Spurred to Separation Event Story Parts 1-2

Jun 10th, 2018
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  1. Part 1:
  3. Momoko: Phew... that should be all the familiars around here cleaned up now.
  4. Momoko: But, how complex is this-...
  5. Momoko: Waaaah?!
  6. Momoko: Damn...! There're still familiars left...
  7. Momoko: Huh...?
  8. Momoko: You're...! A magical girl?!
  10. ???: That's right. I'm...
  12. Part 2:
  14. Yachiyo: Sigh... it's a problem big enough to make my head hurt.
  15. Mifuyu: It certainly is... it's a good thing that she didn't take any damage from the witch, but...
  17. (One year before Iroha arrived... order was kept in Kamihama City due to three magical girls.)
  18. (The first one... the peacekeeper of the East side who dealt with the magical girls living in the Daitou and Artisan Wards...)
  19. (Izumi Kanagi.)
  21. Eastside Magical Girl: ...Kanagi-san.
  22. Kanagi: ――?! Kanagi: Are you okay?!
  23. Kanagi: Those injuries look terrible... Could it have been... one of those Westsiders...?!
  24. Eastside Magical Girl: ...No, that wasn't it.
  25. Eastside Magical Girl: I'm very sorry to bother you at this time, but it's a dispute with another Eastside magical girl...
  26. Kanagi: ...Please give me all the details.
  27. Eastside Magical Girl: A neighboring team was about to go after a witch that appeared in our territory.
  28. Eastside Magical Girl: So then it turned into a dispute... may I respectfully ask you to mediate this?
  29. Kanagi: So that's what happened... be that so, then I shall lend you my power.
  30. Eastside Magical Girl: Thank you very much!
  32. (The second one... the peacekeeper of the West side who dealt with the magical girls living in the Mizuna, Sankyou, Shinsei and Sakae Wards...)
  33. (Nanami Yachiyo.)
  35. Westside Magical Girl: A-are you sure?!
  36. Yachiyo: Yes, our team has plenty of grief seeds stocked.
  37. Yachiyo: You don't have enough over there, do you?
  38. Westside Magical Girl: We don't... We're at the point where we're worrying about whether we should head all the way out to the Central Ward or not.
  39. Yachiyo: Then all the more reason...
  40. Yachiyo: Today you can also hunt witches in our territory if you like.
  41. Westside Magical Girl: Thank you very much!
  43. (And the last one... yet another peacekeeper who resided on the West side.)
  44. (Azusa Mifuyu.)
  46. Hinano: I may go to school in Minagi, but I'm a magical girl of the Central Ward.
  47. Mifuyu: Yes, I know.
  48. Hinano: Recently I've been seeing more magical girls from both the Westside and the Eastside appearing in the Central Ward.
  49. Hinano: ...the circumstances are how they are. I've warned the magical girls of the Central Ward as well.
  50. Hinano: I want you to promptly rein your side in, too.
  51. Mifuyu: Absolutely.
  52. Mifuyu: We have a pact between the West and the East.
  53. Mifuyu: We respect the territory of the Central Ward's magical girls.
  54. Mifuyu: We don't intend to break that promise.
  55. Hinano: ...I'll choose to believe those words.
  57. (When hunting witches, the Westside and the Eastside's community systems weren't just to complement each other's fighting styles and cover deficiencies.)
  58. (When grief seed supplies were low due to a decrease in witches, it was also a system that aimed to allow them to share witches in each other's territories.)
  59. (By doing this, the magical girls avoided unnecessary conflicts with each other and prevented causing injuries to each other.)
  60. (But... for Kamihama City, which had fallen into a severe witch shortage, this system was not able to be maintained, and the behind-the-scenes antagonism between the Westside and the Eastside was coming to a head.)
  62. Mifuyu: There's a problem in the Central Ward, too.
  63. Yachiyo: I understand their feelings. I'd like to win over the Central Ward to our side, too.
  64. Yachiyo: If we expand our territory, that means more grief seeds could be traded between us.
  65. Mifuyu: But...
  66. Mifuyu: "You both must respect the territory of the Central Ward magical girls as much as possible."
  67. Mifuyu: We must adhere to that pact.
  68. Yachiyo: I understand that, too...
  69. Yachiyo: I just thought, too, while we have their trust...
  71. (At that time, the Central Ward was not subject to either the Eastside or Westside's systems of cooperation.)
  72. (The Central Ward, which bordered each of the cooperation systems, became a neutral zone for the Eastside and Westside.)
  73. (In exchange for not following either system, each magical girl was guaranteed their own territory.)
  74. (But...)
  75. (Due to the witch shortage, securing grief seeds became more difficult, and magical girls from both the Eastside and the Westside began zeroing in on the Central Ward.)
  77. Central Ward Magical Girl: Thank you very much for helping me.
  78. Westside Magical Girl: It's fine, it's fine, don't worry about it! We helped each other, anyway.
  79. Westside Magical Girl: ...Ah, right! Can I come back again?
  80. Central Ward Magical Girl: Huh?
  81. Westside Magical Girl: Since I was happy that we got to fight together, I just thought it'd be nice if we could work together again.
  82. Central Ward Magical Girl: S-sure...!
  84. (There were girls who increased their grief seed supply by gaining goodwill with the Central Ward magical girls through cooperation...)
  86. Central Ward Magical Girl: T-this is my territory...!
  87. Eastside Magical Girl: Huh?! Don't think you can claim territory when you're not even strong enough to defend it!
  88. Central Ward Magical Girl: N-no way... but there's a pact!
  89. Eastside Magical Girl: ...Ahhh, so like... that's what I've been saying.
  90. Eastside Magical Girl: This area isn't anyone's territory, so it's not a violation of the pact.
  91. Central Ward Magical Girl: H-how mean! This has always been my territory, too...!
  92. Eastside Magical Girl: Quit whining! Just fucking go somewhere else!
  93. Central Ward Magical Girl: ...Uuu...
  95. (There were girls who increased their grief seed supply by coercing the Central Ward magical girls without any power out of their territory...)
  96. (They each had their own methods, but without the peacemakers of the cooperation systems knowing, magical girls who violated the neutral zone began to come in.)
  98. Yachiyo: I haven't heard anything about the Westside and Eastside clashing directly yet, but...
  99. Mifuyu: It might just be a matter of time...
  100. Yachiyo: Central Ward magical girls are losing their territory.
  101. Yachiyo: I sent Momoko and the others to confirm if there are locations that have been left void.
  102. Mifuyu: It's very probable that Eastside magical girls have been going there, too.
  103. Yachiyo: Yes, now's the time we should try and strike a bargain.
  104. Mifuyu: Yes, since we're all magical girls, we should be helping each other out, but...
  105. Yachiyo: It's complicated, isn't it.
  106. Yachiyo: Even if we may be able to get along as individuals, getting the Westside and the Eastside to become friendly...
  107. Yachiyo: That's a whole other conversation.
  108. Mifuyu: ......
  109. Mifuyu: ...Ah, what about trying to contact Kanagi-san?
  110. Yachiyo: Kanagi?
  111. Mifuyu: Since it's a matter of territory, going through the Eastside's peacekeeper would be logical.
  112. Yachiyo: ......Well, that's true.
  113. Mifuyu: And even though she is a quirky person, she does have reliable character.
  114. Yachiyo: ...True.
  115. Mifuyu: ...Could it be that you still hold a grudge from what happened the last time you met?
  116. Yachiyo: ...That's not true at all, though?
  117. Mifuyu: Fufu, Yacchan, you really hold grudges about weird things.
  118. Yachiyo: That's...!
  119. Momoko: Yachiyo-san...! Mifuyu-san!
  120. Mifuyu: Momoko-san?!
  121. Yachiyo: Those injuries...! What happened?!
  122. Yachiyo: ...No, first, sit down. I'll bring you some water.
  123. Yachiyo: Mifuyu, you take care of Momoko. We'll talk later.
  124. Mifuyu: O-okay...!
  126. ------
  128. Yachiyo: You were attacked by an Eastside magical girl while inside a witch's labyrinth in the Central Ward, huh...
  129. Yachiyo: Are you completely sure?
  130. Momoko: I'm sure. She said it herself.
  132. ???: That's right. I'm...
  133. ???: ...a magical girl from a ward that's against yours.
  135. Momoko: That's what she said!
  136. Yachiyo: Just to confirm...
  137. Yachiyo: The Central Ward magical girl who was supposed to be in that territory wasn't there, right?
  138. Momoko: Of course! I got involved since nobody was there.
  139. Momoko: I hesitated a little bit, but I wasn't about to let the witch get away.
  140. Mifuyu: This is also just to be sure, but was anyone there before you?
  141. Momoko: I don't think so. If they were, I would have left it to them.
  142. Yachiyo: ...Momoko didn't really do anything wrong.
  143. Mifuyu: Yes, if the Central Ward magical girl isn't in her territory, then it isn't against the pact. She can hunt witches at her own leisure.
  144. Yachiyo: ......
  145. Mifuyu: ......
  146. Mifuyu: ...Yacchan.
  147. Yachiyo: Yes... it's finally begun.
  148. Yachiyo: Momoko, did you tell this to anyone else?
  149. Momoko: No, just the two of you. I haven't told Rena or Kaede, either.
  150. Momoko:'s not like I want to aggravate things either.
  151. Momoko: Same with you two, right?
  152. Yachiyo: Sorry about this...
  153. Momoko: Please don't be so reserved. We're teammates, aren't we?
  154. Momoko: But saying that, it's good that I was the one who got attacked.
  155. Momoko: Since it's Yachiyo-san and Mifuyu-san, this should still be able to be settled in a good way, right?
  156. Mifuyu: ...Yes, that's our intention.
  158. Mifuyu: Yacchan...
  159. Mifuyu: Before this incident spreads, shall we try to settle it for the better?
  160. Mifuyu: In the worst case, either side could use this as a reason to start a big conflict...
  161. Yachiyo: ......
  162. Yachiyo: Before we start imagining the worst case, let's do what we can do.
  163. Mifuyu: Having a conversation with Kanagi-san, right?
  164. Yachiyo: Yes, and... you could call this a chance, too, in a way.
  165. Yachiyo: We've got a just cause. That could prove advatangeous to us in negotiations.
  166. Mifuyu: ......
  167. Yachiyo: Mifuyu, I'm going to steel myself for the worst. You should, too...
  168. Mifuyu: ...Okay. I'll be ready for anything, as well.
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