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  1. -M or -P means maingame only or plus only evaluation, which I had to give out for characters who are drastically more or less useful depending on which.
  4. S for Scandalously Good, Would Use Again +++
  5. - Reimu
  6. - Meiling
  7. - Iku
  8. - Nitori
  9. - Kaguya (WHYYYYYYYY DID THEY NOT REMOVE THE ACCIDENTALLY-ADDED MIND IGNORING ON HER ATTACKS? Turn-grant spell is also useful. But her attacks are powerful, and WIPE randoms, and Bhudda's Stone Bowl is also excellent.)
  10. -MMinoriko (Wonderful support unit in maingame with quite high MND if raised well, usefulness drops in plus as multitarget supports are easier to spam)
  13. A for Amazing, Just Super Good
  14. -MChen (Speed scaling hurts her in Plus; still good, but not quite A Rank afterwords)
  15. -MWriggle (Poison damage is amazing, srs)
  16. -PAya (What Chen did in the maingame, except for Plus Disk via P.WindGod spam with Ikubuff)
  17. - Ran (High durability, high boss damage via low delay composite attack, def/mnd buffs valuable in Plus Disk with SP-boost gear with spam to maintain 70~100% buffage perm.)
  18. - Yukari (Highly abusable Spiriting Away, supplements Reimu with def/mnd party buff, can either have scary high MND, or 2nd-slot tank potential with good def with high mnd depending on build. Durability stats are all surprisingly similar to Ran. Yukari's offensive ability is -BAD- unless you actually keep Ran and Chen out in front for her nuke, not worth it.)
  21. B Rank: Great
  22. - Patchouli (MND Tank nuker in physical-scarce situations adds usefulness beyond simple switch-in nuker, for which stronger options exist)
  23. - Youmu (Very solid character, but held back by SP)
  24. - Yuugi
  25. - Suwako
  26. - Shikieiki
  27. - Mystia (Very useful multi-targets with strong PAR and good damage for randoms, and Ill-Starred Dive's low delay makes it a deceptively nice move for bosses. Stats are higher then they look due to quite fast leveling rate, granting high speed and passable durability.)
  29. B~C???
  30. - Marisa (Limited to a single element, and Master Spark is the only real boss viable skill later on, which can be awkward and result in Marisa mostly being unavaliable for nuking duirng the fight. It is, however, the most damaging attack available to you period.)
  31. - Remilia (Use is limited to 2nd-slot-holder with good damage; she is, however, quite good at it. Possible use as average stay-in attacker otherwise.)
  32. -PRumia (Unique additional multi-heal to supplement Reimu comes into use in Plus, Moonlight Ray a decent enough nuke)
  33. - Keine (Can serve as a decent off-tank with offensive multi-targets to supplement Iku. Can be useful, but just how much help it is, is arguable. Does contain the unique ability, with her good speed, to go before the rest of your party in randoms and drastically boost the damage they deal, something that can be valuable in the late plus disk's difficult randoms.)
  35. C Rank: Good, still can be very useful for niche roles like tanky attacker
  36. - Alice (Offensive debuffs are very notable for a few fights, durability becomes high in Plus opening good stay-in nuker options)
  37. - Komachi (Very high HP for awkward but useful survivability as selling point, usable SPI nuke, attack build please, HP build is gross. Status move can be nice sometimes.)
  38. - Reisen (Stats are much higher then appears at first glance with self-buff spam in Plus, damage+debuff at same time; overall not too special however)
  39. -PYuyuko (Use is limited by several bosses with SPI resist; however, very good MND and high power, A Rank amazing once she obtains high SP if you aren't facing a SPI resist boss)
  40. - Suika (Self-buff isn't as useful as it might seem due to Iku, but still nifty; SPD down can be nifty; good MND gives decent ability to be a durable nuker in Plus)
  41. - Orin
  42. - Rinnosuke (Can serve as stay-in nuker with decent damage+durability. Sort of a Remilia with no self-buff and multi-targets for randoms, or an Alice with less MND but more DEF. Isn't as durable or powerful as his stat growth may look like, unfortunately... or perhaps fortunately. CREEPY.)
  43. - Maribel (Self-buff can be nice, has decent MND, stats are slightly higher then they appear by glancing at growth rates due to good leveling rate. Can be used as a passable nuker, with the added perk of debuffs on her SPI nukes.)
  44. - Kanako (Defenses are good, but her HP is quite bad, so she isn't as tanky as you might think. Her damage is passable but not all that high either; however, she carries the only CLD nuke, which MANY bosses are weak to, which gives her a legitimate use.)
  45. - Yuka (Decent physical durability, awkward moveset... possibly usable as stay-in attacker spamming Flower Shot, but her defensive stat layout makes the prospect a head-tilter, and her Spark is not as good as Marisa's. Possibly almost a candidate for the "D for Dang" tier, but...)
  47. D for "Dang... :C"
  48. - Sanae (Usefulness is extremely questionable with Meiling and Minoriko in party, Miracle Fruits very slow in comparison to using Iku and other people's def buffs)
  49. - Sakuya (Speed boost can be alright in maingame, but isn't super good and scales BAD. Killing Doll damage is viable against non-real-high-def targets after ATK buffs, however)
  50. - Cirno (Usefulness dies after other characters who can inflict SPD down or PAR come into play. Great until then, however.)
  51. -PWriggle (USELESS, poison deals extremely small damage in plus)
  52. -MAya
  53. - Eirin (Heal is weak compared to what you should get (Minoriko can heal even Komachi better) damage is pathetic outside of Entombing. Possible use as tanky nuker in Plus...?)
  54. -MYuyuko (Slow, only good move way too expensive, only 1 element)
  55. - Mokou (More durable then average caster, but still not tankish. Unexciting damage. Even the expensive Fujiyama Volcano is barely stronger then what, say, the tankier character ALICE does. Viable if you really want her, but many, many others can do a good deal better.)
  56. - Utsuho (Giga Flare and Tokamak can be good for randoms, but she lacks any good nuke to use on a boss, surprisingly. This makes her rather underwhelming.)
  59. ??????
  60. - Tenshi (Usefulness is very volatile; only good as super wall tank, very fine line between situations that will kill her and situations where the opponent can barely tink her. The situation makes her either awesome or nearly useless. Her ability to dispell buffs can, however, be useful... even if unreliable. A hard to evaluate character.)
  61. - Flandre (Hard to evaluate. High HP gives her cushion despite low defensive stats, but goes down after a few Starbow Breaks. Laveatein only good if it can wipe a random completely, but she's strong enough to pull it off after awhile, which can be nice. Starbow Break is strong, but other characters can nuke comparable numbers, and she doesn't have the durability to easily take advantage of rapid-firing it. An awkward character to use, but with strong possibilities.)
  62. - Renko (@_@; Usefulness is hard to evaluate. Ah... Galaxy Stop is great for randoms! Charge could be a good opener move in bosses. Debilitate landing the right offense debuff can neuter a boss's damage for awhile if you manage it, and against the few debuff-weak boss situations in Plus Disk, is invaluable. Consider bringing her in at least against Bloody Papa V2 and Kendamagrammaton for debuffing, perhaps Agaustrobauma. Can still be useful as a permanent party character, but hard to evaluate for that purpose.)
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