. >that’s enough to convince her you’re serious and after her eyes swiftly scan the whole fridge, sniffing it through as well..
  1507. >her hoof eventually points at nothing else than,… a simple and plain tomato
  1508. >tastily ripe, but still just a tomato
  1509. "You're sure?" you chuckle "You can pick some more stuff, anything you want. Isn’t there anything else you wanted to have as well?"
  1510. >seeing you've put the tomatoes next to the other stuff you’re taking while still holding the door open for her, Suzzanne hesitantly points at her second choice
  1511. >a cucumber,..
  1512. >then changing her mind to an ice salad
  1513. "You really are a veggie lover, are you?" you laugh, grabbing both of her choices, tousle her mane and close the fridge "…I'm gonna prepare it a little, okay? Wait just a sec."
  1514. >for which you’re given her usual understanding smile for when she’s supposed to wait
  1515. >though...
  1516. >when your parents tell her to, she’s doing her best to sit still and be patient
  1517. >with you, she’s curiously joining you by the kitchen counter, even pulling her front hooves up to see what you’re gonna do with the veggies
  1518. >...and what you do with them is slice them, heating the milk in a microwave meanwhile, arrange all the food on the biggest plate you could find and then mix the hot milk with some cocoa powder and sugar
  1519. >when you’re done, you turn off all the lights, take the big cup of hot chocolate in hand and the plate into the other...
  1520. >and you’re blindly, but carefully making your way back to your room through the dark corridor when
  1521. >about two steps out of the kitchen, the lights suddenly turn on, flashing onto you and almost making you drop the plate in shock of bumping into your mom or dad
  1522. >except it’s neither of them
  1523. >Suzzanne’s standing near the lightswitch next to your room, chirpily smiling and visibly proud of herself about helping you
  1524. “Ooof”
  1525. >forgot she knows how these things works as well, even if she’s almost never using them- like most of the things she knows
  1526. >while you would easily get there even if it was complete darkness, since you know this house,
  1527. >...this was really sweet of her
  1528. >back in your room, you lay the things on the bed and make yourself comfortable
  1529. >the mattress cover will also need replacing anyway
  1530. >Suzzanne hops right next to you, eyeing at the food, but waiting for you to do something
  1531. "..Alright, so what do we have first?" you pick up a piece of tomato, softly nudging her muzzle with it
  1532. >only then she licks her lips, reaching her tongue towards the red piece of fruit
  1533. >...and slowly slide it in her mouth, carefully chewing it to feel the taste as if she wasn’t gonna receive another one
  1534. >looking pretty elegant at it too
  1535. "Come on, you can take whatever and however you like!" you laugh, nudging the plate to her while taking a piece of a veggie as well
  1536. >must be the first time for her to eat from one plate with a human, no wonder she’s unsure about it...
  1537. >but in your case.. she’s quick to understand you’re letting her do yet another of human things
  1538. >”Sooz!” a wide smile rises on her face before picking up another piece of a tomato from the side of a plate
  1539. "...Try this thing." you're holding a lotus biscuit between your teeth, moving closer towards her to let her take a half from your mouth
  1540. >a pretty clear sign of your intentions
  1541. >this time without too much hesitation, she chomps on it and she’s chewing it down with growingly excited expression on her face
  1542. >can literally see the delight coming through her after tasting this,.. even hear from the noises
  1543. >might have just found her new favourite food
  1544. >so you leave all of the few biscuits you brought for her, watching the poner happily munching on them while chewing on a slice of eidam and a cucumber yourself
  1545. >to your surprise, when she’s about mercilessly devour the last one, she stops
  1546. >only picking it up and holding it in her mouth like you did before
  1547. >…. needless to say, it caught you so off guard it even made you blush a bit
  1548. “For me?” you’re grinning “Hey thanks Suzie…”
  1549. >and before actually grabbing on it with your your own mouth, you fondly kiss the tip of her muzzle
  1550. >then is the time to finish the rest together
  1551. >despite her new acquaintance with the biscuits, Suzzanne still loves her veggies
  1552. >...and it doesn't hurt for you to have some as well
  1553. >it’s been ages since you've had just a plain tomato or a cucumber, just like that
  1554. >now you’re wondering what have you been doing all that time
  1555. >it could be Suzzanne’s own appetite that made you enjoy it so much, the great hunger after making love or you’ve just never had a properly ripe tomato before
  1556. "You might even make me go vegan with you." you snicker at the pony, watching her nibbling at a piece of a cucumber
  1557. >not for real though, don’t think anyone has enough power for that
  1558. >there's still the eidam too, which you've been progressively making disappear throughout the whole time
  1559. >so you try handing her a bit of the cheese to try out as well
  1560. >...but after sniffing and tasting merely a tiny bite of it, the pegasus goes “No no” with both her head and expression
  1561. "...You don't like cheese?" you grin and dip a piece into the dressing "How about now?"
  1562. >while she actually gives it a hesitant shot,...
  1563. >... the disgust in her face after swallowing it is emphasizing even further that this just isn’t her thing
  1564. "Aaw man, alright then." you laugh
  1565. >...but you’re lowkey wondering how could she lick your crotch clean off your semen before and NOT like eidam
  1566. >anyway, since there's only the cheese left on the plate, you put it away, eating one more piece of it, and grab the cup of hot cocoa from the nightstand nearby
  1567. "This is cocoa."
  1568. >"Co-coo..."
  1569. "Right." you chuckle, having a sip "And I know you're not used to drinking from the cup, but let's try to drink it like this, alright?"
  1570. >after demonstrating how, you put the cup to her lips for her to do the same
  1571. >......and there goes her elegance
  1572. >not having any experience of using her lips for such things, some of it starts pouring down from the corners of her mouth, dripping down onto the mattress cover
  1573. >...but it's pretty much what you've expected
  1574. "You gotta like... suck the liquid in rather than just letting it slide in your mouth." you're grinning while showing her on your own side of the cup, making a very distinctive sucking sound "Like this."
  1575. >which makes the pony don a total textbook example of "Ah-a!!" and eagerly press her lips on the cup before you're even finished drinking
  1576. >and!.... she still misses a few drops, staining the fur under her mouth
  1577. >..looking visibly disappointed in herself about it as well
  1578. "Hey, that's alright." you laugh, wiping her chin with a tissue "I'm sure you'll get there. We can perfect it tomorrow, with water."
  1579. >..she might have not caught the water part, but the tone of your voice cheered her up
  1580. >enough to try once again
  1581. >this time doing a little better, almost flawlessly,... almost
  1582. "See, easier than it looks." you're wiping the corners of her mouth with a tissue while you could almost swear she's blushing at you
  1583. >it’s making you really want to kiss her right now
  1584. >not in a perverse manner, rather just out of fondness
  1585. >...
  1586. >the next second, you lean in and softly press your lips onto hers like you did a few times before
  1587. >never before were you kissed back from her though, if you don’t count the french one
  1588. >wondering if you could teach her that as well..
  1589. >so you pucker up your lips a bit, trying to get the mare do the same before kissing her once again
  1590. >and after the third try, she’s already imitating you
  1591. >...but she looks kinda silly while attempting, because of the way she's exaggerating
  1592. >it’s as if she was doing faces at you
  1593. >she's trying her best though
  1594. "Like this." you chuckle eventually, picking her hoof up into your palm and demonstrating on it for her to see better
  1595. >except the mare understands it the way that she should practice on your hand as well
  1596. >so she’s grabbing onto it and puckering her lips, trying to make them smack the same way as when you do it
  1597. >and..!
  1598. “Hey, there you go!” you laugh, slipping your hand away from her hooves “I knew you could learn that in no time. Such a smart girl…”
  1599. >...and you scratch her head, slowly leaning in to kiss her lips again
  1600. >this time receiving a clumsy one back
  1601. "See we've both learned plenty of new things today." you chuckle, moving away a strand of mane from her face to touch her cheek and fondly scratch a side of her neck ".......But there’s still some work to do for me. I should wash us both and get some new sheets."
  1602. >with the sheets being a number one priority, you sneak out to get a new set as well as a clean mattress cover, spray all of the dirty fabric with a lot of deodorant to mask the smell...
  1603. >and stuff them all into the washing machine for mom to wash later
  1604. >then make the bed, using fresh ones
  1605. >once you’re done, you’re heading into the bathroom
  1606. >of course, Suzzanne was “helping” you with all of that by curiously poking her nose into everything and she’s following you around even now
  1607. >might as well take a shower together…
  1608. >but on the other hand,. that’s pretty risky, considering what you got away with before
  1609. >wouldn’t want anyone entering the room and seeing you
  1610. >it would be easier to explain why you’re washing Suzzanne’s coat in the middle of a night than why are you naked behind the shower glass with her
  1611. >at this hour, it’s even quite possible someone might enter the room since the movie must have already ended
  1612. >so you quickly wash the pegasus first, dry her fur with a blowdryer and only then have a shower yourself
  1613. >leaving the door open for her if she wanted to go somewhere else or check on your parents and sister
  1614. >which she does, leaving you alone for a while
  1615. >only to return once you’re done, brushing your teeth
  1616. “...Heyyy, you weren’t showing them what you learned today didn’t you?” you laugh a little worriedly about letting her there
  1617. >but she’s more interested in your toothbrush than to even attempt to decode what you’re saying
  1618. >you quickly take a peek on your parents in the living room to see if they’re not discussing you or Suzzanne
  1619. >>>>”But Mom!”
  1620. >>”It’s late enough sweetie. You should go to sleep. Brush your teeth off you go! …And say goodnight to your brother.”
  1621. >>>>”Okay…” your sister is hanging her head
  1622. >...so you quickly slip back into the bathroom
  1623. >knowing you can soon expect your little sister’s visit
  1624. >and that they probably don’t have a slightest idea what you’ve been doing past few hours
  1625. >nice
  1626. >after saying goodnight to your sister, leaving her in the bathroom, you’re heading back to your room
  1627. >still closely followed by Suzzanne
  1628. >which isn’t actually THAT unusual, since she’s been occasionally sleeping in your room for a while now
  1629. >...but she was always lying either on her own mattress or somewhere on the other side of your own bed
  1630. >this time though…
  1631. “Come here then..!” you’re patting the place next to you under the blanket
  1632. >before you know it, the pegasus happily snuggles up to you, pressing her furry body tightly onto yours while nuzzling your face as if this was an old routine for her
  1633. >must have understood by now that today brought her some new privileges
  1634. >it feels kinda obvious too, since she’s-…
  1635. >well she IS kinda like your girlfriend now, isn’t she..?
  1636. >... you’d surely like to consider her that way
  1637. >not quite sure how exactly is she explaining what happened to herself
  1638. >...or if she can grasp the concept
  1639. >...but in a way you’re surely someone special in her life, just like she’s special to you
  1640. >we’ll see how this all works out, don’t really feel like ruining the mood by any thoughts about the future
  1641. >right now you’re just enjoying the incredibly comfy feeling of a warm pegasus in your arms, her calming heartbeat and the intimacy connected to it
  1642. “Goodnight Suzie..” you kiss her snoot and smile before closing your eyes “I love you…”
  1643. >”Sooz…” she’s replying sleepily, giving your cheek one last, wet, pony kiss
  1644. >you’re falling asleep in the matter of minutes
  1646. Part six: Something human
  1648. >you flinch, waking up from a dream that’s already slipping away from your mind
  1649. >the next second, you’re feeling the soft pillow cuddled up to you moving
  1650. >and as most of the things that happened yesterday start coming back, you’re opening your eyes to a sight of a pair of fluffy ears poking from a ruffled up mane
  1651. >…
  1652. >right,.. that’s no pillow
  1653. >you’re only hesitating less than a second to tighten your embrace around the pegasus and pull her a little closer
  1654. >still no regrets
  1655. >”Mmhm…”
  1656. >Suzzanne’s humming to herself in her high tone while nuzzling deep under your neck and absolutely refusing to open her eyes just yet
  1657. >so you’re staying like that for a while, gently fondling her body under the blankets, paying attention to her tiny wings
  1658. >which makes your bedmare wiggle in pleasure, making a few more satisfied noises and slowly raise her snoot from under your chin to smile at you
  1659. >then those big, brightly green eyes open, piercing you with their enchanting gaze
  1660. >...and while she may not know it
  1661. >she’s totally worth it
  1662. >so you lean in to softly kiss her lips as a good morning
  1663. >only to get lazily licked back as a response
  1664. >guess she’s preferring her own way of showing affection
  1665. >and you wouldn’t even mind right now, if it wasn’t for her morning breath
  1666. >but on the other hand,
  1667. >yours isn’t any better right now…
  1668. >so your stinky breaths aren’t ruining the atmosphere that bad
  1669. >and you bury one of your hands into the mane on the back of her head
  1670. >kissing her once again
  1671. >this time even getting a clumsy one back
  1672. >…
  1673. >the present moment’s filling you with a deep feeling of belonging
  1674. >and you know that none of which happened was a mistake
  1675. >it was all meant to happen
  1676. >thinking about it, you wouldn’t really even want anyone else in Suzzanne’s place right now
  1677. >not even Stacy from the class above yours
  1678. >.…it would be worse explaining to someone else though
  1679. >...
  1680. >a familiarly cold shiver ran up your spine just now
  1681. >no one must ever know
  1682. >but it hurts so much to think you’ll have to keep all of this a secret to everybody
  1683. >and forever…
  1684. >on the other hand, you can still show your “girlfriend” all the affection you want in front of anyone
  1685. >as long as it doesn’t take turn towards anything sexual…
  1686. >scratches, rubs, nuzzles and even some kisses should be fine
  1687. >... “normal” people do that with their “normal” pets all the time
  1688. >so you smile over the thought
  1689. >feeling kinda ready, even somehow energized to get up and face the day
  1690. >a few minutes more spent cuddling won’t hurt though…
  1691. >after pushing yourself up from the bed at last, you’ve been expecting Suzzanne to come with you
  1692. >but she’s staying under the blankets, even pulling them back onto herself and eyeing at you from under them
  1693. >what a lazy little pegasus, you chuckle
  1694. >can’t expect her to follow you everywhere like your own tail all the time though
  1695. >probably wouldn’t even like if she was that clingy, always appreciated her relatively independent personality, within limits of a housepet of course
  1696. >so you give her a smirk, step back just to boop her nose sticking from under the blankets and head to the kitchen
  1697. >you know she'll catch up sooner or later
  1698. >upon entering the kitchen to fetch yourself some breakfast, you run into your parents who are there for the very same reasons, surprised to see you up so soon on the weekend
  1699. >despite sleeping like a total log this night, you went to sleep pretty early compared to usual
  1700. >and you’re being invited to a family breakfast for the occasion
  1701. >it’s been a while since you all actually gathered like that
  1702. >so you join them at the table, greeting your sister who’s already snacking on something
  1703. >their presence is making you only a tiny bit uncomfortable though, since you’re not used to spending time with all of them at once anymore
  1704. >plus, you have a secret you must not ever tell, not even accidentally hint
  1705. >but they’re your family after all, so you’re slowly managing to relax around them
  1706. >munching on your toasted bread with hummus helps too…
  1707. >then after a while, when you’re all almost finished, Suzzanne roams into the room as well
  1708. >announcing herself in the door and greeting everyone individually from up close with her smile
  1709. >...funny how important it is for her, not to leave anyone behind
  1710. >and you’re feeling pretty relieved she didn’t attempt to kiss anyone or something, but she seems to remember that she isn’t allowed to lick anyone’s face
  1711. >with an exception of you of course,.. everyone knows you were soft on her as far as any rules go, long before yesterday
  1712. >but since you’ve already been greeted by her wet tongue in the bed before, she’s not doing it again now
  1713. >just nuzzling you like everyone else, only a bit longer, and staying by your side while you’re fondling her ears
  1714. >then you return to your breakfast
  1715. >..
  1716. >>"…Shoo, Suzzanne stop begging for food..!” mom notices the pony is still sitting by your side even when you’ve returned to your breakfast “…Anon she wasn’t doing that a few days ago, were you always feeding her straight from the table?”
  1717. "I don't think she wants food mom..."
  1718. >>>"He's right honey. She has it scrambled in her brain right now when she's in heat. Doesn’t know herself what she wants. We’re lucky she isn’t making those weird noises like cats do.”
  1719. >>>>"Dad! What's a heat-"
  1720. "I didn't mean that.” you cut your sister off, glancing at the disappointed but obedient pegasus that’s now walking away to lay down onto her mattress “… Suzzanne is very social and I think she just wants to be present… with us.”
  1721. >>>"Well, first you couldn't even stand her existence and now you're an expert over how she's feeling. What a turnaround champ." your dad chuckles, not sure whether mockingly or just in amusement
  1722. >it made you embarrassedly blush either way
  1723. >...hope you didn’t went too far by defending her like that
  1724. >>>>"Dad's right! I think Miss Preeny already likes you more than she does me, bro…” your sister whispers as if she didn't want the pony to hear
  1725. "... That's just because I'm walking her everyday sis,..” you whisper amusedly back “…you can tag along sometimes if you want to."
  1726. >>>>"Can I go with you today then?!"
  1727. "Sure… Surprised you didn’t ask sooner.”
  1728. >>>>”Yes!”
  1729. >can’t have her all for yourself
  1730. >it wouldn’t be healthy anyway
  1731. “Alright then. I’ll finish this, brush my teeth and we can go,. let’s say,.. in half an hour?”
  1732. >and as you said, after breakfast you went to the bathroom to brush your teeth while mom’s feeding Suzzanne some granulate and oats
  1733. >...thought about telling her you can do it yourself, or to give her some fresh veggies instead, but you don’t wanna raise any suspicions at all that something may have changed
  1734. >still though, Suzzanne wasn’t acting as horny as she was yesterday, hope that isn’t suspicious either
  1735. >could they tell she’s a bit relieved somehow?
  1736. >could they connect the dots all the way to you?
  1737. >but this isn’t a NCIS, no one even has a reason to look for any weird patterns
  1738. >which calms you a bit again, spitting the toothpaste into the sink
  1739. >...only to realize the pegasus that’s been on your mind the whole time is now standing next to you
  1740. >curiously eyeing at the toothbrush, just like yesterday
  1741. “What is it Suzie? Want your teeth brushed as well?” you grin and hand her the clean brush so she can inspect it closer
  1742. >surprisingly enough, she uses her hoof to pick it up, not her mouth
  1743. >and she’s even trying to imitate your movements in front of her muzzle
  1744. >the sight makes you snicker
  1745. “Can I help you with that..?” you chuckle, touching the brush in her hoof
  1746. >which she lets go of, watching you squeeze some toothpaste on it and kneel down to her
  1747. >and she’s letting you slide the thing into her mouth, even showing her teeth for you to see better
  1748. >they’re as white as pearls, don’t really need any maintenance
  1749. >but some fresh breath won’t hurt, plus, prevention
  1750. >funny how much this little creature wants to be like a human
  1751. >and you’re gladly gonna make her feel that way when she’s around you
  1752. >so you're gently brushing on her teeth, while using your other hand to softly open or close her jaws, depending on where you need to get
  1753. >never were you doing this with someone else’s mouth, so it’s a new thing for you as well
  1754. >but an entertaining one
  1755. >how she’s standing still, looking all excited about something so trivial while wondering what to do with her evermoving orange tongue
  1756. >but you aren’t stressing it too long, soon her mouth is getting filled with toothpaste bubbles and saliva, so you let go
  1757. >expecting her to spit it in the sink
  1758. >except the curious pegasus gulps half of the liquid down her stomach
  1759. >and she’s immediately regretting it
  1760. >so you pull her front hooves up the sink, to spit there at least the rest
  1761. >...this time it’s pouring down the drain
  1762. “It’s way better this way, trust me.” you’re patting her back and holding her mane so that she won’t stain it
  1763. >but you aren’t getting an answer because of her sudden interest to inspect the strange freshness in her mouth
  1764. >rolling the tongue around making faces in the mirror
  1765. "...So, the same thing in the evening?" you tousle her mane with a grin, crouching next to her when she’s back on all four
  1766. >”Sooz!”
  1767. >which you’re taking as: “We’ll see.”
  1768. >once you’re done and dressed, it’s just about time for the walk
  1769. >so you call on your sister that’s also ready by now
  1770. >and you’re on your way
  1771. >throughout the walk, you’re actually giving the two of them as much space as possible, trying not to “take the cake” from their time outside together
  1772. >it would feel kinda wrong to have Suzzanne fixated only onto you, even though you’re already her favourite human
  1773. >she needs a richer life than that
  1774. >still though, you’re already planning some kind of “date” or something in the future
  1775. >not only to break the routine
  1776. >but to make your animal girlfriend feel like a human, if at least for a few hours
  1777. >...thinking of it
  1778. >most of all you’re wishing you could make your parents treat her with more respect
  1779. >she surely deserves it, but they can’t or don’t even want to see her as something more than their pet
  1780. >true, you weren’t any different
  1781. >it’s easier that way
  1782. >but things have changed now
  1783. >and you’re seeing the little pegasus as your equal
  1784. >”SuzzAAN!” you’re suddenly snapped out of your thoughts when she’s running at you, trying to make you join the chase with your sister
  1785. >so you grin and run after her
  1786. >at least she’s happy right now…
  1787. …...
  1788. >later that day, you’re sitting at your table, pondering about the same thought from yesterday that keeps returning
  1789. >can’t get Suzzanne out of your mind, even when she isn’t around
  1790. >she seems to be happy most of the time nowadays, but you’re worrying about the future
  1791. >will this life always be enough for her?
  1792. >you’re gonna be adult one day and become completely independent
  1793. >but Suzzanne will never “grow up”, get a job, buy a house, plant a tree…
  1794. >probably won’t even learn human language enough to speak for herself
  1795. >she’ll probably have to stay dependent on someone,.. which makes kinda sense for a house pet
  1796. >but you’re feeling like the little pegasus deserves a bit more than that with her intelligence and learning capabilities…
  1797. >at least a bit more freedom, a bit more recognition…
  1798. >...
  1799. >....
  1800. >”Suzzan..? the pegasus chirps upon entering your room to announce herself, even though she knows she doesn’t have to do that anymore
  1801. "Hey Suzie...." you raise your head, giving her a tired smile
  1802. >and the mare’s heading straight to you, softly licking a tip of your nose before laying her head into your lap
  1803. >eyeing at you, as if asking "What's up?"
  1804. “.…I might be overthinking you, Suzzanne.” your fingers are burying deep into her colorful mane to give her some thorough scratches “…Will you always stay like this? ..All those 60 or 70 years?”
  1805. >”Suz!” she answers enthusiastically without really catching what you’re saying
  1806. >there’s no way she could have understood that sentence
  1807. >but she always understands how you’re feeling and she’s trying to cheer you up now
  1808. “...Come here.” her smile makes you smile as well, picking the gentle front hooves on your lap to hug her “... one day, when I’ll stand up on my own feet,... I'm gonna take you with me. And I’m gonna show you the world out there! What do you think?"
  1809. >”Sooo…” the mare coo’s into your ear in response
  1810. “Yeah..” you chuckle “I guess you’re right. We should focus on the presence… For now, I was thinking of taking you on some kind of date. Would you like that?”
  1811. >for which you’re given another one of her affirmative responses, this time a little nicker
  1812. "Heh, you're a total "Yes-mare.", are you?" you laugh letting go of the hug to glance at her, still softly caressing her chest from the sides “But I don’t know what kind of date… what would you like?”
  1813. >but the pegasus just grins real wide instead of answering
  1814. “Don’t know either huh? Then how about,…….”
  1815. >.…you’re thinking of a cinema or some kind of lunch
  1816. >but can’t say for sure if they’d even let her into the cinema, even though you know she does enjoy watching movies with you
  1817. >ones in which isn’t a lot of dialogue of course
  1818. >and a restaurant probably isn’t that good of an idea overall, a picnic or something would probably be better… although
  1819. “.….I know! There’s a lunapark in the city! I really wanted to go there one day but I didn’t want to go alone. How about we go there together?!”
  1820. >”Suzzaan!”
  1821. >she might not know what you’re so excited about, but she’s happy to celebrate with you by covering your face in pony kisses
  1822. “It’s settled then.” you grin fondling her cheeks in your palms and glancing into her eyes “…I’ve been saving some money by skipping lunch sometimes, it’ll be enough for us to have some fun. Now… how are you feeling after tomorrow? Satisfied a little bit?"
  1823. >to which the mare gently shakes her head
  1824. >she might know the word “satisfied” already, but not the current context
  1825. >...it’s usually cuddles
  1826. "Reeeally?" you're chuckling while finally wiping the pegasus saliva off your face and bumping nose to nose with her "…But I don't mean the scratches, I mean your uhh.…, other kind of problems."
  1827. >tilting her head at you, it’s not as if she could understand this either
  1828. >so you move your hand towards her rump, pointing at it with your finger
  1829. “I meant this kind of problem.”
  1830. >for which you’re given an understanding grin, right before she turns around, eagerly lifting her tail aside
  1831. >right,... still ready for action
  1832. "Not now Suz..." you snicker and gently turn her back around to face you again "You’ve surely got a libido and it’s pretty tempting buuuut,… maybe tomorrow."
  1833. >"Tomow-…tomoRRow..!"
  1834. "Say whaa? Hey that was a nice articulation. Have you been practicing?”
  1835. >”Tomorrow!” Suzzanne’s flexing her new ability, even though it still doesn’t sound completely right
  1836. >but it’s a lot better than ever before
  1837. “Alright then, tomorrow it is!” you grin “A feat like that surely needs to be celebrated…”
  1838. >although, don’t think she knows the meaning of the word she just learned
  1839. >but you’re gonna keep the promise anyway
  1840. >so tomorrow is the day of changing bedsheets… again
  1841. >just hope it won’t be too suspicious, maybe you should learn how to use washing machine yourself
  1842. >can’t be too hard…
  1843. "...Come to think, how long is the heat of yours gonna last though..?" you pick Suzzanne’s front hooves up to have her a little closer, as if hoping she could tell you herself
  1844. >...but that’s kinda silly
  1845. >"Suu...." she just cooing, cuddling up to you and trying to climb on you lap
  1846. >so you pull her rump there, seating her on you thighs and gently squeeze the pony in your arms before glancing into her playful eyes
  1847. "Right,.. you have no idea either... Well, your body looks a bit equine, so let's check out the internet about horses."
  1848. >with one hand you're still hugging the pegasus to keep her from falling down and typing your question into the browser with the other one
  1849. “How long does a horses heat last.. hmm.” *click*
  1850. >...
  1851. "21 days?!!" your eyes widen upon reading the first result in a big font ".....Oh wait, that’s the length of a whole cycle, the estrus itself if aprox. 6 days….. But still, this means it’s at least one week in each month!!"
  1852. >you glance at Suzzanne, as if she should explain herself somehow or say at least something about it
  1853. >but she’s just proudly grinning at being addressed, reaching closer to give you a sloppy kiss
  1854. >a human one even, not one of her usual lick-kisses
  1855. "Let's hope you're not completely like a horse." you chuckle almost worriedly "I mean,... not as if it wasn't possible to keep you satisfied somehow, but Jeez,.. you can't just be horny for a whole third of the summer AND spring..… or can you?"
  1856. >but all you’re getting for a response is a girly giggle and a nuzzle
  1857. >...sometimes you’re wishing she could really talk
  1858. >on the other hand, it’s a part of her charm
  1859. >and even if she could form sentences, she probably wouldn’t know this either
  1860. “Guess we’ll have to find out.” you grin while the pegasus in your lap is getting friskier and friskier
  1861. >even trying to grind her rump over your thighs
  1862. >and while the look and smell of her is getting pretty inviting,
  1863. >you just softly kiss her and seat her down
  1864. “Later Suzie, okay?.. Tomorrow.”
  1865. >”Tomowrow…” the mare’s silently repeating to herself
  1866. >it feels like it’s just now that she realized that it means “some other time” basically
  1867. >looking just a bit sad about it too
  1868. >but she isn’t pressing onto you, just frowning a bit before moving onto your bed nearby, about to curl up for a little nap
  1869. >before that though, she stops to reach her muzzle towards her vulva to wipe off the few drops of liquid excitement
  1870. >shortly glancing at you while sliding the orange tongue all the way up and down to clean herself properly, as if hoping you might change your mind
  1871. >and damn,..
  1872. >it took an incredible amount of willpower for you to resist
  1873. >but you did eventually, forcefully looking away until the shlicking noises stopped after a short while
  1874. >you’re still afraid of getting caught if you’ll do it too often
  1875. >tomorrow Anon,..tomorrow
  1876. >..
  1877. >.…
  1878. >looking back, Suzzanne’s eyes are closed already and it seems as if she was asleep already
  1879. >what a talent though…
  1880. >so you turn back around to your PC with a chuckle
  1881. >...lunapark date, then some bedroom fun,
  1882. >it’s gonna be a fun Sunday
  1887. Part seven: Quicksand
  1889. >you’re opening your eyes to a sight of a dainty pegasus face yet again
  1890. >it’s been two months since your first real “date”
  1891. >Suzzanne had a time of her life in the lunapark, seeing all those wonderful new things, tasting the strange new foods, even been on some of the attractions with you
  1892. >they didn’t let her everywhere of course, but she absolutely loved all the places she was allowed at
  1893. >those electric cars with rubber bumpers inside a little arena,.. she even got to steer for a while
  1894. >then the rollercoaster, ahh yes, that’s probably her all time favourite thing
  1895. >the mare couldn’t take her eyes off the fast moving seats since she first laid her gaze on it
  1896. >it took just a little persuading, but they let Suzzanne go with your in the end
  1897. >and she definitely had a time of her life there
  1898. >for you it was amazing nonetheless, just in a different way
  1899. >for the first time in your life, you could share special moments like this with someone who’s both your best friend and a lover in one person
  1900. >...but that was just first of your many dates
  1901. >been to more places since then: the mentioned picnic, even a cinema and an aquapark
  1902. >found yourself a girlfriend that’s up for all kinds of fun,
  1903. >and she’s visibly enjoying her place by your side, with all the things and benefits connected to it
  1904. >you’re always treating her like an equal instead of a pet, she’s gets to see a bit more of the world out there, then there are occasional sexy times and on top of that she’s getting way more affection from you than from both of your parents combined
  1905. >in return for what you’re doing, you’re being literally flooded by her never ending feminine love
  1906. >something that you’ve been missing in your life, in your self-induced constant solitude
  1907. >but no longer
  1908. >...it didn’t magically fix all your life’s aspects of course
  1909. >just some of the ones that really matter to you right now
  1910. >and it’s enough to improve your life drastically
  1911. >so you gently squeeze the pegasus in your arms and kiss her muzzle a good-morning kiss
  1912. >”Sooz…” she coos, softly nuzzling before kissing you back on your cheek
  1913. >...had another one of those special occasions just yesterday, to celebrate your 18th birthday
  1914. >even though Suzzanne’s heat really ended after a single week and haven’t returned since yet, she’s already learned just how good some activities for two can feel
  1915. >so you’ve been regularly making love nonetheless
  1916. >just not that often anymore
  1917. >the more special it is, when it isn’t just an uncontrollable hormone urge but actually a fully consented action
  1918. >and the images of her delighted faces are still faintly flashing through your head right now, when you’re cuddling your little pony before getting up
  1919. >after one last nuzzle, you eventually leave her resting on the bed while you’re going up ahead to get yourself some breakfast
  1920. >Suzzanne surely does enjoy her sleep
  1921. >you glance at her with a little smile, leaving the door to your room open so she can join you and the rest of the family later
  1922. >for some reason your own sleeping habits got fixed a bit, became more stable and consistent since then
  1923. >enough for the shared breakfasts to become a routine
  1924. >this time there’s no food on the table in front of dad and mom though
  1925. >and when you seat yourself down with some hummus and a bread in front of them, your sister is getting sent to her room before you even get to greet her
  1926. “Hey Mom, Dad…”
  1927. >>”Sit down Anon…” you’re being ordered in serious tone
  1928. >something’s definitely going on
  1929. >your grades are okay, but shit,.. is it because of that fucked up school project?
  1930. >how would they found out?
  1931. “Just so you know, I did my part on the thing we were building at school, it was James who accidentally blew it up…”
  1932. >>”We didn’t even know about that, but it isn’t why we want to talk.”
  1933. >you gulp
  1934. >it couldn’t really be-
  1935. >>>”Son, your mother saw what you were doing with Suzzanne in your room last night. I couldn’t believe my own ears when she told me just now…”
  1936. >the cold shiver runs up your back in realization that your worst fear might have just become a reality
  1937. >..made your stomach so heavy it feels like you need to puke
  1938. >and for the few, infinitely long seconds, a silence is creeping through the room, just your neighbor’s lawnmower whirring outside the window
  1939. >it’s as if you lost an ability to speak as well
  1940. “D-dad I-..” you eventually stutter with your best effort
  1941. >>>”Was this the first time Anon?”
  1942. “N-no…”
  1943. >...wishing you could lie under all this pressure and fear
  1944. >>”How long has it been going then..?” your mother adds herself to it
  1945. "T-two,.. m-months mom. Since Suzzanne’s heat…"
  1946. >>>"And did you really think you could hide such thing?! That you've been shagging the family pet for two whole months?!" your dad takes over
  1947. >>"Please,.." mom touches his shoulder, in attempt to calm him down, but it's not exactly working
  1948. >>>"What do you have to say for yourself about that?"
  1949. >…
  1950. >nothing
  1951. >there isn't a single thing you can say right now, since your heart is stuck in your throat
  1952. >all you're able to stutter in the end is…
  1953. "I-I love her dad."
  1954. >>>"Love her?!"
  1955. "Y-you wanted me to give her a chance when you brought her home! So I did, but-"
  1956. >>>"A chance to rape her?!"
  1957. "I didn't rape her!... It was always consented!!” the accusation immediately sent you into a defense mode “She's way smarter than you even WANT to believe, you have no idea.. Isn’t that she can speak enough for you?!"
  1958. >>"Anon,.. Suzzane can’t actually speak. Repeating words after you is not speaking. It’s just parroting…"
  1959. "No, you’re wrong! She can understand almost everything! And most of all, she can understand me! More than anyone else…”
  1960. >that's about when you're realizing that the pegasus got up already and is in the room with you
  1961. >probably has no idea why are you arguing, but knows very well you’re being yelled at
  1962. >"Suzzanne..." she peeps, sitting at your side with a loyal but also a bit timid expression
  1963. >...
  1964. >>>"…Son, look at her. She's an animal." your dad points at the pony, and you’re seeing his eyes watering for a split second
  1965. >before he swallows that emotion, bursting with anger instead
  1966. >>>”"I just don't want a son that’s resorting to fucking animals for Christ's sake!!!"
  1967. "Dad I-I,. it's not just about sex! She’s precious to me…”
  1968. >>>"So is she to all of us, but only you are ploughing her every night! Can’t you see the difference?!!"
  1969. "I don't-..!..every-...." you’re doing your best to hold back the tears in your eyes as desperation is starting to overtake you
  1970. >there’s no more words of defence to say
  1971. >just the very last, desperate spill of heart
  1972. ".….Look dad, I know. I know I'm asking a whole lot from you, but please..., please at least try to understand me. C-can you imagine how horrified I was when I realized that this might really be who I am..? But I can’t help it, I love her…” you’re crouching down to the pegasus, softly putting your palms on her shoulders while she’s nuzzling your neck “… That’s why I’ve been taking her everywhere with me, why I wanted you to treat her with more respect. We chose each other, can’t you see..?… We’re in love.”
  1973. >...
  1974. >what you've said must have certainly moved him for a second
  1975. >...just not sure if the right direction
  1976. >>>"I....I want you to leave this house Anon." your dad eventually says with a visibly shaking voice
  1977. "You can't mean that..." you’re feeling the first salty drops roll down your cheeks
  1978. >it was always your mother threatening with this, but you never thought that your dad would-
  1979. >>>"I can and I do!!" he regains his composure, sounding distant, like someone you’ve never seen before
  1980. >not your dad anymore
  1981. >>>"If this is what it takes to make you stay away from her, then it's the only way."
  1982. >......and there's nothing more to say from your side, except pathetically breaking down in tears
  1983. >haven't cried in front of anyone since you were twelve
  1984. >but you aren’t able to stop it
  1985. "D-dad..." you’re whimpering
  1986. >but the man standing there is still stone cold
  1987. >so you glance at your mother, trying to find some sympathy there
  1988. >but the woman with a sad expression won’t look you in the eyes
  1989. >there’s just Suzie, the only one who would never give up on you
  1990. >so you glance at her face, full of compassion and understanding
  1991. >and hug her, crying even harder while the pegasus is trying to comfort you with her warm presence
  1992. "I'm so sorry Suzie, for everything..." you’re sniveling into her ear "....I love you."
  1993. >in the meanwhile, you can hear your mother’s hasty footsteps as she must have turned around and walked away
  1994. >you father clears his throat to make you look at him
  1995. >>>"You can sleep here one last night, find yourself some place to stay. But tomorrow, I want you away. ......And you don't even think about-.... Suzzanne is staying in the living room with us until you’re gone, understand?"
  1996. >you didn’t even answer, just obediently lowered your eyesight, staring down into the ground while your arms, gripped tightly around the pegasus just slipped down like two rubber bands
  1997. >this is a goodbye then…
  1998. ….
  1999. ..
  2000. >later that day you’re calling one of your discord friends that once offered you refuge in his house for a while if your parents ever get serious
  2001. >never really expected you’d actually be doing this
  2002. >the more so, just one day after your 18th birthday
  2003. >but here you are… packing your things
  2004. >your friend thought you were joking at first, but kept his promise
  2005. >it didn’t took that long to get all your most important stuff together so the rest of the day feels incredibly long
  2006. >wanted to take Suzzanne for one last walk but you didn’t even muster enough courage to ask your parents
  2007. >they wouldn’t let you anyway, thinking you’d be doing something perverse with her as soon as you get out of their sight
  2008. >so you’re mostly stuck at your PC, trying your best to pretend as if everything’s okay for one last day
  2009. >but it’s not working at all
  2010. >Suzzanne’s missing by your side
  2011. >she’s being kept in the living room with your parents
  2012. >but you can’t stay in one room with them, under their constant surveillance
  2013. >don’t even want to see their faces
  2014. >so you’re only occasionally checking on her
  2015. >...it hurts even more each time you have to stop the pegasus from following you back to your room
  2016. >only once they gathered around the TV for some movie around 8 PM, you crept inside and sat in the corner with your girl, cradling her in your arms
  2017. >surprisingly enough, no one said a word about it, but the man who used to be your dad is still glancing your way sometimes
  2018. >you’re trying not to pay any attention to it though, want to spend these last few moments with her in peace
  2019. >but she knows very well that something is wrong
  2020. >maybe even that you’ll be leaving her
  2021. >because she isn’t smiling at all today
  2022. >wish you could make her feel happy, to be both happy together one last time but it’s so hard to force it
  2023. >so you’re just tightly hugging her body and stroking her fur
  2024. >...it’s the first time you’re not being able to cheer each other up
  2025. "...Hey Suzie, remember our second walk? It feels like such a long time.. We've barely known each other back then. Remember how you've climbed that tree and I had to catch you?" you're whispering into the mare’s ear so that only she can hear "…Or-or the time we were swimming in that lake outside the city and you tipped over that guy's kayak?"
  2026. >saying that makes your chest feel so heavy, these memories used to be so sweet but now they’re getting bitter
  2027. >it hurts that everything got ruined just when you thought that things in life were getting better
  2028. >you’re wishing you could stop feeling sorry for yourself but your eyes are getting filled with tears again
  2029. >and you’re silently crying into Suzzanne’s mane until,..
  2030. >until you can’t even cry any more
  2031. >as if you just let go of all the emotions stuck in you, feeling almost comfortably numb
  2032. >like you were watching your life from someone else’s perspective
  2033. >it’s strangely liberating in a way
  2034. >…because you get to see clearly that right now in this very moment, everything is still fine
  2035. >for a few more hours…
  2036. >a few more hours of being together, home, able to share warmth and affection
  2037. >used to love that feeling, when you were just laying in your bed, listening to her heartbeat that’s calming your mind enough to fall asleep
  2038. >you don’t to fall asleep though, want to stay like this as long as you can
  2039. >until your eyes completely dry
  2040. >only then you let go with one hand, softly raising her chin so that you can see those pretty eyes again
  2041. >and as strange as it may seem in such times, you’re both smiling
  2042. “I never thanked you Suzie…” you’re fondling her cheek in your hand “…for all the times you were here for me.”
  2043. >almost forgetting about your parents nearby, you kiss her lips
  2044. >as gently as if she was made of foam…
  2045. >and the pegasus is kissing you back the same way
  2046. >it doesn’t feel clumsy at all anymore, like her first ones
  2047. >...but it lasts only for a short while, for a fear of getting caught
  2048. >still, you’re feeling grateful that you weren’t harshly interrupted
  2049. >”…Luv yuu.” the pegasus whispers after parting your lips
  2050. >her pronunciation still doesn’t sound quite right but you don’t mind
  2051. >could listen to that silly voice a whole night
  2052. “I love you too little darling…” you’re still fondly touching her face “It was so worth it…”
  2053. >despite everything, you fell asleep pretty easily that night, hugging a pillow
  2054. >a vivid memory of good times was still in your head
  2055. >then came the cold morning
  2056. >didn’t tell your parents anything, said goodbye only to your sister and Suzzanne and left with your things in a big suitcase, carrying your PC on your shoulder
  2057. >shortly arriving via bus at your friends house
  2058. >of course, you didn't tell him the reason why you got thrown out, just that your parents had enough of you
  2059. >expecting they wouldn't tell anyone either
  2060. >...a zoophilic son in the family probably isn’t too good of a brand
  2061. >and the first day wasn’t actually as bad as you expected
  2062. >had some support from your friend and his parents as well
  2063. >played lan videogames together to forget about all that and for a few hours it even worked
  2064. >a good game can really draw you into the present moment and forget about troubles
  2065. >it was the night when your mind couldn’t stop racing, not letting you fall asleep
  2066. >couldn’t stop thinking about all the things that went wrong
  2067. >couldn’t stop cursing your parents for bringing you to this world and then abandoning you because you didn’t live up to their expectations
  2068. >that part hurt the most, because you really thought if you’ll be honest, that maybe they could understand
  2069. >and if not understand, then at least tolerate…
  2070. >... it really took incredibly long time for you to fall asleep that night
  2071. >waking up in the morning felt as if you weren’t sleeping at all
  2072. >thought about skipping school or abandoning it completely but your pal’s parents pointed out that it’s silly and having some kind of degree will be certainly worth it
  2073. >such nice people
  2074. >couldn’t help but wonder if they’d be still nice, even if they knew your secret
  2075. >but it doesn’t matter anyway
  2076. >Suzzanne is gone from your life and come to think,.. you’re not even sure if you want to replace her
  2077. >what you’ve tasted was too ideal, don’t think you could find either human girl or any kind of animal company that would fill the hole
  2078. >...or is this just how heartbreak feels?
  2079. >will it go away at some point?
  2080. >who knows, it’s too soon to tell anyway
  2081. >but you’re doing everything you can to try and forget about her
  2082. >...and your past life with your parents overall
  2083. >to completely erase them from your memory for hurting you like this and maybe start again as a new person
  2084. >you’re young, still have almost whole life ahead of you
  2085. >so you’re actively finding yourself some work to do after school, even if it should be some one shot opportunities
  2086. >never were much of a worker or one to know where to find it but it’s almost as if it was finding you by itself
  2087. >someone heard that a kid got thrown out and needs money, so they let you do something
  2088. >at least you can pay for your stay..
  2089. >...sometimes you’re wondering what it is that’s still driving you further at this point though
  2090. >probably just an irrational will to live, shared by all of the living creatures
  2091. >except some, that overcome this instinct and end it all
  2092. >truth is, you’ve been thinking about doing it too..
  2093. >...couldn’t bring yourself to push the blade through your skin though
  2094. >been thinking that if you won’t have anyone to live for, it’d be easy
  2095. >it isn’t though
  2096. >everyone’s saying things like: “There are ups and downs in life. It’ll get better again.”
  2097. >you even want to believe them
  2098. >that one day you’ll find some purpose, finish college, start a new life of your own..
  2099. >maybe even meet someone special that would help you forget
  2100. >maybe you will…
  2101. >maybe this really is just a start of something new
  2102. >...
  2103. >your parents didn’t try to contact you since you last saw them
  2104. >..
  2105. >actually,.. your mother sent you an SMS after a week saying that he hopes you’re doing okay and that you’re still her son
  2106. >funny, you always liked your dad more than her…
  2107. >but it seems she liked you more than your dad
  2108. >...didn’t write back anything but you cried a lot that night
  2110. Part eight: Just in time I guess
  2111. >it was exactly the 44th day of your “exile”, but you weren’t really counting them to know
  2112. >that particular morning you woke up with a mood worse than usual
  2113. >had a dream about some of the better things in life, all spliced up into one hodgepodge adventure that slipped away from you with the tone of your alarm clock, waking you up for a school
  2114. >that’s exactly the reason why you silenced the phone in hope to return into that very same dream once again, even if only for fifteen more minutes
  2115. >but it wasn’t the case
  2116. >not only you didn’t continue your dream but you overslept as well
  2117. >your friend didn’t wake you up because he was sick with fever in the next room and his parents already at work
  2118. >the fact that you didn’t catch your usual bus must have been an act of fate
  2119. >that instead you had to take one that’s half an hour late
  2120. >that you sat right in the middle because most of the people were sitting in the front or rear
  2121. >...and that the methamphetamine high driver chased by the police crashed directly where you were sitting
  2122. >on the other hand, it also must have been fate’s doing that you didn’t get killed or crippled for life
  2123. >...just banged up real good by the dented metal, scratched a bit by the shattered glass and hit in the head from when your body flew into the aisle
  2124. >the next thing you remember is the sight of people calling an ambulance and getting escorted into the hospital
  2125. >now you’re in the bed, sorting your thoughts and wondering whether you were real lucky or real unfortunate
  2126. >when suddenly the door to the white room open
  2127. >it’s your parents
  2128. >>”Anon! Are you okay?!” your mother’s rushing to you, with your father right behind her “What happened?”
  2129. “Why would you two care?” you’re already turning away from them “Why even bother coming here?!”
  2130. >>>”You’re our son Anon. The hospital staff called us that you were in a car crash, we were worried sick. ”
  2131. “Funny to hear that. Didn’t you disown me? You could spare yourself some gas if you didn’t even come here!” you bang your right fist onto the bedtable
  2132. >forgetting about the bruises on your arm, the next second you’re cringing in pain
  2133. “Ow!! For fff-fucks sake!…”
  2134. >>”We didn’t disown you Anon…” your mother steps closer, trying to comfort you
  2135. >>>”Son, I was very harsh that day but I thought what I did would be for your own good.”
  2136. “My own good? Now that’s just gold, Mister. If rejecting and sending your kid away is for his own good, then I might have hit my head a bit more than I thought because I just can’t see the logic in it.”
  2137. >>>”Anon calm down please,..” the man puts his hand on your shoulder, the same way he used to do when you were a child
  2138. >for some reason it still works some kind of chemistry that makes you shut up and listen to him for a while
  2139. >>>”I was angry back then…” he continues “but a lot of time to think about it while you were gone. What I wanted to say was: …I’m so sorry son.”
  2140. “The hell you should be, dickhead!”
  2141. >... is the first thing you wanted to say
  2142. >deep inside, you still haven’t made peace with the fact that you had to leave Suzzanne because of him
  2143. >...but if there’s one thing you have learned from your time with her,..
  2144. >it’s that you should forgive when someone’s honestly sorry
  2145. >so you’re staying silent for while, battling with your emotions until you exhale calmly:
  2146. “That’s okay, dad….”
  2147. >>”…Oh honey,..” you mother touches your hand “We’re both sorry,.. your sister was missing you and Suzzanne-..”
  2149. “...Suzzanne what?” you glance worriedly at her when she’s not finishing the sentence “… Is she okay?!?”
  2150. >>”Well… she’s been down ever since you were gone, barely playing with your sister and refuses to eat too…”
  2151. >the images of your little pony torturing herself like this blink in front of your mind
  2152. >because of you, it’s your fault
  2153. “.…Please give her to me!! I can take care of her somehow! I’m working to make money, I can afford to feed her!…. Or at least let me see her sometimes, please!”
  2154. >>>”Son, we were gonna ask you to come back home again.”
  2155. “Just like that?”
  2156. >>>”Yeah,.. though, are you going to stop with that nonsense about her being your girlfriend? Surely you must have realized while-”
  2157. “You really think I was joking dad..?” you interrupt him ”….I love her and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I don’t want anyone else.. Can’t you see? Are you gonna hate me for it again…?”
  2158. >the man’s eyes slide down to the ground with a guilty expression in reminiscence of the last time this subject was brought up
  2159. >>>”…If this is really what you want,.. I won’t stand between the two of you.”
  2160. “...You mean that?”
  2161. >>>”I do… Having a son that will hate me is way worse than having a son that,.. well, you know.. Doesn’t live up to typical fatherly expectations.”
  2162. “Oh my God, dad thank you!” you reach your arms around his neck in a hug
  2163. >the bruises still hurt but you don’t even care
  2164. “...Mom?” you eye on the woman behind him
  2165. >>”I already told you that you’ll always be my son, no matter what.” she smiles
  2166. >>>”Anon but there’s one thing.” your dad glances at you after letting go of him “If you absolutely have to do “those” kinds of things with Suzzanne too, don’t ever let your sister know about it in any kind of way, okay?”
  2167. “Of course dad.” you grin “One deviant is enough.”
  2168. >the man just softly laughs back, internally chuckling
  2169. >...it feels so strange to joke with them about your deepest secret, without a worry
  2170. >as if the flower that is your life bloomed once again, prettier than ever
  2171. >everything bad has turned into good
  2172. >suddenly, there’s no fear at all
  2173. >and only one thing left to do:
  2174. >return home
  2175. >they actually kept you in the hospital for one more day, so you didn’t get to see Suzzanne that afternoon
  2176. >at least you had something to look forward
  2177. >you slept through the rest of the day anyway so it felt like time skipping in a video game
  2178. >in the morning, you were readier than ever to leave the bed
  2179. >your parents picked you up and drove you home…
  2180. >...and right now, you’re opening the old wooden door once again!
  2181. >>>>”Hey big bro! You’re finally back from the boot camp! I’m so happy you didn’t go to war!”
  2182. “Hey sis, me too, you don’t even know…” you hug the smoll human, following along with what she was told
  2183. >it’s just that Suzzanne isn’t anywhere around...
  2184. >so after spending some time greeting your sister, the next thing you’re looking for the pony in a living room where she used to have her mattress
  2185. >she isn’t there either though
  2186. “Suzzanne??!… Suzie where are you?”
  2187. >...
  2188. >it doesn’t take long until you hear hoofsteps from the corridor to your room
  2189. >”Suzzane..?” her muzzle pokes out the door, with the bright green eyes glinting in the dark
  2190. >the second your pupils meet, the door slam open and there’s a whole pegasus charging at you
  2191. >to avoid getting knocked down, you crouch and open your arms to embrace her
  2192. >...but you’re tumbled over on your back nontheless
  2193. >your body still hurts but you don’t even care
  2194. >before you know it, her wet tongue is all over your face and there are all kinds of high pitched noises and cries coming from the mare, some of them even pure horse
  2195. >the tiny wings on the her back are flapping as if she should take of with you any moment and you’re hugging her bony body as tightly as you’re able without hurting her, or pressing too hard on your bruises
  2196. >only after she calmed down a bit, you’re seeing that her eyes are all wet
  2197. >... just like yours
  2198. “I missed you, little darling. ” you’re gently touching her face and wiping the tears from her cheeks to kiss them “I thought I’d never see you again…”
  2199. >.…you were about to kiss her lips too, only to realize that both your parents and sister are watching behind you
  2200. >>>>”…Anon must have missed Miss Preeny, as much as she missed him, didn’t he?” the girl is pulling on mom’s dress
  2201. “You have no idea sis…” you chuckle over your shoulder
  2202. >then turn back to your little pegasus, smiling
  2203. “Hey Suzie, how about we have something nice together?.. Will you start eating again for me girl?”
  2204. >”Eat!” she chirps, nuzzling your neck and further pinning you to the ground you’re laying on
  2205. “Come on then, I’ve brought something for you… Gotta let me go first.” you’re gently trying to break free
  2206. >it took a little while of soft persuading through cuddles and tickles but you’re up eventually
  2207. >..,realizing your parents left to the kitchen in the meanwhile
  2208. >probably to give you some space, even took your little sis with them, as much as she’d like to help you with feeding Suzzanne
  2209. >...but you’ll be happier to be alone with the pegasus
  2210. >can go for a walk later, all three together
  2211. >now though, is the time for some intimacy
  2212. >not planning anything lewd but you just want your girlfriend only for yourself at least for a little while
  2213. >it’s not as if she has eyes for anyone else either at the moment
  2214. >…
  2215. >on the way home you asked your parents to stop at a supermarket so you could buy some fresh veggies and a few other things
  2216. >a little bit everything that you know Suzzanne loves
  2217. >so now you grab all your stuff including the bag with the food, making your way to your room with the excited colorful pony trotting right behind you
  2218. >once you put it all down next to your bed, you look around
  2219. >nothing much has changed since you left, only that there’s a way more of Suzzanne’s hair on your bed than there used to be
  2220. “So you were really sleeping here the whole time huh?” you chuckle and crouch down to the pegasus to boop nose to nose with her
  2221. >”…Suz!”
  2222. “I thought so. Guess I’ll change the sheets later,.” you’re grinning while getting lick-kissed right back “But then again, I might leave it like this, nothing wrong about it…”
  2223. >cuddling your girl with one hand, your second one’s reaching towards the bag with the food…
  2224. >and when she’s starting to close her eyes in the pleasure of your loving touch, you put a ripe tomato right in front of her muzzle, waiting for her to notice
  2225. >it’s only a very short moment until she registers the smell, sniffing it and opening her eyelids to see what’s going on
  2226. >”…”
  2227. >expected her to immediately take a bite, but she’s lingering
  2228. “...Come on Suzie, I thought you liked those?” you’re still holding it in front of her “Aren’t you hungry?”
  2229. >”Sooz…” the pegasus eyes at you and nudges the tomato with her nose
  2230. >...you’re kinda feel like you understand what she means
  2231. >so you have first little bite, offering her the veggie again
  2232. >this time she buries her teeth in it so hard the juice splashes out everywhere
  2233. “Jeez Suzzanne, easy there.” you laugh, fondling her fluffy ear
  2234. >...lowkey hoping she won’t keep this habit for too long
  2235. >as cute as it might be, there won’t be always time or opportunity to eat from “the same plate”…
  2236. >right now though, you’re absolutely enjoying it
  2237. >...
  2238. >after munching down together about half of the things you brought, you’re both pretty stuffed so you just move over to the bed to wait for your stomachs to settle
  2239. >it feels almost too comfy right now
  2240. >the first week after getting sent away, you’d give anything for a moment like this
  2241. >later you started avoiding these thoughts completely, to forget the warmness, the touch of soft fur on your body…
  2242. >it hurt to think about it
  2243. >now you’re feeling grateful for every second…
  2244. >there nothing lewd in your head, there’s just a sense of belonging and an assurance that you’re not alone
  2245. >might seem like a simple thing at first
  2246. >...but it’s something you’ve been craving so much
  2247. >feels like this little pegasus can make you feel wealthier than any millionaire in the world…
  2248. >…
  2249. >suddenly, there’s a bright light in the room, making you open your eyes to see it’s coming from her
  2250. >her flank, to be specific
  2251. “What the…”
  2252. >it almost makes you flinch away but you aren’t letting go
  2253. >whatever is happening right now, even if she should explode, you’re staying with her
  2254. >that’s when Suzzanne also notices that her own butt is glowing, eeping and hiding her head under your shirt
  2255. >meanwhile the light keeps getting brighter and brighter!
  2256. >until it disappears again,..
  2257. >.… leaving in it’s place an emblem of a few golden hearts
  2258. >the whole thing took only a few seconds
  2259. “...W-what happened Suzie? Are you okay?” you’re trying to calm the scared pony down
  2260. >...
  2261. >it took a little while of your soothing for her to open those green eyes once again and look at what happened
  2262. “Do you have any idea what this means..?”
  2263. >”Suz...” she’s sniffing her new “tattoo”
  2264. >... doesn’t look like she has any clue either
  2265. >so many questions are running through you head right now
  2266. >what does this mean? should you tell your parents? was this magic just now?..
  2267. >but most of all: Will Suzzanne be okay?
  2268. >...now when it’s over and you’re both inspecting the “magical flank”, it doesn’t seem to be anything harmful
  2269. >on the contrary, the more you’re looking at the picture the more you feel like as if it was always meant to be there
  2270. >for some reason it’s putting a smile on your face, one you can’t logically explain
  2271. >same goes for the marks bearer
  2272. “...You know what? You never cease to amaze me Suzie…” you eventually hug her
  2273. >maybe your parents can tell you more about it, surely the institute they got her from must have told them something
  2274. >so you very slowly resume on your nap
  2275. >there’s still enough time before the walk with your sister…
  2276. >>>>”Hey big bro! What is that picture on Suzzanne’s rear leg? It wasn’t there just an hour ago!” your sister is the first to notice, just when you’re entering the kitchen with the pegasus
  2277. “I don’t know, I was just going to ask about it. We were just chilling in my room when her flank started shining and then this appeared. It’s on both sides…”
  2278. >>”Shining..?” your mom looks away from whatever she was doing by the kitchen desk
  2279. >>>>”That’s so cool!”
  2280. “I know right? It almost looked like some kind of magic. Mom, do you know anything about it? Did they tell you when you were buying her that this might appear?”
  2281. >>”I have no idea what this is, sweetie...” she’s joining you and your sister around Suzzanne’s flank who’s proudly flashing her new cutiemark since everyone is so interested in it
  2282. >...the pony loves being the center of everyone’s attention
  2283. >soon even your dad comes to see what’s this all about
  2284. >>>”Hmm, I have no idea either. Nobody at the facility told us anything. Not even a slight mention.” he’s rubbing his chin “And it seems to be both on the fur and the skin..? That’s real strange….”
  2285. “…It does fit her somehow doesn’t it though?”
  2286. >>>”It really does… But I wonder if it means something.”
  2287. “Maybe it just means she has a heart of gold, dad?”
  2288. >>>”I don’t think so. If things worked like that, your mother would be covered with those.” your dad glances at the woman, already back to her work “I wish we could call those people to ask…”
  2289. “We can’t?”
  2290. >>>”Anon don’t you ever watch the news?”
  2291. “Not exactly, I don’t really care about all that.”
  2292. >>>”If you did, you’d know the whole company got bankrupt just the other week. Some crazy vegan group supposedly broke into the facility, released all of their remaining “neopets” and set fire to all the buildings. By the morning, there was nothing left to save.”
  2293. “Okay that isn’t weird at all…” you scoff “Did they catch them at least?”
  2294. >>>”Nope. Stupid vegans.”
  2295. “Hmm…”
  2296. >it doesn’t feel very convincing to you
  2297. >...but then again, even if you had a true answer to that, it wouldn’t really change a lot of things for you
  2298. “...So we might never really know your secrets Suzie…” you crouch down to the pegasus to fondle her cheeks, clipping a collar onto her neck “But you don’t really seem to care about that, do you..?”
  2299. >because right now, it’s time for walkies
  2300. >...and that’s all she cares about at the moment
  2301. >”Running!”
  2302. >the collar itself is more of an accessory at this point
  2303. >Suzzanne doesn’t actually need it, never really did, so you’re not even clipping the leash to it outside
  2304. >...your sister is taking it with her anyway though
  2305. >you’re actually thinking of getting rid of it completely
  2306. >your girlfriend should start getting some more recognition now that your parents know about your relationship
  2307. >and wearing the collar outside should be one of the first things to change
  2308. >then they should allow her to eat from the same table with you, stop shooing her away from the couches, let her eat some better food than that stupid granulate and-…
  2309. >well the list goes on and on until she’s treated like a human, maybe then will her personality really start to shine in front of them, just like it shines when you’re together just the two of you
  2310. >...but to stop using the collar on her is a good start
  2312. Part nine: I have often told you stories about the way
  2314. >once again you’re waking up to a sight of a dainty pegasus face in front of you
  2315. >...resting so close that your noses are touching
  2316. >she’s breathing very softly,..
  2317. >and probably dreaming about something nice, judging by the little smile
  2318. >her hooves are still partly wrapped around your hand and her tail is tangled in your legs
  2319. >what a night…
  2320. >as comfy as it is though, it feels like you slept way too long already
  2321. >Suzzanne can still rest though, you know just how much she loves that
  2322. >so you carefully untangle yourself from her, gently kiss her head…
  2323. >and walk up to the big hotel window, watching the morning sun
  2324. >it’s probably really hot outside, even this early
  2325. >...just like any other day here though
  2326. >thank God this room is air conditioned
  2327. >you might have been here long enough to get used to the hot but you’ll be happy to move on nonetheless
  2328. >Goodbye Thailand, hello-…
  2329. >...some other country
  2330. >you’re still not decided
  2331. >but you’ve been thinking about France, had enough of Asia for some time
  2332. >plus, you might be running low on cash soon, need to start working somewhere you can actually earn some more for your next travels…
  2333. >because wages around here aren’t exactly enough
  2334. >...
  2335. >hearing a soft rustle in the sheets, you glance over your shoulder on the pony that’s slowly waking up by now
  2336. >Suzzanne has been an excellent companion for the past few years
  2337. >your best friend, your lover, your only audience when you’re practicing your ukulele, your inspiration to go on and a reliable shoulder to lean on in the moments when you’re down
  2338. >without her, you’d probably never even set out on this life path
  2339. >life that you’d never even dream of when you were a kid
  2340. >funnily enough, it was when your parents threw you out of their house that you’ve learned you’re able to make money and take care of yourself without their help
  2341. >so it was good for something in the end
  2342. >you didn’t realize it back then but the dream already started forming in your head
  2343. >everyone wants to see the world,.. but only a few have the balls to actually go for it
  2344. >that… and somebody to go with them
  2345. >luckily enough, you’ve got both
  2346. >started out small of course…
  2347. >after a few more years spent home throughout which you’ve been saving money from work, you set out on your first trip outside the home country
  2348. >taking Suzzanne with you of course
  2349. >needless to say that your little pony was the same if not more excited about it than you
  2350. >she always loves to see new places, full of strange new things…
  2351. >it was an amazing vacation for both of you but it felt like it could be longer
  2352. >after returning, the taste of the world stayed on your tongue, making you want to see even more and scheming a way how to do it
  2353. >it didn’t take too long till you found a job abroad and thus began your first bigger journey with the chirpy mare by your side
  2354. >the two of you became inseparable a long time ago so it was out of the question to leave her with your parents
  2355. >then your life became a nonstop journey, travelling from place to place, country to country, continent to continent..
  2356. >...by all means of transportation, be it foot or a plane - if they let your companion go with you
  2357. >there were rougher times trough which you didn’t even have a place to sleep but also days that felt like heaven
  2358. >sometimes a bit of both
  2359. >in the end though, the memories were always worth it…
  2360. >the way you turned out was a bit of a shock to your parents but they have come to fully accept you in the end and you’re always greeted with a warm welcome each time you visit
  2361. >your little sister is all grown up, starting her own family too
  2362. >at least someone else can carry on the genes if it won’t be you
  2363. >because you’re not planning to replace Suzzanne with someone of your own specie just for the sake of having children
  2364. >she might be… different, but it might be just the thing that’s making her so special to you
  2365. >...the fact that she never learned to speak isn’t bothering you anymore
  2366. >although you could swear she has the potential,..
  2367. >the mare can understand most of what you’re telling her but maybe she just doesn’t want to use the human words
  2368. >it’s not as if she needed them in the first place while communicating with you, she can always express herself a different way,..
  2369. >but it would open a whole new realm to her and maybe she could even get treated the same way as humans if she could speak for herself…
  2370. >but maybe she’s okay with her life as it is
  2371. >hard to blame her when she has the best seat by your side with almost no responsibilities
  2372. >you’re taking the best care of your girl because you know she’s worth it
  2373. >plus, the fact that Suzzanne almost doesn’t speak is keeping her somewhat pure in character
  2374. >many times you’ve seen that the words can stand in the way of communication instead of making it easier
  2375. >and things are always straightforward with her, love it or hate it
  2376. >you chose to love it
  2377. >don’t even care anymore how people sometimes react when they find out about your relationship with her
  2378. >you aren’t really trying to hide it nowadays
  2379. >it’s not like you’re staying anywhere longer than a few months
  2380. >sometimes it’s just days, like this particular city
  2381. >...
  2382. >...by this time, the sleepy mare already opened her eyes
  2383. >she got up so quietly you didn’t even notice her hoofsteps behind you until she nudged your backside, softly nickering
  2384. >”Suuu...”
  2385. “...Oh hey Suzie, good morning.” you smirk and crouch down to nuzzle and kiss her “…Slept well?”
  2386. >...just like always, it’s her smile that tells a whole lot more than words
  2387. >you never really figured out what exactly is her origin
  2388. >saw a only few more creatures like her around the world, all looking almost the same, but each completely different in personality, ranging from those completely clueless like a literal animal to ones that could talk like a human
  2389. >guess Suzzanne might be somewhere in the middle
  2390. >it doesn’t really matter to you though, you wouldn’t trade her for anything
  2391. >not after all the things you’ve been through
  2392. >...and all the wonderful things that are waiting in the future
  2393. “So, little darling, ready for the France? Can you speak french mademoiselle?”
  2394. >”M-… maedmosool.”
  2395. “Yeah, me neither.” you chuckle, smooching the pony “Guess we’ll pick it up over time. Just like always. Come here you…”
  2396. >can’t say how long can you actually keep this lifestyle before settling down one day
  2397. >...but before that you’re going to see as much of the world as you’re able and maybe you’ll even find a place that you’ll love enough to want to stay
  2398. >until then, the next adventure awaits…
  2400. The End
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