Peter Parker stats, skills and equipment

Aug 4th, 2013
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  1. Peter Parker
  3. Age: 17- Birthday August 15th
  4. Hair: Brown, short
  5. Eyes, brown
  6. Height: 5'10"
  9. Spectacular Points: 0/3
  10. Parker Luck- 4
  12. Strength- 18 (+4)
  13. Agility- 22 (+6)-Secondary
  14. Toughness- 15 (+2)
  15. Intelligence- 19 (+4)-Primary
  16. Willpower- 18 (+4)-Primary
  17. Fellowship- 16 (+3)- Secondary
  19. Powers:
  21. My Spider sense is tingling... 1-Instinctively know when danger is nearby, though not from where.
  22. >My Spider sense is tingling... 2- Know from where a threat is occurring and minutely
  23. how dangerous it is to you.
  25. Good Karma- For every heroic or selfless act, your Parker Luck will reduce by one!
  27. Clingy- You have the ability to adhere yourself to surfaces and move on them.
  29. Enhanced physique: You're stronger, tougher and more agile than before.
  31. Fast Healer- You heal 2 hp per day or 4 if being treated, you also no longer scar...
  33. Talents:
  35. Detective- you're skilled at piecing mysteries together. Gives you a +2 on any critical thing rolls when related to mysteries or crimes.
  37. Enthusiastic student- any scholastic assignments with a dc 10 or lower are automatically passed
  39. Fervent love of Science- whenever you're doing any form of science work- Research, building or otherwise, so long as it is within a branch of science you get a +2 to your rolls.
  41. Amateur Engineer- You know the bare basics of engineering from tinkering with things. Add +2 to any engineering rolls
  42. >Engineer- You’re skilled at engineering, giving you a +2 on engineering rolls. Stacks
  43. with amateur engineer.
  44. >Skilled Engineer- you're able to more finely apply your engineering skills.
  45. Reduces engineering DCs by 5 and doubles the amount of successes.
  47. Biology student- You’re a student of biology, giving you +2 on biology rolls.
  49. Chemistry Student- You know the ins and outs of chemistry. Add +2 to all chemistry rolls.
  50. Chemist- You’re skilled at chemistry, giving you +2 on chemistry rolls. Stacks
  51. with Chemistry student.
  52. Costuming student- you’re beginning at costuming. Gives you a +2 to making costumes and removes a need for a roll for minor repairs. You can also make any type of costume!
  54. Frugal- You're good at making ends meet! Reduces amount of money when buying most things by half!
  56. Investigator- Gives +2 to perception for searching crime scenes or places of interest.
  58. Observant- You're good at noticing things! Gives you +2 to perception checks.
  60. Physics Student- You’re a student of physics, giving you +2 on physics rolls.
  61. Physics enthusiast- Mote knowledgeable about the finer details of physics, allowing you to
  62. understand more about how to apply them. +2 to physics rolls.
  64. Programming student- You’re a student of programming, giving you +2 on programming rolls.
  65. Programmer- +2 to all programming rolls- you're beginning to understand the finer details of
  66. programming- hacking becomes available as a skill.
  68. Silver Tongue- You have a skill with lying, reduces all DCs to deceive by 5!
  70. Webcrafter- When you webshoot, barring web slinging, you don’t require rolls except on opposed checks or making complex maneuvers, to which you get a +2 bonus.
  72. Webslinger- you’re practiced enough at webslinging to go to and fro without needing a roll, but may require one in high stress situations such as midair combat or difficult maneuvers, to which it gives a +2 bonus.
  74. Stealthy- You’re skilled at being stealthy giving you a +2 on stealth Rolls.
  79. Equipment:
  80. (Fake) Glasses- Hides the fact that your sight is now perfect to the unaware.
  82. Hard drive- a removed computer hard drive. Contains files left by your father.
  84. Richard Parker's Bag - Has a lock on it. A bag that belonged to your father- holds blueprints and notes on his works, as well as a warning.
  86. Web Shootersx2- Roughly made, but they do the job. Each one can fit six cartridges- has rotating cartriges that can change between webbing types.
  88. Web fluid (6x)- Six cartridges worth of regular webfluid.
  90. Strong-web-fluid- Six cartridges worth of strong webfluid.
  92. Spider-man costume (Durable) - You can't wear it under your clothes, but it reduces both your agility bonus and the damage you take by one. It does, however, boost your fellowship bonus by one in the costume.
  94. Spider-man costume (sonic-proofed/Agile)- It's too thick to wear under your clothes, but your agility isn't decreased. However, you can't hear anything while in this costume and it can be sweltering during warmer months, but it should protect you from the Hobgoblin's Sonic Laugh.
  96. Spider-man Costume (Stylish/Agile)- It's a light, thin material that allows you full mobility. However, it offers you no extra protection. You're more friendly looking, so fellowship rolls to those not hostile increase by three. This costume also offers you no protection from the cold- better wear some thermals or you might get frostbite... everywhere!
  98. Study Plan for Felix- When tutoring Felix Hardy, get a +2 on tutoring rolls.
  100. Spider Tracers- 3x. These only work within three hundred feet, but you can track anything with one of these on them with your spider sense.
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