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Apr 20th, 2016
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  1. - Changing room now moves all your items from your old room into your inventory. Be careful.
  2. - You can now use .q or /q to speak to your squad.
  3. - Hotkeys added for Util Slot, Drop All, Get All , run HotkeysConfig.exe to reset your binds! (drop and loot all only works in rooms and bases)
  4. - Added fast travel to Family Structure and Lawyer Heart.
  5. - New platoon names added.
  6. - Advanced context menu! Alt click + target = advanced options (currently only used for dropping all items into a container).
  7. - The Armor Class has been re-implemented (WIP):
  8. -> Armor Class is a % chance of reducing aimed shots into non-aimed shots. The effect is signified by an "Evaded" readout.
  9. -> Armor Class while standing still is your luck attribute.
  10. -> While moving, your Armor Class equals to 10 + 2 * Agility + Dodger Perk (if you have it).
  11. -> Perception reduces target's Armor Class roll by 2 * perception.
  12. - Right clicking now closes the context menu.
  13. - New creatures will spawn in Phoenix buildings: Deathclaws and molerats.
  14. - new platoon names have been added.
  15. - Added puffer and armed puffer graphics.
  16. - Added new rubber doll and destroyed rubber doll ground icons (the most important).
  17. - Added equipment (T2 armor and weapon) and level (6+) requirements for all characters to enter a zone while ZC timer is on. This will be tested and changed again if necessary.
  18. - M240 and Avenger Minigun are now craftable. The Avenger minigun uses a special reload script which doesn't require to actually reload. In order to use it properly, put the ammo into the second active slot for it to feed your weapon automatically.
  19. - new command ~dropsquad to remove self from squad (temporary fixes for any stuck in squad issues).
  21. Added player context menu, Alt click players to:
  22. -> 'Untag' to remove target from tagging you;
  23. -> 'Squad Invite', invites target to your squad.
  24. - Added Plasma Cannon to the game
  25. - Tier 3 crafting materials added to the global loot table.
  26. - Change in deterioration , crafting and loot system
  27. - The HellHole dungeon open [ Paradise Valley ]
  28. - Salvaged Power Armor added
  29. - Basic Bounty System[WIP].
  30. - Added scope perk to scopes. You can now hold scopes for sight bonus.
  31. -First aid [5] and Doctor [6] hot-key now highlight all players with contour. They can be targeted through view obstructing obstacles with ease now. You can probably use it to defib people dead behind walls/objects as well where they would originally be blocked. ( Tomorrow I will add a hotkey to display all corpses so you can loot bodies behind walls as well ) ALSO does this if you have medkit/doctor/defib in util slots and press your utility key.
  32. -Mustard Gas grenade added and available in vendors
  33. -Holdout [W.I.P]
  34. This is a new location on the WM currently up for testing.
  35. It is a wave based event location that is part of the tier-3 item progression.
  36. Its susceptible to PvP.
  37. First one currently located at 750 750 on the map.
  38. Meant for teams of 6, 12 and 18.
  39. - Pressing 9 will highlight all corpses and are able to be clicked thru objects. [ For looting and other corpse related activities ]
  40. 4 flags that will spawn randomly at these locations:
  41. Maryland, Warmart, Hospital, Sun City and Paradise Valley
  42. -Objective is to capture all 4 flags for your faction and hold all of them for 3 minutes.
  43. -Once you grab a flag, it will change into your faction's flag.
  44. -You have 2 minutes to carry the flag to a safe location.
  45. -After the 2 minutes, it will automatically drop onto the floor.
  46. -You cannot pick up flags that are your own faction.
  47. -You may carry as many flags as possible.
  48. -While carrying the flag if you leave the surface core maps, the flags in your inventory will reset.
  49. -When a round ends there will be a delay between 3~6 minute before a new set of flags are spawned.
  50. - Pressing R while gun in reload mode will change the mode to primary.
  51. - Using skill 2 on usual containers will sort items by item type then by cost.
  52. - Using skill 3 on ammo boxes will open it.
  53. - Item description reworked (more info on the end of screen, useful for containers, all perks are shown even if player has not enough skill to use them. Perks are showed in correct order, unavailable perks colored in red. Condition of the item is shown last.).
  54. - Context Menu (alt+click) is not shown if screen is inventory or pickup
  55. - Binded hotkeys could not be activated in item screens
  56. - Resources on the hex below critter can be used for repairing
  57. - camouflage neglects personal name_colorizing.txt, only faction colorizing applies
  58. - active camouflage notification added
  59. - added squad Drag in function: chosen member becomes joins FTL group
  60. - new members of the squads joins FTL group
  61. - CTF now reset at 3 hours.
  62. - Base AP Regen drop from 12.5 to 10, move the 2.5 to agility.
  63. - Increased Bandage amount from heals by 33%.
  64. - Critical Damage has been changed to range from 1.2 to 1.5x damage multipliers (From 1x to 1.8x)
  65. - Psycho now converts 30% damage taken to bleed.
  66. - Voodoo now converts 15(flat) damage taken to bleed.
  67. New Weapon Traits
  68. - Djibouti Shooty : Torso shots with this weapon uses aimed crit chance.
  69. - Nature's Peace : Target will be killed instantly if damage brings target below 0 HP.
  70. - Graviton : Knockback direction caused by this weapon will be reversed.
  71. - Unstable Graviton : Knockback direction caused by this weapon will be random.
  72. New Character Perks
  73. Level 15
  74. Venomous Hands: All your melee attacks will inflict poison.
  75. Rapid Setup: Deploy times are faster through rigourous training, the Action point cost of deploying is reduced by 33%.
  77. Level 24
  78. The Impaler: Like Vlad, you have taken a peculiar interest in the art of impalement. Your spears now pierce multiple targets, assuming they line up properly.
  79. Commmando: Proper training and understanding you've adopted the art of dynamic carbine. When performing targeted bursts with an assualt rifle, only the target will be hit with the bullets.
  80. Street Samurai: You are able to switch between 1 handed weapons without interuption and while moving.
  81. Hail Mary: You adapted the gambit lifestyle of going fast and dying young. Bursts with Spray and Pray weapons are more likely to land more bullets.
  82. Grenadier: Grenades are no longer removed from your hand when thrown but AP cost is increased by 50.
  83. Simian Warfare: You are able to take aimed shots without delay using a sniper rifle while at full Action Points.
  84. PMS Defense: 10% of combat damage taken is converted to bleed damage.
  85. Lazer Rifling: 5% increased to your hit-chance cap.
  86. Ballistics: You are adapt at timing your shots and leading the target, your weapon projectile speed is increased.
  87. Gun Turret: You are able to remain deployed even after a knockdown or knockback.
  88. Trick Shooter: While using pistols, your aimed arm shots will send the weapon flying out of your victims hands instead of crippling them!
  90. Level Not Finished Yet:
  91. Berserker: Each time you are shot, your running speed is increased.
  92. Rambo: You can walk while deployed costing 10 AP/hex.
  93. Shotgun Surgeon: You are able to cripple targets without prejudice while using a shotgun. Instead of knocking back the target, you will now inflict crippling blows.
  94. Ammo Revamp [ Work literally in progress ]
  95. - As per addressed in
  96. - Ammunition now can have up to 3 damage types.
  98. Examples:
  99. a HE Rocket (100% Explosive and 50% Bleed) hits a target for 200 direct damage, the target also suffers a extra 50% of that 200 direct damage as bleed resulting in 100 bleed damage ( total 300 damage ).
  101. -Bleed damage changed to be based on AMMO / Weapon. Ammo with 20% bleed shot out from sniper with another 60% bleed = 80% bleed.
  102. -Bleed resist now reduces the RATE of the bleed effect.
  103. -Bleed rate ticks are 1 + log10( 1 + (BLEED_RESISTANCE] / 10 )) seconds;.
  105. Armor Deterioration
  106. - New model of damage done to armor's, generally made them deteriorate much quicker.
  107. - A 0% condition armor now will have negative effect of -10DT and -15% DR ( Placeholder )
  108. - The armor value degradation will have effect below 70% condition.
  109. - Repairing has been boosted and the chance to lower the item quality when repairing is less ( halved ).
  111. Added commands:
  112. - if ~noreloadmode activated, it will skip reload mode while typical cycling through weapon modes
  114. Added hotkeys:
  115. - Pick Up Screen - hotkey A for Take All.
  117. All actions involved left mouse click require the pointer to be default (arrow) for applying (one which shows item description).
  118. In some of the cases after the first click same action will be applied to each item under pointer: to avoid it use right mouse click or left mouse click not on the item.
  120. Inventory and PickUp screens:
  121. Can apply engineering and science skills to items: press 7 or 8 and click an item.
  122. Can reload and unload weapons: press 2 or 3 and click an item.
  124. All item screens: added item filters.
  125. The filters won't drop without CTRL+Q hotkey! Use with caution, do not forget!
  126. Activated in item screens:
  127. [ CTRL+Key - show / do not show mode. ]
  128. CTRL+Q - Show all
  129. CTRL+W - Weapons
  130. CTRL+A - Armors
  131. CTRL+R - Ammo
  132. CTRL+D - Drugs
  133. CTRL+F - FOOD. When did I eat last time?
  134. CTRL+M - Misc.
  136. [ ALT+Key - show only mode. ]
  137. ALT+S - Small guns
  138. ALT+B - BG
  139. ALT+E - EW
  140. ALT+C - HTH
  141. ALT+G - Throwing
  142. ALT+X - Med tools
  143. ALT+W - Weapons
  144. ALT+A - Armors
  145. ALT+R - Ammo
  146. ALT+D - Drugs
  147. ALT+F - Food
  148. ALT+M - Misc.
  150. Drag&drop replacements:
  151. - pick up screen:
  152. 1. Ctrl + Click fast move an item to / out of the container
  153. - inventory screen:
  154. 1. Alt + Click drops an item to the ground (only at private rooms / platoon bases)
  155. 2. Shift + Click equips / de-equips armor to armor slot, other items to current hand
  156. 3. Shift + Alt + Click equips items in the second hand
  157. 4. Ctrl + Click equips items in the utility slot
  158. - Added hotkey D to drop all in pick up screen
  159. - Full Rerolls with ~give me the chocolate
  160. - HBD added in game, could be bought at 2nd level medicine merchant. Run updater to get images.
  161. - All new perks introduced will now be available at level 21, allowing a mix and match of 2 of them.
  162. - Added Rambo Perk
  163. - Added Shotgun Surgeon Perk
  164. - Throwing Damage now increased by Melee Damage
  165. - CTRL + G will open up a pickup menu so you can select specific items in a pile on the floor. ( Rebind-able later )
  166. Control schemes commands added:
  167. ~moveattack - skips default cursor after changing cursor in attack mode
  168. ~easymove - RMB is used to move, spacebar (or MMB) to change modes
  169. ~holdmove - pressing RMB turns on move cursor, releasing is turning it off
  170. ~wheelzoom - mouse wheel will zoom without key modifier
  171. ~lessclicks - combination of ~easymove, ~wheelzome and ~noreload
  172. - Remaining stealth time can be seen on top right now
  173. - Range of HBD now depends on Traps skill: each 10% of the skill after 100% will give you 1 hex of the range on top of 20.
  174. - When skill "2" used on the containers the items are sorted.
  175. -Shift+g will make you pick up all items on the hex one by one
  176. -Added Deep Wounds Weapon Perk , +35% Bleed on Critical Hit
  177. -Added Hemorrhage, +20% Bleed
  178. -Added Slaughter Shot Weapon Perk, 20% More Critical Damage.
  179. -Added Quick Scope, 33% Less AP required for Aimed Shots.
  180. -Added cover system to Polymer Lab and Eastern Square
  182. Added a hotkey to stop: "stop". Settable in hotkeys.ini
  183. Key 9 (show dead bodies) is set to be 9 by default and configurable by show_bodies through hotkeys.ini
  185. Added ability to bind items to slots:
  187. To bind:
  188. 1. Open inventory screen
  189. 2. Hold CTRL
  190. 3. Click an item
  191. 4. Release CTRL
  192. 5. Press a number from 1 to 9
  193. To use:
  194. Ctrl + number outside of inventory
  196. Hotkeys are currently hardcoded and do not block other hotkeys (sorry if you have them used)
  197. -Added new skins for Tesla Armor and Combat Leather Coat [ Huge thanks to Alex Shura, lots of new armor skins coming ]
  198. -Added cover triggers to Library Park
  199. -Added explicit messages when you get a syringe from used stimpack or you heal someone for 0 HP.
  200. -Items can be binded by item type (PID), if you hold SHIFT when you press the number to bind.
  201. -New commands:
  202. --"~colors" - refresh colorizing
  203. --"~hideinvdesc" or "~hid" - turn off SPECIAL, eff weapon range and max weight in inventory screen
  204. -New Aliases:
  205. --"~reloadhotkeys" == "~rhk"
  206. --"~dropsquad" == "~ds"
  208. -You now get to choose a weapon perk each time your weapon becomes legendary. Works retroactively.
  209. -Legendary weapons no longer deteriorate.
  210. -You can see in inventory how far away a weapon is from being legendary.
  211. -You can see with awareness if a player is holding a legendary weapon (though not it's specific name).
  212. -AoP: Broodwar. Leaders of a squad can press 'space' (hotkey rebindable in hotkeys.ini as 'rtsmode') to enter "RTS-mode". While in this mode, all regular commands are disabled, and instead you can drag to select your squad mates, similar to how you would select units in a real time strategy game. You can then issue orders to the selected players that will show up as icons on their screen. There are 3 icons: attack, move and defend. You issue attack orders by pressing 'a' and then clicking on a hex. For move orders you simply right click on a hex. For "defend" orders, you press 'd' and click on a hex. You can also press "s" (for stop) to give each selected player the order to move to the hex they are already on. Similarly you can press "h" (for hold position) to tell them to "defend" the position they are on.
  213. - Added 3 new locations: Polymer Lab level 2, Nuka Cola Factory level 2 and Robco Enterprises level 2
  214. Nuka Cola:
  215. There is a low chance to obtain a special NukaCola cap from drinking a nuka. These caps can be used on the four different Nuka Dispensers on level 2 of the nuka cola building to get a different special Nukacola. Drink at your own risk. Map and art by FrankenStone
  216. Robco Enterprises Level 2:
  217. The big room on the northern side of the floor has a chance to spawn special loot, including tier 3 weapons. Enter at your own risk.
  218. Implemented the following weapons to be spawned in RobcoL2, among others: Pulse Rifle, Negev NG7, Bozar and G11
  219. Leadership:
  220. It is now possible for the leader to form control groups by pressing ctrl + a number key for quick selection, similar to any RTS game.
  221. -Repair kit added, put the item you want to repair on the ground and use the kit on it ( Like you're defibbing your item ).
  222. -Added map name in the squad list for most maps, including sewers, HQ and upper levels of the core.
  226. Changes/Additions to RobCo level 2:
  227. Now the hard robots are not present by default, and the good loot is moved to the armory (which replaces the toilets on the previous map). To get to the armory, you have to use the terminal next to the armory door. To be able to log in, however, you have to first obtain a keycard from elsewhere in the level (hint: check the office). With the keycard you can log in, which will then trigger a security alert, which in turn closes the doors into the top right part of the map (cutting in half anyone unfortunate enough to stand in the doorway!). Oh, and it also spawns extremely deadly turrets and robots.
  229. After the security lockdown, nobody can leave or enter the locked down area (which includes the armory). Anyone trapped inside have approximately 20 minutes to kill the robots, or die trying. If the time is up, all players inside the area will die. If all players inside are killed, all loot on the map will be teleported into the armory, the robots and turrets are removed and the lockdown is lifted (the armory remains locked).
  231. If the players manage to kill all the turrets and robots, the armory will unlock for 20 minutes and the lockdown is lifted. After 20 minutes, the armory door slams shut, instantly killing anyone with the brilliant idea to force it to remain open by standing there. Anyone trapped inside the armory will be stuck until it opens the next time (keep in mind it is a no logoff zone).
  233. Also, the loot amount is greatly increased.
  234. -Added future core map to use as a (deathmatch-) testing ground for things and stuff
  235. - Scoped weapons now lowers peripheral vision ( 10% per scope level )
  236. - Night time now reduces sight range ( Co-efficient of perception ranges from 4 ~ 1 depending on time ).
  238. Player chat commands:
  239. ~forgive 1 will not cause reputation penalty if player from same factions attacks you
  240. ~forgive 0 will cause reputation penalty if player from same factions attacks you
  241. ~reshoot and setting.ini [controls] reshoot=0
  242. Settings for the case, If you shoot with not enough AP, the shot will or will not be made when AP restored.
  243. - ~help requests will now be sent to irc channel, help will be more likely.
  244. - Traps set by squadmates now visible to Squad
  245. - Added graphical ring for effective range when Util slot is active
  246. - QOL changes to Util slot, will be generally more fluid to enter and exit util mode
  247. - Better sprite projectiles for everything. x1000 higher definition
  248. - Projectiles now adhere to line of sight. You will only see projectiles if you have it in view. [ Report FPS issues if any ]
  249. - Added Door Breeching charges to merchants, use it on doors to blow em out
  250. - Added Epinephrine, single use defib item. [ Could use better graphic ]
  251. - ~npcnames to toggle on or off npc names
  252. -Pressing A while having a drug on main hand now works
  253. -Change Roof transparency with ~roof [0~255]
  254. - Hex shooting now snaps to where you will actually hex shoot when aiming at obstacles.
  255. - Added a prompt to replicate instantly.
  256. - New map, a firing range brought to you by bobtime. (Try and get the npcs to drop power armor, please report to me)
  257. - Added Gravitron - Has a push and pull firemode
  258. - Added Sonic Cannon , EW Large AOE CC weapon
  259. -Squad friendly fire or "~forget 1" FF won't cause reputation penalty fix
  260. -Zoo critters are now full looted with 1 click
  262. Platoon names rework
  263. Auto-added on base buying, no name reservation required
  264. Name should be:
  265. 1) Unique
  266. 2) > 2 symbols
  267. 3) Only letters, numbers and spacebar
  269. Bursting Changes
  270. -Bursting without direct sight of a target will incur toHit Penalties (15%)
  271. -Targets on the outter edge of a burst will incur toHit Penalties (1.5% per degree off center, this penalty is doubled if target is not in view)
  273. Weapon Reloading / Caliber WIP
  274. -We just added a feature that can allows weapons to load different ammo types. This has some odd side effects to reloading when out of actual usable ammunition. We'll fix these issues as we go along. For now, the pipe rifle can load all sorts of calibers.
  276. Crippling Changes WIP
  277. - Crippling now goes in 3 levels. (This is not even balanced properly atm)
  278. Level 1 Crippling will be minor effects
  279. Level 2 Crippling will apply the original behavior such as unable to use 2 handed weapons and forced walking.
  280. Level 3 Crippling will even stronger than the basic crippling
  282. Every level of eye damage will reduce CTH by 25%.
  284. Now weapon drops checks have less change with non-crippled arms (+10% chance to avoid) but each level of arm crippling increases chance to drop by 10%.
  285. For two handed weapons this malus is added from both arms.
  286. For one handed weapons, it uses the healthiest arm for this check.
  288. Leg Cripples will now have a 20% bleed coefficient per level of cripple, so 3rd level leg damage will do an addition 60% bleed.
  289. Increases knockdown chance by 10% per leg cripple per leg.
  290. Base chance of knockdown reduces by 10%.
  292. Plan on having certain weapons inflict a double dose of crippling on one shot, mainly to differentiate the fast shooting low damage crippling weapons from the big shots. This gives us a bit of room to flesh out some more depth in crippling, allows us some space to balance critical effects and fast shooting weapons.
  294. Combat Logger WIP
  295. Hardbinded to L (for now), press to toggle.
  296. You can drag it by clicking it in the main body and resize it by clicking the bottom right of it.
  297. Mousewheel over it to go up and down.
  298. Be careful not to have this up in combat as it will block mouse clicks.
  299. Could use better art. Default position, and size is available in the settings.ini
  301. IRC PvP Stronger
  302. IRC Channel #aop will now have a bot that will output any active ZC status in the core.
  304. Settings / Configs inis
  305. Settings.ini will now automatically populate with newest settings if they are not already there
  306. avoid_negative_ap_deploy=1
  307. avoid_negative_ap_deploy_retry=1
  309. config.ini
  310. Shown bullets per burst counter in weapon description
  311. hide_item_description=1 - text item description in inventory is not shown (only characteristics)
  312. ~hideitemdesc
  314. I probably missed some stuff and this took 30 minutes to write QQ.
  315. New Sound System [ FMOD integration ]
  316. -Directional sound playback.
  317. -Sound Attenuation, the further you are from the source, the softer it will be.
  318. -Weapon firing sounds will now be heard even if the source is not seen.
  319. -Suppression, Winded and Dazed will apply the shell-shock filter ( Muffled Sounds ).
  321. This is very experimental and some sounds have not been ported yet, various tiny things.
  322. The stability is questionable, so if you're crashing do report it.
  323. -Added indicator onto the pip-boy map showing contest, point of interest and quests.
  324. -Resisting a critical effect will now display "Resisted"
  325. -Random limb cripples will now be displayed as a hover message as well as in the combat log
  326. - Added hostile Squatters to Junk Paradise, Nukacola Factory level 1 and 2 and added Moonshiners to Distillery building as part of a future set of Solo/duo player activities. 15minute respawn.
  327. - Generally increased spawnchance and -amount of stims and ammo, be it npc or container. That especially goes for stims carried by dungeon npcs.
  328. Hotkeys:
  329. open_map="button" - restores functionaility of M/tab keys to open and close map.
  330. Settings.ini:
  331. hold_shoot=true - holding LMB over the critter while running a shooting animation will attempt to queue up a following shot
  332. free_shoot=true - holding LMB over any critters will keep firing. Hexshoot adaptions maybe later.
  333. - Added Adams school level 2 and War Mart level 2. Similar mechanics to Polymer Lab level 2, though War Mart is far from being soloable. Low chance of finding tier 3 in the bossroom, same bag used as in the PvP random Chest.
  335. Door wars:
  336. Skill 2 will open and enter door hex
  337. Skill 4 will attempt to plant charges
  338. Skill 8 will lock the door until you moved. Locked door can't be opened (surprise)
  339. - Changed prices for door charge
  341. - Added new Core feature, Now can see on map an ! which indicates an event has spawned
  343. New Core Event : Funbox
  344. Funbox is spawned randomly in core in a random spot. It will open at random time (average 15 minutes) and remain opened for 5 minutes before self destruction. Value loot can be obtained by contesting these boxes. A certain threshold of players required for spawning of box(s).
  345. - Added Squad logging in/logging out notifications
  346. - Added Info about Util slot: "Item Name: amount" is displayed in the timeout zone
  347. - You can attack doors with CTRL+Attack
  348. - EMP weapon trait added to Pulse weapon family
  349. - While under EMP target's HUD is disrupted
  350. - Added Grav grenade, super knock-back harmless grenade
  351. - Added Stoner 63 LMG to the ZC Conditional bags of Police Department, Gun Runners and Whorehouse. Holding these zones will spawn the weapon on the t3 Merchant (15% per respawn per map)
  353. Settings
  354. mid_click_turn_to_cursor =1/0 - turn on/off (Makes your char look in that direction with Middle mouse click)
  355. free_hex_shoot - free shoot for hexfire
  356. display_distance = 0 - off / 1 - with ctrl / 2 - always
  357. display_lack_ap = 0/1 - indication for lack of AP required to use the weapon in active slot
  358. rts_alternative_controls=true - hold to use / less changing of cursor / no message
  361. Hotkeys
  362. turn_to_cursor=key (just like the setting above)
  363. show_dead doesn't show KO and -HP
  364. rtsmode default button is T
  365. Door charges and glue can be used by "A" or utility hotkey
  366. Holding shift shows distance between chosen and pointed hex
  367. [Old West Trails]
  368. Once a popular local recreational area, it is now home to strange beasts lurking in the dense forest, according to rumours spread by not so trusty looking wastelanders.
  369. (northeast sector of the world map, far away from the core)
  371. [Airfield]
  372. An old, small military airfield that has been engulfed in strange meteorological phenomenons ever since the bombs fell. Approach with care.
  374. - Added ~aoeguide command to show AoE hex guide
  375. - Fixed Incinerator not having AoE Makers
  376. - Made Napalm random ( for testing )
  377. - Weapon fire input now based on tick instead of __FullSecond, should be more responsive by a factor of 10
  378. - Fixed Charge Time, now works as intended
  379. - Added Charge Sound effect as SoundId_Charge_EXT, follows same convention as FMOD sound systems
  380. - Added Cooldown to weaponTrait & perk knockdowns
  381. - Sneak no longer reduces Perception, only vision range.
  382. - Removed Commando from perklist (reroll if you still have it, it has no effect)
  383. - Changed legendary XP req from 5, 15, 30, 50, 70 to 5, 15, 25, 35, 45
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