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  1. Shorter:
  3. When your great-uncle Enzo died, he left a fabulous fortune... to your brother.  What did he leave you?
  5. The sound of that woodpecker was annoying enough when it was right outside your window.  But this morning, you woke up to find it coming from inside your chest.
  7. A man arrives at your door one day and offers you a button.  If you press the button, you'll receive one million dollars... but someone you don't know will die.  Unfortunately, it seems to be broken.  How will you get your hypothetical ethics question blood money now?
  9. Longer:
  11. The great empire has been ruled by a dreadful Confucian tyrant-wizard for a hundred years, with no hope in sight.  There is a prophecy that a great hero of destiny will arrive to defeat this evil... but first, they're going to have to be properly registered as the chosen warrior by the empire's malicious bureaucrats.
  13. In space, no one can hear you scream.  Unfortunately, the orbital research conglomerate that you work for has just discovered that the reason for this is far less friendly than simple physics.  And it doesn't want this knowledge getting out.
  15. You've been a member of the Shadyside Township Zoning Board for so many years that you thought you'd seen everything.  Then your office received a variance permit application to construct "One (1) medium-sized G-type main sequence star Dyson sphere" from a mysterious and powerful alien race.
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